Blacks and animal rights

A recent discussion over at Robert Lindsay’s blog* revolved around the relative cruelty different races display toward animals.  I was taken to task for writing that blacks seem to display more cruelty toward animals than whites (but some Asian groups seem to be the worst in this regard).  It seems to me that there is a somewhat larger minority of blacks, that has no compassion toward animals, than exists among whites.  It is well-known that the great majority of animal advocacy groups were founded by whites, and are almost entirely composed of whites.

PETA has a site called “African-Americans for Animal Rights” but it turns out that almost the entire page relates to the vegan diet rather than animal rights per se’.  Following a link, on that site, called “” takes us to a page that appears to promote a single book by a solitary woman.  There does not seem to be an actual organization behind the site at all, though the woman does appear to be serious about promoting a worthy cause – and I wish her plenty of success.  All three of the other links, that purport to lead to black vegetarian/nutrition sites, yield “404 not found” errors.  The impression I got was that PETA used a misleading headline and then tried to switch topics on the sly – except that even the replacement topic proved to be a dud.  Personally I think a real, bonafide black vegetarian movement would be a very positive development for blacks – and for everybody.  Not because a vegetarian diet is necessarily more healthy, but because it would promote more awareness of what people eat, and it would promote empathy toward other creatures.

Blacks are noticeably underrepresented within animal rights organizations.  Even though some have argued that this is because of racial discrimination, and “lack of outreach” by those organizations, their claims have little merit.  On the one hand, they deny the possibility that black attitudes toward animals might differ from those of whites.  But on the other hand, they use that self-same claim in order to promote the “need” for diversity.  Here are two quotes from Sue-Ellen Brown’s “The Under-representation of African American Employees in Animal Welfare Organizations in the United States“:

Some researchers have suggested that Whites and African Americans have differing values toward animals… However, none of the speculations have been validated by well controlled research (pg. 55).

Greater diversity is needed in animal welfare for moral, political, and sociological reasons… If African Americans have a perspective different from a vocal majority of Whites and if they remain invisible, they will be vulnerable to the effects of changing laws for which they had no input (pg. 59).

You can’t have it both ways.  The most coherent explanation I have seen so far comes from Melissa Harris-Perry, of The Nation, who writes (regarding the different reactions, among whites and blacks, to the Michael Vick dog-fighting scandal):

Given this history we might think that African Americans would be particulalry (sic) strident animal rights activists, seeing their interests as profoundly linked. But the relationship between race, rights, and animals is more complicated. Dogs, for example, were used by enslavers to catch, trap and return those who were trying to escape to freedom. Dogs were used to terrorize Civil Rights demonstrators. In short, animals have been weapons used against black bodies and black interests in ways that have deep historical resonace.

Not only have animals been used as weapons against black people, but many African Americans feel that the suffering of animals evokes more empathy and concern among whites than does the suffering of black people.  For example, in the days immediately following Hurricane Katrina dozens of people sent me a link to an image of pets being evacuated on an air conditioned bus. This image was a sickening juxtaposition to the conditions faced by tens of thousands of black residents trapped by the storm and it provoked great anger and pain for those who sent it to me.

Perhaps, but I wonder how many of today’s blacks actually experienced the abuses Harris-Perry describes.  True, it is possible that such experiences molded black American culture so that blacks tend to view animals differently than other groups.  On the other hand, do African blacks view animals much differently?

Obviously, there are some Africans who appreciate the importance of their native wildlife to both their economy and well-being.  The Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW) is active in Kenya – but the results of a google search for “animal rights in Africa” imply that the vast majority of such movements are centered in South Africa and thus were probably founded by whites.

I don’t have all the answers, but I will throw a crazy theory out there – feel free to chew it up and spit it out if you wish:  In Equatorial Africa animals of all kinds were abundant.  Many of them were dangerous to humans.  It is only natural that the people of such a clime would view animals differently than would people in Europe, where the fauna is much less abundant and where there were fewer predators (the “big bad wolf” notwithstanding).  This would, of course, shape their culture.  Is it possible that there might be a genetic component as well?  Perhaps.  We would then find that all tropical peoples share a similar attitude (with the obvious exception of totems and other religious considerations) toward animals.

* A commentator at Lindsay’s blog suggested that “Animal rights is simply social egalitarianism extended to animals”.  I would agree, and I have said so myself.  But there can be more than one contributing cause to a phenomenon.

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  1. I like the explanation the Nation article presents:
    “Dogs, for example, were used by enslavers to catch, trap and return those who were trying to escape to freedom. Dogs were used to terrorize Civil Rights demonstrators. In short, animals have been weapons used against black bodies and black interests in ways that have deep historical resonance.”
    One way to take that explanation is that blacks are taking revenge on dogs the same way they are taking revenge on whites. Not only are we responsible for the crimes of our father, so are dogs! Hilarious!
    So when I mention the genocide in S.A. liberals immediately retort, “What about all the black suffering at the hands of whites?” Well, when someone mentions the Michael Vick incident I suppose I’ll use the same retort, “What about all the black suffering at the hands of DOGS?”

    • Larry says:

      If an anti-white said to me “What about all the black suffering at the hands of whites?”
      I would respond with: “So is that your justification for genocide?”

    • ducesblackshirt says:

      How many slaves were caught with dogs? How many Civil RIghts demonstrators were attacked by dogs? In both cases, I’d probably say very few, yet blacks have developed an inherent dislike of dogs for that reason?
      Like most of the savagery found in the black “community”, I’d say it has more to do with low IQ. The whites I knew over the years who really beat the piss out of their dogs tended to be trailer trash types who probably couldn’t read anything more than a picture book. Oddly enough, the only white I knew who fought dogs was a wigger, which is an obvious sign of a mental midget.

      • I have written many posts about Black IQ. I no longer think that Black IQ accounts for much of anything at all. For instance, there are groups all over the world which have IQ’s that are actually LOWER than US Blacks. They generally act very good, and some of their societies have almost zero crime. I think of Arabs. East Indians also do not show anything like the wild chaotic and horrific behavior of Blacks. Traditional Polynesian society works very well. There is almost zero crime. Finding any Black society anywhere that works well or has zero crime is quite an undertaking.
        Further, Black IQ is rising. Black children have IQ’s as high as 95, which gradually drop to 87 in adulthood. Most Black youth have IQ’s about 90-95. That’s perfectly high to act decently, yet Black kids act like monsters from Golem.
        To me, it’s obvious that there is something badly wrong with Black people. But I think little of it has to do with them being stupid.

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  3. larry says:

    Here is a good video on animal rights:

  4. Fenris says:

    I wonder if European compassion towards animals is rooted in europes greater depth and extent of pastoralism relative to other areas. Animal husbandry was greater part of the european economy then that of asia the americas, or africa outside of the sahel and east african plains(which contributed little to african american ancestry),

    • destructure says:

      I’ve always thought so. Caucasians have been herding animals for thousands of years and have even developed enzymes for digesting milk that others don’t have. If herding was important enough to influence genetics, enzymes, etc then it would also be advantageous for those animals to be well-cared for. And that’s more likely to happen if someone actually cares about them.
      We raised animals when I was growing up. And sometimes we butchered them. But they were always well-cared for. They always had food and water. If they were sick we went to extraordinary lengths to get them well. And when we did kill one it was always as quick and painless as possible. It may seem contradictory to be concerned about the welfare of an animal that one intends to kill. But our thinking was always that food may be a necessity but unnecessary suffering is not.

  5. bob sykes says:

    The relevant time point for discussing Europe’s fauna is the Ice Age, not the current highly impoverished era. Besides wolves, there were bears and lions. Any many of the herbivores, like aurochs, were highly dangerous.

  6. a random user name says:

    This is yet another reason to watch Africa Addio. One of the points most emphasized in this documentary was how the black Africans saw fit to treat the native animals. This movie is a masterpiece.

  7. countenance says:

    Wherever there are black ghettoes, there are almost always packs of unwanted and jettisoned dogs running the streets. About once every few years here in St. Louis, you’ll see and read news about one of these packs killing someone or badly hurting someone, almost always black, and usually a child or a preteen.

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  9. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Robert Lindsay. I think a lot of the blame, at least in the Western world, can be laid at the feet of the Leftist (racial egalitarian) elite, which continuously indoctrinates blacks into believing that they are victims. A lot of what we see is a result of the anger that comes from this. Anger that helps them rationalize victimizing whites and all other non-blacks.
    I do believe that blacks are capable of behaving themselves – as long as they are within their own communities in which crime is punished severely and immediately. I think a lot of blacks instinctively know this as well. Some of the punishments, which Africans mete out to criminals, are extremely brutal; the deterrent is necessary.

    • Misty says:

      I love seeing white people, who have little to no black friends in their life, act like they are some anthropological experts on who black people are. *sarcasm*
      It really shows how much of an arrogant some of you guys can be.

      • jewamongyou says:

        People who make assumptions, the way you just did, are called “prejudiced.” If you actually got to know race-realists and white nationalists better, you’d realize that most of us came to our conclusions BECAUSE of the many blacks we’ve known – not due to the lack of contact you people like to imagine. I attended schools that were 90% black. This was the beginning of my racial understanding.

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  11. Arabs and Muslims in general are also very cruel to animals, especially dogs. And, just like blacks, they were/are extremely cruel to their captives in wartime notwithstanding the relentless propaganda about the cruelty of the Crusaders when compared with the supposedly “merciful” Saladin who, after the Battle of Hattin “only” executed those prisoners who would not convert to Islam.
    Given that the Christian knights were so committed to their faith, it must have been a tiny number he was “merciful” to.

  12. Heliogabalus says:

    It’s interesting how the argument made here (“Blax don’t like dogs because dogs were mean to them”) shows up in different contexts. Check out this 1999 article, about why Blax can’t master technology (short version: it was used to enslave them).
    You can come up with your own: Blax can’t swim because water reminds them of the slave trade; Blax can’t work hard because it reminds them of slavery (actually there may be something to that); Blax can’t master organization because it reminds them of Whitey’s organized oppression of them, etc.

  13. Annoyed says:

    The white population has more empathy in general. When is the last time you have seen any sizable number of blacks campaign for anything other then something which directly benefits them either monetarily or socially?
    I would support a black vegetarian movement if it was legitimate, just like I would support a legitimate black separatist movement but the likelihood of either ever being formed is pretty low. Both require work and neither are directly self serving monetarily or socially.

    • Misty says:

      You mean like how white poachers kills leopards and make their fur into coats and give it to their wealthy white wives? Or use are involved in Diamond mining or produce CO2 into the air causing global warming, enslaved people, murdered the NAtive Americans, etc. Yep, white people are so lovely. *sarcasm*

      • jewamongyou says:

        What part of “in general” do you not understand?

      • Stan D Mute says:

        The wheel. The alphabet. Numbers. Books. Stringed musical instruments. Horns. Medicine. All medicine. Engines. Rockets. Electricity. Math. Literature. Science. Air conditioning. Furnaces. TV. Radio. Aw hell, this is gonna take forever trying to list the gifts white folks have given the negroes, indians, and others they’ve “oppressed.” If whitey is so terribly bad, just quit him. Quit whitey and go live in a mud hut with a grass roof. Dance naked around a fire if you can figure out how to make one without matches or a lighter. And when you die at age 24 from a tooth abcess, you can do so happy that whitey never oppressed you.

  14. In South Africa I have frequently noticed that dogs will bark like fury at a passing black, straining to get at them, but the same dog will often ignore – or at least be much less agressive – to a passing white stranger like myself.
    When I jokingly mentioned these “racist dogs” to a white liberal his response was that if I were to go into a black township “their dogs” would react the same way to a white. Since I’m not prepared to risk my life wandering around a black township I dont know if this is true or not. What do others think?

  15. Muslims, who are well-known for abusing them, are also afraid of dogs. When I advertised some of my stuff for sale recently I had a pleasant Muslim lady (light-skinned “Cape Malay”) come around to inspect. (Muslims just love bargaining for your 2nd hand stuff but thats another story). What amazed me was that, even though she came with her 2 big sons (both unsmiling, with an almost hostile attitude) – when I opened my yard gate to greet her, before she would step inside she asked, almost trembling with fear, “do you have any dogs in here?” When I re-assured her that I didn’t she was so relieved.
    Since I was the one taking the much larger risk of having 2 large and possibly hostile alien men into my property, I thought afterwards I should have said back to her “do you have any young Muslim males with you?”

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  17. Linda Garris says:

    I watch animal planet ,specifically animal cops and can’t help.notice majority of offenders,are black with little if any remorse. I can’t believe we are yay again. Looking for historic,Al reasons for this abuse. It seems we have developed this Pc view that blacks are not responsible for crime because of slavery. Like chi,ago shootings are now cultural. I have seen many black pet owners so I don’t believe you can blame anything but the abuser. Sorry but I’ve worked with too many black loving pet owners. When abuse is out of control and crime and no one has a solution we blame slavery. That fixes nothing. People need to be made accountable for there actions.. Liberals, are .making excuses while animals get abused and humans killed. making
    individuals accountable is the only answer.stop the excuses. Statistics don’t lie
    making excuses and fixing nothing. The facts seen to be a large number of black.Americans have no regard for animals
    pet owners.

  18. Cannot Tell says:

    I am an animal rights advocate and my parents are from Nigeria. I agree that the reason that there are few animal rights and animal welfare activists among Black Americans because blacks are less empathetic. This opinion of mine is based solely on my knowledge of HBD, although I have had multiple discussions about the animal liberation movement with blacks. Most couldn’t care less about animals, unfortunately.
    I became a race realist a few years ago and since then I’ve wanted to advocate for whites and donate money to websites like American Renaissance. But now that I’ve become involved with animal rights I’m not sure. How do you think the majority of white nationalists and race realists feel about the animal liberation movement?

    • jewamongyou says:

      From my experience, most of them feel strongly that animals should be treated with compassion, but they don’t go so far as to ascribe “human” rights to them. BTW, check your email.

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