The Left's obsession with penis size

I love it when the enemies of Truth comment on this blog; they tend to demonstrate what is wrong with the cultural Marxist Left.  For example, a commentator who calls herself Eliza, replied to Aoirthoir recently with this gem:

Aoirthoir your distaste for people who fight for the rights of the opressed is pathetic. Your arrogance in equating a strong woman with a mosquito is a demonstration of your intellectual deficiency. You know they say the dog with the loudest bark has the smallest dick.

When Aoirthoir replied that the Irish do, in fact, have the smallest penises on average, she had nothing more to say and has not been seen since.  This is because the end-all and be-all of existence is, for them, to have a large penis.  Once they realized that the secret to happiness – and to always being right – is a large penis, the Left was faced with a problem:  What about women?  I’m pretty sure feminism, and its shrill hysterics, has something to do with the answer.
Speaking of shrill hysterics, I came across an article by the notorious hate-monger Tim Wise recently.  He loves to imagine himself debunking the science of race-realism.  Among other things he writes:

Rushton, of course, says little or nothing about this most recent evidence of black IQ gains; rather, he merely repeats the same arguments he has made for two decades: arguments that, in the end, are barely more scientifically sound than when he used to go into Toronto shopping malls and ask passersby how far they could ejaculate because he believed ejaculatory distance (and for that matter, penis size) to be inversely related to intelligence. Since one can only assume Phil Rushton considers himself quite intelligent, one can then glean fairly easily what he has told us about his manhood, given his own quackish theories.

One could only imagine what a court of law, run by race-denialist officials, would look like.  No testimony, nor evidence, would be needed.  The judge would merely have each party drop his pants and the one with the largest penis would win.  The other one would be sent to… a penal colony?
A while back, I wrote about a blogger named Zek Evets and his feeble attempt to debunk HBD.  Sure enough, when reading the comments on his blog post against HBD, one of them stated:

@ brothawolf: I do believe they’re self absorbed. It’s the small penis syndrome, methinks. I took the time (yuckily) to peruse some of the links Zets provided and came up brain fried, thus empty!.

Zek responded by agreeing “yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if these race-realists exhibit Napoleon/Small-Penis complexes, haha!”  Well, I don’t think we have a good argument against that kind of reasoning so we might as well concede!
Even non race-realists have noticed the liberal tendency to whip out the  “small-penis” accusation, and fling it at every opportunity.  On the web, we find questions such as:  “Why do liberals say you must be overcompensating for a small penis if you do/own masculine things?”  Or links to  images such as this:

Now that we understand the leftist mentality (and no, I’m not talking about you, Robert Lindsay) about truth and falsehood, good and bad, virtue and evil – that it all comes down to penis size, it is not difficult to understand their infatuation with blacks.  The leftist establishment is dominated by women and feminized men – so they admire what they believe is the most naturally masculine man:  The black man.  Their reasoning is:

Big penis = good
Black man = big penis
Therefore black man = good

I’ll grant them that, even though it is not possible to think with one’s penis, it is a fact that “I.P.” comes before “I.Q.” – but only by one letter.  The difference is not statistically significant.
What would they say if they found out that some race-realists actually do have large penises?  Would they then bow down to us?  Who would volunteer – and would it stand up in a court of law?

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  1. a random user name says:

    My theory is that it is testicular volume rather than penis size that will be larger in race realists, in general. The reason being is that testosterone production should increase with testicular volume since testosterone is produced there.
    Going back to the PEN model, more testosterone = more irritability, disagreeableness, argumentativeness, aggression. It takes a lot of balls to stick your neck out and speak the truth when everyone else disagrees with you. Someone with higher aggression is also more likely to seek out potential threats to counter than a Casper Milquetoast. Again, to seek out, identify, label and get angry about threats – one has to be race realist.
    Of course, race realism = bigger balls only holds true while race realism remains unpopular.

    • “My theory is that it is testicular volume rather than penis size that will be larger in race realists, in general. The reason being is that testosterone production should increase with testicular volume since testosterone is produced there.”
      In this case I cannot speak for all Irish men (or the statistically significant number who have smaller penises). But for myself, I do not have testicular volume. They are tiny too. However, IN RELATION to my penis, they are large.

  2. As to the entire article you are dead on. Feminists shaming language of each other and in particular men always surrounds the penis.
    And of course she’s not going to answer. Logic is like garlic to feminists. Logic is like garlic to men also. The difference being we eat the fuck out of it and don’t give a damned what our breath smells like afterwards. Cause is good. ANd only a feminist would be offended by something as great as garlic.

  3. I think this stems from the general Leftist tendency to use emotion and social ostracism first, and logic second (or not at all). Without ad hominems, they’re nothing. Always remember this.

    • “They’re nothing. Always remember this.”
      Fixed. 😀

    • a random user name says:

      The reason for this is that the problem is that they have to defend a lie and they know this. Using unrelated truths, half truths, and every logical fallacy in the book is all part of how to do this and win an argument, convince other people or at least, get people whirring their gears doing nothing.
      Why there is such a body of study on logical fallacies? Wouldn’t it be better if everyone just knew how to argue logically and correctly? Well no, plenty of people need to argue for self interest etc. in spite of not having a way to logically convince people. Hence the logical fallacy. An argument that can be convincing but is wrong.

  4. Also, funny how the Left (the full-time Left, not the liberal mean) tend to come up with stuff like that despite being a bunch of diminutive handflappers! The Right champions self-improvement and physical strength (things conducive to higher testosterone one would think) rather than victimology.

    • The left come up with this for one reason and one reason only. Irish men tend to be the smallest sized, yet most sought after of men by women. By demeaning small size they are by proxy attempting to demean Irish men. But Irish men are gods born in flesh, we cannot be demeaned. So it backfires often.

  5. Bay Area Guy says:

    Ha! Amusing post.
    I wouldn’t say that the left uses the penis argument, but they employ similar “logic.”
    – “Homophobes” who oppose gay marriage or have an aversion to gay behavior are really just repressed homosexuals in denial and who thus overcompensate.
    -White activists or nationalists who worry about the impending minority status of whites are really just displaying “white privilege” entitlement and their concerns are little more than an entitlement mentality that fears having their “privilege” revoked.
    I’m sure I can come up with more, but the fundamental argument is the same:
    You have no legitimate concerns, and any opposition to any leftist project is mental illness, closeted repression, or hysterical fears of losing “privilege” on your part.
    Classifying those who oppose their agenda as mentally ill has always been a favorite tactic of the left. And Tim Wise is no exception.

  6. Snow Walker says:

    “You have no legitimate concerns, and any opposition to any leftist project is mental illness, […] Classifying those who oppose their agenda as mentally ill has always been a favorite tactic of the left. And Tim Wise is no exception.”

    Not only the CLASSIFICATION of the political opponent as mentally ill by the Left is a classic. In the countries of the Eastern Block political dissidents have actually been locked up for entire lifetimes in mental asylums. Children of political prisoners too.
    I am convinced that many commies here in the US have wet dreams about such “efficiency”.

  7. rorshach inkblot says:

    By their own “reasoning” they would have the small penises, because they always side with those who are allegedly large. You see they are trying to live vicariously through them because they have small penises.

  8. DFA says:

    Well, over the past couple of years my tiny Irish wang hasn’t gotten any smaller the more conservative and racist I’ve become. When I was a leftist I still had a small dong, red hair, a drinking problem and a horrible temper that would come out when watching awful Notre Dame football.
    If blacks really are the most well hung, and having big junk is associated with being “enlightened” and “open-minded”, why is it that blacks are the least tolerant of poofs and care less about the environment than every other race?

    • Hooray for another small dicked or nearly dickless Irishman! By the Gods don’t you love being Irish, small dick and all?
      “why is it that blacks are the least tolerant of poofs and care less about the environment than every other race?”
      Because they continue to be the largest group of men raised by single mothers. If you watch most of those mothers with their sons, it becomes very evident that no one hates a black man like a black mother. (For those rare black mothers, single or otherwise that treat your sons TRULY well, dont come whinging because i am not talking about you…).

  9. Unamused says:

    I volunteer.
    And yeah, it could be made to stand up in a court of law. As long as there were some hot white girls around.
    Gratuitous French girls preferred.

  10. peniso says:

    They actually are one collective (small) penis.

  11. JL says:

    Whenever some leftist tries to debunk Rushton’s work, he or she will refer to Rushton’s penis size studies, claiming that Rushton must be a crazy pervert to be interested in such things. However, Rushton’s body of work is extensive, and only a miniscule part of it concerns penis size, so when someone critiquing Rushton immediately zeroes in on penis size, it does suggest that someone is fixated on the topic, but that someone is not Rushton. Moreover, penis size is a legitimate target of biological research, and it’s rather childish to get all snickery about it.

  12. howie says:

    Yeah Rushton is perverted right. They are the ones who are obsessed with this sort of thing which causes serious researchers to check out their claims. When they are debunked, they take on a moralizing puritan posture. How clever.

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  14. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Muslims did not just castrate but also penectomize their Black slaves. So much for penis insecurity.

  15. The penis size to race realism theory is about as meaningful as any other Leftist theory. As a decently hung WN of Italian and French descent, I have discussed race with short Asians, who, I can only imagine had penises concomitant with their body size. Guess what? Our penises had no bearing on the fact that we didn’t want the public schools our kids attended ruined by gangs of grinning black thugs.

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