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The "Jewish" custom of kapparoth

For those of you not familiar with the tradition of “kapparoth“, it is a ritual where a Jew swings a chicken (or sometimes coins) over his head three times while asking that his sins be transferred to the chicken (or … Continue reading

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"who are these whites,that's claming to be the jews"

One of the nice features of WordPress is that bloggers are able to see a list of the various search engine terms used in order to reach their blogs.  One such term leaped out at me recently: who are these … Continue reading

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Blacks and animal rights

A recent discussion over at Robert Lindsay’s blog* revolved around the relative cruelty different races display toward animals.  I was taken to task for writing that blacks seem to display more cruelty toward animals than whites (but some Asian groups seem … Continue reading

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Our latest mivtzoyim adventure

Yesterday, Portland Realist and I distributed flyers door to door.  While there were no hostile confrontations, we did meet an interesting couple.  I’ll let Portland Realist describe them in his comment.  One man told us “Keep up the good work” … Continue reading

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"The Emperor's New Clothes" book review/critique

One of the tactics race-denialists love to use is the “thick-book” tactic, whereby they point to a thick book and proclaim that it refutes all the claims of racists.  They know full well that very few people will actually take … Continue reading

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"Immigration reduces crime rates"

According to a study cited in Livescience (hat tip to human stupidity), immigration reduces crime rates: Contrary to popular stereotypes, areas undergoing immigration are associated with lower violence, not spiraling crime, according to a new study. Harvard University sociologist Robert Sampson … Continue reading

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Diversity costs You-B.S. dearly

(Hat tip to Irish Savant) Struggling Swiss banking giant UBS is big on diversity.  Here is their diversity statement (my bold): In today’s global business environment, we believe that it is essential for us to have a workforce of individuals … Continue reading

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My first mivtzoyim* "incident"

Yesterday was a glorious, beautiful and sunny day; a rarity in these parts.  So I thought to myself, “This is a perfect day for mivtzoyim*!”  I rummaged through my files, and the various blogs, for a good flyer candidate, settling … Continue reading

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Reason Radio interviews Jewamongyou

Though I hate listening to my own voice, I have no problems inflicting it upon others.  So, here it is:

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Eugenicist exposes "harmless" cartoon as vicious propaganda

Here is what eugenicist has to say about the above cartoon: I’m staggered by the intellectual dishonesty behind this comic. Let me illustrate: 1. “There’s a certain ‘scientific’ theory that…[whites] are inherently, genetically smarter than blacks!” This idiot thinks that putting quotation … Continue reading

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