Our latest mivtzoyim adventure

Yesterday, Portland Realist and I distributed flyers door to door.  While there were no hostile confrontations, we did meet an interesting couple.  I’ll let Portland Realist describe them in his comment.  One man told us “Keep up the good work” – but we don’t think he had even noticed what was on the flyer at that point.
What was on the flyer?  It was a hybrid flyer, incorporating my own text along with one of the flyers from Unamusement Park:

Why is white identity important?

1)      Because in a world where every other race/ethnic group has an identity, those who do not will be at a disadvantage.
             When a black person experiences discrimination, he has black organizations that will fight for him.
             When a Hispanic person experiences discrimination, he has Hispanic organizations that will fight for him.
             When an Asian person experiences discrimination, he has Asian organizations that will fight for him.
             When a white person experiences discrimination (which is required by law and custom), nobody will fight for him.
2)      Because a “tribal identity” is important for self-esteem.  Studies have shown that black children consistently have higher self-esteem than white children.  While a “black identity” is strongly encouraged by the Establishment, “white identity” is condemned.  For the health of our children, this must change!
3)      Because crime and violence against whites has reached  epidemic proportions.  Though you will not read about it in the newspapers, or see it on T.V., anti-white mob attacks have been occurring in various U.S. cities.  These flash mobs are only the latest manifestation of the ongoing anti-white violence that has become the norm in America (though it is usually called “random violence” by the media).  The only way white people will be able to protect themselves in the future is by nurturing a sense of solidarity – not hatred toward other groups, but a positive white identity that will motivate whites to come to the aid of other whites when they are under attack.

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  1. As we made our way back down the block someone yelled out “Hey! Whatcha got?” We walked over and Jewamongyou proceeded to tell him we were raising awareness about ant-white discrimination, not about us hating anyone.
    “Dats how I am, even if someone flips me the bird I get along wit ’em.” Continued the overweight sloppy white man whit an accent that sounded decidedly hillbilly. As we walked across the street his lady friend, or sister, or both, also a hillbilly type, shouted: “Where do you live? ” I told her SE Portland, however she wanted to know exactly where I lived, I was not about to tell her.
    This encounter is strange, we are in SE Portland, although the neighborhood was working class it is only 10 minutes from the downtown business district, so to encounter hillbillies was unexpected. I am also not sure if they were supporters or not. I think they were methadone addicts, since I have some experience with those types.
    QUESTION FOR READERS: Jewamongyou does not like to leave flyers at doors that say no soliciting. I disagree. Portland has a huge amount of liberal activist groups that canvass door to door and raise money like the Sierra club, OSPIRG, BARK, Save the children etc. The people that put no soliciting signs tend to be conservatives who do not want to be bothered by those groups. I say that from experience. I feel if we want to find supporters, and since we are not selling anything, so therefore not soliciting, I think we should leave them flyers. What do you all think?

  2. lowly says:

    I think soliciting doesn’t only mean selling stuff. Perhaps you have the criminal use of the term in mind? That said, if you want to spread a message, you have to spread the message. So, leave the flyers where they may do some good.
    I also think you should take a hint from how cops approach a risky situation; that is, how and where they stand, and what they watch for.

  3. Septen says:

    Well done. One thing, however, is to not play into people’s stereotypes. People often think that activists like you are ‘agressive’ and ‘violent’.
    The flyers were quite noisy and aggressive. The best bit is to often soften the images and use the most evident examples: such as racial hate-crime against whites based on race alone.
    This, without agression but with conviction, is usually more than enough to sway people. I haven’t done the flyers thing myself but I have gone into many arguments with people, some fencesitters and quite a few hostile to ‘the cause’ to begin with(often deeply entrenched in propaganda).
    Almost always, if you keep the discussion very soft but still clear on the important points you tend to win or at least get a draw. I’d imagine it’s the same with PR and the visuals of this. But that poster feels very obscure and aggressive, and I would wager it probably put some people off as it immediately fed into their stereotypes.
    Alinsky wrote about this, and he used an oversimplified example of converting Orthodox Jews, and the importance to blend in (e.g. don’t bring a bacon sandwich).
    There’s universal truth in this.
    But again, KUTGW.
    (Keep Up The Good Work).

    • jewamongyou says:

      When you say “noisy and aggressive”, were you referring to the text part of the flyer or the image on the second page (which I got from Unamusement Park) or both?

      • Septen says:

        The text was fine. I would have overlooked it slightly and softened it even more, perhaps cutting down one or two points for effectiveness(people are lazy so you need your strongest arguments in condensed form so they can absorb it quickly and will be less able to argue versus obvious conclusions lest they are truly brainwashed beyond any repair).
        But it was mostly the picture, yes. Only black and white(big no, no), the ‘REFUTE, REFUSE, RESIST’ is loaded with negativity and anger. It also sounds fairly militaristic.
        Another detail is the ‘Be White’ right after that Triple-R attack, which sort of looks weird. Are you people saying I should resist being white? Of course, a quick thought makes that claim patently pathetic, but the way words are phrased makes that impression on the very first glance. The fact that the reader has to re-arrange the words also gives the impression of a poorly produced flier and might give them an impression of an less-than-professional organisation/effort behind this flier.
        If they are fencesitting, and mostly worrying about social standing and the like, giving an air of professionalism and moderation is key because it is deemed ‘safe’. This is usually more important for women than men, but it is also a universal fact for human beings.
        Of course, I’d like to close that I am in full favour of what you are doing and wish you all the best. But intelligent criticism, whether you agree with it or not, is key to all efforts. Especially as you can count on mine being well-meaning instead of the usual nonsensical rants that we’ve become so used to hear that we just shut off instead.

      • @septen
        I actually like the whole refute refuse resist slogan. I suppose different approaches appeal to different people though. But that refute refuse resist page looks very good.

  4. a random user name says:

    I like it. Very effective. I appreciate you doing this.

  5. Unamused says:

    Wait… is that really from my site? I don’t believe I ever posted it.

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