Another victim of "diversity"

This would be a busy blog indeed if I were to publish a new post every time a white person is senselessly murdered by blacks or Hispanics.  But this information was actually reported by The Columbian, a local South Washington State newspaper (quoting from the L.A. Times):

August 07, 2011|By Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times
As a captain in the Marine Corps Reserves, Jeremy Henwood deployed to one of the most dangerous regions in Afghanistan, where Taliban fighters use roadside bombs and snipers to kill or maim as many American troops as possible.
Dozens of Marines were killed and hundreds were wounded, some grievously, during his tour.
But Henwood, 36, returned home in May without a scratch and was proud of his yearlong deployment. He was equally pleased to get back to the San Diego Police Department, which assigned him to patrol in City Heights, an up-and-coming blue-collar neighborhood that, like much of San Diego, is enjoying a sharp decrease in crime.
His tour of duty on a relatively tranquil home front came to a tragic end early Sunday, when he died of wounds from a point-blank shotgun blast the day before.
Police Chief Bill Lansdowne, a cop for four decades, had trouble finding words to describe the shooting by a petty criminal who drove alongside Henwood’s patrol car and opened fire. The suspect was pursued and shot dead by other officers.
The slaying, said an ashen-faced Lansdowne, “was an assassination.”
Police gave the following account of the crime: While Henwood’s patrol car was stopped at a stop sign, the driver of a black Audi signaled with his lights, apparently to draw the officer’s attention. The driver then pulled alongside the cruiser, lowered his front passenger-side window, leveled a shotgun and fired, striking the officer’s head.
The driver of the Audi, later identified as Dejon Marquee White, 23, turned out to be a suspect in a shooting minutes earlier in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant in nearby El Cajon. There is no evidence Henwood knew about the incident, authorities said…
Neither the L.A. Times nor The Columbian included photos of the perpetrator and the victim, but ABC Local did:

Yes folks, it’s another case of a worthless excuse for a “human being” killing a valuable person.  A beat-up junker totaling a Lamborghini.  What reasonable, intelligent, person can look at the above photo and claim that the creature on the left is worth just as much as the man on the right?  The fact that the murderer also died is not an “even trade”.  What would constitute justice in such a case?  Perhaps forced sterilization of all of Dejon’s immediate relatives would be in order.  Collective punishment is not fair – but it does tend to be effective.
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  1. “This would be a busy blog indeed if I were to publish a new post every time a white person is senselessly murdered by blacks or Hispanics. ”
    Then make it a very busy blog. I am not suggesting you have to write commentary on each post, but posting things you know about is good.
    Btw I haven’t said it before but thanks for what you are doing.

    • What your suggesting is hard work. A blogger would have to be paid a salary to be expected to do that kind of work.

      • Then it is time we started putting our money where our mouths are and supporting bloggers like Jew Among You instead of wasting our money on MSM and mass consumption.
        And yes it would be a lot of work.
        But we also have the ability to network, create a network of blogs that are pulling articles from each other and mirroring each other in certain topics. So someone my discover the numbers of acts from my blog, or from yours or JAY’s (Jew Among You’s). That would thin the workload whilst simultaneously spreading the information network.
        I’ve some thinking to do regarding this and the tools needed to put it together.

  2. whatever says:

    If he had been given Lupron hormone suppression after his previous arrests, they would both be alive today

    • barry says:

      Lupron? What does that do? I think i will google that. How about Depo-Provera? What do you think of that for guys like this?

  3. eugenicist says:

    Very sad, but thanks for posting it anyway. Stories like this need more attention, not less.
    “A junker totaling a Lamborghini”––reminds me of what doctors call the “dude factor.” A worthwhile person will get a fatal infection from a rose thorn, while a deadbeat son of a bitch walks away from a pileup that would kill any other person. That’s not the same as a homicide, of course, but unfortunately it also has a bad effect.
    If PC language ever gets too much for you I would highly recommend learning more ER slang. ER slang is really, really dark. A natural consequence of saving people’s lives every day whether they’re worth saving or not. Here’s an exhaustive list:

  4. says:

    Pakistanis and Indians Jailed for Starting Birmingham Riots
    John Derbyshire estimates that blacks comprise about 2% of the British population but 60 – 70% of the rioters.

  5. Apuleius says:

    Well put. Certainly not an “even trade”. Thank you again for your eloquence and insight.

  6. How come you say nothing about London?
    See here
    Shoot London rioters on sight! Politically correct humanitarianism risks lives of good citizens to save looters and hooligans 
    Here the same article but with interesting comments
    Shoot London Rioters on Sight: Politically Correct Humanitarianism Puts Law-Abiding Citizens at Risk
    They say it started as a race incident, but now it is all races.
    I venture that Blacks still are the majority. Too politically incorrect to say for the papers. Did you notice? they did not say it is blacks, until later when it was multi-race and then they said it started black but now is multi-race
    But Britain has white trash hooligans too, from what I know. United they plunder.

  7. destructure says:

    Jesse Sharpton will probably want to fly to LA to protest the shooting of this officer, right?

  8. Georgia Resident says:

    “collective punishment is not fair-but it is effective”
    Well, blacks want to punish whites collectively for slavery (although one wonders if, given the fact that the alternative would be to live in West Africa, any black in the US would honestly choose to not have his ancestors enslaved to avoid it), so I figure it’s 100% fair if we whites decide on collective punishment for any crimes blacks commit against us. Omar Thornton alone pretty much justified the sterilization of all black people in New England.

  9. Kiwiguy says:

    This 68 yr old was trying to put out a fire in his rubbish bin started by the rioters and got bashed to death.

  10. Skepticism says:

    Things are slowly changing for the better. Young blacks are getting too bold too quickly and they can’t just be ignored any longer. They WILL force the establishment to notice them and acknowledge the situation. At that point, the servile whites who turned their backs on this fifty-year mess will no longer be able to keep the rest of us quiet with the threat of punishment. By that time, the majority of us might not have much hope for material comfort in the future, anyway. People with nothing have little to lose by speaking their minds.

  11. This blog gets better and better.
    Totally spot-on about what would mean justice in this case: forced sterilization of the perp’s relatives. Why not encampment, too?
    The Germans have a word for it: sippenhaft. “Kin liability”. It is the only way to go when there is no other way to effectively punish the unpunishable. Consider what Cameron’s government is considering doing in London: barring the family members of convicted rioters from their free government housing. A form of sippenhaft. The liberals will howl bloody mercy; on this side of the blogosphere, no such sentiments will arise.

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