Typical MSN; non-typical rioters

After relating to us how some black gangbangers ran down and killed some Pakis during the London riots,  MSN immediately shows us this photo:
The heading states:

Offenders sentenced for their roles in recent United Kingdom disturbances, shown Aug. 11 in these photographs from the Greater Manchester Police, include (top, left to right) Aaron Grima, jailed for four months for assaulting a police officer; Paul Obonyano, jailed for 14 weeks for assaulting a police officer and a public order offense; Bernard Moore, sentenced to 20 weeks for assaulting a police officer; Eoin Flanagan, sentenced to eight months for stealing clothes…

We all know that more than eight people were arrested during the riots.  In fact, the article directly above the photo states:

Scotland Yard said that, as of Saturday night, 1,276 suspected rioters and looters have been arrested, of whom 748 have been charged with various crimes.
Nationwide, more than 2,100 people have been arrested. Courts in London, Birmingham and Manchester have stayed open around the clock since Wednesday to process the cases.

So the obvious question should be:  Why were the above 8 singled out for photos?  Their crimes do not appear to be particularly heinous or unusual.  Most likely, those were the only white perpetrators in the lot* – and they threw in one black face in a pathetic attempt at credibility.  Is anybody foolish enough to believe that the above photo is an accurate representation of the rioters?  If so, I’ve got a bridge to sell him.
* After writing this, I saw on Steve Sailer’s blog that this is not exactly so.

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4 Responses to Typical MSN; non-typical rioters

  1. I am specifically interested in the numbers of rioters that are Irish.

  2. randy says:

    ha! so they got the eight white guys in the riot, eh? must be some “chavs” and “yobs” mate.

  3. Kiwiguy says:

    Heh, in NZ they showed that pic along with one of a white guy getting apprehended. The inversion of reality is pretty blatant.
    The funniest thing to emerge seems to be that Sky tv interview where the guy tells an incredulous interviewer that his store was looted by a gang of black guys. The interviewer put it to him that there must have been some white guys involved, to which the guy replied yeah there was one white guy there. Me.

  4. Why the fuck is it so hard for folks to imagine that blacks commit crime? I mean if blacks are EXACTLY like whites and whites commit crime, would it not follow that BLACKS commit crime?
    What this really shows is that they DONT have a belief in the equality/sameness of the races. They have a belief in THE SUPERIORITY of all races above whites.So then why should I listen to a single thing they have to say about race now?

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