Leftists: "We must maintain high standards for our propaganda!"

Sometimes even leftists have a problem with the propaganda of other leftists, though they are rarely able to see it for what it is.  A while back, I posted about a study, funded by the City of Portland, that concluded there is a lot of anti-black and anti-Hispanic discrimination in the Portland housing market.  The Oregonian took the study and ran with it, assuming that it was justified and accurate.  The problems I listed, in my post, apply whether the study was properly done or not.
Now we read, in the Willamette Weekly, a Portland area leftist rag, that the study was actually flawed:

An Unreliable Housing Audit

A city-funded housing audit misrepresented evidence, making discrimination in Portland look worse than it really is.

…The audit set off howls of protest and frowning editorials about the city’s shameful treatment of minorities looking for a place to live.
But interviews and newly released records from the state Bureau of Labor and Industries show the audit is marred by errors and sloppy work, and that the Fair Housing Council withheld evidence that would have weakened claims that it had found discrimination. Although city officials believed Fair Housing Council testers did all their surveys in person, for example, at least some of their evidence of supposed discrimination against Latino testers was gathered over the phone.
As a result, the audit exaggerates the degree of housing discrimination it found. That raises questions about the reliability of the Fair Housing Council, a watchdog group that contracts with cities across Oregon to do audits.
City officials have refused to renew their contract with the Fair Housing Council and suspended negotiations for a new one Aug. 9 after discovering the audit was rife with problems.
“We have concluded the audit is not reliable,” City Commissioner Nick Fish, who oversees the Housing Bureau, tells WW. “There have been failures of communication and breakdowns of protocol. The test they gave us has been demonstrated to be something we cannot rely on.”

Will The Oregonian retract its earlier editorial?  Don’t hold your breath.  Furthermore, we should not be so certain that the “Fair Housing Council” did “sloppy work”.   It is more likely that it did good work, there is simply a misunderstanding of their goal.  Their goal is not to find out if there is discrimination against blacks and Hispanics; it is to find such discrimination at any cost.   A couple of the comments, on the Willamette Weekly’s site, even state as much.
None of the leftist powers-that-be are questioning that there is a lot of discrimination against blacks and Hispanics.  This is a matter of faith for them.  They only question the methodology in this particular study.  This is evident from the last part of the above article:

Fish says problems with the audit shouldn’t take away from the city’s plan to end discrimination in housing, which he says is supported by other evidence of housing bias in Portland. But the Fair Housing Council audit has proven a political headache for Fish and threatens to frustrate the city’s work on equal housing issues.
Moloy Good, the Fair Housing Council’s executive director, acknowledges the audit contains errors, but he stands by its basic conclusions…
Fish says the city’s painful lesson in this case won’t stop future testing; he says the city plans to do another round this fall. “The public has to have confidence in these tests and the results,” Fish says. “Going forward, we need to fix the problem.”

Nevertheless, it is refreshing to see that not all anti-white propaganda is accepted, even by leftists, as the God-given truth.

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6 Responses to Leftists: "We must maintain high standards for our propaganda!"

  1. countenance says:

    It’s Portland, Oregon, for pete’s sake. Almost all the whites are liberals. Who do these white liberals like Fish think could be doing this phantom housing discrimination?

  2. Bay Area Guy says:

    Nevertheless, it is refreshing to see that not all anti-white propaganda is accepted, even by leftists, as the God-given truth.
    Maybe not, but I’d still say that the left views whites and racism kind of like the way the law in Mexico views suspected criminals.
    Whites are automatically presumed racist, and the burden of proof is on THEM to show that they’re not racist. Which, of course, is virtually impossible, because it’s very difficult to prove a negative. I mean, how do you prove that you’re NOT racist?
    And of course, we see the same exact thing with this whole “housing discrimination” brouhaha.
    Thanks to this wonderful notion of “disparate impact,” the burden of proof is on various institutions, including the real estate market, to prove that they’re not discriminating against blacks.
    No solid signs of discrimination even have to exist. As long as blacks are somehow underrepresented or feel discriminated against in any way, that’s seem as prima facie evidence of racism.
    Same thing with education and the much ballyhooed “achievement gap.” Regardless of the reasons, since blacks and Hispanics lag so far behind whites and Asians, then racism and “culturally incompetent” white teachers must obviously be the culprits. Either that, or a lack of funding (which is interesting, considering I’ve read somewhere that many majority black public schools receive more funding than almost anywhere else).
    One day, I imagine whites will be forced to walk around with scarlet R’s (as in racist) sewn across their shirts.

    • Stealth says:

      “Whites are automatically presumed racist, and the burden of proof is on THEM to show that they’re not racist. ”
      The acceptance of the term “racism” by everyone is proof that we’ve all been conditioned by the left to some degree. This word isn’t questioned by anyone, and I don’t understand why. It’s nebulous (perhaps by design) and, to my knowledge, has never been pinned to any sort of official definition. When someone calls me a racist, I tell them that the word really doesn’t mean anything.
      Most often, I believe, it’s simply a code word for white people. When hateful members of minority groups and self-flagellating whites are in an environment that allows them to feel relaxed enough to really let their hair down, “racist” is used far less frequently, as they are now largely out of the public eye and can finger the real villain: white people in general. We’re scum and we’ve done bad things. It’s awful, but on the plus side, with all of their inaccuracies and faulty logic exposed to the light, it’s easier to argue with them.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        Most often, I believe, it’s simply a code word for white people.
        Because of course, non-whites can NEVER be racist (unless it’s internalized racism). Or if they are, it’s only because they’re pure and noble souls have been corrupted by the evil white man.
        All whites are racist.
        This person is white
        Therefore, he’s a racist
        All racists are white
        This person is a racist
        Therefore, he’s white
        Memorize those two syllogisms, and read anything written by a non-white or leftist on the topic of race, and it will all make sense.
        From now on, if anyone ever calls me a racist, I’ll try to make a habit of laughing it off and saying, “of course I’m a racist, because racist simply means white person!”

  3. Josh says:

    A cute college girl promoting HBD & criticising diversity!

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