Our "golden years"

With both Asian and Hispanic populations rapidly increasing in the U.S., the elderly can look forward to a rosy future.  After all, according to practically everyone, both groups (and blacks, whose portion of the population is also steadily increasing) honor old people.  For example, Ohio State University’s website tells us:

Hispanic families instill in their children the importance of honor, good manners, and respect for authority and the elderly. Preserving the Spanish language within the family is a common practice in most Hispanic homes.

And the Pearson educational support site gives us the following breakdown of ethnic groups and their attitudes toward the elderly:

■ Traditional Chinese values place the family and society over the
individual. Many American-born Chinese may not be as traditional but still hold values of respect for elders and authority.
■ The oldest son has obligations toward the family and is expected
to respect and care for parents.
■ The tradition of “filial piety” is the value of total respect for the
family, especially the elders. This respect for elders was advocated by Confucius, the famous Chinese philosopher and many
Chinese and Chinese-American families choose to follow these
ancient principles.
■ Traditionally, elders are respected for their wisdom, experience,
and knowledge.
■ Elders, regardless of tribe, assume significant roles as teachers
and caretakers of the young.
■ Elders are given high respect in Vietnamese society. They are
considered the carriers of tradition, knowledge, and wisdom.
Age is considered an asset, not a liability.
■ Elderly grandparents and parents stay with the family for support
and care.
■ Elders may prepare meals and care for grandchildren if both the
husband and wife work.
■ In Vietnam, elders are the leaders and decision-makers in the
family and often sought for advice. When these elders move to
the U.S., they can become socially and culturally isolated for
many reasons (e.g., lack of English, age, lack of training for
work). In contrast, the younger family members become more
Americanized and may behave in ways their elders do not approve. This can create tension in families where elders feel ignored and not respected.
■ Elders are respected, obeyed and considered a source of wisdom.
■ To survive to old age is often considered an accomplishment reflecting personal strength, resourcefulness, and faith.
■ Elders are held in high esteem.
■ Old age is viewed as a positive time in the life of the elder.
■ Care for elders is provided by the extended family. It is expected
that children will care for their elderly parents.

And so it appears that all major immigrant groups feature respect for the elderly.  No wonder immigration is considered so important for our aging country!  Not only will young immigrants work and sustain the social security system, but they will also respect the aging white population.
Unfortunately, there is reason to doubt such an optimistic outlook.  Firstly, a largely Hispanic America is not likely to be as wealthy as a white America since “Per capita income of Hispanics is one half that of non-Hispanic whites, and household net worth is less than one tenth.”   With less wealth, there can be little doubt that the elderly will suffer.  Our current economic downturn has already illustrated this.  A recent Oregonian article spoke of the crisis many elderly Oregon homeowners now find themselves in now that there have been changes to the property tax deferral program.  The reason for the changes, according to the article, is lack of money in state coffers.
It wasn’t that long ago that Obama had seniors trembling with fear and “mad as hell”, when he threatened that social security checks might not arrive on time unless Congress “does the right thing”.  AARP will allow no concessions when it comes to established government programs for seniors:

AARP is adamant that Social Security and Medicare benefits must not be cut in any way as part of any deal to pay the nation’s bills and will continue our efforts to raise the voices of older Americans who rely on these programs for their health and financial security.” she added.

Eventually both the money and the will to provide government benefits will run out.  Even if we accept, at face value, the above claims that immigrant cultures honor the elderly, we should ask, “Whose elderly?”.  We would expect them to respect their own elderly – but this does not mean that the elderly of other groups and races enjoy the same respect.  It would be interesting to see the results of a study (where family involvement, and other variables, are controlled) showing levels of elder abuse at nursing homes by race.
Due to the fact that older people are much more active politically, the inevitable collapse of government social services for them will be delayed for some time.  But older people have a habit of dying.  There will come a time when they will simply be outvoted by a younger, nonwhite and hostile electorate.  Little by little, region by region, old white people will become politically irrelevant.  For those old white people who supported “diversity”, and naively believed that they could import foreigners to work for them in their old age, there will be poetic justice.  I do not feel much pity for them; they will reap what they sowed.  I do feel sorry for those who fought for the truth, worked hard to defend their nation but will still be left out in the cold.  There are a lot of elderly white people who raised children themselves but, through no fault of their own, have no grandchildren.
It will be up to the younger generation of whites to take care of those older whites, even if they are not related to them directly.  We cannot depend on government benefits much longer.
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  1. Georgia Resident says:

    I would be amused by the people who think we should have mass immigration to “save” social security, if their ideas weren’t taken seriously by practically everyone in government and the media.. Besides the fact that, even if it worked exactly as the open borders enthusiasts claimed, it would only kick the problem down the road (as the contributors to social security eventually become beneficiaries when they retire, presumably requiring either Mexican-style breeding habits or further waves of mass immigration), it ignores a number of salient facts that apply to the immigrant situation in the US. For one, their assumptions typically ignore that many illegals work under the table and a lot of guest workers are exempt from US FICA (if they pay into their home countries’ national pension plans), as well as the numerous costs they impose on other government services and society at large.
    More importantly, the question arises of why younger, nonwhite people would vote to pay for the retirement benefits of older white people who are not of their race and culture in the long term. This is something that advocates of mass immigration to ensure the short-term solvency of social security typically ignore. Then again, a lot of these people just don’t think about the future in the first place.

  2. a random user name says:

    It seems that a lot of the baby boomer generation (and older) are those who trust the talking heads on TV, and what they read in the newspapers. So when the talking heads tell them that they need to import migrant workers to do all this work because their generation failed to reproduce, they believe it.
    I do know one thing – it’s the generations that follow the baby boomer generation who will end up paying for their idiocy. Oh well, when they get done “spending our kids’ inheritance” and there is no social security to bail them out… don’t come crying to me.
    Putting your family first is something that is a good policy now and will be even more important in the future when hard times hit. Sometimes you have to just suck it up and realize that if your own parents are selfish, then you have to start afresh with your own kids and work extra hard. In the end you will have a strong family who respect their ancestors for good reason, and you will have a life you can be proud of. What goes around comes around though.

  3. Good points. I was not aware of some of these issues. Pretty shocking.
    Now this also has to do with men’s rights. Good serious men get fleeced by family court and arrested for routine false abuse, rape, domestic violence accusations.
    This is one of the reasons why the good serious guys marry less and don’t have children.
    Most likely the good, honest hard working NAM has less children then the lower class non-productive ones. We really have a negative genetic selection.

  4. The Other Eugenicist says:

    And yet the Closer seems to be obsessed with Serbian, or is that Croatian, or is that Albanian war criminals … and Hollywood keeps telling us that there are black computer geniuses out there, and female computer super hackers …

  5. china says:

    About the subject, i liked to know if you are familiar with the works of Revilo P. Oliver, specially The Jewish Strategy.
    If you are, what you thinking about that?

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