This is what a true conservative sounds like

I found this at Occidental Dissent:
True, he may not be educated in racial matters, and the way he expresses his views on Islam is a bit extreme, but he’s got a lot of common-sense ideas.  The fact that leftists can’t stand him speaks in his favor.  I’d vote for him!

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  1. I know little about him. Is he GOP or is he seeking the nomination of an independent Tea Party.

  2. Georgia Resident says:

    This is mostly off-topic, but I think I’ve figured out why Obama was willing to lend air support to the Libyan rebels (who were mostly Caucasoid North Africans angry at Gaddafi at least in part for his policy of allowing mass sub-Saharan African immigration) against Gaddafi’s army (which was appropriately diverse for the self-proclaimed “King of Africa”, including lots of black mercenaries). It really didn’t make sense to me at first, given that Barack Obama is always looking out for “his folks”, so he presumably should have taken the side of the relatively more pro-black Gaddafi. Then I realized: The anti-black violence that seems to be on the rise in Libya now that Gaddafi’s regime is falling apart isn’t going to end in the sub-Saharan Africans returning to their home countries. It’s going to end with the blacks fleeing to Europe, with some spilling over into the US. Thus, Barack Obama’s war in Libya will hasten the race-replacement of white Americans and Europeans.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I was wondering the same thing myself. Yours is as good a theory as any. But it might simply be the case that he wants to show the world (and Americans) how serious he is about spreading democracy and overthrowing dictators. In other words, it’s possible there may be no conspiracy-type thinking here.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        That’s interesting, regarding Libya.
        I recall once having a friendly debate with a white friend of mine, who is hardly PC or self-hating.
        We were discussing the recent chaos and violence in some African country (it was either the Congo or Somalia), and he was talking about how that place was an absolute hellhole and how the people there should move.
        I then recall interjecting and emphatically saying “no, I don’t want them coming here!”
        He laughed, but I think that incident showed that many whites really just aren’t that conscious about the implications of non-white immigration and their impending demographic displacement.
        Even in California, where whites are a visible minority, they just can’t quite seem to comprehend what’s in store for them if the increase in “diversity” continues unabated.
        To be fair, a good number of whites I’ve known are racially conscious, and they’re not PC or self-hating, but even then, they just can’t quite wrap their heads around what the future is going to be like for them or their kids.
        Let’s just say that we have enough problem with NAM immigration as it is. We don’t need a bunch of hapless black Africans.
        (although, I will say, black Africans are much more pleasant and agreeable than black Americans)

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