The face of Vancouver, Washington is… Hispanic?

Vancouver, Washington is located in Clark County.  They have a tradition of holding a 10-day fair each year.  The Columbian describes it:

Continuing a tradition that dates back decades, Clark County Fair revelers lined up for half a mile Friday for a free pancake feed that kicked off the 10-day event…
Vancouver resident Yvette Emerson said the free event was particularly meaningful because of the languishing economic downturn.  Emerson waited in line for breakfast with her aunt, Mary Smithline, and two children, 25-year-old Brittany and 23-year-old Brandon…

Here are the photos, prominently displayed on the front page of this newspaper:

Vancouver is almost 85% white – and the upper photo reflects that, although it shows a mostly older crowd.  But the only person, appearing by herself on the front page, is Hispanic.  Hispanics make up only 6.3% of the population of Vancouver.  Why do newspapers go out of their way to highlight blacks, or Hispanics, rather than focus on individuals who better reflect their local community?  Because in the eyes of the leftist elite white=bland=bad while non-white=diversity=good.
Of course 99% of The Columbian readers have no idea they are being indoctrinated; they just see a photo of a cute little girl.  Years of being fed subliminal anti-white messages, like this one, turn mainstream media consumers’ minds into mush.  Since the message is never enunciated explicitly, they never have an opportunity to object to it.  That is the strength of subliminal propaganda.  It conditions the mind without having to engage in any arguments, without having to expose oneself to any objections.  Thus, the opinions of the masses, in racial matters, mean nothing.  They have no validity – because they were formed through such sneaky conditioning.
When such a person is exposed to opposing views on race, the contrast to what he is used to is so stark that he cannot handle it.  The only reaction he is capable of is to take offense.  Both his love of “diversity” (I.E. non-whites), and his hatred toward any pro-white stance, are based purely on emotion, but he’s only offended by the pro-white message – because he’s not used to it.
We can combat this type of cowardly warfare by speaking up as often as we can.  We must speak up online, with family, coworkers, people on the street etc.  But we must speak up in such a way that it comes across as entirely positive.  When opportunity arises, we must seize it and carry out acts of  “micro-courage”.  An example might be, as eugenicist suggested, saying “how white of you” when somebody does you a good turn.  When we see a cute child, we could compliment the parents by saying, “what a beautiful white child!”  When somebody, in your (white) neighborhood, does a good deed, you could comment, “this is why I love living in a white neighborhood.”
All revolutions must start with words.  Let’s use them!

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6 Responses to The face of Vancouver, Washington is… Hispanic?

  1. I didn’t know there were hispanics in Canada.

  2. Knuold says:

    Every White child is a beautiful child.
    She has beautiful blue/green/hazel/brown eyes.
    Her freckles are so adorable.
    He looks like a young Charlton Heston/Thomas Jefferson/Paul Newman/Jack Welch, he has a bright future ahead of him.
    There are many similar acts of recognition that should be said as occasions allow.

  3. eugenicist says:

    “That’s mighty white of you” is an old American phrase. There’s a similar one in British English:

  4. eugenicist says:

    Also, “he’s blue-eyed” is an old German expression meaning “he’s trustworthy.” Not to mention the very word “fair.”

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