The Ashkenazi Revolution is done!

Well… not that there actually was an Ashkenazi Revolution; what I mean to say is that I’ve finally finished translating the book – and putting together the glossary, preface and a brief biography of the author.  It’s all available now!  Folks, it was a lot of hard work.  As stated, I am asking a donation of $20 (use the paypal donation option on the right of the home page).  If you are poor, then send what you can; things are not easy for me now financially.  Those who have already sent their donations, have received their copies.  Hopefully, we’ll be getting some feedback/reviews from those people in the future.  The book itself is about 300 pages.
The book is really good reading.  We should bear in mind, however, that the author, Kalman Katzenelson, was very much immersed in his own world:  The world of 1960’s Israel.  The book is primarily a history book.  It deals with the nature of the Jewish People, ancient and modern.  Katzenelson speaks of many people, and institutions, that are not familiar to most readers.  This is why I included a glossary – though it is possible to understand the main points without most of the background information contained in the glossary.  There is also a short biography of the author – though I never did find out when he died.
The Ashkenazi Revolution is not a race-realist book.  Katzenelson does not go into the science of racial disparities in I.Q. or crime.  He does, however, make much of “the gap” between Mizrahi (Mideastern) Jews and Ashkenazi Jews.  If you read between the lines, you get the impression that the author suspects there are racial differences, but he dare not speak of them.  His restraint did not help him much; he still became a pariah, and his book was still banned in Israel.  Were he able, and willing, to consider the differences in average I.Q., between the various populations, his work would have been much more fleshed out.  Either way, the book is a classic.
If you are not familiar with Jewish history, or Zionist history in particular, you will be after you read this book.  If you are already familiar with the basics of Jewish/Zionist history, then this book will give you lots of food for thought and plenty of new perspectives to ponder.  Personally, I found it very enlightening, even though I do not agree with everything the author has to say.  Translating The Ashkenazi Revolution was among the most challenging, and rewarding, experiences of my life.
The Ashkenazi Revolution is not just for racialists.  It deserves a much wider audience.  Students of Jewish history, politics, linguistics and literature can all benefit from reading it.  But Katzenelson says of himself that he is not a Zionist; he calls himself an Ashkenazi nationalist.  He was a nationalist of a nation that never even considered itself a “nation”.  There are a great many parallels between the struggles of Ashkenaz, as described in this book, and the struggles of whites today.  Katzenelson loved his own people, the Ashkenazi People, very much.  He felt great anger at the injustices it had suffered – not so much from gentiles, but mainly from other Jewish peoples.
Much of what is said, in The Ashkenazi Revolution, sounds very similar to what is said in forums such as Stormfront or VNN.  Katzenelson openly admits that Jews have tried to take over the world (in their own way), that persecutions such as the Spanish Inquisition and the Nazi Holocuast were backlashes against Jewish power-grabs, that Jews tried to subvert the nations in which they lived.  But he does not claim there was any conscious conspiracy to do so.  More importantly, he wants to rectify the situation.  He writes that the anti-Semites are right in viewing Jews not as a downtrodden people, but as a conquering people.  Katzenelson was a Jewish supremacist, but more specifically, an Ashkenazi supremacist.  Personally, I don’t see things the same way he does – but I still have a lot of respect for his courage, his honesty, and his sacrifice for his beliefs.  Many of those who condemn him are not half the man he was.
I plan on releasing the original Hebrew version, in PDF format, as well.  I simply have not yet found a cost-effective way to convert the image files into Hebrew PDF.  Off-the-shelf programs cost around $150.  As soon as I’ve overcome this hurdle (perhaps with the help of a reader), I’ll furnish the Hebrew version to anybody who is interested.  Though I have edited, and proofread, my translation until I was blue in the face, I have no illusions that I have discovered all the errors.  Readers will bring them to my attention, over the course of time, and there will be future editions of the work.

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  1. Septen says:

    I am not Jewish but I have a hard time accepting Jews as a ‘conquering people’. Jews have been downtrodden for almost all of their existence. Yes, it’s often a brilliant and creative people who have managed to put forth great thinkers, artists, scientists and wealth creators through the times but these people were a very small elite, and many of them betrayed their own people – like Spinoza.
    Also, that doesn’t mean that Jews are a per-definition downtrodden people – which we can see today. People’s fortunes change in flux through the ages. Europeans have been at the arc of history for the last 500 years, shaping the entire world. It was inevitable that that extraordinary influence would at some point wane. We’ll never be gone or even subdued for long(too many of us) but my point is to show the fluidity of the fate of nations (and peoples).
    So too with the Jews. I don’t think you can justify the Holocaust by saying it was a legitimate response to ‘a Jewish power-grab’. There were tons and tons of ordinary, innocent Jews who were slaughtered and butchered for no other reason than their race.
    Even if some distant Jewish banker with zero relevance for their lives duked it out against Europeans in the high halls of power that matters zero to the average Jew, and it was the average Jew who was butchered.
    I can see why the book was banned – although I don’t support bans on books as a matter of principle. I think his arguments are distasteful. Nonetheless, you are probably right about his courage and whatever the flaws of his arguments, his book does sound like a fairly good reading on Jewish history from what you say.
    I just hope that his ‘Ashkenazi Supremacist’ views doesn’t paint his outlook on the world more than that is natural(e.g. outright propaganda, distortion, revisionism etc).

    • jewamongyou says:

      He wasn’t justifying the Holocaust; it bothered him very much. He was just saying that it was a response to Jewish Marxism – which is partly true.
      As for your other point, you are right of course. Here are the words of the author, regarding this matter (pg 285):
      “Are we rulers of the world and conquerors of the world, as the anti-Semites claim? Or are we the downtrodden, and victims, of the world? We should ask, whose question is the Jewish Question? Is it of the lowly of the world that we should save, or of those who conspire to be the conquerors of the world, whose might should be given a different channel?
      There is no doubt that the truth lies more with the anti-Semites, who claim that we are conquerors of the world, than with the various Jewish representatives, who claim that we are the downtrodden of the world.”

    • Stealth says:

      I’ve never known what to think of rich, liberal Jewish people. Folks can say there’s a conspiracy all they want, but I don’t believe it. Even for people with a high-estimate median IQ of 115 wouldn’t be able to pull off something that big for a couple of thousand years without someone finding definitive proof that it was happening. And people like Kevin McDonald mostly just believe what they want and ignore evidence that contradicts their position.
      Now, I do believe that explicitly Jewish organizations like the ADL and de facto Jewish groups like the SPLC ARE the greatest enemies of free speech in the US and Canada. I don’t back down from that notion and I think anti-white gentile bigotry is at play in many of their minds. Perhaps if the leadership of organizations like those knew how much damage they were doing to their ethnicity’s reputation, they might think twice about engaging in such activities.
      In defense of Jewish people: No matter how much it’s blamed on the Israel lobby, the occupation of Iraq, a massive quagmire from which we will never escape, would never have happened if my own people, white southerners (another group that could easily be vilified for a number of things) had not been so enthusiastic about the whole affair. I put the blame squarely on evangelical Christians for that one.

  2. IsraelLive says:

    Isn’t it unfair to group all Mizrahi jews together. I believe there is a large difference between the success of north-african and yemeni jews on the one hand, and Iraqi, Syrian and Irani jews on the other hand.

  3. Michael says:

    Thank you for doing this. I will buy the book.

  4. Joseph Escamillo says:

    How can I buy the book? Both the Hebrew PDF and your English translation?
    Joseph Escamillo,
    Montreal, Canada

    • jewamongyou says:

      Well… the Hebrew PDF is not yet available. As for the translation, just use the “donate” button on the lower right of the home page of this blog and donate $20 or more. I’ll then send you the PDF.

  5. Jehu says:

    What you describe underscores the importance of branding when you’re a group that does not possess demographic hegemony. Your non-elites inevitably get blamed for whatever your elites do, and in practice, are a lot more vulnerable to pograms motivated by resentment against said elites. For instance, in the US, Jews make up around 20-25% of the elite of the country in most spheres (e.g., Supreme Court). About 60% of the Jewish population of the US is against illegal immigration or increasing immigration totals as a whole. That 60% will likely get blamed should TSHTF on this issue because the branding of the elite Jews on this issue is so horrible.
    Its not a just thing but it is how human beings operate. There must always be a scapegoat and Jews are a historic favorite for such things.

    • a random user name says:

      I was trying to find where you got your statistics from, and came up with this article by Derbyshire:
      ‘As Yuri Slezkine notes in his book The Jewish Century: “In 1940, the rate of outmarriage for American Jews was about 3 percent; by 1990, it had exceeded 50 percent.”‘
      That’s a huge, huge figure. Consider that most of this outmarriage was most likely to white Gentiles. So you’ve got this mass of mixed ethnicity people who look white, with an inherited urge to ask what is good for themselves and people like them. Many are going to perceive themselves as much European as they are Jewish, especially as they get to 1/4 and less Jewish. Due to their numbers, they have the potential to be as or near as influential as the purely Jewish demographic.
      Many are going to be highly influential – intelligent, persuasive and wealthy. Many of them are going to think for themselves, and start questioning why they are reflexively leftist. Is it good for them? What was the point of the PC revolution?
      The answer is that it was not good for Europeans, nor was it good for Jews in the long run. The 87% of Jews who vote Democrat and have for many years are like lemmings falling off the cliff to chase after Benjamin, Adorno et al. And what for?

      • jewamongyou says:

        I don’t think most leftists think of themselves as “leftist”. Thus, the question never comes up.

      • Septen says:

        I have several Jewish friends, both online and offline, and many are dismayed with the excessive assimilation. Things are a little bit better in Europe, Canada or Australia but still high(30-40 %).
        In the U.S. it has been over 50 % for over two decades. Half of all Jewish college students(self-identified as Jewish) had at least one Gentile parent, almost all of them European(Asians are getting in the mix lately too but still fewer).
        And we should remember that half-Jewish children have at least some tendency to disassociate themselves with Judaism/their Jewish identity, so if you look at the genepool it could actually be a higher statistic.
        I always smirk when I hear European-Americans whine about the alleged doom of demography because of interracial marriages and children. It’s still 7-8 % of all new marriages for Whites and the number has stagnated over the last decade(some leftist professors even talk of a ‘White backlash’). And you should count in at least 0-7-1% of these are to Jews, and 1.5 % or so are to (East) Asians. In other words, the ‘harmful’ interracial marriages are around 5 % or slightly below that, which has no real effect on the long term(anything under 20 % is generally seen as fairly safe, 30 % is danger zone, 40 % is really bad, 50 % is apocalyptic).
        5 % ‘bad’ interracial marriages is peanuts compared to the self-imposed self-immolation currently under way in the Jewish community.
        And I for one wouldn’t want to see them disappearing without a trace.

      • a random user name says:

        JAY, maybe they don’t think of themselves as “leftist”, but any other name would smell as sweet. Irrespective of what they call themselves they have a set of beliefs and assumptions. As PC reaches its logical conclusion, the validity of these beliefs will come into question as they increasingly realize that there is a disconnect between their beliefs and their own self-interest.
        Don’t underestimate your own power. Most (all?) of the sea changes in world opinion have started with one individual or at most a small group. Whether it is PC, the heliocentric view of the solar system, Calculus, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Marxism, National Socialism… it is the heretics of the world who change things.
        Also, it is perhaps a mistake to attribute too much credit to founders. A lot of these changes have happened because underlying circumstances are favorable to change. Calculus was useful to people, but the problem to be solved (and its solution) was sitting there waiting for someone to discover it. Whoever got there first could not change the fact that as soon as it was discovered, the method would spread throughout all the universities in the world because it was an idea whose time had come.
        In much the same way I believe that the world is ripe for the resumption of a Judeo-European partnership, perhaps explicit this time around. I say “resumption”, because the history of the English speaking world is probably the cardinal example of a thousand year working relationship. Viewed in that way, the last 100 years and especially the last 50 can be excused as a “hiccup” or stumble, but nothing that we can’t hope to overturn.
        What should give us encouragement is the fact that no one appears to have even posed this question before. We apparently are the first. This is not some movement that has been unpopular for half a century, limited to crazy people. It is unpopular because of its seminility. It’s unpopular for the same reason that Calculus was unpopular in 1665 – because it didn’t exist.

    • Georgia Resident says:

      I’m going to have to disagree with Septen’s assertion that interracial marriage is less harmful to whites as a whole than to Jews, even though though the percentage rates seem far bleaker for the Jews, for three reasons:
      1. Differences between non-Jewish whites and Jews are not as significant as differences between whites and blacks. Leaving aside IQ, whites and Jews differ less in violent tendencies, in sociopathy, and in other important factors than whites and blacks do. I would argue that the Jewish gene pool is not nearly as negatively affected by intermarriage with, say, Scandinavians, as the Scandinavian gene pool is affected by intermarriage with negroes.
      2. Most mixed Jewish people are not enemies of the Jews. Even if they do not hold strongly to a Jewish identity, they nonetheless tend to sympathize with Jews. By contrast, people of mixed white and negro ancestry (we’ll take Barack Obama as an example here), tend to sympathize exclusively with negroes. Ditto for people of white and Amerindian ancestry, and even people of white and East Asian ancestry. At least in the case of mulattoes, they are essentially people with some of the intelligence and cunning inherent to whites, NAM privileges, and a tendency act as enemies of white people.
      3.Jewish- non Jewish white intermarriage does not explicitly disfavor Jewish men, and may slightly favor them (since they, on average, are wealthier than non-Jewish white men). By contrast, white-black intermarriage heavily disfavors white males. Since women are the limited reproductive resource, white-black intermarriage (which typically means black men with white women) reduces the total amount of white ancestry in the population, white Jewish-non Jewish intermarriage does not decrease overall Jewish ancestry in the population. One might point out, as a counterargument, that white-Asian intermarriage tends to favor white men, but since the overall Asian birthrate is lower than the white birthrate, and white-Asian couples tend to follow the pattern of low birthrates, this probably does not offset the effect of black-white intermarriage. Additionally, white-Asian intermarriage that favors white men makes enemies of Asian men deprived of mates. Going to a heavily white and Asian university, I’ve encountered a high degree of resentment from Asian men because I’m a white man, the reproductive enemy as far as Asian men are concerned, even though I personally do not have an Asian girlfriend (actually, no girlfriend, since the male-female ratio at my school is 2 to 1, and I have neither the money nor the patience to woo a woman at the moment), simply because other men of my race “steal” women from Asian men.

      • Lisa says:

        Also Observant(Orthodox) Jews are the least likely to Intermarry and they have much higher fertility than secular Jews. They shape future generations of Jews disproportionately.
        Modern Ashkenazis represent generations of intermarriage with Europeans already.

      • Septen says:

        You make some valid points but I think you miss some others.
        Here’s my take: Even if the European genepool , in the grand schemes of things, is less harmful than the African you have to remember that Ashkenazi Jews(still the majority of World Jewry) start at a much higher rate of intelligence. Marrying into the European tribes will not make their children stupid, but it will lower their chances of being brilliant by a significant dent.
        And the Jewish community is small. 50 % 6 million Jews and 30-40 % for 2-3 million in Europe/Canada/Australia is not good. And in Israel, a lot of non-Jews flew in from the Soviet Union when the wall fell and have been mixing and diluting the Ashkenazi bloodline further. Not to mention many of the less intelligent Arab Jews and even ‘Ethiopian Jews’ too.
        Jews as a self-identified group will survive but they may be fatally weakened genetically and never recover(like the Greeks) if this continues for longer. Europeans face no such threat. Our hegemony is threatned(and arguably even gone now) but there’s almost one billion of us and we are all over the world. This is unheard of even a few centuries back when we were all in Europe. You have to take into account that even if we’ve fallen from our 1950s high, we are still on a huge gain if you take a longer perspective. And that will continue, this is merely a bump in the road for us. Not so for the Jews.
        Now take an intermarriage rate of 50 % in America and see how well that will go for another 2-3 decades. My experience tells me that half-Jews tend to be in the middle. There is real White Identity that they can latch onto naturally in America or even in the West today so it’s not like their hostile to Whites, it’s simply that they have no other option than either going Jewish(and feeling the uneasy reactions of some older Jews in the community) or opting out of ethnic identity all together and just be an American/Westerner in general. In this sense they have a lot of common with many European-Americans.
        As for the mulatto children: yes, you are right about that. But I did include those children (implictly) when I talked about the ‘5 % harmful intermarriage rate’.
        Mulattos come in different shapes. Obama is not anti-White – just ask any black community leader. They constantly whine about him always pandering to white independents, and even if you look at his circle of close advisors he hangs around mostly WASPs or Jews. His circle of friends is a little more diversified than his circle of advisors but I wouldn’t put him in anti-White territory like a Jesse Jackson and other bigots.
        As for White/Asian breeds, I don’t really see this at all. Asians are generally pro-white, at least in a passive way. They rarely ask for handouts and those who are hostile towards whites are usually extreme liberals – you can find plenty of anti-white bigots among white liberals too.
        Often these white liberals teach these asian liberals to blame Europeans for everything.
        Nontheless, the amount of hostile East Asians to whites are truly miniscule. The same can be said of Indian-Americans. If you actually venture into their community forums and websites you often see Indians from afar in India whining about Indian-Americans idolizing European-Americans and ‘wanting to be them’.(Just look ever-growing market of skin whiteners in India or how the Indian fashion industry discriminates against women with darker complexions and non-European features etc).
        And returning to the Jews: many half-Jews are often pro-European as they get older and settle for an identity. Michael Coren(Canadian) is just one such example of many. After all: it is their heritage.

      • Annoyed says:

        Ehm, a detailed response would take time I do not feeling like giving right now, so I will give my overall interpretation of what you wrote in as most succinct manner possible:
        Asian immigrants are not pro white, interracial relationships are not in any way positive from the standpoint of racial conservation and the fact that Indians want to look white is completely irrelevant considering they are not white.

      • a random user name says:

        Septen, you might want to consider who exactly it is that Jews are marrying with. If it’s upper echelon Gentiles, then there may be no net lowering of IQ, or at least not as drastic. As one of the most important points the authors wanted to make in The Bell Curve, society has become stratified by IQ and so it is likely that when Jews outmarry they are marrying high IQ Gentiles. Perhaps even higher considering that often money is a stratifying factor and Jews will typically have more money on average per IQ point. (The corollary: that for a given income level a Gentile will be smarter, though there are less of them at the very top.)
        While Sailer is fond of talking about reversion to the mean as if individual families have mean IQ the same as the ethnic average, if two people from families that pump out a lot of engineers, lawyers, businessmen and doctors marry, they are also likely to produce similar offspring. The mean reverted to is a higher one.
        Another thing to consider is that Jews have been in Europe a long time. As Lenin is reputed to have said, “A smart Russian is almost always a Jew or someone with an admixture of Jewish blood.” That could be extended to most/all European nationalities. So the outmarriage may not be so outmarrying as it first appears in terms of DNA if not identity.
        As someone who thinks that an increased average intelligence is necessary for the world to make better decisions for humanity as a whole (e.g. with our environment and energy consumption, space exploration/colonization and the like), I think it would be a crying shame if Jews continue genociding themselves through outmarriage. Both Jewish and white women especially need to be encouraged to quit the outmarrying.
        Fortunately, due to the power of exponential growth rates, conservative values will eventually save both whites and Jews. I would argue that even Reform Judaism must be turning conservative (e.g. moving to Hebrew in services) because it will be the most liberal members who are outmarrying. This means that those who are left are more conservative than the former average.

  6. Georgia Resident says:

    I think that the key difference between Katzenelson’s views on Ashkenazi Jewish dominance and the musings of Stormfronters is that he viewed Ashkenazi dominance as a positive, whereas the Stormfronters typically want to recreate non-Jewish whites as the helpless victims of evil Jews. Of course, Katzenelson’s view is historically the more normal view. All tribes (including white nationalities) have usually gloried in their dominance over others. Even today, I will hear afrocentrists proudly claim, with a straight face, that the Moorish (mostly North African Caucasian) conquerors of Spain were pure black Africans, implying, of course, that conquest and domination of other peoples is okay, as long as the dominant group is black and the oppressed are white.
    The Cult of Victimhood, in which the highest status symbol is past victimization by another race or tribe (usually but not necessarily whites), is essentially an aberration, and seems to stem from the application of Protestant Christian ideas to the relations between peoples. I think the efforts by some white nationalists to deny that whites have historically dominated and conquered other peoples, or to play up stories of white oppression by other peoples (the Spaniards by the Moors, the Tocharians by Mongoloid conquerors), speaks to the widespread adoption of this essentially unhealthy tendency.

  7. a random user name says:

    I would love to purchase your pdf, JAY. I am a bit uneasy about disclosing my name via paypal though, so I would rather mail some USD in a card to you (get a PO Box?). While AFAIK you use your real name and I admire your guts in doing so, it is a bold thing to be openly racialist publicly at this stage especially for a white Gentile. It potentially opens up your family to danger. It’s not as if there isn’t precedent for reaching for the security of a pseudonym – most of the founders of the American revolution started out using pen names too. I imagine that I am not alone here. So excuse my cowardice.
    Let me know if it is an option to send you cash, and I will send you some. I appreciate you doing this, both your blog in general and the translation of this work. I respect the vulnerability in what you are doing. You are reaching out, and potentially handing your opponents a dagger. So in return I pledge to look for a solution to the problem of this PC world we find ourselves in that will be amenable to Europeans both Gentile and Jewish, and encourage others to also work to find this solution.
    It is perhaps telling that things are not easy for you financially. I wonder if finances played a part in your awakening if it can be termed such. They were certainly in mine. Being forced by circumstances to live in a lower class suburb where I was a minority played a major part in my own awakening. Maybe I have not read it yet (if so, a link would be nice) but it would be elucidating to read about how you managed to end up with the views you currently have.

  8. Great interview on The Stark Truth, its 50 minutes into it. I was interviewed by Stark too but I am not sure when my interview with him is being aired. It was interesting hearing about you and Roberts forced bussing experiences in California and your travels in Europe and so on. I kinda agree with your point about arranged marriages too.

  9. Ryan says:

    There is something I have to say though to Jews who are bothered by the high intermarriage rates in the West between Gentile whites and Jewish whites, and that is- if Jews didn’t want to intermarry with white Gentiles, than they wouldn’t be. The fact that most Jews want to marry Gentile Europeans now in America more than other white Jews seems to prove to me that Jews like living in white American society more than anything else.
    I mean hello! I’m American and white, but I’m also ethnically identifiable from most to least as German, Russian, Jewish, Dutch, Croatian, English, and Irish. I imagine that most Jews being born in the world today are young people like me who are significantly European and who identify as being such more than anything else.

    • Septen says:

      I think you’re not totally wrong but more wrong than right on that issue. Being Jewish isn’t just ethnicity, it’s also a cultural and religious heritage that is very vast and deep.
      With all due respect, how in touch are you with your, say, Croatian side in cultural terms?
      I still think most Gentile/Jews identify most strongly with their Jewish identity if they do have an identity at all.

      • Ryan says:

        Yes, I see your point in that it is also very cultural too. Culturally, I believe I am American. However, because of my name, which I won’t give out right now, is a very German name and my middle name is a very Russian name, and my family has some small inherent cultural distinctions that shows this from time to time, I feel that the German and Russian side of me are a lot of my identity. What’s more is that I can say the same for the other ethnicities I am, like Croatian, because their are some small things about my family that resemble those cultures.
        Now with my Ashkenazi heritage here is my spiel, there are some cultural aspects in my family’s life that reflect this identity, but more than anything else I think that my physical appearance reflects this side of my heritage than anything else. I do look German, but I also have some strong indications in my facial features that displays my Jewish heritage. There is a funny story about that that happened fairly recently, I was at a theme park recently and I was trying to take picture of myself and one of my relatives in front of a monument when this one young guy came up and started talking Hebrew to me. I just kind of stared at him and replied, “Sorry, I can’t understand you.” And then he looked shocked and slightly humiliated, but began talking in english and explained that he thought I was from Israel. He then went on to say that he was just trying to ask if I wanted him to take a picture of my relative and I. Needless to say he did take the picture for me and went on his way. The funny part is that this has happened to me several times before throughout my life. And lastly, as far as religious terms go, I believe my faith to be Christian, and that of course changes my relationship with my Jewish heritage, but there are of course other Christian Jews in the world besides myself so that is not that strange.
        Now to respond to your last statement, “I still think most Gentile/Jews identify most strongly with their Jewish identity if they do have an identity at all.” I have to disagree and say something for the people who have ancestry like me and who are in the “Millennial” generation, and that is the mixed Gentile/Jews descendants of today have an identity that is either equally Gentile, or even more Gentile, than their Jewish ancestry than what has been typically been the case in the past. And I believe that is also because of how we fit into our society that has allowed this to happen.

      • a random user name says:

        That’s amusing. AFAIK I have 1/16 Jewish admixture and that’s only the side I know about. Maybe more on the other side judging by the IQ but I don’t have anything to back that up.
        For some reason I’ve had one Jew guess I was Jewish I think – he asked “Is that Kosher?” kind of knowingly towards me. An Arab taxi driver once asked if I was Jewish, which was a shock to me at the time. When I look back at who I have associated with in high school and in college, a lot of my friends have been either Jewish or had Jewish admixture I’m sure, though I was racially unaware through that whole time.

  10. IHTG says:

    I’d be pleased if you made a post summarizing your disagreements with Katzenelson.

  11. Ryan says:

    @ the “random user” who said, “When I look back at who I have associated with in high school and in college, a lot of my friends have been either Jewish or had Jewish admixture I’m sure, though I was racially unaware through that whole time.” I can understand with what you mean, because when I was in High School I had a really good friend that I hung out with all of the time who came from Mexico with her family, but was of Spanish, Irish, and Jewish descent. However, like me, she was Catholic and could identify more with her Gentile heritage than anything else, but still recognized her Jewish heritage because of the way she looked. I even remember that she invited her distant relatives from Israel that she had never met before over to her house and I met them and they were nice people. However, I remember knowing several other Jews at my High School who were not the nicest people, specifically I remember this one arrogant jock that was completely conceited with himself, and there were these two sisters who were complete ditzes and were overtly in your face every time you were around them- so I guess that shows that not all Jews have a “smart gene.” Ironically, my friend and I, who was also Gentile/Jew mixed, were both more intelligent than the three of them combined! I was ranked as having the third highest student GPA, at around 4.7 I believe, in my school district, while none of them even reached the top fifty position! So I suppose white Jews mixing with white Gentiles sometimes have pretty good results as far as genetics and IQ goes- at least in my situation that is.

  12. Biochem guy says:

    Ashkenazis do marry gentiles a lot. You guys have to stop that (ahem, regression to the mean). We need high IQs in this world.

  13. Yitzhak Levy-Awami says:

    Kol Ha Kavod! I’d love to be able to read this book. Ican hardly wait!

    • jewamongyou says:

      I hope you enjoy it. It’s my pleasure. I hope you’re okay reading it in English; it doesn’t look like I’ll be publishing the original Hebrew – but if you want to see specific pages of it, just let me know ( and I’ll send them to you as jpg’s.

  14. Yitzhak Levy-Awami says:

    Do you plan on photo copying the Hebrew and putting it on the net? I would love a copy in my language.
    Yitzhak Levy-Awami

    • jewamongyou says:

      If I could be convinced that I wouldn’t get in trouble for publishing the original online (for copyright infringement) then I’d gladly upload the Hebrew. But it would have to be as jpg images unless somebody could explain to me how to do it as pdf.

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