Shulamit Aloni: Israel's answer to accusations of Jewish double standards

We often read accusations, by pro-whites, that Jews oppose autonomy for whites while supporting the Jewish ethno-state of Israel.  As a matter of fact, Israel has its own share of evil leftists who work toward the the destruction of its Jewish character.  One such demon is Shulamit Aloni, sometimes derogatorily called “Shulamit Baloney”.
I remember well that when I lived in Israel, she was the minister of education and she was held in much contempt.  She, and her political party (Ratz) opposed anything that stood for Jewish heritage.  She was on a mission to make Israel a generic, multicultural state with no specific ethnic character.  It is not only Orthodox Jews who despise her; even those of Reform background see the danger in her ways.  David Bedein writes:

Secular Israeli society fears that if Reform and Conservative were allowed free reign in Israel, then they would do the same thing that they have done in the US, namely, to abandon principle in favor of “pluralism”.
Imagine what a situation we would face if we would see ads in the Israeli papers here for a “same-sex” wedding at the King David Hotel, an interfaith wedding ceremony at the LaRomme Hotel, and to then to get an invitation to a wedding at the Carelton Hotel to a couple who have no pretensions about being Jewish because only their fathers are Jews.
Reform and Conservative Jews are more than welcome to come to Israel to help Judaize a country that now copes with a strong internal Israeli antisemitic fervor, that was expressed in the previous government, when retired Israel Minister of Education Shulamit Baloney virtually eliminated Jewish instruction from the public education school system, as a result of which we have a new generation of Israeli children who are growing up without any sense of Jewish or Zionist history, let alone exposure to Bible, Talmud or other Jewish sources, even from a secularist point of view.
Tragically, instead of the small Reform and Conservative movements joining with the Orthodox to find ways to reach out to the majority of the Israeli Jewish population who see themselves as “traditional”, if not Orthodox Jews, both the Conservative and Reform movements have joined a coaltion known as HEMDAT, which is currently conducting a vigorous campaign to force an observant Jew to open the shopping center that he owns on Shabbat. HEMDAT is also working to stop the government from protecting the rights of Jews so that they will not have to work on Shabbat. The previous Israeli government worked to allow new firms in Israel to open their industries also on Shabbat, making it difficult for even traditional Jews who would rather rest one day a week to get a job.

So there is some consistency in the madness of the left and Israel does have its version of Heidi Beirich.  At least in Israel, the far left has not become the only acceptable political position.  Most Israelis are smart enough to realize that if we take the “Jewish” out of “Jewish state”, there would no longer be a State of Israel.  So it’s not that the Jewish far left does not want to turn Israel into a bland cultureless political entity, rather it’s much tougher to sell such a proposition to the Israeli public than to the American, or European, public.

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25 Responses to Shulamit Aloni: Israel's answer to accusations of Jewish double standards

  1. I read about Ratz quite some time ago. Thanks for bringing this up.
    The way forward is neither vilifying Jews nor drowning in envy for Israel. The way forward is in emulating the Israeli right and center-right. Thankfully, we need not emulate Israel’s birth trauma, although the future nations of the west may have birth traumas of their own.
    I have been pushing a sort of law of return for the whites of southern African countries the Anglo-American left threw under the bus. I only realized where I had gotten the phrase “law of return” recently….

  2. Bay Area Guy says:

    @ JAY
    When anti-Semitic white nationalists talk about Jewish double standards, they’re not really blaming Israel per se.
    They mainly take issue with what they see as the hypocrisy of organized American Jewish organizations such as the ADL, which supports Jewish settlements, checkpoints, and overall Jewish ethnonationalism in Israel while simultaneously denouncing Arizona’s immigration law and supporting multiculturalism here.
    I used to be angry with Israel on account of this, but my objection to Israel now only has to do with to the extent that they screw up U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.
    I now recognize that Israel should not be blamed for the hypocrisy of organized American Jewry. Especially in light of the fact that Israel has its own subversive multiculturalists, including the likes of Uri Avnery (who, interestingly enough, is a Zionist) Neve Gordon, and prominent “new historian” Ilan Pappe.
    What I want to know is why ultraliberal multiculturalists always gain a foothold in educational institutions? It’s not because they’re any smarter or because there’s a lack of educated people with opposing viewpoints.
    Why are multiculturalists so disproportionately involved in educational institutions?

    • jewamongyou says:

      The forces of the left are transnational. They work everywhere to suppress the majority (Euro/white) culture. Seeing as their goal is a “one-world government” I don’t see that it makes much sense to divide them up as American leftists, Israeli lefts etc. They’re all really part of the same movement. So I was viewing Jewish leftism the same way. But I’ll admit that Jewish American organizations definitely do use a double standard. I guess I was referring to leftist organizations that happen to be mainly Jewish – as opposed to Jewish organizations that happen to be mainly leftist.

  3. destructure says:

    Playing the nazi card eh? There’s nothing anti-semitic about pointing out double standards. Jews who support immigration and multiculturalism for the US while opposing it for Israel are practicing a double standard. Jews who don’t aren’t. The existence of fringe groups in Israel doesn’t change that.

    • It is important to phrase the nature of the double standard properly. If a jewish person practices a double standard that does not mean that jews as a whole should be blamed. Instead that individual should be blamed for practicing the double standard rather than jewry as a whole being blamed.

      • destructure says:

        Oh yeah? Did I blame “jewry as a whole”? I don’t think so. So don’t lecture me on how “important [it is] to phrase the nature of the double standard properly.”

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yeah. There was no need, at all, for me to even bring up neo-Nazis. The only reason I did was that such people have harassed me in the past and accused me of this. Fixed.
      I don’t think seed of japheth intended to lecture you; he was just trying to interpret my own (not very well-thought out) words.

  4. jewamongyou says:

    I didn’t mean that only neo-Nazis bring up the (valid) point that some Jews, and a lot of Jewish organizations, have a double standard or that anybody who points this out is a Nazi. But neo-Nazis often accuse ALL Jews of this and they’ll sometimes state this as absolutes. My point is that Jews in Israel also suffer from those same leftist ideologies. I should have been more clear about this.
    If you look back at some of my earlier posts, you’ll see that I, myself, have pointed this out – and yet I do not consider myself a Nazi. So there you go.

    • destructure says:

      But neo-Nazis often accuse ALL Jews of this and they’ll sometimes state this as absolutes. My point is that Jews in Israel also suffer from those same leftist ideologies.
      I haven’t blamed all of anyone for anything. I think this post was a straw man. Can you honestly say it wasn’t a passive aggressive shot at my comment from the previous thread?
      I’m sure there are leftist ideologies in Israel. But I doubt most of them are anti Israeli. Or at least they didn’t used to be. They were just socialists, not multicult.
      The thing that galls me is most Israeli Jews are anti multicult but most American Jews are pro multicult. You could say, “Oh, well that’s not a double standard because American Jews are different than Israeli Jews.” However, many multicult American Jews promote immigration and integration for others while opposing assimilation for themselves. And that is a double standard.
      It would be one thing if Jews simply opposed assimilation for themselves and were silent about others. But to oppose it for themselves while promoting it for others is malicious as hell.
      You say you don’t like it either. Well, I doubt you’d have this blog if you did. But the problem still exists. So how did it happen and how do we fix it?

      • I explain in one of my blog posts reasons why SOME jews support a racial diversity agenda. The jewish community has been persecuted more than once in Europe by people doing so in the name of ethnic nationalism and so these experiences could have inspired some in the jewish community to be instinctively pro-diversity.
        However to be fair the percentage of jews who support “diversity” is probably not larger than the percentage of white gentiles who support racial diversity.
        Most jews in America don’t care about matters pertaining to racial diversity, a minority of jews seem to be pro diversity and some jews seem to be cultural conservatives.
        The main issue faced by white pride advocates is not “The Jews”. The main issue facing white pride advocates is anti-semites who claim white pride. And the biggest opponents of white racial interests are not jews. The biggest opponents are white gentiles who support racial diversity.

      • destructure says:

        I explain in one of my blog posts
        You don’t explain anything. You make excuses. You’re so far out in left field you can’t even admit that Jewish views differ from anyone else. Podhoretz pretty well destroys that nonsense in his 2009 WSJ editorial, Why Are Jews Liberals?.
        He goes off the rails by dismissing it as nothing more than liberalism run amok. But at least he’s willing to acknowledge the difference. And that’s something you’ve never had the stones to do.

    • destructure says:

      It’s not my purpose to give you a hard time. I come here because I like your blog. So don’t read hostility into my comments. Don’t confuse my annoyance with SOJ with annoyance for you.

      • jewamongyou says:

        No worries. You brought up a good point. You did misunderstand me and thought I was “playing the Nazi card” but it was my own fault for not explaining clearly what I meant.
        I did not get the impression, from S.O.J.’s original post, that he was coming down on you; he was just trying to explain what I said.
        But going back to what S.O.J. said, if Jews should be blamed only as individuals for holding anti-white opinions, then wouldn’t we have to say the same thing about blacks, Hispanics, Muslims etc.? I think enough Jews have anti-white sentiments that we can definitely describe it as a “Jewish problem” – though not an exclusively Jewish one. Just as blacks should come to terms with their own problems, and deal with them head on, so too should Jews.

      • JAY its takes a lot of careful balancing and concentration to be able to examine ethnic groups properly. If one is to ascribe collective characteristics to an ethnic group I would advise ascribing those characteristics to elements within that ethnic group rather than ascribing those characteristics to the entire ethnic group.
        For example one could say: there are elements in the jewish community who are very fond of racial diversity just as their are elements in the jewish community who are culturally conservative… and there are even pro-white elements in the jewish community.
        There certainly is a significant amount of white gentiles who are pro-diversity. And I would say the percentage of passionate pro-diversity people among white gentiles is a similar percentage to passionate diversity people among the jewish community.

  5. Georgia Resident says:

    It would be nice if a white person could write an article like this (replacing “Jewish” of course, with “white”, and “interfaith” with “interracial”) and not get pilloried by the media at large.

  6. I’m Pro-Israel, Pro-Jewish, Pro-White and anti-Leftist. In other words, I support NATIONALISM. I support nationalism precisely because there is no demonstrable good in multi-culturalism — multi-culturalism expresses itself as competition for political power. The purpose of political power is to appropriate money and opportunity from others rather than competing for money, status and opportunity in the marketplace. The marketplace (versus politics) serves everyone regardless of culture, race or creed. Furthermore, Democracy is only of value within a small relatively homogenous body of people, since it enables peaceful rotation of power WITHIN that group of people with similar interests. That’s it’s only value. If democracy exists in a large pluralistic state, it simply becomes a battleground for displacing one group of thieving, extra-market purely-political status-seekers at the expense of the prevailing group of extra market purely political status seekers. And there is no value in that conflict.
    As a famous Rabbi told me, “There are good christians and bad christians and good jews and bad jews, and society’s problem is the bad christians and jews.”
    It makes me furious that if I point out the failures of leftist christian philosophy it’s OK, but if I point out the failures of leftist jewish philosophy then I’m anti-semitic. And it’s just a cover. A distraction from facing the fact that for historical reasons, white european history is the history of land owners who are trying to keep the wealthier but totalitarian and magian East at bay. Jews, first as slaves, second as the conquered, third as a diaspora, have perpetuated a non-landed philosophy of collectivism. A means by which a minority of the militarily weak can retain an economic advantage.
    It is demonstrably true that leftism is more popular among jews than christians. There is an ancient tendency for jews to prefer collectivism. There is also an ancient tendency for whites to prefer collectivism. There is an ancient tendency for all groups to prefer collectivism because TRIBAL society is collective. The difference is that for whites, the means of obtaining social status are obtained by the scientific-market-militaristic, because the military, aristocratic, and land-owning classes OWNED the cities – the MARKETS. And as ‘shareholders’ in these markets they resisted ‘takeovers’ by other ‘market owners’ as well as ‘takeovers’ by the armed. This ‘shareholder ownership’ philosophy is what is unique in the west. No where else did it emerge.
    The importance of this insight cannot be understated: The western (white) model breaks the natural family and tribal boundaries in favor of the collective ‘market’ – the POLIS – and the ‘army’ that protects the market. As the polis grows, the army must grow in order to protect the polis, and enfranchisement must be extended to the middle and lower classes who obtain status and opportunity by participation – by becoming shareholders. Conversely, until Napoleon invented the nation state and Total War, this shareholder model prevented consolidation of power and money, and required most warriors, from the greeks through feudalism, to supply their own arms – which again, encouraged the balance of power and decentralization.

  7. Jehu says:

    The big problem for Jews in the US is that about 60% of them are not our enemies (source is polls on immigration and illegal immigration), but almost all of their elites are, at least on the national question of demographic hegemony. Compounding this is the fact that Jews of the elite variety are seriously overrepresented in things like media positions, Congress, and the various Courts. This does horrific damage to their brand, especially for people in areas where they encounter few ordinary Jews in the course of their daily lives. Christians have a similar problem where their denominational elites are vastly more traitorous than the rank and file, but everyone knows tons of Christians in the US so the denominational leaders don’t really get to determine the ‘brand’ in people’s minds to the same degree. This really doesn’t bode well for the future, because whenever there is a sociopolitical explosion, there’s always a hunt for scapegoats. I’d prefer that it not be Jews as such, but there’s a lot of weight of history towards that direction.

  8. destructure says:

    I agree with what both Curt and Jehu said. But there’s still an issue. Orthodox Jews never had the issue. And old school southern Jews never had the issue, either. I know this because I knew some.
    The issue mostly affects the last wave of European Jews who came over. A lot of European immigrants at that time were radical, marxist, etc. But a lot of them outgrew it. A lot of Jews didn’t. It’s like some of them traded judaism for marxism.
    Well, now a lot of them have become influential. And the issue has slowly spread to the rest of society for 40 years. We need to understand what’s causing it so we can fix it. I don’t think we can afford to let ‘sensibilities’ get in the way of this.
    Now, I’ve noticed the christian denominations are much more conservative than their leaders. And yet they let their leaders push a liberal agenda. I’ve suggested that the conservative members form conservative groups outside of the formal structure of their denominations and pay their tithes to it instead. That would push the leaders back to the right. Can Jews do that?

  9. Californian says:

    JAY, I have a question: does this issue ever crop up in Jewish circles? That given the apparent double standards of groups like the ADL, this could trigger an anti-semitic backlash in which everyone ends up losing? For example, what would happen if one went to an ADL meeting, raised one’s hand, and brought up this issue? Would they see the double standard and perhaps reconsider their positions?
    A while back, Commentary magazine did an issue asking, “Why are the Jews liberal?” I’d think the real question ought to be, “What are the political consequences of Jewish liberalism?” i.e., does this cause anti-semitism among the David Dukes and Henry Fords of the world?
    One thing that has always struck me about American anti-semites is how they can blame Jews — who are maybe 3 percent of the US populace — with being responsible for just about 90% of everything that is wrong. And, obviously, the percentage of radical Jews is but a fraction of this 3 percent. This de facto absolves a lot of Catholics, Protestants, agnostics, atheists, and now perhaps Muslims of any responsibility for suicidal national policies. I’d like to see some heat turned on radical Catholic liberation theologists, or Protestant built corporate foundations which sponsor every manner of radicalism. But these are given a pass by the anti-semitic wing.
    Anyway, I appreciate you providing a forum in which the issue can be discussed with a modicum of sanity.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Not all Jew-haters are the same. Many of them (perhaps even most) will hate Jews no matter what. Others might be swayed by a change in Jewish attitudes.
      As for bringing up the double standard at an ADL meeting, that would be interesting. I would gladly bring it up if I ever find myself at such a meeting. But the response is predicable; these are leftist racial-egalitarians after all. They would get angry, hurl insults and fling accusations – but no actual answer would be forthcoming.

  10. jmperry says:

    It’s funny that they’re called Ratz. Truth in advertising! If only American leftists were so honest.

  11. SFG says:

    Depressingly, I don’t think rapprochement between Jews and white nationalists is possible. Because of history, not because of irreconcilable differences.
    Most Jews are white, and benefit greatly from American society. The stronger America is, the better Israel’s chances for survival. Jews have nothing to gain and everything to lose by attacking America.
    The problems are as follows:
    Due to historical patterns in Europe, the best chance for Jews has been an embrace of the Left. The Right has always been antisemitic up until WW2 or so (except perhaps in England, where we in fact see Jews in the Conservative party). From the Dreyfus Affair in France to nationalists (and Nazis) in Germany to the White Russians, the Right has always been the antisemitic side. It’s thus not surprising Jews would embrace Communism, which vowed to wipe out religious and historical distinctions.
    In America, the Right is tied up with Christianity. Even when evangelical Christianity is not anti-Semitic (and it isn’t now), the fact remains you can’t be both a Christian and a Jew religiously. Either JC was the Son of God, or he wasn’t. You can be a Hebrew Christian, but then you’ve left the Jewish community. Secular conservatism of the Derbyshire-and-Razib sort doesn’t have a wide appeal in the USA.
    Also, Jews do better in diverse societies where they are not the only minority. If there’s Italians, Irish, Germans, Blacks, and Hispanics running around, who’s going to notice a couple of white people with dark hair and big noses who don’t go to church? If the only people around are blond Southern Baptists, you’re going to stick out like a sore thumb.
    The physical differences play a bigger role than anyone likes to admit, I think. Remember how unenthusiastic the Italians were about killing Jews? Jews look a lot more Italian than Germans do…
    The blue-versus-red polarization doesn’t help either. Jews have always lived in cities, preferably big, diverse ones like New York.
    Now massive Hispanic immigration isn’t good for the Jews. Groups that don’t like whites aren’t bound to discriminate. As for blacks, they are not fond of Jews nowadays. Arabs could sway the USA against Israel. But views change slowly, and I think most Jewish leadership is still more scared of evangelical Christians than, say, Muslims, who really have engaged in anti-Semitic violence in European countries…there aren’t enough American Muslims for it to be a problem.
    Additionally, the nature of political alliances makes Jewish allegiance to the Democratic party ‘sticky’. Jews are responsible for something like a third of Democratic party donations; with that much influence, why put your money on a group of people who you think would like to see you wiped out.
    I won’t deny there’s a lot of ridiculous paranoia; I knew one fellow who actually started saying evangelicals wanted to throw Jews in ovens (um, no.) But the fact remains that historical patterns show Jews are better off in diverse societies…unless, as in the case of Muslims, one of the minorities specifically has it in for you.
    On the WN side, all the literature and history’s from the Nazis, who made anti-Semitism their central plank. Not that this helps the WN; the Nazis were responsible for basically starting the largest war in history and wound up splitting Germany in half. WW2 was probably the worst thing to happen to Europe since the fall of Rome. But it’s the place to go for racial thought.

  12. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Every group of people consists of three sub-groups. The consistent Right, the consistent Left, and the opportunistic Nationalists that have a double standard. It is the third group that acts as a spigot playing the Right off against the Left, maximalizing its own National interests.
    For instance, there are many Poles that are immigrants in W. Europe, but who oppose immigration to Poland. The equivalent group within Jewry would be the folks of “Modern on the outside, Chabad on the inside”.

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