Pop Psychology – by eugenicist

Much political and creative energy is spent attempting vengeance against one’s childhood and adolescent enemies, if only in some inchoate, subconscious way.
Sometimes this can be fun, e.g. the movie Heathers. Winona Ryder,* ostensibly one of the “popular” crowd, is actually an attractive surrogate for the alienated teenagers in the audience, while Christian Slater’s character is the sort of witty, ectomorphic rebel that they wish they could be. He is at the beginning of the movie, anyway:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LkFNZauk90&w=425&h=349]
The same basic principle applies in Mean Girls. The sidekick character even says “Evil takes a human form in Regina George.” To a middle- or high-school girl, the most popular girl in school really is evil incarnate. She can and does make daily life a misery for those lower on the totem pole, who would of course act very much the same, if not worse, in her position. The last third of the movie is a revenge fantasy, where Regina gains weight, is humiliated in public and almost loses her status. Lindsay Lohan’s character also gains status by dating Regina’s ex-boyfriend.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aunJ5HP9LYo&w=560&h=349]
Sometimes this isn’t fun. The Columbine High School massacre was actually the result of one psychopath and one depressive trying (and failing) to kill as many kids as possible. They were not neo-Nazi outcasts avenging years of bullying, but these myths have persisted because they fill several different psychological needs.
Many nerds spend the better part of their adolescence getting picked on for being studious, smart and having strange preoccupations. (The same applies to goths, who are probably more intelligent than average, and to similar subcultures.) When they reach adulthood, some of that anger is channeled and redirected towards people who remind them of their high school bullies, i.e. mesomorphic white men and ex-cheerleader types.
Why, then, are nerds anti-racist? Unless they’ve gone to school with blacks (and many haven’t) they may view them as their protectors against the alpha males who beat them up in high school.** That is why race realists are “that much more terrifying,” since (in the back of their minds, they think that) these people might turn their “protectors” against them. Also, since being racist is just about the worst thing you could be, it makes sense to believe that “evil incarnate” would also be racist.
*Ryder actually did get revenge on a high school bully in adult life.
**This may have less to do with protection and more to do with revenge. Tertullian famously wrote that one of the pleasures of heaven is seeing the damned tortured in hell; “diversity for thee, but not for me” may be an earthly expression of this type of pleasure.

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  1. icr says:

    Why would a psychopath be suicidal? He could have grown up to be a politician and grown rich while causing suffering and death for millions.

  2. tony says:

    there is nothing wrong with getting even with such folks. if you wanna be a tough guy, you have to deal with the consequences. better parenting would solve the bullying problem. what one needs is immigrant parents who will slap the shit out of you for such misbehavior. when i was a kid, if i bullied someone, the victim or his parents could easily tell my parents and i’d catch a slap more or less immediately. i was even warned against abusing the victim because he ratted me out…..and threatened with further slaps. it worked. all the kids i knew who’s parents were like this turned out fine. american kids don’t get hit. it’s cheap, easy and better. hit your punk kids people.

  3. Bill says:

    Why, then, are nerds anti-racist? Unless they’ve gone to school with blacks (and many haven’t)
    I wish I knew of evidence on this point. Does going to school with (representative) blacks increase or decrease anti-racism among ice people?
    It is now late enough in the day that many, many of the younger cohorts of our elite grew up in segregated white suburbs going to effectively all-ice-people schools. Or the urban equivalent (highly secure neighborhoods/buildings and private schools). Does this background explain their attitudes? The theory seems compelling: they get all the delusional PC propaganda with none of the reality check.

  4. Annoyed says:

    I am a nerd and I am quite racist.
    The percentage of anti-racist nerds is likely about equal to that of the general white population, maybe a bit higher considering a proportionly greater number of white nerds have an asian fetish.
    I laugh at any white nerd who thinks blacks give a shit about his/her wellbeing.

    • tony says:

      I think probably the “cool” kids are more likely to be anti-racist as they follow fashion.

    • Reactionary_Konkvistador says:

      I think the thing is that nerds while no more likley to be anti-racist, might be more prone to taking anti-racism *seriously*.
      Instead of just mouthing the platitudes and having the self-image of an anti-racist, but doing what everyone else actually does to get along, the nerd notes how societies official ideal dosen’t match reality and actually tries to live up to the ideals not really realizing that the ideals themselves rather than the implementation may be insane.

      • tony says:

        Interesting. I didn’t think of it that way. “Nerds” seem to be taking on a keepers-of-the-order way about them, at least as you have described. Still, however, it would be better if the keepers were those now considered “cool” since they are generally useless in any other capacity. This frees up the “nerds” to improve our society. Still though, slapping should be a help in this direction, lol

  5. countenance says:

    When they reach adulthood, some of that anger is channeled and redirected towards people who remind them of their high school bullies, i.e. mesomorphic white men and ex-cheerleader types.
    This is precisely why corporate IT departments are really anal-retentive about end users of the business’s computers making even the most minor and minute changes. This is because the IT department is full of what used to be high school nerds, and the typical office workers used to be the bullies, jocks and cheerleaders. The revenge of the nerds, so to speak.

  6. Ryu says:

    Good. It’s better to be feared than loved. Once we’re in control, they’ll seemlessly adapt our moral code as completely as they’ve adapted the moral code of today’s rulers.

  7. A nerd says:

    Nice blog, JAY.
    I think the reason why so many nerds are PC is that most nerds are very well read. If all they are reading is what is allowed through by PC approved editors, they will have PC attitudes.
    There are exceptions, in the present time the exception is how much someone is willing to back their intellectual judgment in following an unpopular truth, and how exposed to the truth they are. This is particularly observed in the sciences etc. where you are graded and paid on your ability to find the truth.
    There is also the obvious fact that the higher you go up the IQ scale, the more Jews you find. So you frequently find nerds who are Jews. The groupthink that the recommendations of the Frankfurt School was good for Jews seems to have gone unchallenged for 90 years amongst Jews, and it has among Jewish nerds as well. I firmly believe that this will change and that you are the first of many to recognize this.
    There is also something to what you say about the anti-intellectualism of a lot of the European working (and lower) classes. However, they are the lesser evil by far compared to the multiracial horde (once you have experienced them personally).
    I have some other ideas which I think might serve your cause. Would you be interested in discussing them?

    • tony says:

      As a society we need to cut so-called “nerds” some slack. they do so much for the upkeep of civilization. Thank you nerds.

  8. a random user name says:

    Another reason is that there are probably higher numbers of gay nerds than in the general population. That contingent are anti-conservatism in general, because it does not serve their agenda.
    Nerds are also mostly introverts. They have difficulty approaching women. A lot of those have the submissive Asian girlfriend/wife fantasy. Then you have the martial arts nerds who glorify everything East Asian because they’ve seen Karate Kid (or read a Lustbader or Clavell novel) and want the girlfriend to go with the fantasy.
    Obviously they have a vested interest in anti-white racism and open borders.
    I suspect the latter is changing as MMA has gone mainstream and the utility of Western boxing, wrestling (and BJJ, which basically the tweaked ground aspect of Judo developed by Scottish Brazillians) is recognized. Of course, some of the Eastern martial arts are still useful in that arena, but there is no mistaking the big upgrade in status of formerly shunned Western arts (especially by nerds) and the downgrade of the Eastern back to a situation closer resembling reality.
    A respect and interest in your own race’s martial arts and their histories tends to develop a respect for your own race, all else being equal.
    There are still the deluded nerds out there who want the magic pill that is going to enable them beat up the jock and for them, compliant sparring Eastern martial arts is the answer. But they are becoming less in number and less influential.

  9. SFG says:

    My general impression as far as high school cliques go is that jocks are conservative, artsy types liberal, and nerds in between. If anything, they tend towards the asocial (natch) ideology of libertarianism.
    I’d expect nerds to at least be socially liberal due to a suspicion of society’s values (after all, it favors athletic over academic ability). Also, academics and teachers are liberal, and academics and teachers are the only ones who like nerds.
    The comment about favoring (antiracist) books over reality also rings true–after all, who else would be more prone to do that than a nerd?
    Nerds probably sympathize with gay people and blacks as fellow outsiders although, as some observers have said, nerd culture is frequently ‘hyperwhite’ and tends to stand for everything opposite to hip-hop culture.

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