Please, no more "African-American" government officials

As long as black history is celebrated, racial “goals” are set, racial “social justice” is sought and blacks are considered de-facto victims – we have the right to demand that said “African-Americans” not be allowed to hold important government positions.  When just about all critics of Barack Obama were accused of racism, during the presidential campaign and early in his term, it should have become obvious to all but the most dimwitted that it is not a good idea to have a black president in a nation where blacks are held to different standards than whites.

If issues are important in an election, then race clouds the issues.  If conduct is important in judging an official, then race clouds judgment.  Since nobody need fear being called a “racist” for criticizing a white politician, black politicians have an automatic advantage.

Back in 2008, Portland’s black parking manager, Ellis McCoy, was investigated for corruption.  His first response was that the accusations were directed against him due to his race.  The Portland Tribune told us, back then, that McCoy retaliated by threatening a lawsuit that accused his accusers of racism (see also here):

Amounting to a threat of lawsuit, the tort claim comes at a time when McCoy himself is under investigation. A city personnel probe was sparked earlier this year when a city parking subcontractor, Bruce Feathers, accused McCoy, among other things, of accepting meals and a ticket to a Portland Trail Blazers game – both of which Portland officials say are discouraged under the city’s ethics rules…
Sndyer’s four-page letter claims that in 2001, another manager in the city’s Office of Transportation, where McCoy works, acknowledged that McCoy’s skin color was a barrier to the other manager’s cooperation with McCoy in the workplace. The letter also alleges that, starting in 2004, McCoy repeatedly heard secondhand that city parking meter technicians had been telling people he’d taken bribes or gifts from SmartMeter contractors.

More recently, The Oregonian tells us that McCoy not only got away with gross ethics violations, but he was regularly rewarded:

No matter the accusation, Ellis K. McCoy had an answer. Until now.
Portland’s former parking manager —under investigation by the FBI and Internal Revenue Service on allegations that he took bribes and kickbacks — isn’t talking.

And by and large, neither are the city officials who supervised him for years, raised serious questions about his leadership and judgment, yet kept him in a high-ranking position.

But interviews and documents released this week show McCoy — who denies guilt and has not been charged with any crime — stayed in his Transportation Bureau job through, on his part, a combination of business savvy, ready answers and threats to sue for racial discrimination. For the city, documents show at least one poorly conducted investigation and a general lack of follow-through on stern warnings demanding performance improvements.

It’s unusual for The Oregonian to admit that blacks benefit from America’s racial spoils system.  It takes an especially egregious offense to distract it from its usual anti-white routine.  How would events have transpired if Portland’s parking manager had been white?  Is it safe to assume that corrective action would have been taken much sooner?  One wonders how much money Portland taxpayers – and drivers – could have saved simply by making sure all important government positions are held by whites – whites who can be safely criticized, disciplined or fired before things get out of hand.

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  1. Bay Area Guy says:

    And another thing, let’s get rid of this idiotic term, otherwise known as “African American.”

  2. JAY ok so you don’t think black people should hold important public positions. But what about other non-whites such as East Asians, Indians, American Indians, Quadroons(1/4th black and rest white), Octaroons(1/8th black and rest white), and Mestizo’s? I am guessing you classify Mulattoes as black due to including Obama among black-kind and that is why I didn’t include them in that short list of racial categories I gave.

  3. Stealth says:

    “…it is not a good idea to have a black president…”
    That little snippet says it all. We were entering the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and the lame-minded Democrats nominated someone just because he’s black and didn’t say things like “Stay out da Bushes.” If I were a liberal who voted for Obama in the primaries OR who cast my ballot for him in the general election, for that matter, I would feel like a complete asshole.
    For that matter, couldn’t the Republicans have conjured up someone better than John McCain?

    • Well, the world conjured up Tom Tancredo, but the Republican primary voters didn’t like him. I suppose the problem is that Republicans are too leftist.

      • Stealth says:

        Tom Tancredo was ALMOST a one-issue man. I’m glad he ran, but he should have diversified a little more so people would take him seriously.
        One factor against him was his enthusiastic endorsement of the Iraq war. That wasn’t good.

      • Oh, I looked it up, and you’re exactly right, Stealth. His position on the Iraq war is awful, in my opinion.
        Hardly anybody is going to agree with me on everything. Hardly any politician agrees with me on immigration in the first place.

  4. Stealth says:

    Hey, JAY. Would you consider doing a piece on the word “racism” itself? It seems ridiculous to take accusations of racism seriously because the term has never been given an official definition that everybody agrees on. I guess it’s ambiguous by design, but it only works if we don’t question it. We all just accept this word because we’ve become accustomed to its use.

    • jewamongyou says:

      It’s one of those things I feel like I’ve already covered extensively in other posts – but not in a dedicated post as far as I can remember. Others, such as Craig Bodeker (in “A Conversation about Race”) and James Edwards (in “Racism Shmacism”) have covered it pretty well. In a nutshell, it’s just the natural inclination to take care of one’s own extended family/clan over outsiders – an inclination that is encouraged among non-whites, but considered “racism” when practiced by whites.
      But there is something I can add to this. Stay tuned.

  5. Dan says:

    Can someone explain to me East Asians are exempt from the scorn? They have done almost nothing for America except blatantly steal U.S manufacturing jobs, weapons technology (which they made money off at the American tax payers expense), they have been in this country for a while yet have done nothing to contribute to American society culturally or politically except increase inequality. They should get some scorn too

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