When Chinese cruelty meets African laziness

Actually, I have no evidence that the Africans were lazy; I just thought it would be an eye-catching headline.  In any event, it seems that some Chinese men have been accused of abusing native workers in Mozambique:

Maputo – Mozambique has revoked the visas of three Chinese men accused of beating construction workers with a hammer and scalding them with boiling oil, private newspaper O Pais reported on Friday.
“These Chinese are accused of inhumane acts against local employees of Nantong construction company,” the Ministry of Labour said in a statement, cited by the paper.
One of the accused, Lin Cheng, allegedly “flung boiling cooking oil on Mozambican workers,” it said.
Another, Cai Bingjun, “attacked his associates in several ways, using a hammer, a wooden plank and other work tools,” the ministry said.
The third, Wei Hongfeng, is accused of “having fired a Mozambican for discussing mistakes on his paycheque”.

If those same crimes had been committed in China, most likely the men would have gotten away with it.  But it appears that the mixing of cultures (diversity) didn’t work out very well in these cases.  Hopefully, back in China, those men will not be in a position to commit similar crimes (assuming they are actually guilty).
Incidentally, while in Madagascar, I met a woman who had been to Mozambique.  She told me that she had caught a man, red-handed, trying to pickpocket her.  This was in a crowded street and when the locals saw what had happened, they beat the living daylights out of that pickpocket.

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14 Responses to When Chinese cruelty meets African laziness

  1. Nyk says:

    The sooner the Blacks get occupied and mistreated by the Chinese and realize that whitey can protect them, is humane and mostly gentle to them — the better (for them and for us).

  2. dystiscian says:

    “The sooner the Blacks get occupied and mistreated by the Chinese and realize that whitey can protect them, is humane and mostly gentle to them — the better (for them and for us).”
    lol why would we want to do that.

  3. Jing says:

    You should know better Jew, that this is merely another in a long string of African lies. The black, in his childlike state that cannot distinguish between good and evil, lies and believes his lies with abandon.
    A alien individual, and a Chinese at that, amidst a sea of hostile Africans attacks and abuses them with no consideration of the consequences. If you even look at a black in America the wrong way, particularly among his peers, it means trouble. There is of course one way this is possible, that the abuser and the abusee both acknowledge that merciless reprisals will bet met out by the state against any sign of disobedience.
    As the PLA does not rule in Mozambique, it is as unlikely that a lone Chinese overseer would assault a group of Africans as a Boer would be willing to do the same. In the world of liberal fiction, the mass of passive childlike blacks live in fear of the predations of evil whites (and yellows!). In reality, we live in fear of them, and while brutal colonial rule may embolden us, the fear never really goes away.

    • jewamongyou says:

      The thought had occurred to me that these accusations were false. But in light of worker conditions in China, you never know.
      Do you have more details, or inside information, about these cases you want to share with us?

      • Jing says:

        The Chinese are a passive long suffering people who can and do take abuse. Conditions that would make a Chinese shrug and keep working for his paycheck would have others walking out in the first 15 minutes.
        This present story reminds me of this earlier report
        The telegraph article is better than most in that it at least reported the details whereas the likes of the NYT went straight to editorial mode about poor blacks not being paid a fair wage.
        Reality was that the black miners were not being paid for the days they weren’t mining. As a people accustomed to demanding something for nothing, they rioted over pay owed them for not working. What do you do when you have a mob of able bodied young black males hurling rocks and rioting at your place of business. Nothing in the US, but the Chinese management broke out the shotguns to defend themselves and their property.
        As what happens to Whites elsewhere, they were pilloried for it.

  4. The Other Eugenicist says:

    The Tanganyikan Ground Nuts Scheme.
    Keep reading until the bit about abandoned tractors.

    • jewamongyou says:

      That’s an amazingly instructive story – which I vaguely remember having read some time in the past. It’s especially instructive from a libertarian perspective.

      • The Other Eugenicist says:

        Low IQ individuals will spend an inordinate amount of time trying to avoid productive work and trying to achieve short-term rewards (like drunkenness, sexual activity, etc).
        The problem for any group then is what percentage of low IQ individuals do you have? By low IQ I mean below about 105. I think that La Griffe du Lion has suggested that progress in any group depends on the fraction who have an IQ of 105 and above.

      • a random user name says:

        The “smart fraction” theory also has implications for crime and criminal justice. While it is possible that corruption is possible and even common in countries with a high smart fraction, at least it is practical should they have enough intelligent people.
        In a place with a smaller smart fraction, incompetence abounds and that includes the police force. This makes it easier for criminal to get away with it, and they do.
        Even within countries, you have a brain drain as the cognitive elite move to where the money is, leaving the rest of the country starving for intelligent people who were previously able to benefit their own communities.

  5. Chiza says:

    Would you ever consider marrying a Black woman?

  6. jewamongyou says:

    Hey thanks folks! The comments to this post are a lot better than the post itself, which is not exactly my best work.

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