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Language: A servant turned master

I have been reading the debate, about the existence of the Taino, on Dienekes’ blog.  The debate pretty much revolves around semantics.  They argue over the definitions of “ethnic group”, “extinction”, “religion” and “language”.  It seems to me that the … Continue reading

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Asserting my right to be charitable

I recently found myself in a moral dilemma.  An old friend of mine, who is rather mentally unstable, found himself in a minor financial crunch of his own making.  Though it was not my fault or responsibility by any stretch … Continue reading

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Would I ever vote for a black man for president?

Steve Sailer just wrote what many of us have already been thinking: The NYT has a column quoting various pundits puzzling until their puzzlers are sore over the mystery of Herman Cain’s rise to the top of the GOP presidential polls. How … Continue reading

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A grudging nod to HBD from mainstream media

I live in the Portland area – which is a very dangerous place to live.  For example, we have not only the famous Powell “City of Books”, which is the largest bookstore in the world, but we actually have two … Continue reading

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South Africa Sucks blog is back

The new URL:

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The Left's pygmy problem

Many of us have assumed that the relative media silence over the ongoing genocide of pygmies in Africa is due to a desire to avoid, whenever possible, depicting black Africans in a negative light.  While there is definitely some truth … Continue reading

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A kinder, more tolerant, Islam?

MSNBC has a story called “Battling for gay rights, in Allah’s name” where we read about a new form of Islam – I would call it “Reform Islam” – that renounces violence, strives for equality of the sexes and accepts … Continue reading

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Ethiopian beauty

The severe shortage of women in China has prompted many Chinese men to seek love elsewhere.  China already gets oil, copper and other natural resources from the Dark Continent – why not women as well?  There is, of course, a … Continue reading

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The Stark Truth does another interview with jewamongyou

The Stark Truth Radio network recently interviewed me again, this time specifically about the book I translated, “The Ashkenazi Revolution”.  Here’s the link: Thinking back, there were some things I could have been more clear about.  Then again, anybody … Continue reading

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Oregonian editorial almost gets it right

An editorial by Ross Douthat (Oregonian via New York Times Oct. 18th, 2011) comes much closer to the truth about “diversity” than we normally see in the MSM.  Speaking of the fate of Christian communities in the Middle East, Douthat … Continue reading

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