New York Daily News: Black men more likely to cheat

Amren recently linked to an article, in the New York Daily News, that bemoaned the plight of black women.  Lost in the discussion about black women was an important statement about black men:

And if all this weren’t enough to leave black women on the wrong side of happy, unmarried black women have to contend with black men who, according to social science data, are more likely than any other group of men to maintain relationships with multiple women.

The mainstream media has a tendency to couch valid criticism of non-whites in terms that make it sound like the perpetrators are actually victims.  Thus we find statements such as black women “suffer from being overweight” or “rising tide of violence impacting historically African American neighborhoods “.  Here too, it is only permissible for them to make a negative statement about black men because it is framed in such a way that blacks (female blacks) are victims.
Now that the Daily News has admitted that black men are less faithful, will some of those foolish mudsharks take heed?

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53 Responses to New York Daily News: Black men more likely to cheat

  1. countenance says:

    It’s only because this article was probably on a strict word count. Otherwise, there would have been room to blame the infidelity of black men on white racism.

    • Conservative Southerner says:

      There is plenty of room to blame. You can bet that the infidelity of black men is the fault of the White race and their racism; the White race’s disenfranchising you, stealing your best and brightest, destroying your intellect and striking down each step to greatness. The White race can shame the black man into his forays of extramarital affairs and the seeking out of female companionship, outside of the relationship.

  2. Bay Area Guy says:

    Hardly a surprise. I too am waiting for someone to blame this on white racism.
    Now that the Daily News has admitted that black men are less faithful, will some of those foolish mudsharks take heed?
    Probably not. The type of white women who go for black men tend to do so because they like the sense of danger and excitement that being with a black man gives them. That, and BBC (I’ll leave it to you to guess what that stands for). Or, they’re gold diggers and try to leech on to the most successful black men they can mind, much to the chagrin of black women.

  3. Bay Area Guy says:

    On another note, I don’t think that white female/black male couples are a huge problem, probably because I rarely see them (white male, Asian female couples being much more common, at least where I live).
    For me, the problem isn’t the small number of WF/BM, or even the larger numbers of WM/AF couples.
    The problem is that white couples who do get married don’t have enough kids.
    Even if all mudsharks and yellow fever stricken white men were to date and marry white, that still wouldn’t solve the problem of low white fertility rates and declining numbers.

    • This is an important point. While interracial breeding does in some ways institutionalize Diversity/Multiculturalism (and the conflict associated with it) while creating a population that is prone to being alienated from both its parent cultures (or militantly picking one over the other), its effect on white demographics is a drop in the bucket compared to the raw fertility rate among white couples. This is compounded by the unprecedented levels of relatively high fertility immigration into countries of majority European stock.

    • Stealth says:

      There aren’t that many mudsharks you’d want to date, anyway, Bay. If Frisco is anything like my southern stat…..oh, wait, never mind. But, for real, some things are universal. Most white girls who date black guys tend to be very overweight, very dumb, and low-class. In other words, most of them are white trash. Three-fourths, I’d say. Isn’t it ironic that most white girls who have sex with black guys are probably from families full of folks that dislike African-Americans?
      I DO remember a pretty, well-raised white girl back in my college days who dated a black basketball player. She was from Indiana, I believe, and you could tell that she didn’t have much experience with black men. I just hope he never got her pregnant, which is TRULY the point of no return.
      It’s also interesting that you never see a nice, middle-class white girl with a nice, middle-class black guy. It’s always some thug. I doubt the higher-end mudsharks really consider their thug companions permanent mates.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is the most ridiculous racist thing I have ever read. I am a white female dating a black man, I weigh 115 lb, middle class, am at a great college and am not looking for some “adventurousness”, I am looking for a serious relationship with a person who treats me well and loves me! It’s absolutely ridiculous to say that only women who are “white trash” fall for black males! My boyfriend is one of the smartest, most knowledgeable people I know, evidently a lot more educated that most of the people posting on this blog! Just because someone is not as racist as you and falls in love with people’s personalities too, rather than solely basing their choice off a partner on their skin color, does not make them “white trash”! Please get yourself an education and start realizing that diversity is not an issue! A person’s skin color doesn’t make them automatically a “thug”, and if anything appalling people like you who say these things are the ones who need to educate themselves and realize just how ridiculous all these things you are saying are!

        • jewamongyou says:

          Obviously, you have no idea what my positions are on this issue; you just saw the title, browsed the post and reacted with your own personal story – which has no bearing on what I wrote. On top of that, you’re probably oblivious to your inner workings that made you fall for your black boyfriend. Can you explain why you found him attractive? Can you count how many times you saw (even through the corner of your eye) propaganda designed to elevate black men? Were you ever even aware that such propaganda exists? If the mere claim that it does exist offends you, then clearly you won’t recognize it.

        • Douglas Black says:

          True. But, being a black male drastically increases the likelihood of “thug mentality”… Add to that the mindset of “burning the masters house”, and the statistical fact that white girls hooked up with bm are 50× more likely to be murdered by their spouse. And, your chances of having a white spouse are almost zero when you finally wake up to his infidelities. Wow, yeah. Good luck.

  4. bob says:

    All these complaints ignore the point that the so-called black family “pathologies” simply are the normal family pattern in Africa. And the “pathologies” may actually have some selective advantage in the African environment, or at least in West Central Africa that is the home of almost all African-Americans.

  5. Thomas says:

    It isn’t just black men who cheat. Black women are guilty as well.
    Here are some statistics about cuckoldry prevalence that are quite shocking:
    • United Kingdom: 1 to 2% in a sample of 1,678 men.
    • Mexico: 9.8% to 13.8% in a sample of 396 children.
    • United States: A study in Michigan of 1417 white and 523 black children found non-paternity rates of 1.4% and 10.1% respectively.
    Here is where I found the statistics:
    According to these statistics, about 1 in 75 white women force their husbands to raise illegitimate offspring that aren’t his, but 1 in 10 black and Hispanic women spawn brood parasites for their very unlucky husbands.
    In these times, race-mixing has been happening a lot more frequently than in former times. Young, single white men like myself need to know these statistics in order to avoid dating women of other races who are much more likely to spawn brood parasites, and we should instead stick to dating white women.

    • CLSteele says:

      It seems to me that white men are abandoning white American women for Asians, filipinas, and others by a landslide. It is all over the Internet and other media. They constantly bash American white women. so, your race has its problems, too. When you point that index finger, three are pointing back at you. It doesn’t matter how low-class you think white women who date black men are, they are still white and your race of women. You downgrade your own women, call them names, yet, you grudge them for dating black. Maybe they are dating black because white men don’t want them. No matter how much black men cheat, they are still black. That cannot be changed either.

      • jewamongyou says:

        I may be way off the mark here, but it seems to me that women are the choosers in the mating game. If white men are pursuing Asian women, it’s probably because white women have rejected them far too many times.

      • Kim Henry says:

        I wanted a wife that was free from the feminism virus. The incidence of this virus varies by population and region of the world. I would have liked an Anglo wife, but too many were infected by the virus. I ended up marrying a woman from El Salvador. The feminism virus infection rate is much lower down there. It is virtually zero in the Philappines, which is why Philippino women make such good wives.

        Many American women have been sold the bill of goods with feminism. They feel they have to be more mannish to prove themselves. No real men want these brainwashed women, so they look to other cultures for wives. And the feminist women settle for dumb low-motivated husbands that are easy for the women to manipulate.

  6. Stealth says:

    “Now that the Daily News has admitted that black men are less faithful, will some of those foolish mudsharks take heed?”
    I’m not a white nationalist, but since WN’s are the only folks actually willing to discuss race honestly and publicly (albeit also anonymously), I’ll keep going back to blogs like this one. However, there are a few things that white nationalists fail to learn about the enemy, no matter how many years go by. One of the incorrect assumptions under which white nationalists labor is that white leftists actually believe their own rhetoric.
    THEY DON’T. Period. There might be a few honest, sheltered faithful in lily white places such as Vermont, but don’t believe for a second that some liberal from NYC actually believes that blacks, on whole, are well-behaved angels with latent IQ’s of 150. The clues are all around. They don’t send their kids to school with black children. They’re also famous for their hypocrisy in choosing where to live.
    Individual liberals have their reasons. For example, the threat of losing one’s livelihood is a powerful motivator. But, on the grand scale, I think liberals recognize that we’d have a very dicey situation on our hands if the majority of white people finally broke down and said what we really believe, which is that black America is really screwed up and that the situation wasn’t engendered by any “legacy of slavery.”
    What would happen if a powerful American politician stated outright that putting more money into public education won’t do a thing to eliminate the academic performance gap between white children and black children? What if he went further and mentioned that IQ might be the REAL reason for the difference? Now image him refusing to apologize or turn in his resignation. I think a lot of civil disorder and more than a few deaths would result.

    • jewamongyou says:

      The results would be predictable: The media would be in a frenzy condemning the guy, blacks would riot (demonstrating his point) and white nationalists would applaud him.

    • a random user name says:

      I would say that of liberal people who actually believe that PC attitudes are true, it’s only the pious white women and maybe the homosexual (white) men. I think the criminals are too streetwise to believe otherwise.
      Most of the rest of the PC alliance know the truth I think but choose to run interference.

    • As a white midwesterner from a liberal family, I can attest to the fact that many liberals here actually believe what they espouse. I think that the level of segregation in the midwest (blacks are mainly found in big cities and even there, mainly found in a few neighborhoods) allows for a level of delusion among some whites that one won’t find elsewhere (besides the aforementioned Vermont.

  7. destructure says:

    Awww, c’mon JAY. Don’t be a playa hata. You’re dissin’ their culture.

    Some women are just whores who can’t keep their “inner slut” contained without being shamed by society. Not that most men are any better.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I dunno destructure. Looks like they’re trying to be sexy – but it just doesn’t do it for me!

      • Svetlana says:

        Actually it would be the equivalent of hula dancing or any other social dance of people who live in a tropical region. What one culture may find sexually arousing may not be viewed in the same way. Western European societies view sharing a bed with someone as sexual in nature whereas, other cultures do not; they see it as just a sleeping arrangement. Wow for an elitist your jokes just don’t do it for me.

  8. Shango says:

    Wow, all men do cheat. White men women, black men and women, hispanic men and women etc. Divorce rates in Europe and America is gone up the roof. What is the percentage of African Americans in the USA? Very minute compared to the white race. That means there will white domination in everything except Hip Hop and R & B or maybe sports. What happens when men cheat, end result in most cases is divorce. As a result i will argue that white men and women cheat more.
    Secondly, most of these comments is just saying how irresponsible african american men and women are, but the question why are they irresponsible?Until the late 60’s blacks werent given equal opportunities in America, no body should play the race card with me on this because it is fact. Lack of opportunities equals children on the streets and these social vices we experience.
    Anyway my point is ALL MEN AND WOMEN(maybe in the arab world where women get stoned to death for infidelity being an exception) CHEAT AND NOT just blacks.

  9. fred says:

    when you run the world you are more likely to cheat on your spouse what race of people run the world. Power and money gives you any woman you want and that is a fact even in the animal world females flock to the one that can take care of them.So the race that cheats the most is the race that control the world and thats a fact. White guys can go anywhere and sleep with anyrace of women even there kids if the country is poor enough so hands down white guys cheat the most and sleep with everybody.

    • jewamongyou says:

      White guys do have an advantage in third-world countries, but in the U.S. black men have an advantage due to the way the media aggressively promotes them.

    • Darcie says:

      I am Latina, born and raised in the United States. I am not brown. I am very light skinned, have curly brown hair mostly European features and am not short. I went to a diverse High School, where I noticed that most of the white guys were flirtatious and unfaithful. I attracted whites and Asians. I was never attracted to them. I did not trust white boys in my high school, they all seemed like cheaters, and Asians were just no physically attractive to me. So white males have a bad reputation of being unfaithful. It is well known. Hate to say it. Blacks have always ignored me, so I have no input.

  10. Rashaad says:

    For one as a black man I disagree, black men always get blamed for everything black men are just like any other men they cheat as well. For one black women cheat on their husbands or boyfriends all the time but people don’t like to talk about black women having sex with various men. But they love talking about black men like dogs. It is so clear that america including black women bring black men down we as black men need to do something about it.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Get real! The press, government, and corporate America idolize black men. You must be blind to not see it. Check out tomorrow’s post for an example of this.

      • CLSteele says:

        I agree with you on this one. You are singing the same song that blacks sang in past decades when oppression was heavier on them than it is today. Black women are downsized more than white men, but many of us are survivors and don’t worry as much about it.
        Oh, back to the subject. The majority of men cheat. Some are more sophisticated and discrete than others. Black men like to brag, exaggerate, or blow whistles. That makes them seem more promiscuous than they are. This is a stereotype applied unfairly to all black men.

    • Strength says:

      Blk men always trying say white men and black women trying to keep them down first it was just the white man now its the black woman next its gone be the boogie man blk men r a f*** joke. white men and all other race of men can i please ask all of u question pls? now I’m a blk woman and women in general just nag about everything but here the question don’t it kinda seems like blk men nagg more than women? Now I know a lot of them gay but these men complain more than women and have attitudes with it but always saying blk women have attuides i think ppl need to look and see who has the real problem these men r just complete failures period who r jealous of every other race of men cause they r weak blk men think they can hurt a white man by sleeping with white women pls! is that all blk men got he can’t beat white men in anything else so blk men try the dumbest crap there dicks that’s all u ever going to have u can’t hurt no white man by sleeping with white women he!! If I was a white woman I wouldn’t sleep with a blk man that like messing with the whole neighbor hood and I’m blk woman white men r way smarter and way better looking anyway not to mention there all bout their family when married so if u wanna go up against blk women which means (strength) and white men which means (power) bring it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sky says:

    I do not agree with the comment stating that blacks have a lower IQ. I am a legal, black immigrant; I came to the United States as a child and attended public schools. I graduated in the top ten of my predominantly white high school senior class. I am now attending a prestigious university where I have made Dean’s List every semester and have a spectacular GPA. I think it is a bit offensive to stereotype all blacks because not all of us have the same cultural background. Most immigrant blacks believe in self-improvement via education and attaining a respectable profession. Foreigners who become American citizens pay their taxes, abide by the law, and pass on good values to their children. From a young age, I was encouraged to make my family proud by doing well in school. On the other hand, I have found American blacks to vary in their values. Some blacks are studious and some are not, just as other races.
    In response to the black male who left a comment: I am not an African American woman but I have never cheated on my boyfriend. I believe that only cowards cheat. It is more rational to be honest about your discontent with your partner than to cheat on him or her. The few times that I have gone out dancing with my White and Asian friends, the black males that we encountered were not friendly; they seemed stuck up and did not want to dance. I ended up dancing with other races of men because they were polite and open-minded. If my dancing with other races of men is “bringing down” black males, I do not mean to. I just feel like humility goes a long way. Instead of always insulting women, be nice to them. I believe you may live in an area where women behave like the stereotypical ones shown on television (VH1 material, eek). My advice to you is to get out more and talk to women who are not full of themselves. Real women are kind, humble, gentle and nurturing.
    Additionally, I do not believe that interracial marriage is horrible. My only qualms lie with people who marry other races because of a hidden agenda. Be proud of your race, your culture, and marry for love not for attention. I think smart people with good values should marry others who hold the same characteristics. However, do not rush to believe that only one race has these traits.
    ~Alles Gute!

    • jewamongyou says:

      I don’t remember anybody here saying that “blacks have a lower I.Q.”. I certainly didn’t claim that. It’s true, however, that blacks have a lower AVERAGE I.Q. – which would explain how you could be so smart and successful.
      “Foreigners who become American citizens pay their taxes, abide by the law, and pass on good values to their children. From a young age, I was encouraged to make my family proud by doing well in school. On the other hand, I have found American blacks to vary in their values. Some blacks are studious and some are not, just as other races.”
      That’s a rather odd statement for you to make. You seem to be saying that ALL foreigners who become American citizens are upstanding citizens. Obviously this cannot be the case. You then contrast this with native American blacks, who vary. Of course American blacks will vary in their attitudes; this is true of every human group, including immigrants.

  12. CLSteele says:

    White men, including the ones in high places that the people believe in, are always in the news for cheating and other shameful behaviors like child porn. White men carry their mistresses on trips out of town and think they have secrets. They go with their maids and anything with a female fragrance just like black men.
    Races of men love to bash each other, but you know the truth is that all races of men cheat because they think with their heads below. Blacks are only 13% of the American population, so how in the world can they outnumber others? It is probably the same most places.
    Black and White hatred is sickening and shameful. This page is about cheating, but most have taken over and turned it into a hate session. I believe that white men probably use more condoms than black men, but they are just as promiscuous.

  13. CLSteele says:

    White men, including the ones in high places that the people believe in, are always in the news for cheating and other shameful behaviors like porn. White men carry their mistresses on trips out of town and think they have secrets. They have even made maid dating popular. I had to add alittle sarcasm. It is not saped here for black men.
    Races of men love to bash each other, but you know the truth is that all races of men cheat because they think with their heads below. Blacks are only 13% of the American population, so how in the world can they outnumber others? It is probably the same most places.
    I have seen conflicting reports of the percentages of male cheaters in different races, but I believe that the percentages reported are not correct. Many men would never give this information even in a survey. I believe that 90 percent of married men cheat, and the ones who don’t are probably ill or paralyzed.

  14. Tod says:

    All this talk about black this and white that and foreign born blacks are better than American born blacks and BBC (you know that means!) and mudsharks… LOL is all a bunch of immature crap and shows how naive you all are. Go find yourself a good woman and stop worrying about average IQ’s, race, white women, black women, etc. The only people all of us need to be concerned about are those who are in the top 99.99% of wealth/income in the US or the world for that matter as they are screwing all of us. And they laugh as we argue over inconsequential issues such as race, IQ, etc. Only money matters as with it you can buy power. And then you get all the black this or white that or asian this or hispanic that! LMAO I stumbled accross this pathetic blog and had to respond. You are quite obtuse.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Why don’t you visit some of the sports blogs and tell them the same thing? A lot more time and energy is wasted arguing about sports than HBD. It’s a lot easier to call us “immature”, “pathetic” and “obtuse” than to actually dispute something we say and cite supporting evidence.

      • Tod says:

        I do visit sports blogs, thank you very much! Arguing positions on sports is useful and entertaining. This is a racist site. You are using this venue to distinguish between black and white in a nefarious manner: if it were fair and reasonable and offered cogent and meaningful information, then perhaps there would be some value. However, it is clearly partisan. Arguing about race is foolish and unproductive (God made all people, right, or is that in dispute too!). Attacking people based upon their cultural or ethnic differences is not what an inclusive world is about and only serves the handful of small minded people who get their kicks from momentarily feeling great about being able to “one up” someone in cyberville! Again,. this sort of impotent use of time and brain power does no good and serves no one except a small group of individuals. And the fact that you became defensive, i.e., :why don’t you visit some of the sports blogs and tell them the same thing?” only reinforces my position that this is obtuse, immature and pathetic. I also would like to add banal. I can’t believe that you actually think this is defensible!!!!!

  15. jewamongyou says:

    @ Tod,
    If you came here to fling insults, then I’ve already read enough of what you have to say; you can go back to your sports blogs. If you actually have a point to make, other than name-calling, then let’s hear it.

  16. Norriscool says:

    What ever bm do or dont do its the bm’s business, who gives a damn what some non black person thinks. Tell that to the new york times.

  17. studcity says:

    U all are a bunch of —– balloon heads. If we need to simplify it, then just watch the past twenty years of the Maury Povich show. That alone can prove this is true. I have a grip of black friends at work, and every single one cheats on a regular basis. Its common knowledge, u —— (expletive). No one can ever accept the “in your face” truth. I am of italian, spanish, and scottish decent. I am white. Recently, i met this white chick who had been dating a black guy. When we got intimate a few days later, she was like…. “I am a complete —– idiot”. I asked her why she said that, and she told me, “because I spent all that time with that —- (expletive) who cheated on me, and was a goddamn idiot to boot.” The reason why, is cause i have a —– —- and would never —- around on her. I think the dumbass mudsharks just need wake up calls. Fortunately, I do have some flavor for a white guy. (edited for colorful language by JAY. See “about” for the comment policy).

  18. delicia says:

    I am black female. I don’t cheat. As I read all of these hateful blogs, I had to re-check the years on each entry. I’m shocked at the level of anger and the tones of each blog. I’m sorry that my race is so hated. It’s sad that people can’t empathize with other people. Newsflash! There are blacks in this world who are living a descent life with their spouse and family. They go to work everyday, and they are regular people just trying to get through the day like everyone else. There are blacks who feel offended when other blacks ruin our reputation. Then we have to walk around with this black skin all day and be judged by angry people like some of you. It’s rally hard sometimes. But I guess I can’t change all of your opinions. All I know I cannot walk around angry for the rest of my life. I have to share my neighborhood, city, world with all God’s creations so I have a choice, I can walk around angry when I see people who do not look like me OR I can treat them with respect and be happy. Those are our choices.
    I teach my students (who are all different races, religions, sexual orientations, etc.) that they will have clients from all walks of life. They have a choice.

  19. Evan D says:

    The issue of whether or not black males cheat more…than../ can be statistically answered in the FACT that call girls, escorts, and national managed relationship sites are subscribed predominately by white males, and 65% (sited by the site itself-no reason to lie) are Married white men!
    What else to debate???

  20. Evan D says:

    It is also statistically and factually encountered that ‘child’ porn sites are overwhelmingly subscribed to by white males and predominately by white married males-all age groups! Again, “Jewamongyou’ what is there to debate regarding the low degenerate morality, integrity, and fidelity characteristics of white men in our society!

  21. Evan D says:

    Lastly, money is not a human characteristic, nor, is power! However, being an oppressor…is! And whenever you have to oppress others, to feel good about yourself, whenever you have to step on the back of others to SEEM taller…says all there needs to be said about ‘white’ character or I should say,lack of it…don’t you think!

  22. “according to social science data, are more likely than any other group of men to maintain relationships with multiple women.”
    Where can we see this so called “social science data?”

    • jewamongyou says:

      This is a question you should pose to the author of the original article. However, considering how black men are aggressively sold to white women, and considering what I see around me every day (non-black women obeying such propaganda and flocking to black men) it’s a foregone conclusion.

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