Why can't white celebrities have as much conviction as Katt Williams?

According to The Daily News:

Comedian Katt Williams isn’t really sorry for an anti-Mexican rant he made during a performance, he said on CNN on Saturday morning.
In fact, despite an apology attributed to him released by his publicist earlier this week, Williams said he “meant what I said and said what I meant.”
The controversial comments were caught in a video posted online. Williams, who was performing at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, asked a man in the crowd if he was a Mexican.
“It appears to me y’all like it over here a lot,” he said.
“Do you remember when white people used to say ‘Go back to Africa,’ and we’d have to tell them we don’t want to? So if you love Mexico, (expletive), get the (expletive) over there!”
It then got ugly – and Williams finished the argument with “We were slaves (expletive). You just work like that as landscapers.”
Williams said on CNN that he was just defending his country to one man – but couldn’t be racist because he had so many Mexican fans.
“If I had disrespected Mexicans, I wouldn’t have been able to get out of there alive,” the hot-mouthed comic said.
The non-apology was a quick turnaround from a statement his publicist released earlier in the week profusely apologizing for the bad joke.

I say, go ahead and disrespect Mexicans; disrespect anybody you want.  Just tell the truth.  If Mexicans find the truth to be disrespectful, then that would be their problem, not the speaker’s.  Now that whites have lost almost all self-respect and pride in their own heritage, perhaps there is a chance that they can relearn it from blacks and Mexicans.  If whites can reinfect themselves with tuberculosis, leprosy and God knows what else from the third world, then why can’t they also reinfect themselves with a healthy dose of racial pride and solidarity?

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  1. a random user name says:

    This is a great example of why I am optimistic.
    The PC alliance will be doomed by its own success. It is like the nucleus of a heavy atom – it consists of several different factions all really opposed to each other, like individual protons. What holds it all together is the tribute levied from the white tax base. White people function like neutrons in the analogy – they are necessary to hold the alliance together.
    The weaker we get and the more we wake up, the more the forces of repulsion will destroy PC. One of the best ways to counter PC is to learn to work the system like so-called minorities. Treat welfare as a game and learn to maximize your income from this while minimizing your expenses. This is a double whammy – it both defunds the enforcement organs of PC and it burdens the system even more.
    What happens when the system no longer can afford to pay out welfare? Either:
    a) blacks riot, or
    b) blatantly discriminatory skin color based welfare legislation comes into play, making the tribute explicit. This will anger the white loser/criminal classes and deprive the left of votes. They know they really can’t afford to do this, so we are back to a).
    Enough of blacks rioting, and public sentiment will be such that using live rounds on rioters becomes the majority opinion (if it’s not there now, it’s close). Also realize that what stops the white mass from taking up arms and forming militias is that the fear of being thrown in jail, losing your job or being chastised outweighs the fear of non-whites, and especially blacks.
    If the police can’t control the streets (as funding must be shared between them and tribute), your boss hates the rioters as much or more than you do, no one will chastise you because they agree with you and you figure you may as well fight as turn the other cheek and be slain…
    If I am wrong, please tell me where.
    One thing that can be learned from the atom analogy is that if we poke either structure with enough energy, the whole thing will blow up (fission). The PC alliance is just waiting to be fractured. Think of how white unity was fragmented in the first place. The creators of PC exploited every possible schism in white society – man vs woman, rich vs poor, criminal vs law abider, atheist vs Christian, homosexuals vs normal people etc. Thus were we divided and conquered.
    What was good for the goose will be good for the gander.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      The creators of PC exploited every possible schism in white society – man vs woman, rich vs poor, criminal vs law abider, atheist vs Christian, homosexuals vs normal people etc. Thus were we divided and conquered.
      I’d also add the liberal vs conservative divide to that list.
      You’re right. The only thing holding that rainbow coalition together (to the extent that it even exists, as I have yet to meet an Asian or Hispanic who has a kind word to say about black people) is mutual hatred of whites and a desire of government goodies.
      Once the evil white man falls, what’s going to hold this wonderful rainbow coalition together? Do anti-racists seriously think that once Hispanics seize political power in the Southwest, that they’re going to give a crap about “equality,” “fair play,” etc? Or are Hispanics going to try to allocate power and resources to themselves?
      Are Asians, as they gain more wealth and influence (which they will), going to want to send their kids to bad black and Hispanic schools in the name of “diversity?”
      You know, in spite of all the pessimism you hear within white activist circles regarding white decline, some positive developments may take place.
      This multiculturalist coalition is a house of cards and is bound to collapse, whereas declining numbers and with TPTB growing increasingly anti-white could perhaps wake whites up and encourage them to put aside their petty differences.
      Either way, I’m interested to see what happens.

      • a random user name says:

        The other thing that gives me hope is how extreme the PC propaganda is these days. If you look at what I call “hooker fashion” advertised for children with tiny skirts and bras showing, it could not be more debased. We’ve been programmed to kill Nazis since Wolfenstein 3D*. And every children’s book these days seems to show majority pairings between white male/white male, white female black male, and white male Asian female.
        The dial is at 11 and people are still waking up, marrying within their race, having white children, not dressing the girls like hookers, searching out appropriate media for their children to watch, admitting that they aren’t PC, not wanting to get in the cabs with the black drivers etc.
        I stopped reading about race reality stuff several years ago, and I see only cause for optimism. It’s catching on. After the London riots, some of the comments getting the most “I approve” votes were those encouraging the use of live rounds against the rioters. This will go mainstream. The backlash is coming.
        I hope the elites can sniff the wind and act early. When the dam is about to break, the smart thing to do is to open the overflow gates, not to stack sandbags along the top.
        * now we get to kill so-called Russian “ultra-nationalists”, whatever they are supposed to be. Sounds like marketing words for laundry detergent. New! Ultra-Nationalists! Whiter than White!

  2. Have any of you guys looked at the video?
    It’s 7 minutes long, if any of you watch it can you reply to this comment with any reactions you have to it.

    • The above video is a video of Katt Williams saying what he said to the Mexican guy.

      • a random user name says:

        I’ve looked at it. It seems that Williams knows he is between a rock and a hard place. About 75% of the time he is trying to back the fractured USA PC alliance vs race conscious Mexicans who want to reclaim the USA as their own. The other 25% he is saying that black people belong in the USA and that he is ok with Mexicans provided they don’t get too uppity.
        He is between a rock and a hard place. He is attempting to pro-actively divide the PC alliance in his favor by excluding racially conscious Mexicans who want the USA for themselves. It’s a valiant attempt, but undone by his own tribe’s violent flash mobs.
        This is exactly the sort of thing I was referring to with my earlier comments.

      • Katt Williams doesn’t seem very PC to me, if your familiar with his comedy you’ll notice that he is somewhat of a race realist although not in the sense of dealing with race and IQ.
        But I guess I see what your saying if you mean he was in a way promoting a multiracial and yet unified American national identity.

  3. 66 says:

    Go Katt Williams!

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