Ethiopian beauty

The severe shortage of women in China has prompted many Chinese men to seek love elsewhere.  China already gets oil, copper and other natural resources from the Dark Continent – why not women as well?  There is, of course, a natural barrier to Chinese men marrying black African women:  The Attraction Gap.  East Asian men are among the least sought after males in the world and black African women among the least sought after females in the world – but not in the sense that they would tend to attract each other.   It would normally take extraordinary circumstances to bring them together.  But there is a solution:  Ethiopians. Ethiopians are heavily Caucasian/Semitic in origin.  This makes them more palatable to Chinese men.  A post on the blog Evo and proud reports:

In this, China is in the worst situation. On the one hand, it has the most unbalanced sex ratio in East Asia. On the other, its bachelors are poorly positioned in the international marriage market, since they earn much less money than do bachelors in South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. Where can they go to find wives?
The most likely place seems to be sub-Saharan Africa, with Ethiopia being especially likely. With their relatively light skin and fine features, Ethiopian women seem to be the most attractive candidates. Chinese entrepreneurs are also well established in that country. This topic came up on an online thread about Chinese-Ethiopian marriages.  One Chinese commenter wrote:

In China the Ethiopian women is revered as a Holy God. Every day we say prayer that God will send us an Ethiopian woman for marriage so that our children are smart, beautiful, and clever like Ethiopia.

Indeed, the Caucasian element within Ethiopians gives some of their women a specific type of beauty that is entirely Ethiopian (but reminiscent of Indians in my opinion).

Ethiopians seem to be well aware of this element in their ancestry.  It is also reflected in their traditional art, for example:

Unfortunately, their 40% Eurasian ancestry doesn’t do much to bring up their average I.Q.; the higher I.Q.’s of Caucasians apparently evolved much later than the back-migration into Africa.  How would a racially conscious Chinese man deal with this fact?
Bojing:  I think I’m falling for you Makeda; you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met!
Makeda: I am so lucky to have met you Bojing.  You are so handsome!  Kiss me Bojing!!
Bojing: Here.  I brought you some flowers.
Makeda:  That is so sweet!  Bojing, please marry me and take me back with you to China!
Bojing:  There is this little matter of regression to the mean…
Realistically, he would be thinking of her other assets at that point – such as her cooking abilities.
Note: Having just visited Ethiopia myself, I made some changes to this post. I did not see any Chinese men with Ethiopian women while there. But I did shoot some photos of lovely Ethiopian women. Be sure to check out that post, and the others related to Ethiopia!

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  1. Septen. says:

    I laughed out loud at the conversation in the end 😀
    As for the topic of interracial dating, I’m still surprised why Asian men in general are so rarely sought after. I saw a statistical meta-analysis of various recent interracial dating studies being done.
    It’s clear that on the internet, women are extremely racially conservative, at least white and Jewish women, while Asian women actually favour white men ahead of Asian men. This, according to the studies. You can read more here:
    Unlike most studies, this one had a user base of over a million people, so statistical accuracy is not exactly a problem.
    In real life, however, it’s a bit different. There was a study of 400 Columbia graduate students where women of all races had more conservative views of interracial dating than men, given the chance, but where white women showed less(but still heavy) punishment to blacks than on the internet. But most of the punishment went to Asian men, across all race groups except Asian women.
    This is odd, because this was a highly educated group. We’re not talking about girls impressed by cheap thugs with fake bling. We’re talking about the intellectual elite in this country. Also, do remember that this is most likely a *very* liberal group of people. Yet, still, Asian men were unpreferred.
    I don’t know, it seems women, regardless of intelligence, prefer aggression and emotional intensity instead of stability, kindness and the like.
    Of course, most of us learned that in high school (or earlier). It’s just sad to see the stereotype being true all the way up to the highest echelons.
    I kinda feel bad for East Asian men(as well as East Indian men). They’re so unliked by all women. Even their own women often show a preferance to white men. White women strongly prefer white men, but not as much as they as on the internet, where they’re basically part of the KKK, when you look at the stats.

    • Septen. says:

      I might add that a personal theory of mine, why white women in general are more willing to date interracially in-person as in the case study of Columbia, than when online is that it’s harder to escape a person. Blacks, hispanics and so on are more aggressive in their pursuit, even if they are often not successful they keep trying and trying etc.
      White men on the other hand don’t often push the envelope, and rarely hit on, say, black women. And black women themselves also pay a high social price for dating interracially(I’ve seen it myself up close quite a few times). White men are much more liberal in this sense towards white women, because we’re basically decent, and this allows blacks, latinos and others to get in their faces at a constant basis. At some point, the women’s gotta crack, even if they do so at a much more infrequent rate than many think.
      Just 2 % of all married white women are married to another man of another race. And if you look at newlyweds, the number’s 7 % or something, but this includes Asian men, Jewish men and so forth. The ‘negative’ interracial rate for white, European women is most likely below 5 %. Of course, you have the situation of out-of-wedlock born babies, especially with blacks, so the amount of white women under at age 30 who have children with a black/hispanic man is probably higher, perhaps even 7-8 %
      I don’t mind personally if there’s racemixing with East Asian men or Jewish men. Just augmenting our genes and in some ways improving them(certainly with Jews, East Asians may be clever but many are very timid and have lowest self-esteem of all races so race-mixing is less clear of a win-win there than with Jews).

  2. Septen. says:

    Okay, a lot of posts from me, but I viewed my Time link more carefully now and saw a mistake they made. I’ve actually read the entire study and the impression one gets at the end is that white women and black men are the most usual couple in interracial dating. This is untrue, the reference was to the 1 % of white women who were married to someone else according to the (now old) 2000 census to someone, and they compared if white man/black woman or the other way around was the most common. But this has nothing to do with interracial dating as a wider phenomenon.
    While I’m still at it, here’s another study where there are some pictures involved and look for the last picture at the end and be amused is my tip.

  3. a.n.animus says:

    Fascinating post which concerns a topic of great interest, namely female beauty.
    While I’m aware of the average low Ethiopian IQ, I wonder if some of that is due to malnutrition, or something else. One reason I’m a bit skeptical is that Ethiopians appear to have progressed beyond the “mud hut” civilizations of much of Sub Saharan Africa before Europeans arrived. I looked around a bit on the web and couldn’t find more information.
    Genetic backflow from China might be a win for Africans, as the Chinese are strong in areas that Africans tend to be weak in, like IQ and conscientiousness. So, it would be best if the Chinese men were to leave China and settle in Ethiopia.
    The women pictured are pretty. They look more Caucasian in feature than (West) African. You’re right, somewhat reminiscent of Indian women.

    • Xera says:

      I call bullshit on the IQ and conscientiousness, there was a recent survey that put the IQ’s of recent immigrant African people to the U.S as one of the highest, ahead of recent East Asian IQ’s. This sounds like childish, pseudo-scientific, hamster-rationalizing racist bullshit. Its hard for a rational person like me to take blog seriously sometimes when they’re posts like this. But then again, this is a blog about race so what should I expect besides people unleashing their insides.

      • jewamongyou says:

        That’s great news! This means they don’t need affirmative action any more and that we can finally do away with such programs.

      • IQ says:

        African immigrants to America (esp. ones on education visas) are usually >3 sigma above the mean. Absolute cream of the crop. The same effect applies to other immigrants, but to a lesser extent.

      • Link needed says:

        Don’t buy it. Link needed. I so practically zero Africans in grad school Math/Science/Engineering/CS departments, and tons of Africans driving me across the city.

      • Merrimacke says:

        The tests I heard were culturally biased, and something about the test giver being a bozo.
        When it comes to here in the USA. I’ve heard people say that Africans have lower IQ, even if the same class as others, but the thing is it’s that people get nervous from stereotypes and worry about screwing up when around people of other generalized races. So there scores are lowered, but when not under pressure they score just as good. The same happens for Europeans & females (esp. in mathematics) when under pressure.
        I guess the stereotype comes from many African’s slave ancestors not being very educated, and there ignorance on…let’s say grammar rubs off on the kids..kinda since they would be in school.
        @Links Please. Just use google, I’m sure you’ll find.

        • jewamongyou says:

          Those claims have been debunked many times over. You’re being misled my friend. Even when the test givers are black, and the other students are black, their scores are lower. There’s not a single academic test of any kind that shows blacks scoring as high as other groups.
          As for blacks being nervous because they are stereotyped as being less intelligent, haven’t you watched T.V. or the movies lately? They go out of their way to show blacks as being intellectually/morally superior to whites – and this has been the case for decades.

  4. Georgia Resident says:

    On a related note, many Somali women (the ones who are actual Somalis, not Somali-speaking Bantus) are also quite beautiful.
    “Every day we say prayer that God will send us an Ethiopian woman for marriage so that our children are smart, beautiful, and clever like Ethiopia.”
    I sort of doubt that this commenter is really Chinese. The Chinese overall tend to be wholly convinced of their superiority as a race and civilization, not just over Africa (for fairly obvious reasons) but also Europeans. I therefore doubt that most Chinese men would long to have their children be “clever like Ethiopia”.
    I’ve always been a little puzzled by the poor dating prospects of East Asian men. While East Asian men are not famous for their good looks, they also aren’t famously ugly (as in other qualities, they tend to cluster very tightly around a mean which, in this case, I would rate as being very close to the mean for white men). They’re also unlikely to be in prison, likely to be employed, and unlikely to abandon their wives and children. In other words, they tend to have good “dad” qualities.
    I think Steve Sailer probably came up with the most believable explanation, that just as blacks (of both sexes) have higher testosterone levels than whites for respective sexes, whites tend to have higher testosterone than East Asians. This leads to a black>white>Asian hierarchy in perceived masculinity (and thus attractiveness to women), which might explain (along with other factors, like media bias, propaganda, and social pressure), why significant numbers of white and even East Asian women take up with black men, while black women strongly prefer black men, despite their (on average) poor “dad” qualities. By the same token, the same hormonal difference between the races creates a East Asian>white>black hierarchy in perceived femininity, which might explain why so many black men chase white women and some white men chase Asian women. And of course, this probably explains the relative undesirability of East Asian men and black women in dating and marriage. However, culture certainly does matter certainly. Back in the 50s, when interracial breeding rates were much lower, and there was more emphasis on qualities such as the father being a good provider for his family, white male/black female intermarriage, and East Asian male/white female rates of intermarriage, although of course rare, were almost as frequent as black male/white female and white male/East Asian female intermarriage, respectively.

  5. As a.n.animus pointed out, it is not as if Eithopians have been living under optimal environmental conditions, and I would expect that similar to the fact that most Europeans did not realize their genetic potential in height prior to the industrial revolution, most Africans living in Africa face a raft of environmental effects from hookworm to malaria to malnutrition that may prevent them from realizing their genetic potential in intelligence.
    If you go by the Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen list of national IQ estimates, you will notice that the average IQ of many African countries hovers around 70, whereas the ~20% European admixed African American population has an average IQ that is usually cited somewhere around 85. I highly doubt that ~20% admixture would have closed half the gap on its own. Eithopia in particular is famous for its malnutrition, similar to what can be seen in this set of photos of malnourished Somali children.
    Ultimately, it would be difficult to discern what the true genetic potential of a population is because there are far too many confounding factors. What environmental factors depress intelligence? How much inbreeding (which depresses intelligence) does a culture practice?
    Not being Chinese, I don’t know how well the average Chinese man is aware of racial differences, though from what I know, these topics are significantly less taboo in China than in the West. I suspect that some fraction of the Chinese workers that settle Africa in the coming years and decades will find African brides. Some who are racially conscious may refrain from doing so, but given the dearth of available Chinese women (particularly in Africa, but due to sex selection, also in China) I suspect that many men will take what they can get.
    As a side note, this reminded me that India’s a bit interesting in that it’s had a historical malnourishment problem (though not as bad as Eithopia) as well as a sex selection issue (which is greater than that of China, particularly in the northern provinces…Punjab and the Sikhs that live there are the epicenter of this issue).
    Also on the topic of interracial dating and marriage, see Steve Sailer’s classic “Is Love Colorblind?” and The Audacious Epigone’s pie charts illustrating interracial marriage and cohabitation rates in the United States.

  6. destructure says:

    In a nut shell, fine features are generally more attractive than broad features. If you’ll notice, that’s the most obvious distinguishing feature between east africans and west africans.
    As for intellect, I think people tend to view it the wrong way. Most assume that once a population is intelligent they’ll always be. Not true. Any genetic characteristic that ceases to be selected for will decline.

  7. Steve Sailer says:

    When I was at UCLA in 1981, I met the daughter of Ethiopia’s ambassador to the U.S. under the late Emperor (sadly assassinated by Marxist thugs). Wow.

  8. These are too good for African men, what a waste..!

  9. harry says:

    they really are quite pretty.

  10. LBD says:

    I can tell you that speaking as a woman, Asian men are pleasant both socially and to look at, but they really are small down there.

  11. Cas says:

    Your thesis is faulted from the beginning- “Dark Continent”? your premise is all faulted, you are remissed in your argument, it was indeed Africa that gave civilization to the rest of the world let’s not forget, furthermore, It was Cleopatra of Ethiopian decent that the world found as the model of beauty. therefore, it is my contention that any of ethic group, that chooses to marry into any of the Africa sects that you mention here are fortunate, not the other way around. You talk as if Caucasian are God’s gift to society. This clearly indicates as biasness that is rooted in a supremacy mentality that has been found only to be self serving.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I will give you people credit for one thing: Y’all invented the word “biasness”. Congratulations!

    • Georgia Resident says:

      If civilization had originated in sub-Saharan Africa, one would expect to find the earliest, most complex civilizations arising there, with imitators outside building less impressive, modified versions of those same civilizations. This is clearly not the case. Most of sub-Saharan Africa is very primitive, and always has been. The ones with somewhat less primitive societies (taking the Ethiopians as an example) typically had extensive contact with outsiders, by whom they were influenced. The significant Caucasian element of Ethiopian ancestry, and their language (a Semtic rather than Bantu language), clearly identifies the direction of influence.
      Additionally, Cleopatra VII was a Ptolemaic queen. Given that the Ptolemies were Greek, and practiced a high degree of inbreeding, the likelihood of her having significant sub-Saharan African ancestry is minimal, to say the least. I suppose she could have had an Egyptian ancestor with a little African ancestry (since the Egyptians clearly engaged in some miscegenation with their slaves, much as the Arabs did), but that hardly makes her black.

      • Nick says:

        There is only one thing that pink-man who calls himself white-man fears about black-man. Black man would excel in anything and he will always over take pink-man (white-man) in anything and he fears that so he always wants to put black-man down. I am black man from Ghana, west Africa and straight A student. I sat in class with both pink-man (white-man) and Asians and I came on top of them. Who were people who ruled Egypt? Do think they were pink-man (white-man). I am sorry they were not pink-man (white-man), they were blacks. They built the pyramids long before pink-man (white-man) came out of cave. The pyramids were built long before Alexander the great brought Greeks to the area so stop your nonsense.

      • Abe says:

        Didn’t all Europeans countries also have contact with the outside. So your point is that contact with the outside and diverse influences helps civilization? Then yes, I do agree with you. Most isolated peoples tend to stop in their progress, since they are not able to receive new ideas and influences. There are no societies who have succeed while in isolation. North Korea is a good modern example. And many of the African countries are now improving ad they’re opening up and tribalism is taking a smaller role.
        My point is, you are right!

    • destructure says:

      It was Cleopatra of Ethiopian decent that the world found as the model of beauty.
      Cleopatra was Macedonian, not Ethiopian.
      Ethiopians are more closely related to Caucasians than West Africans.
      Egyptians descend from middle eastern Caucasians not sub Saharan Africans.
      Egyptian civilization was preceded by the Sumerians.
      The oldest known civilization is Gobekli Tepe which began in SE Anatolia over 12,000 years ago.
      If you trace the geography & dates you can see that civilization spread from from South Eastern Anatolia down through the fertile crescent to Egypt.
      The world is still waiting for civilization to make it’s way down to sub Saharan Africa. Maybe in another 12,000 years.

      • Meh says:

        “Cleopatra was Macedonian, not Ethiopian.”
        That’s true!
        “Ethiopians are more closely related to Caucasians than West Africans.”
        That’s misleading. East Africans in general plot between West Africans and Eurasians in general. While Ethiopian and Eritrean do have some Semitic blood their Sub Saharan African blood is mostly related to Nilotics and they themselves are East African in terms of genetics.
        “Egyptians descend from middle eastern Caucasians not sub Saharan Africans.”
        Wrong. Upper Egypt clearly has some predominately Sub Saharan African individuals. Not to mention that there have been genetic tests done on Ancient Egyptian mummies and many have come back as positive for Y-dna and Mt-dna that’s more specific in Sub Saharan Africans.
        “Egyptian civilization was preceded by the Sumerians.”
        So what?
        “The oldest known civilization is Gobekli Tepe which began in SE Anatolia over 12,000 years ago.
        If you trace the geography & dates you can see that civilization spread from from South Eastern Anatolia down through the fertile crescent to Egypt.”
        I doubt it.
        “The world is still waiting for civilization to make it’s way down to sub Saharan Africa. Maybe in another 12,000 years.”
        The world is still waiting for white supremacist, nationalists etc to grow the fuck up and realise that you’re not the be all and end all. Maybe when you guys learn how to fuck!?

      • Abe says:

        No, Ethiopians have their own genetic compositions and have no overlap with Europeans or west Africans. This is basic. Google before you start typing.

    • garyinfh says:

      I was prepared to write off “cas” as an obvious parody of black pseudo-intellectual language, neologisms and all (“your premise is all faulted [sic], you are remissed [double sic] in your argument”). But then the commenter followed up (“I think the point still stands” [even though he was unable to express it in proper standard English]). Hardly an adequate substitute for “eppur si muovo,” but at least we know the commenter wasn’t kidding.

      • jewamongyou says:

        … and the question arises, at what point to I cut him off and put an end to his long-winded blathering. He obviously believes that “African” and “Negro” are synonymous. It is up to him to educate himself; I won’t do it for him.

      • animizrahi says:

        I am confused because you say “jew” and speak as if you are a goy. Since when is semite anything like white/aryan. White Hitler tried to kill us off for a reason….I don’t know maybe “race” Assimilation obviously has a greater effect on our people then the sages previously mentioned. I have heard one other jew I know say they were white but I believe they also think their dead rebbi was the messiah. lol
        Cleopatra’s great grandfather was greek. Are you saying her mother, or grand mother or great grand mother could not of been black. Um, my friend johnny cohen’s mother is Cherokee his father was a reform rabbi. She never converted does that make him a jew? HELL NO. Just like cleopatra was not greek…Education, no assimilation

    • IQ says:

      >thesis is faulted from the beginning
      >your premise is all faulted
      >you are remissed
      Elements of Style, William Strunk
      Thank me later.

  12. Descopera says:

    The women pictures are very pretty. Nice article!

  13. Fred says:

    This article is interesting enough in itself but what is really stunning is the comments.
    Heres a sample.
    Today 08:20 AM
    Its simple: their low achievement is due to their low IQs!!!!!
    Dump the Liberals into Jupiter.
    Today 10:33 AM.
    The theory here is false. Blacks in urban school districts in America also do very poorly in their grades and on standardized tests, but the association of academic excellence and homosexuality does not exist here.
    The quick popularity of that theory suggests that it is simply the latest in a long list of excuses for why blacks don’t do well in activities that require an intensive use of the mind. The actual reason is the one that leftists are avoiding. Blacks underachieve in those activities because they have less intelligence, on the average, than whites do.
    Psychometric tests in the USA for more than 60 years have discovered the normal distribution curves that best fit the IQs of US-resident whites and blacks. To give a typical sample:
    IQ of US-resident whites.
    Average: 103
    Standard deviation: 16.4
    IQ of US-resident blacks.
    Average: 85
    Standard deviation: 12.4

    • Georgia Resident says:

      That really has to be the most bizarre explanation I’ve ever heard for low black achievement. “Academic Achievement is seen as gay”? It seems like the left must be truly desperate to come up with any answer other than the obvious.

      • Cas says:

        I’ve reading some of remarks from some of you who claim to have have knowledge of self and who are embarrasses the human race.  I’m sure most you having made comments here call yourselves  I bet, so call Christians.  I find it interesting how we can place  a status on such ignorance that’s being convey among the remark  found and and Chief Blogger here  who chooses to focus on sewer issues. I find it truly disgusting to reading  the lack of depth and  racial overtone for mans inhumanity for man 
        narrowly supported with a bias racial view of the world. You all should congratulate yourself for setting a new example of higher intellect. I simply call it sickening. 
        Sent from my iPhone

      • Cas says:

        Your African lineage. While you are using every disclaimed author that supports your position, I thought we should began with proven facts about race rather than assertions.

      • Cas says:

        Thanks for the link on ignorance, quite enlightening I see it  addresses the over reliance of the word as a defense mechanism. I contend that if one is reared in a desuetude environment, one has to learn how to excel on the job rather than ask dad or mom or the rich uncle for a Hand out or lunch money, while playing soccer for mom, oh how sweet!  See here are the facts my friend that sent the link about Blacks and over use of the word ignorant,  while I’ve excelled your environment, i doubt quite seriously if you would have had  what it took to have survived  in mine.,.:)

      • destructure says:

        Re; “african eve”. No one doubts that africans & non africans diverged from common ancestors 100K plus years ago. Just as no one doubts hominids & chimpanzees diverged from common ancestors 5 million years ago. The only people who doubt evolution are a handful of fringe Christians whom you just tried to appeal to in another post.
        Re; Your comment with all the Egyptian links. As JAY pointed out, most of them don’t work. Of the two or three that do, none of them really have anything to do with topics being discussed. My links at least referenced peer reviewed research or articles that cited peer reviewed research.
        Re: Your “excelling” in “our environment”. I think you really miss the point. Your whole reason for being in “our environment” is that we have excelled in our environment by creating an advanced civilization and you have failed in your environment by not. Your family has come to sponge off the accomplishments of others. We don’t need you.

      • Fred says:

        But the thing is, the uncensored comments left underneath are brazenly race realist in nature. Thats what got me excited. Remember The Telegraph is a highly respectable daily news paper. Can you even immagine the New York Times allowing comments citing Ruston & biological racial differences in their comment section.

  14. Sagat says:

    The following video shows people that are half Horn African and Caucasian and you’ll notice that while many retain the distinct facial features we see in people from the Horn, they lose their darker color and end up just looking White. I found that odd.
    I’m interested in seeing how the Chinese/Ethiopian mixes will turn out. They’ll definitely won’t look negroid in appearance. They’d probably turn out looking like Keanu Reeves or Olivia Munn.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I hope Ethiopia is ready for the hordes of lonely white nationalist men who will now be flooding there in order to procure Ethiopian wives for themselves – now that they have this piece of information!

  15. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Cas’ last comment,
    Interesting you, who cite no facts, should call us “ignorant”:

  16. jewamongyou says:

    Cas, I will not let this topic be derailed by Afro-centric rantings. Most of your links don’t work – and are you not aware that we have actual paintings of Greco-Roman Egyptians (I saw them in Cairo) clearly showing that they were NOT negro? It’s pointless for me to debate you on these matters, others (such as Mathilda: have already debunked such ideas.

  17. destructure says:

    I’ve already provided peer reviewed genetic studies from the American Journal of Human Genetics showing that North Africans, including ancient Egyptians and Moors are descendants of middle eastern Caucasians. So North Africa has nothing to do with your black ass.
    As for Cleopatra and the Greeks, no one believes George James nonsense other than a few afrocentric nuts. As far as I know the only serious scholar who has even bothered with it has been Mary Lefkowitz, Professor Emerita of Classical Studies at Wellesley College, in her book Not Out of Africa (1996).
    All you’ve done is spam this thread with afrocentric fantasies. You should stop wasting our time and yours.

  18. jewamongyou says:

    Out of your whole long reply, the only part that is relevant is that Italian soldiers did mingle with local Ethiopian women. This is true – but the natural beauty of Ethiopian women stands on its own even without this mixture of Italian blood. As for the rest of your screed, it is completely irrelevant; “African” does not equal “Negro”. “Native Egyptian” does not equal “Negro”. Any further long-winded screeds from you will be deleted unless they are relevant and to the point.
    I’ve deleted your two irrelevant and unnecessarily long comments. I’ve also, as you probably noticed, deleted your two other comments on another post. If you have something worthwhile to say, then do so. Otherwise, find someplace else to post your diatribes.

  19. If everything the Afrocentrists say were true, Africans would be superior to other races, and Africans would be supreme. Yet Afrocentrists only refer to their intellectual enemies as “supremacists”. An unwitting admission that they don’t believe what they’re saying?
    I also love the simplistic “so-and-so based their culture on so-and-so” formulation. Sounds like something someone would say on the playground. “You stole the idea of dressing in green FROM ME!!!” Cross-fertilization, anyone?

    • Black Jack says:

      Yeah, cos your ancestors have distorted history. Africa had its own ancient civilizations. ButI guess your mind is too biased to even believe it. Benin, Songhai, Mali, Oyo empires. Read what the Dutch explorers said about the Benin kingdom. Your eurocentric media never has anything good to say about Africa anyway…

      • jewamongyou says:

        Our media is extremely Afro-centric. If Africa is so great, then why are Africans leaving it in droves? Why do Western governments, and NGOs send untold billions in aid there?

      • AnEthiopianBeauty says:

        The so called billions only make up a minute percentage of the continent’s total capital. Your media only portrays Africa in a negative light, never taking time to acknowledge the idea that we are just as “civilized” and are home to 4 of the fastest growing economies in the world. Africans who leave were trying to escape war and persecution under oppressive governments. Don’t generalize and say that we all want to leave behind our continent, yes ladies and gentlemen, it is a continent not one giant country.

  20. IQ says:

    If their Eurasian admixture is really 40%, I would suspect their biological average IQ is quite a bit higher than the mean Sub-Saharan IQ. Blacks in America with 20% European admixture have an IQ 1 SD over sub-Saharan blacks. Perhaps Ethiopian IQ is closer to that of Arabs–around 80. However, logically speaking, 40>20, so Ethiopian IQ should theoretically be higher than black American IQ.
    I wonder what, then, causes the observed lower-than-expected IQ scores. Maybe malnutrition? Maybe the testing, presumably by Richard Lynn, was inaccurate–maybe it included non-ethnic Ethiopians? Or maybe Eurasian interbreeding occurred before high IQ was selected among Eurasians? It would be interesting to get to the bottom of this.

  21. Carmen says:

    @destructure How did you create an advanced civilization? Wrong is wrong no matter how you package it. I don’t call trickery, robbing, and killing of “less developed” countries to create an “advanced civilization” advanced? Whether you have a high IQ or low IQ it’s still the same….. It’s a cycle that will continue, until humans advance beyond their power, greed, and egos.

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  24. bubs says:

    First off! Race and ethnicity have NOTHING to do with intelligence! To say it does is not only ignorant, but offensively BIGOTTED! Secondly using white women or pale skin as a standard of beauty is also sadly, tragically PATHETIC!
    The problem with the mainland chinese is their own culture and politics. In a society that even in the 21st century is just coming out of its agrarian past, having a male child over a female one to work the plow was necessary to ensure people would eat regularly!
    The chinese have always treated women as 2nd class, and add to it the communist “one child” policy, this is a disaster they themselves CREATED.!!!!
    I do not feel sorry for the chinese, as they are a true threat to the worlds future. They are as manipulative as thany western former colonial powthink er, with the exception that 3 rd nations will get exploited even harder by the Chinese, and will not be able to ask for aid like they can from the european or americans in times of dire need!
    That chinese arrogantly think they can grab up poor ethiopean women cause they are desperate to smacks of modern day SLAVERY. We know damn well that unlike europe or the americas, oe even other parts of africa, these ethiopean mail order brides will be treated BADLY, will NOT be accepted in chinese society( chinese areBIG TIME RACISTS), and will end up 3rd class citizens and probably victims of sex trade

  25. Menagbahe Beleh says:

    Ethiopians are not interested in mixing with anyone but Ethiopians. We want to keep our own culture, language, writing. Most of all, we do not want Chinese, we want them out of our country. at the present, Ethiopia has become the toxic dumping ground for China & India under the false assumption of business cooperation between the countries. The world is watching silently as Ethiopia’s water & food sources are poisoned, people are dying. Another genocide is happening, the world is silent. Shame on you.

  26. emeal says:

    I desire to date & marry an Ethiopia women

    • j k says:

      my Ethiopian are the beautiful one as fare I concern, I’m originally from south that mean Ethiopian the land of black I’m Ethiopian, I love ladies African natural skins.
      hi babies.

  27. johny says:

    hayat ahmed, 3rd from top is somalian,the prettiest here

  28. Kuru Habesha says:

    As an Ethiopian, reading the article and the comments made me aware that there are lots of F*#~¥% up people out there.
    I am one hundred percent sure the whole topic and some of the comments will make any Ethiopian or Eritrean /Habesha people/ become racist towards all non-Ethiopians if it ever gets printed on a newspaper out here. Sad to see how you all think ou us.
    It’s true the Chinese are here for multitude reasons, but you will never see a Chinese married to an Ethiopian. Never. I can assure you that.
    No more open arms and welcoming smiles from now on. Time to educate our women, “our beautiful women” on what’s out there.
    What more can I say….If only you knew what’s in our heart.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I’ve got a pretty good idea what is in your heart regarding this matter – and I totally agree. It’s normal and natural for men to be jealous of the women of their own nation, and keep them from foreigners.

  29. Black Jack says:

    Racist and biased thinking. Beauty being defined as caucasian. News flash op, not everyone’s concept of beauty is caucasian.And on what basis are African women the least sought after in the world? Or Chinese men? Where do your statistics come from?

  30. Wani Dennis Wsycoo says:

    Actually ts a funny and amusing conversation if you are to pick Makeda’s parts, and in most cases some one may think you are too cheap according to the way she was replying, so you may end up losing such a chance though that might not really be the case of you being cheap.

  31. Yordi says:

    Ohhhhhhh, Jealous much, i see the green eyed envy on the Chinese Guys on this article , even though they are taking the wold away from you guys you want to bash them as being the least sought out, this is what you are reduced to … poor guys don’t worry at least you are the most sought after for marriage ok !!!!!!!, damn ass…………………
    And we Ethiopians are beautiful on a level you can not even begin to comprehend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,

    • jewamongyou says:

      It’s not clear what you meant by this comment; your English might not be the best. But I’m not trying to bash anybody in this post. I write things as I perceive them. In this case, my perceptions have changed a bit since writing the post. Since then, I have visited Ethiopia, and I tend to agree with you regarding their beauty. Not that I ever said they were ugly.

  32. Zekre Seyoum says:

    You posted a blog about Ethiopian beauty, but chose only to focus on a Chinese male’s perspective of said beauty. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I assume that even if you personally spoke to Chinese men about this topic, it would only be with a handful. I was excited to discover this post at first, thinking “maybe I found a blogger that promotes not only Ethiopian, but black beauty and shares it on his platform”. I’m sorry to say that this is not the case. You diminished the idea of your so called “Ethiopian beauty” within the first sentence of this post, highlighting that the only reason Chinese men began finding African women beautiful was because there was a shortage of Chinese women. Only showcasing further that African women are the second choice. Then you continue to support this stigma by mentioning that black African women are the least sought after. Least sought after by whom? All White European men? All White American men? Anyway, that’s a whole other discussion of its own. Then you proceeded to, perhaps unintentionally, insinuate that since East Asian men are the least sought after, they would then lower their standards and go for the least sought after women. Being Ethiopian myself, I was not aware of any caucasian ancestry that we may have, but I do not deny that this could be true because I don’t know if it is. However, the fact that you make a clear link between this ancestry and Chinese men preferring Ethiopian women among other African women basically just says “they are only considered beautiful because they have some white in them”. And you know what, you are entitled to your own beliefs, as perhaps they are a reflection of the world we live in today, where beauty is defined by color first. Where beauty equals white and the darker you are, the less beautiful you are. But then, you hit us with this “Unfortunately, their 40% Eurasian ancestry doesn’t do much to bring up their average I.Q.; the higher I.Q.’s of Caucasians apparently evolved much later than the back-migration into Africa.” Firstly an IQ test is not a tell all, 100% full proof method of measuring one’s intelligence. You cannot dictate and limit the full abilities of an individual based on one numerical identity on one scale. And yes, White people have, on average, generated higher IQ scores than Black people, I won’t deny it. But my question to you sir, is when did the question of intelligence even become a point of discussion in your post. You posted about beauty. There are many types of beauty but they can be categorised under physical and internal. This post was strictly about physical appearance from the beginning. You chose to only focus on skin color and physical features. You had the audacity to say “those Ethiopians, they may have some white or asian in them, but it didn’t really help make them smarter”. I don’t even know where to begin to try and get you to understand how misguided that is.To the best of my ability, I’ve told you my opinion. There were commentators here who failed to see the clear mistakes in judgement you made and chose to talk about some arbitrary insignificant aspect like the size of an Asian man’s penis. Thank you.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I don’t think we disagree on too many things. Of course there are beautiful African women; I saw some while there. But if we take the consensus of those who date interracially (and I think their opinion, as evidenced by their dating habits, is about as valid as any when it comes to who is “attractive”), then it’s clear that there is a hierarchy. Black women, along with Asian men, are at the bottom. Black men and white/Asian women are at the top. Not only is this fact obvious to anybody who pays attention to the reality on the ground, but it’s even strongly promoted by powerful entities, such as the US government and the media. So if you’re bitter about it, you should complain to that demographic (interracial daters). I didn’t make the rules, and I had nothing to do with creating this reality; I only report it – sometimes in blunt terms.
      As for IQ, the fact that there are racial differences doesn’t tell us anything about particular individuals. Also, nobody denies that role environment can play in IQ.
      In any event, I do appreciate your polite, and thoughtful, comment.

      • AnEthiopianBeauty says:

        You don’t understand my point then. Yes you are just regurgitating the mass opinion of those in the West. To be clear, I have nothing against interracial dating and marriage. Everyone deserves to be with the person they love and treasure no matter their background. That is not the demographic I have something against. It’s the people who promote the idea of white beauty and supremacy. You are living in the now, and choose to live in a that mindset because it’s what is most prominently shown to you. I believe that the only way for people to move forward and appreciate all beauty instead of idealizing just one is to make people aware of the fact that this is the case. You shouldn’t be stuck on one way of thinking and epitomize one race as the beautiful, this is the type of mentality that white oppressors drilled into the minds of the societies they forced their way into in the past. Now they use media and propaganda to keep drilling this idea into the minds of the following generation. It’s not about you finding a few black women beautiful, it’s that you claimed the only reason they would be beautiful is because they reminded you of white women. Black women don’t need to be compared to whites to be considered beautiful, neither do Asian women, or any women of color. Your purpose in writing this blog, or in general may not be to promote equality and to change the way the world sees beauty, white beauty. But, it is mine. And just as you’re entitled to, as you said, report what is happening in the world, I can report what I believe should change. You just accept the fact that this is the way the world sees beauty and choose to live in it. But if you choose to take what is given to you and not question it, there is no way of moving forward. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not bitter about anything, I live my life in my truth. I’m passionate about something. I’m not angry about the way the world is. I’m angry that people are stuck and can’t seem to move forward.

  33. jewamongyou says:

    Re: anEthiopianbeauty,
    Let me clarify what I wrote above: I’ve seen beautiful African women who are true black Africans. In fact, I’ve seen beautiful women of all races. I’m more open minded about beauty than most other people, but it’s not my opinion that counts. Most people consider “black” women, who look more white, to be more attractive than pure black women. This is the consensus around the world. It’s definitely the consensus among American black males – who almost always date women who are lighter than themselves.
    What is the reason for this consensus? I don’t think it has to do with colonialism; it dates back at least to the times of the Bible, and I’ve written about this elsewhere.

  34. True Ethiopian says:

    To the creator of this blog(yes, you the Jew).
    First of all, I don’t judge anyone by his/her background. I only judge by his attitude and deeds. What I’ve seen from you is that you are racist, not matured, bad, etc….. You tried few times to be cleaver in your replies, but you aren’t. Accept that you are worthless, unwanted. Then, I felt sorry for what you Jewish suffered in WWII, but recently I’m not. Hitler was right on that thing. The genocide was aimed at giving humans some peace, but too bad not all of you were killed. Remember that you people didn’t have home for the past 2000 years. Isn’t that a shame? I’m really sorry for that, but you deserve it(since you people had tried that on others and still are doing it on the Palestistan).
    We Ethiopian are the first people on Earth. We had a great ancient and medieval civilization. I know that you are mad by this, but it’s a fact. We are a beautiful people just like our brothers/sisters Africans. Africa is a very big place, so the people in the north, south, east and west are different. Even in those regions, there are different kinds of people. There is great genetic diversity between the peoples of west Africa, than their is between China and England. My main point is instead of saying Ethiopians are beautiful because they have European features on them, why not say Europeans are beautiful, because they have Ethiopian features, since you came from Ethiopia. But this statement is not appropriate, since all people are beautiful.
    Whether you(whites) want to accept it or not, Ancient Egyptians were black. There was a great civilizations in the north, south, east and west Africa. Africa was place of many great civilizations. Read about it if you want. You whites never wants to accept it, but the past can’t be changed. So live with it with madness. We(Africans) may be poor this time, but it won’t continue like this. Remember that you Europeans were poor than us in the Ancient and Middle Ages. You were barbarians, don’t you remember. Now, you are talking our resources to make your countries great, but it won’t continue like this. “Today may be us, but tomorrow you will be”.
    This message is not for all whites, but for the people like you. Tebeda(it’s is Amharic)

    • jewamongyou says:

      It’s remarkable that you, with so much hatred, have the nerve to call me racist. I doubt you’re a real Ethiopian; you sound more like one of those “black Hebrews.” Also, I never wrote that Ethiopians have “European features.”

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