My first mivtzoyim* "incident"

Yesterday was a glorious, beautiful and sunny day; a rarity in these parts.  So I thought to myself, “This is a perfect day for mivtzoyim*!”  I rummaged through my files, and the various blogs, for a good flyer candidate, settling on this one (that I got from Unamusement Park):

While distributing them door to door, I couldn’t help but notice an overweight, middle-aged white man hollering at me, from a few houses back, “HEY!  Why are you leaving this **** on my ******* door?!”  I replied that I hadn’t seen any “No Soliciting” signs on his property and continued on my merry way.
Later on, after I’d finished the loop and was heading back, that guy was waiting for me, with his non-white friend, by the curb.  I casually walked up to them and greeted them with a smile.  “Why are you leaving this **** on people’s doors?” he said.  I replied that I’m doing my part to encourage a positive white consciousness in the community, that it’s a message of love.  “But you’re not white” he said.  I could have asked him how he can be sure; there are “light-skinned blacks”, so why can there not be “dark-skinned whites”?  But instead I told him it doesn’t matter one way or the other.  He pointed at his non-white friend as if I had somehow harmed him with my flyers, and told me they are “offensive”.   After a quick “debate” on the merits of white identity, he told me that the cops are coming after me.  I shrugged and told him, “That’s alright; I’ve done nothing illegal”.  He disputed that – but the cops never did show up.  I continued to distribute my flyers, and enjoy the beautiful day, until they were all gone. 
Encounters such as this are encouraging.  They mean people actually read the flyers.  They give us the opportunity to actually state our case – albeit in a concise manner.  They also help educate the public as to our rights to freedom of speech; apparently, many people believe that it is illegal to distribute flyers that some may find “offensive”.  Assuming the fat man is a hardcore, incorrigible leftist, then I get the satisfaction of having riled him up.  I give myself extra credit for that.
*Mivtzoyim = street activism, such as talking to strangers, distributing flyers or putting up signs.

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  1. Georgia Resident says:

    This is beside the point, but the mention of the white guy with his nonwhite friend gave me a slight funny, slightly demented thought: There should be systematized scale for the status that a white liberal gains by having politically correct friends. For race, blacks add 5 points, mestizos add 3 points, East Asians add 1 point, and whites add no points. There could also be ratings for political leanings, sexual orientation, religious attitudes, etc. Naturally, the prize friend under this system would be a black, homosexual, atheist communist.

  2. NNhouse says:

    I have some information related to this post I’d like to share. Is there some way to contact you via e-mail? Thanks.

  3. Jamerson Mckracken says:

    That’s great stuff, jewamongyou!!! BRAVO!!!

  4. Marc says:

    You have more guts and chutzpah than the 10 most principled persons I know. We need more like you, JAY.

  5. You’re a brave fellow. Probably because of that execrable Latin class in that awful school in California.

  6. destructure says:

    I wouldn’t pay any attention to that fat man. He’ll say you don’t look white enough on minute. And the next thing you know he’ll turn around and accuse you of having “white privilege”. I actually had someone do that to me once. They argued that I was too dark to be white. And when I said I was they said I just didn’t want to give up my “white privilege”. LOL! But seriously, if I had it to do over again I’d put Native American or Hispanic on all my applications. That’s how much “white privilege” is worth.

  7. Kiwiguy says:

    Haha, nice work Jay!

  8. Michael says:

    Why aren’t you White in the fat man’s eyes? Is he some sort of Nordicist who only considers blond, blue-eyed Nordics White? In any case, why is your ethnicity even relevant in this instance?

  9. Michael says:

    By the way, many thanks for doing this!

  10. Septen says:

    I can only add my congratulations.
    I wouldn’t define myself politically where most of the readers here are(I’m more vague in my political leanings), but one tip I would add is that it would perhaps be better not to use a very blond man in a white shirt. It gives a very distinct Scandinavian feel to whiteness.
    It would perhaps be better to be a more light brown look, because that’s what the truth looks like. Most whites are not blond and it’ll be easier to recognize yourself in a more ambigious picture.
    Anyway, nice work.

  11. David says:

    Tell you what….
    Put this guy’s name and address on one of those flyers.
    Go to Chicago, and slip it under Rahm Emanuel’s front door.
    He’ll be so pissed, he’ll fly out to Oregon and burn this guy’s house down.

  12. Larry says:

    Thanks for doing what you do.

  13. Did the white guy go and bring a non-white out in an effort to guilt trip you? It seemed like he was trying to make you see that you’ve offended someone in an effort to discourage you.

  14. Bay Area Guy says:

    Well done, JAY!
    I wish I had your courage.

  15. Unamused says:

    Great job! You get THREE KITTIES:
    three (and four)

  16. a random user name says:

    JAY, you are an example (both your blog and your mivtzoyim) of what having Jews onside will do for the WN cause. I just look at the propaganda that was produced in the days of WWII on the Allied side to know what is possible. (And to give Schicklgruber his due, the persuasive power that Europeans with Jewish admixture are capable of.) You are already having more influence than 50 people who only write comments on your blog.

  17. bo says:

    Damn JewAmongYou! You really are putting your money where your mouth is. Look out that nobody tries to kick your ass. Imagine that, the Jewish guy passing out these flyers.

  18. Annoyed says:

    Good Job. You’re a brave man, you might make the news(they would attempt to put a negative spin on it I’m sure but thats par for the course considering our current times).
    When I get into a more stable position I hope to publicly support white racial consciousness in a similar way(although I might be too chicken to do it alone – a group of 3 would seem to be most appropriate).

  19. El Judio Africano says:

    Mar Hayat,
    Where is your father from? Masr?
    Is your mother Ashkenazi? She may be White, but you sure are not.
    White people do not have brown skin.
    You are Sephardic that why you were with the Shas Party.
    That’s why G-d gave you an Indian wife with dark children.
    Meshumad! Traitor!

    • jewamongyou says:

      I allowed this comment just to show the mentality of some of the Afro-centrists out there. I’ll translate for the rest of y’all:
      “Where is your father from? Egypt?…”
      A “meshumad” is an apostate from Judaism.
      Anyway Africano, white people CAN have brown skin. Whites from some parts of Southern Europe (and some Ashkenazim, as in my case) can get very dark when exposed to the sun. And why are you so fascinated with me? Don’t you have a life of your own?

    • The term for white skin that is not super pale is: “olive skinned”. Olive skin tones are generally associated with people from mediterranean areas such as Italy, Spain, Greece, and Israel.

  20. El Judio Africano says:

    L’Shana Tovah,
    I’ve spent a lot of time around Italians and Greeks and am quite familiar with how they darken. Some become darker than me. Here in NYC, the official gov’t classification of Arabs is non-White and Jews are considered as a separate group from other Europeans. You need to understand how the world sees you before you continue to set a trap for yourself.
    What goes around comes around.
    Don’t worry this is my last post. There are real problems around me I must deal with.
    It just bothered me that i SPENT SO MUCH TIME ON THE Internet defending Israel and Jews and this is the payback I get. DON’T WORRY YOU HAVE MANY ENEMIES.

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