Diversity costs You-B.S. dearly

(Hat tip to Irish Savant) Struggling Swiss banking giant UBS is big on diversity.  Here is their diversity statement (my bold):

In today’s global business environment, we believe that it is essential for us to have a workforce of individuals from widely different backgrounds, cultures and life experiences.
Diversity matters in our business. Diversity in gender, ethnicity, age and other factors supports first-hand understanding of regional markets and sensitivity to local customs. We believe that we also gain a competitive advantage from more subtle differences in background, experience and thought. These elements give our employees a unique perspective to anticipate the needs of our increasingly diverse client base and generate the most appropriate, innovative, solutions for them. We work to strengthen the diversity and inclusiveness of our workforce because, in the end, our long-term success depends on equal employment opportunity and having the best people in the right roles.
Our workforce is truly global – our employees are citizens of 147 countries. In 2010, the average age of our employees was 38 years, with the average length of employment at UBS at 8.6 years.
The scope of our diversity strategy and initiatives is both global and regional. Our global, top-down diversity strategy includes divisional diversity goals, and we are actively partnering with firm’s senior management to achieve them. Our regional diversity teams translate our global commitment into action by working with local business and HR leaders on business-aligned plans that are linked to regional talent strategies. We also have more than 20 employee networks. These networks help our employees build cross-business relationships and strengthen our inclusive culture. We have global network guidelines that enable our employees to set up or join employee networks or affinity groups in any of our operating regions.

The parts in bold is corporate jargon for “we force our managers to hire people based on race, gender, nationality and age.  The way it usually works is that failure to hire “people of color”, females etc. results in poor reviews, withholding of raises and a lack of opportunities for advancement in the company.
Against this backdrop, we can understand how a person like Kweku Adoboli most likely got his job.  Here he is being led away after having lost $2 billion dollars through unauthorized trading:

He doesn’t seem very upset about it; after all, it wasn’t his money that he lost and he’ll just get a slap on the wrist.  Here’s the video.  Will UBS ever question the (probable) role of diversity goals in this expensive fiasco?  Don’t count on it.
Of course, there have been other rogue traders in the past who have lost millions or billions, and they were white.  But as long as a company has policies in place that force the employment of inferior people*, then the rest of us will suspect that those policies were to blame whenever a beneficiary of those policies turns out to be the culprit.
An analogy would be a smoker who is diagnosed with lung cancer.  His doctor will blame the smoking – but the cancer might have had nothing to do with smoking; it could have been bad genes or bad luck.  If smoking is likely bad for your health, it would be smart to quit – even if a non smoking-related illness is bound to strike you down sooner or later.  We reduce the risk-factors.  Diversity goals are a risk factor.
*People who were hired in order to fill a quota, and were not necessarily the best for the job.

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12 Responses to Diversity costs You-B.S. dearly

  1. UninterestingConnections says:

    UBS could go down the toilet, but good riddance.

  2. He looks like a tea-boy or some other kind of servant, certainly not one of your “smart blacks”, who invariably have a good infusion of white genes. And that big smirk on his face…! God help us all as John PM would say..!

  3. a random user name says:

    As he was led away, he was heard to remark, “What choo talkin ’bout, Willis?”

  4. Kiwiguy says:

    This kind of thing is what got me into reading about human bio diversity in the first place. It is straight out racist discrimination against whites, particularly whites who happen to be male. I remember an HR person telling my team about the importance of diversity and how the Corporate office had a lot of work to do. I wanted to ask her, “are you saying there are currently people in the Corporate office who _shouldn’t_ have been hired because they are white? Who exactly are you talking about?” It’s racial bean counting, similar to Nixon doing Jew counts in the Labor Dept.

  5. Stealth says:

    Who the hell is behind all of this? I mean, is there some sort of “top of the pyramid” consisting of fat cats in the shadows who for some reason want to dispossess white people?
    I know that question is not directly related to the topic of the post, which is more specific, but I think it would be good to find out why all of this is happening. After all, most other trends seem to come and go, but this one hasn’t, not after more than sixty years. Who’s sustaining the movement? Why has liberal racial orthodoxy become sacrosanct?

    • a random user name says:

      It’s like any religion – it has tenets and they are sacrosanct. People are naturally religious. PC has become the dominant religion (in both Europeans, and AFAICT, Jews). But PC is less than a religion. It is more like a fashion or a mass delusion. It is a delusion that can only be sustained when your formative years are spent away from the types of non-whites who are going to cause you to wake up (violent or ethnocentric in a way that causes you fear or palpable disadvantage).
      If you grew up in an extremely white area, you might believe the media, television and movie propaganda. If you are wealthy, you might have more contact with non-whites. However, if this contact is only with obsequious wait staff at your first class airport lounge or Chinese restaurant, you aren’t going to form a realistic opinion.
      This was the case for much of the European baby boomer generation and those before them (both Jewish and Gentile European). The people holding the power are baby boomers or older, and past their formative years. Much as with scientific paradigm shifts, this one will not evolve by old people changing their opinions. It will evolve because young people destined for power evaluate which is a better paradigm and embrace/create the one that suits them.
      If you want to understand how the PC orthodoxy can be overthrown, look at how PC came to overthrow European Christendom. That is the nice and relatively bloodless method that will be preferable to both Jew and Gentile, and the one I am pushing for. The alternative is to wait until the economic situation degenerates into something resembling Weimar Germany.
      Personally, I think we have a very good chance of achieving the former. (I really need to get a wordpress account so that I don’t waste my time writing potentially useful essays in blog comments.)

  6. UninterestingConnections says:

    Actually, this will ratchet up the selection for IQ among whites.
    Only those who can promote diversity yet limit its destructive effects will survive. UBS does not seem to be one of those.

  7. aybece says:

    kweku got to such a high rank at UBS the old fashioned way much like the legions of WASPS and Jews working in finance. Kweku’s father was elite, he was an international dignitary no less. Kweku went to the right elite boarding schools. But instead of reading Latin, Classics, or History of Art, like his fellow white elite counterparts at university, he took the typical African route in reading something practical in Computer Science and Management.
    When it’s whites or Jews not a word is uttered of their privileged affirmative action.
    And whoever reckons it is only the blacks with white admixture that possess the smarts has clearly never attended an Ivy League or Oxbridge University. Where the halls are awash with a black *majority* now of dark skinned Nigerians, Ghanians, Kenyans and Ivorians. And guess what they are reading? Yes it is strictly engineering, medicine, mathematics, computer science etc. Contrast that to the Ethnic Studies major, and other non-STEM majors favoured by your white admixture blacks in the US.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Great! Then I suppose we can look forward to Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Ivory Coast becoming more advanced societies than Europe or America. When that occurs, no doubt there will be millions of whites and Asians flocking to immigrate to those countries to enjoy the benefits of those societies. Let me know when that happens.
      There are smart Africans, and they are leaving Africa for greener pastures. This is known as “brain-drain”. I think they should remain in Africa and help their own countries. Don’t you?

    • jewamongyou says:

      I suppose you missed the part where I wrote:
      “But as long as a company has policies in place that force the employment of inferior people*, then the rest of us will suspect that those policies were to blame whenever a beneficiary of those policies turns out to be the culprit.”
      I never said Kweku was “inferior”. I said that, with such diversity policies, we will suspect that he is. Get rid of affirmative action, restore a level playing field, and such suspicions will evaporate. I thought I was pretty clear about this.

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