Even their "saints" are devils

I just found, through Amren, an account of a speech by Desmond Tutu where he calls for a tax on whites in South Africa.  The article reads in part:

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu has called for a “wealth tax” to be imposed on all white South Africans…
Moments earlier, he had told the whites in the conference room: “You all benefited from apartheid. Your children went to fancy schools, you lived in posh suburbs.”
He stressed, however, that this did not mean all whites had supported apartheid.
Speaking to the Cape Argus after his speech, Tutu expanded on his wealth tax call.
“There were many in the white community who were ready for this (at the time of the TRC process).
“It could be quite piffling, maybe 1 percent of their stock exchange holdings. It’s nothing. But it could have helped… maybe building new homes, and that would have been an extraordinary symbol of their readiness.”
Asked whether he was again calling for a “wealth tax”, Tutu said: “That’s what I’m saying.”

A “wealth tax” that applies only to whites.  Most people would call this a “white tax” or a “jizyah“.  If Tutu meant that only wealthy people would have to pay it, then why did he single out whites?  There are plenty of poor whites in South Africa.
Another thing that bothers me about Tutu’s speech, is that he claims blacks in South Africa suffer from “self-hatred”.  I doubt that blacks anywhere suffer from self-hatred.  They seem to be genetically inclined to have the highest self-esteem of any race.  This is one reason their suicide rates are so low.  Tutu’s comment about being in an airplane (also quoted at Amren)…

He also recounted how a while ago he had been on a Nigerian plane with two black pilots at the helm.
“We suddenly hit heavy turbulence and my first thought was that there wasn’t a white man in the cabin to bring us back to safety.

… is merely an example of his subconscious recognition, that whites tend to be more competent than blacks, coming to the surface.  When white leftists experience such lapses, they berate themselves for “racism”.  When a black does it, he pities himself for being a victim of racism.
Perhaps South Africa should impose a “jizyah” on its blacks for their ridiculously high crime rates, corruption, littering and overall high cost to society.  This would make more sense.  But no.  According to Tutu, all these black shortcomings are the fault of the white man, and that same white man, who built the nation of South Africa out of nothing, should be required to throw even more money into the black hole – as if the murders, rapes and robberies he is subject to are not enough.

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  1. Georgia Resident says:

    There doesn’t have to be a white tax in South Africa to screw whites. Whites already get screwed through the regular tax system. They pay almost half the taxes (although many of the white taxpayers have fled the country, so this figure might be less by now), and receive only a tiny proportion of the benefits. Black Economic Empowerment (essentially affirmative action on steroids) also amounts to a tax on whites. The average white South African under apartheid did not attend a “posh” school either. He attended a decent, probably quite safe school, funded overwhelmingly by white taxpayers. Blacks received less, because they paid less into the system, and it would have been a waste of resources anyhow given their lower IQs.
    What’s even worse is that when South Africa becomes another Zimbabwe, it will be white nations in the west that bear the burden in the form of increased foreign aid and an influx of refugees, the majority of whom will probably be black, and who will benefit from the generous welfare benefits and preferences given to “minorities” in most western countries.

  2. Bantu Education says:

    “half devil, half child..” (R.Kipling)
    Tutu is the living embodiment of Kipling´s adage. Whenever I see him being interviewed he talks and generally behaves like a demented schoolboy. How did this clown become such a revered figure? Why, because he´s black – there can be no other reason..!
    Reprise your earlier post “extra points for being black” or similar title.

  3. Very good comments.
    And all the faulty logic is based on faulty science. Race is socially constructed, all people are born clean slates and equal.
    In my blog I keep stressing the faulty science and how it is maintained against overwhelming scientific evidence. That all races are equal, no difference in IQ, criminality, …
    And all (“justified”) black anger is based on this faulty science. Of course, if we all are equal, and these equal white devils have more money, it is because they discriminate and rob from blacks, unjustly.
    It is all very logical. All very correct. Except that the premises are false.
    This is why the illogical wrong sociological teachings are defended with such vigor. I have a lot about this in my blog, some posts have 50 or more comments with deep discussions.
    Racial differences in intelligence: James Watson, Nobel Prize winning geneticist persecuted for scientific truth
    Race and IQ  

  4. Bay Area Guy says:

    Litter is a legacy of apartheid?!
    And I just love the part about how he hopes that whites will “agitate” to have the “wealth tax” imposed upon themselves. Whites are somehow expected to sabotage themselves.
    And yes, the whole idea that blacks are plagued by lower self-esteem is a myth. If anything, blacks tend to have higher self-esteem than whites, as Steve Farron and others have pointed out.

    • He has plenty of historical evidence to expect whites to sabotage themselves. Sabotaging ourselves is our favorite pastime, perhaps it is what makes us white(that’s a joke).

    • “And I just love the part about how he hopes that whites will “agitate” to have the “wealth tax” imposed upon themselves. Whites are somehow expected to sabotage themselves.”
      Well, since he was wildly successful in convincing/coercing SA whites to hand over power and put their trust in blacks, he´s hardly pushing his luck with this one. Whites worldwide are caving-in to any and every black deemandz. Didn´t Christ implore us to turn the other cheek? Perhaps we will go to heaven after all..!

  5. Septen says:

    Damn you, my stomach hurts after laughing outright for a long, long time after seeing that picture 😀

  6. Californian says:

    A point I used to make back in the days of the (sigh) South Africa Sucks website was that what was going on in South Africa is what would happen to the rest of the Western world once Whites were driven into minority status. But it seems to work both ways. Tutu is learning from the race hustlers of America: beat the drum on White liberal guilt, demand money, beat the drum, demand money, continue ad nauseam.
    Of course, logic would dictate that since Whites built the infrastructure, and since blacks prior to contact with Whites were illiterate and living in essentially Stone Age conditions, that it is Whites who ought to be the recipients of funds raised by special taxes. Where would blacks be today were it not for colonialism, apartheid, or whatever? But again, that is the logical response. What is happening in the new rainbow nation of SA is the usual irrational mania of liberal guilt which the race hustlers exploit.
    Maybe it is time to stand up and say that apartheid was a pretty good system. It not only raised the black standard of living, it also kept hustlers like Tutu down, though come to think of it, not down enough!
    Litter is a legacy of apartheid?!

    I was in Rhodesia back in the days of White rule. I returned after it became Zimbabwe and one could see the increase in litter on the streets. The black majority rule Marxist government just didn’t seem to be able to get it together enough to clean the streets. As usual, Whites will be blamed for every last failing of black majority rule in Africa. (Kudos to the sector of blacks who do take responsibility for their actions, by the way.)

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