Will black Africans mix with Aborigines in Australia?

Well folks, I think my writer’s block is starting to ease up a little.  An article on Amren peaked my curiosity.  Given the parallels, in criminality, between black Africans and Aborigines, to what extent will the two populations mix?  My guess is that, in general, they wouldn’t get along.  But this doesn’t mean they won’t mix and, when they do mix, it will usually be an African father with an Aboriginal mother.  I say this because the Aboriginal alcohol problem puts their men at a disadvantage.  Furthermore, black African men do not like their own women very much; given the opportunity, they’ll usually take a non black-African woman.
It will be interesting to see how the offspring of such unions fare. My guess is that, with a few exceptions, they won’t fare very well.*
I visited Australia once, taking the train from Sydney to Adelaide and then north to Darwin.  Here are a couple of photos from that trip:

Myself with a couple of Aborigines I was chatting with in Alice Springs.  Yes, it was hot!

Some Aboriginal women in Alice Springs.  Not seen are the booze bottles.

* A few months ago, I vowed to go through my old posts and soften the language a bit.  I also vowed to remove some extraneous posts, and those that dealt with passing circumstances. So this one has been edited.

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  1. Nyk says:

    Great HBD pics – not only the Aboriginals, but also if there is anyone who looks Jewish in this world, it’s you! Jews are undoubtedly White, contrary to what Stormfront Nazis claim, although there are probably some phenotypes which are distinctly Jewish, given the relative reproductive isolation of Jews throughout history.
    I’m not so sure Aboriginal women would be attractive enough to Blacks (as White, I find Black women to be on average more attractive than Aboriginal ones). If anything, I would expect women to be intrigued by men with such an exotic ‘primitive’ look (no negative connotations intended, but I can’t find other words to describe it).
    Have you seen any attractive unmixed Aboriginal girls over there?

  2. Georgia Resident says:

    Are there a lot of Black Africans in Australia? I was under the impression that most of the immigrants there were from East Asia, India, or the Middle East.

    • Before I moved to South Africa (yes, I am a contrarian..!) I lived in Australia (Sydney) until 1991 – it was virtually unknown to see a black African at that time. I have family and friends there so I visit for a few weeks every year and now its common to see Black Africans, most seem to be Somali, Ethiopian, or Southern Sudanese extraction who sneak in via some bogus “refugee” loophole.
      A few years back a Prof Fraser (Canadian) at one of the Sydney universities wrote a letter to a major newspaper criticising – on the basis of blacks proven high rates of criminality everywhere – the governments policy of encouraging black “refugees”. Wow, this poor guy was swamped by a tsunami of “outrage” and “self righteousness” from the usual suspects. The university originally backed him saying they didnt agree with him (why not?) but he was entitled to his personal views. Of course they caved-in and, despite plaintive grovelling and retractions, the racist prof eventually had to take “early retirement”.
      I dont get to see many or have had interactions with them because I am fortunate to be able to stay in an upmarket area but a few years back I visited a friend in Adelaide and I recall reading or hearing that the crime rate in this once very peaceful and law-abiding small state capital had jumped since an influx of these wonderful “cultural enrichers”, virtually all of whom seem to be young males btw. I saw an incident, or aftermath of an incident, outside a popular pub. A young white guy (presumably an employee) was standing outside talking to a very sulky looking group of about 8 youthful and vibrant cultural enrichers – he seemed to be grovelling and bending over blackwards (sic) to mollify them after they had obviously been stopped from entering the pub for some reason.

  3. Fenris says:

    As long as black men can get access to white and asian women they will eschew aboriginals they have all the negative charecteristics of black women only more so and there is no common culture to draw them together. I can see it going the other way to a degree aboriginal men mating with black women left behind by black male out marriage. Black men out marry succesfully why would they marry down, black women on the other hand face a pretty desperate marriage situations.

    • Jenhi says:

      Do not generalise, not all black men choose white and asian women over black women, men who are from Africa don’t the classic example is Obama, it is only the self hating African American and Black European male who spout on about racism and then turn around and marry a white woman, Caribbean and Black European tend not find East Asian women attractive unless they are mixed with black, South Asian women are more to their liking. Successful black women are following suite quietly, there are quite a few black women who are married to white billionaires, such as Geroge Lucas, Robert De Niro, David Bowie, Wolfgang Pack, Roger Ebert, Matt Stone, Dirk Nowitzki, Justin Chambers, Peter Norton etc, all of which have married dark skinned black women, but the press don’t seem to highlight this, that is probably because the black women are choosing to marry a higher calibre of white males in comparison to white women who are marring show biz, sports types, which the press is all over, where as some like Peter Norton who is the founder of Norton Security will be ignored by the press, so people like you don’t realize that millionaire white guys are actually marrying dark skinned black women, but I can assure you it is definitely happening, well at least for black women of African descent, I can’t speak for Aboriginal women.

  4. I like the faces of aboriginal people.

  5. Larry says:

    I doubt these two populations will cross paths to a significant degree. At least when I was there, I didn’t see a single black African.

  6. Kiwiguy says:

    Professor Andrew Fraser got in hot water and basically retired early because of comments he made about the Sudanese in Australia. He saw a typically celebratory article about some newcomers & responded with a letter to his local paper saying increasing their numbers was a sure fire way to raise the crime rate. He actually got quite a fair interview on Australian National Radio – here is the transcript.
    In terms of how those groups will get on with the locals, my prediction would be that the males will clash in rival gangs.

  7. Robert T. Jones says:

    This is probably the only African/Non-African mix that would produce offspring more intelligent and less disfunctional than the Non-African parent.
    While I suspect Abo women would go for African men, I doubt there would be much chemistry between Abo men and African women.

  8. Has anybody noted just how much like a southern Indian (tribal, although some Dravids also) the guy on the far right of the first photo looks?

  9. a.n.animus says:

    I would like to see a picture of an attractive Aboriginal woman. Not a mixed
    Euro-Abo or Asian-Abo, but a pure one who most men would consider at least reasonably attractive.
    Not to be unkind, but the photos of Aboriginal women I’ve seen were all quite unattractive. I’ve seen attractive Black women, even ones who look more African (in general the attractive Black women I’ve seen have looked more Caucasoid than Negroid) but I have no concept of an attractive Abo.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I doubt there are very many attractive Aboriginal women. When I was there, I asked an Aussie if most mixed marriages involve Aboriginal men and white women. I think he understood what I meant and he found the question, which he did not answer, very rude.
      Of course in the early days, when white women were simply not to be found, it would have been white men and Aboriginal women.

      • APE BRAIN says:

        Ah please give me a break, you white men will f**k any woman and anything, even the so called ugly African and Aborigine women, how do you think the first mixed race kids came to be 200 years ago, it was the mating of white males and black or aborigine females. As for the Jewish male they will f**K the ugly black woman too, that is why a tribe in South Africa has the Cohen Modal Haplotype, an indicator of Jewish ancestry, how do you think that foreign dna got to be there?. Why is it that you white men will engage in sexual activity with a African or Aborigine female that you deem to be some sort of ape or at best sub -human. why would you whites do that if you adhere to the ape sub human school of thought about the black race….oh silly me, my inferior ape black brain just had an epiphany, it is because of your perverse nature that is why.

        • jewamongyou says:

          I never did buy that “Cohen gene” story. I think it’s based on politics, not science. But yes, men of any race will have sex with any women that are available to them. I’ve already pointed this out.

  10. AnonAustralian says:

    I was in a welfare office once when a crazy, possibly drunken Aboriginal women started ranting loudly, eventually turning on a nearby African woman and yelling repeatedly “I don’t like Africans!” and telling her to go back to her home country. Nobody stepped in, less out of cultural sensibilities and more because the Aboriginal woman looked ready and willing to fight (and she was very sturdy, much like the women in the picture.)
    I know a few Sudanese immigrants in Australia. I don’t think they’d intermarry with Aboriginals if you held a gun to their head. They tend to marry within their own communities, and have extremely low opinions of Aboriginals. In fact, so do most non-white immigrant groups to Australia.

    • Jenhi says:

      There are lots of Sudanese in Britain and they and the West Indian population don’t integrate, because of cultural differences. African men also tend to marry their own women. Wealthy black Nigerians marry Nigerian women as well, it is only the self hating African American and Black British males that chase after white women.

      • I think one of the main reasons they chase after white women is that by f****** white women they are showing their dominance over “whitey”, ie, white men, who they hate.

  11. IQ says:

    Interesting. Black Africans and Aborigines are the two most genetically distant groups of humans. FST (measure of genetic distance):
    Sub-Saharan African (Bantu) vs. Australopapuan (Aborigine): 0.33
    Sub-Saharan African (Bantu) vs. Eurasian (English): 0.24
    Human vs. Neanderthal: <0.08
    Human vs. Homo erectus: 0.17
    Common chimpanzee vs. Bonobo: 0.05–0.2
    Source: doi:10.1016/j.mehy.2009.07.046
    I uploaded the PDF of this study here:
    How relevant is this to African-Aborigine hybrids? I don't know enough yet about genetics to be able to say.

    • Asé says:

      Australian Aborigines are of the first groups of Africans who first left the continent of Africa over 70-100,000 years ago. The only difference is that Australian Aborigines obtained some Neanderthal and some possible Denisovan DNA along the way to Australia and their gene pools have remained isolated from each(Africans & Australians) other due to distance. Other than that, they are pretty much the same, just like there are indigenous native Black Africans who are still Black Africans/Negroid but have different phenotypes and or genotypes.

  12. Slightly OT, but worth mentioning here.
    I cannot find any reference to this on the internet but I read this in a library. Back in the 1960’s a female researcher had the idea of doing IQ tests on orphaned or abandoned Aboriginal children living in outback mssion stations. Many of these children had varying degrees of white genes (although all were unaware of their parentage). As one might expect those with the white genes had higher IQ’s than the full-blood Abos but what was most surprising is that even a small infusion of white genes (say one-sixteenth) raised their IQ by much more than might be expected.
    I mention this because it has often been remarked that black “Americans” (who have on average only about 20% white genes) have significantly higher IQ’s (compared to their black African “bruthas”) than might be expected and liberals focus on this anomaly to discredit IQ tests as “unreliable” or “culturally biased”. And/or they use it to say “with just a little more understanding and education and less discrimination” the black IQ would be also be 100.
    Has anyone else read about this research or can throw some light on it?

    • Emma says:

      Both you and the researcher who undertook the IQ test are very stupid with very low IQ. Use your common sense. How can you base an IQ test on white cultural,and then give it to someone from a totally different culture and then condemn the person for getting a low percentage on the white based IQ test.
      What if i was to give you an IQ test based on indigenous culture such as lifestyles, survival skills and just general aboriginal intelligence. Who will get the higher IQ?
      Another thing is that the mix raced were most likely brought up by white or westernized parents/guardians who taught them the western ways. Mind you, maths, English, grammar and things like that are insignificant to aboriginal and many African culture unless they are westernized and have taken on the western perspective in life and do things their way.
      I don’t believe that color has anything to do with intelligence but how, where and by whom you were brought up. Im sure the average white Australian student would do better than an average Romanian student in any IQ test though they are both white.
      IQ test need to be based on culture and up bringing not generalized.
      ALSO..I can not stress it enough… the researcher is so stupid! Back in the 1960’s the blacks in America and Aboriginals were heavily oppressed. The blacker the skin the worst the rejection and oppression. And you expect them to perform up to and beyond the standard of a child who is living comfortable in a loving home, where they are feed everyday and know that there is hope in the future.
      We white people (incl myself) need to be reasonable and put our self in other people circumstances (regardless of color) before judging.

      • jewamongyou says:

        Modern I.Q. tests are culture-neutral. Furthermore, if the I.Q. tests are biased in favor of whites, then how do you explain that Northeast Asian consistently do better on them than whites? How do you explain that blacks, adopted by whites in infancy, score lower than whites (when tested after puberty)? How do you explain that, even when the parents thought their adopted children where pure black, those children who actually had one white parent scored higher on I.Q. tests?

      • Emma shrilled….
        “Another thing is that the mix raced were most likely brought up by white or westernized parents/guardians who taught them the western ways.”
        The researcher in question made it very clear that both the full Aborigines and the mixed-race children were abandoned as babies and had been entirely brought up in the mission stations. Therefore they had all had the same “westernised” Christian upbringing. This is why she chose to do her research there in order that knee-jerk cultural Marxists could not later rubbish her findings on the false premise that you just did.
        Ironic that you should ridicule myself and the researcher as “very low IQ” when in your shrill sanctimonious manner you insist that IQ tests are useless. Or are they only so when applied to the dark races? Since, as Jay pointed out, NE Asians seem to manage “culturally biased” tests very well, but you want your beloved Abos to be tested (if at all) on totally different criteria like jumping through hoops, such as we might test a dogs intelligence – would it not make more sense, and be ultimately kinder to them, not to judge Abos as we would fully-evolved modern humans, but rather as a relic species of pre-modern human like Homo Erectus?

    • Woomera Richard says:

      IQ exams are only the ability to take a bloody test and not a measure of native intelligence. Indigenous peoples of Australia have managed to survive well for thousands of years in the Outback making a lot or so much with so little and never became extinct. This clearly indicates some kind of remarkable unique intelligence. Get a non-aboriginal bloke out in these conditions and see how long he’d last mate. These IQ (ignorant quacks) tests is the indicator of a certain mindset of a particular people and not a measure of any bleeding intelligence. Get it right mates!

    • Asé says:

      You and the author have a lack of understanding of intelligence. Overall intelligence cannot be rated by “IQ” tests. There are different forms of or types intelligence that exist such as “EQ” intelligence which is empathetic intelligence, understanding people and things in your environment and balance of knowing how to co-exist in an unbiased and balanced way. Empathetic intelligence deals with level or ability to coexistence peacefully with others and your environment without need of aggressive behavior or just an overall ability to empathize with others. All humans don’t have the same level as this, and yes it IS a form of intelligence.
      People with low “EQ” are usually psychotic & psychopathic which are both detrimental attributes. For example they are people who are highly intelligent, have high IQ’s but are calculated murderers, killers, rapists, manipulators, etc.
      There are people who have high IQ’s but are racists and bigots, high IQ people who destroy the environment, and the very planet we live on and people with high IQ’s but have NO common sense.
      On the other hand there are people with low IQ’s who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, people who can break down and or rebuild complex machinery, create multi million dollar businesses, and many other remarkable things.
      There is also spiritual, techno-natural, supernatural intelligence, cosmic intelligence or awareness, and others which also applies to human beings. And people who are naturally gifted with these abilities.
      So no, IQ tests are not a definitive test of overall intelligence by any means.

  13. Nation of recidivists, larcenists and zealots these bloody colonial immigrants stealing the wealth and health of the Aborigines, go back from whence yee ancestors came villeins.

    • destructure says:

      Before the “colonial immigrants” showed up the abo life expectancy was about 30. They ran around butt naked with their junk flopping everywhere. And they ate their own children. So cut the “victim” baloney. No one buys it, son.

      • I find it hard to believe there is any evidence about what the approximate lifespan of those people was, were any studies ever conducted and preserved? I am not trusting anecdotal evidence when it comes to something like what the lifespan was back then.

      • Emma says:

        Hey this is a discussion no need for anyone here to get nasty or racist. I’m not Aboriginal but i have done Indigenous Australian studies as i am very interested in their culture. The statement you have made is totally false.
        Aboriginal people had the longest life expectancy before white settlement. They lived a very natural, happy and healthy life style. They were known even by the whites as very moral and family orientated people. To get rid of many of these strong ethics and moral alcohol was introduced and encouraged by the whites.
        I have plenty of research, studies and statistic which will help you understand life before the settlement.
        If you are interested i can email you.
        Take care

        • jewamongyou says:

          I may have been mistaken about their life-expectancy. But, of course, Aboriginals were never a single, monolithic, people. So there may have been huge differences between them in this respect. Can you provide some links please?

      • Emma bleated….
        “To get rid of many of these strong ethics and moral alcohol was introduced and encouraged by the whites.”
        Why would Victorian-era whites – who aspired to much higher moral and ethical standards than we do today, and would have obviously admired those same traits in other societies – want to change Abos from their original (and allegedly) strongly “moral and ethical” behaviour to today’s filthy, drunken and abusive rabble of neer-do-wells that totter around in Australian cities and flop down in nice tidy parks?
        In your Marxist-indoctrinated mind whites are the original source of all the evil in this world, thats what you (have been led by the nose to) believe, I am right am I not?

      • Woomera Richard says:

        Somebody really got it backwards.Before (colonists) made the scene in Australia the Aboriginal life expectancy was higher not lower. With all the bloody diseases the early Euros brought to the unspoiled lands the original peoples were not immune and gradually died off.And no Aboriginal ever ate their own children; for one thing they never had to; they were excellent hunters and gatherers. Everything was plentiful in those precolonial times. Everybody knows that. As far as being “victims”, of course they were victims. Any moron can see that. With those sub-human barbarian minded imbeciles from Europe murdering groups of Aborigine men, women and children for nothing while rudely taking away their hunting grounds, what else can they be but victims yer mug. These clowns from Europe not only thoughtlessly wiped out the original people on Tasmania but needlessly caused the extinction of a unique form in the Thylacine or (Tasmanian tiger/wolf) blaming the animal for killing sheep and livestock when it was proven the feral dogs were the main culprit. It was only when it was too late did they attempt to save that exotic bred of wildlife from extinction. Yea mate, it would behoove one to get thy head out of thy ass.

  14. afroriginal says:

    I, for one, am an african/aboriginal mix & I look quite gorgeous, if I don’t say so myself! I look light years better than the jew boy up there in the photo

    • jewamongyou says:

      Good for you. Am I right that your father is African and your mother Aboriginal?

    • Woomera Richard says:

      To: afroriginal:
      Are ya really mate? I met a full blooded sharp looking Aborigine woman at Fremantle, Perth, Australia who graduated from the University of Kentucky. Never met an African/Aboriginal mix. I often wondered if there were any.Tell you what…and I take it you’re a lady…next time you choose to send a reply, send your photo or you can ask for my email address. I’m really curious. In Melbourne Black American sailors off the USS Ranger were posing for photos and dancing with young Aboriginal girls at a dance club. In a shuttle to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean a white sailor boastfully told me how he once was kissing, smooching and making out with an Aborigine girl he met while down under. I asked him if he made love to her and he said no,

  15. She (assuming it is a she) certainly seems to have inherted the negroid trait of extreme narcissism probably over-rating her looks. Amren ran that very topic recently.

    • Carolyn says:

      Negroid trait of extreme narcissism?!!! Are you completely insane?!!! Black people are not the ones who went on a rampage killing off people of races in order to have some form of conformity. Or “perfect race.” Now if you ask me that is narcissism right there!! Don’t be a Muppet.

      • jewamongyou says:

        If you look at sub-Saharan Africa today, you’ll notice that it’s almost completely black. It wasn’t always this way. Much of the continent used to be inhabited by pygmies and Khoisan peoples. Expanding Bantus killed off most of them. In fact, they’re still at it today. They’re killing off pygmies and whites; anybody who is not black like them. You should also study the history of Haiti. Blacks there killed off all non-blacks.

  16. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Seed of Japheth,
    In reality, you don’t even need actual studies; there is no way their life expectancy was much longer than 30 considering how they lived. All primitive, indigenous peoples have low life expectancies. How could it be otherwise? They had no modern medicine, they roamed about naked and vulnerable to insects, they practiced self-mutilation and the climate was often harsh.
    Furthermore, we can get average life expectancies from human remains. We don’t have to actually be there to see them die.

    • Emma says:

      So you actually believe that we live longer now because of medicine? That is a total lie. Yes the indigenous people had no artificial medication but they had natural medication. In fact there was hardly sickness because they lived a very happy life style. Where there was sickness it was minor and they knew how to treat them using natural remedies.
      There is no need to avoid providing studies because they are very MANY studies on indigenous way of life and life expectancy before white settlement. I will photocopy MANY and send them to you via email.
      I’m not Aboriginal but i have done Indigenous Australian studies as i am very interested in their culture.
      Aboriginal people had long life expectancy before white settlement. They lived a very natural, happy and healthy life style. They were known even by the whites as very moral and family orientated people. To get rid of many of these strong ethics and moral alcohol was introduced and encouraged by the whites.
      I have plenty of research, studies and statistic which will help you understand life before the settlement.
      If you are interested i can email you.
      Take care

      • jewamongyou says:

        All you have is hard copies of that research? Perhaps you can scan them and send them as .jpg documents.

      • After she has died a horrible slow poisoning death from the “natural medications” prescribed by her local Aboriginal witch doctor, the shoutingly strident but unutterably naive Emma should be freeze-dried and put on display in a glass cabinet in a suitable public institution – together with all her worthless “research, studies and statistic” (sic) – as a warning to future white students of the dangers posed by rampant leftist academic indoctrination. Not to mention the shamefull waste of public funds on loony-left “research” that attempts to attribute advanced civilisational qualities to savage and primitive non-cultures like her beloved, but in reality hideous, Abos.

      • Lamb Swanky says:

        This all true, the aboriginals were very healthy people, as well as family orientated, and this is why drugs and alcohol were introduced to them, as well as the fact that European disease fucked their immune systems big time, I am Australian, and have gone through school and university with the knowledge of my country’s history, as I am an archaeologist, ancient history major (human civilisation, culture, lifestyle ect is covered) I can tell you that DNA remains can conclude this, as does a lot of my work in North, south, and Central America, and a similar thing occurred. I also love languages, so I study them from time to time, and I obviously find it easy to link the early European languages together (it’s not actually easy, it’s taken 5 years of hard pleasure study) but nonetheless, all ancient and modern languages have similar or the same general roots. FUN…

        • jewamongyou says:

          Due to the excessive expletives and insults in your other comment, I did not approve it. I don’t consider myself good-looking, and I have no problem being called “ugly”, so I feel free to use it with others – in a general sense. As for the mating habits of African men, they’re obvious for all to see the world over. Obama’s father is a good example.

    • Paul Insco says:

      I know this is 5 yrs later but I have to fix this guys ignorant post. Almost all indigenous peoples lived to be from 80-110 yrs old. Living off the land provides you with clean water(most of the time) frest food daily, plenty of unpolluted plants and animals to consume. Do even 20 min of research into the paleo diet(and that’s what the abo’s ate), and you’ll see it’s probably the healthiest diet on earth. When you are healthy you don’t get sick. That equals a strong and long life.

  17. aaa says:

    ive seen drunk abbos and drunk sudanese aka soods there is no reason why they shouldn’t mix since they have alot in common IE drinking, bashing, robbing, chroming, drug abuse ive already witnessed this from soods and abbos so i believe there’s no reason why abbos and soods wouldn’t get along

    • Difference is a choice says:

      All walks of life no matter the ethnicity suffer from crime drinking drugs etc the only thing that makes these groups seem worse is the how the media and history portray them point blank

    • Emma says:

      That is a racist terrible comment. Yes every culture have crime, drinking and drugs and Yes some culture are worst than the others BUT its not culture that determines whether a person drinks takes drugs or is involved in drugs.
      I would hope that some one who claims to be as smart as you are would no that its a person’s circumstance, up bringing and life experiences that cause them to engage in substance abuse and therefore may display aggressive behavior. The Sudanese and Aboriginal people you saw, as well as the white people who you see with the same struggles are people who if people care enough to talk to will find out have been through a lot of difficult and even inhumane situations in life.

      • jewamongyou says:

        I don’t care if a comment is “racist”. I care if it is true. Can you prove that culture has nothing to do with substance abuse? Intuition, and life-experience tell me otherwise.

      • Asé says:

        @Jewamgongyou, Indeed there were/are different stimulants or addictive substances or herbs that exist/ed in Australia and in the Americas. Natives normally have/had an extensive knowledge of substances that occur in nature that can be used stimulants. Anyone of those stimulants or “drugs” could’ve been a problem for Indigenous Native Americans or Indigenous Aborigines for thousands of years before Europeans arrived.
        Why didn’t Native Americans and Aborigines have these problems until Europeans arrived? They had a long enough time to develop them before their arrival.

  18. cosinus says:

    Watching the first picture, I just can’t believe there are whites out there still saying we are all the same.
    It is not only the skin-color, as we know.
    Just look at the faces, how they are shaped and – how long they were separated. All this time formed completely different face-structures and it was not enough to influence the brian at all?

    • APE BRAIN says:

      cosinus says: In spite of having the so called superior brain you really fail to understand that even the whites who chant ‘we are all the same’ are racists too, what their unconscious is saying that they cannot accept any one unless they are the same. To be truly free of racism one has to be able to say that in spite of the physical differences,achievements etc i am ok with these people, and not use the these differences to go on murderous rampages, or to use the excuse ‘oh well they haven’t contributed anything towards the sciences so they should be exterminated. Do you really believe that this white supremacy crap wouldn’t be used by whites against other whites not deem intelligent enough, it is only a matter of time.

  19. Noachideous. says:

    Hildebrand is a Zionist of the ‘left’ persuasion. His job is to assist in the diasporisation of mankind by making accusations of ‘racism’ against those who do not appreciate the works of zionist jews. If I’m wrong then certain jews seem happy to play kapo and enforcers for the ‘man’ or entity that runs the show. Hildebrand is employed by the morlochian murdoch press. He would claim to be an ‘anti-fascist’ meaning to imply that he opposes ‘fascists’ who, he feigns to assert, are any group of people who do not wish to play in a zionist playpen as raceless noachides.
    A new generic culture of hiphop and malady ka ka shite is being manufactured for the new plebian goyim for whom self governance is denied. Only the illusion exists known as a kapocracy, governance by proxy by the worst amongst the generic bipedal humanoid.
    Who gives a shit whether aborigines are ‘intelligent’ or not. They are following their path and destiny and oppress no-one. They especially do not feel themselves “Chosen”… Kudos the the Black Fellas for this.

  20. Noachideous. says:

    Sorry Fella. That was meant to be for Amren.
    You seem to be a friend of the Goyim by the way, like Morris, Bro Kapner and a few others.
    You don’t have to be a ‘jew’…… It is an invention and a social construct.

  21. Teri says:

    Actually, there are already people with Australian and African ancestry. And they are actually quite beautiful and intelligent, just as blacks and Australian Aboriginals are.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Personally I think she’s a bit weird looking. But with all that makeup she’s presentable.

      • Mayafoe says:

        Dude, you thing SHE is weird looking? have you looked in a mirror? you look like a black-haired retarded Arnold Schwarzenegger, and your ears stick out like the doors of a taxi-cab. From one Jew to another, you need a bit more love in your world-view. We’re all people. Our cultures are all at various levels of development, for a variety of reasons, (none of them being genetic- read “why the west rules”, by head professor at Staford), and everyone has unique genetic benefits to share, hopefully as far and wide as possible.

        • jewamongyou says:

          I never claimed to be handsome, but I find it ironic that you insult me and then turn around and say I need more love in my world-view. Obviously, you need more love in your world-view. You seem so confident that there are no genetic components to racial differences in ability. Clearly you’re a creationist; you can’t believe in evolution and, at the same time, deny group differences in ability. I’ll check out the book though, if you’ll clarify which one you’re talking about. Is it the one by Ian Morris?

  22. For Emma…!
    Is this the sort of “natural medication” you think should be sanctioned or even subsidised by Medicare?

  23. Educating Emma Pt 2
    This happened recently in Africa – undoubtedly the same (probably much worse, given an IQ of 54) went on in the wondefully pristine and harmonic Aboriginal “society” before the evil white man put a stop to it.

  24. Pete says:

    Duhhh, ever heard of Jamal Idris Anyone? Rugby player? Half Ab, half Nigerian.
    He’s not ugly in my opinion.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Ugly and beautiful are relative terms. Some folks are of the opinion that there should be no losers. Only winners. They’re the ones who want to get rid of competitive sports in schools, who refuse to acknowledge mental defects for what they are, and who are blind to the inequalities that are inherent in all of us. I, on the other hand, accept that we’re not all equally beautiful. Not all races are equal in beauty, strength or intelligence. Not all mixes produce equal outcomes either. If you find some individuals who buck the trend, it proves nothing. Also, I’m betting that Idris’ father was Nigerian and his mother Abo. Can you show me individuals whose mothers are black and whose fathers are Abo?

      • Pete says:

        I wasn’t trying to make any point at all. Just contributing to the discussion by showing another example of of Ab-African mix, and commenting about the particular individual. And yes, father is the Nigerian. No need to actually use derogatory term “Abo”, that has nothing to do with being a race realist. But perhaps you’re not intending to be nasty, and just find it a to useconvenient shortening of aboriginal. It is too bad that that’s a convenient word to use, but also deemed very derogatory. I think the actual tone you use is important.
        You might find this an intersting resource; http://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks/e00063.html. And here’s an intersting quote; “there was a woman whose skin, when free from dirt and smoke, was of a bright copper colour; her features were pleasing, and of that kind of turn, that had she been in any European settlement, no one would have doubted her being a Mulatto Jewess.” (what does he mean by mulatto though, half european half jew?).
        Another interesting study http://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks02/0200251h.html
        And here’s something you might find interesting; http://www.npatheory.com/

        • jewamongyou says:

          I didn’t mean to be derogatory and I wasn’t aware that “Abo” was derogatory. Don’t see why it should be, as it’s simply a shortened version of Aborigine. By the same token, “Paki” shouldn’t be derogatory either. Like you say, tone is important.

    • APE BRAIN says:

      Just checked Jamal Idris is certainly not ugly in fact he is quite good looking, he looks more like a Caribbean or African American with the gaze of aboriginal eyes, I think aborigines have beautiful sparkly eyes.

  25. Leslie says:

    One person’s opinion or theory can sink a ship in the ocean if it depended on accuracy to keep it
    afloat especially when it comes to figuring out why one culture does things differently than
    another. Everything and everybody has a reason and purpose to live in this world, just like
    different flowers bring their beauty into the world. People who like daisies can’t put
    someone who likes roses down. This is the worst topic I ever read in my life and I have read
    many racist topics in my lifetime. The white man has for centuries tried to dehumanize any
    race of people who doesn’t look like him and they went as far as to dehumanize people who
    did look like him when Hitler put 2 million Jewish people to death. Who in their right mind
    cares if a Sudenese marries an aboriginie? I’ll tell you who… whites who are afraid of
    a super race evolving that will wipe out his own race. This is something the white man
    should have thought about when he brought the first slave ship to the USA and intermingled
    with African Women producing offspring. However, this wasn’t a worry because men are strongly
    sexual creatures who will in a heartbeat have a harem of women. White men for centuries have
    been colonializing other civilizations, enslaving people, stealing their lands and raping their
    women and children of other cultures, but protecting and being over-protective of his own
    white women not wanting other races especially anyone of African decent to interbreed with
    the white woman. A super race is the fear of the white man, that is why he didn’t want
    blacks in the slavery era to learn how to read. He introduced alcohol and drugs to Africans,
    drugs infiltrate black society and aboriginie society today. Why should an African marry a
    aboriginie woman… well that is none of anyones business that the two should meet up, fall
    in love and marry…just like it isn’t anyone’s business when a white man chooses to marry
    an aboriginie woman, asian or black. Every race has it’s own up’s and downs, negative
    sides. However, people fail to focus on the beauty of every culture. This world can not
    move forward to a utopian level as long as hatred for the other races cease to exist.
    There is nothing wrong with studiying someones culture if you are intrigued and want to
    learn their way of life, but putting others down thinking that your way of life is better
    only makes a fool out of you. Because someones skin is darker does not affect his IQ
    level… who in their right mind believes that melanin levels or pigmentation makes
    someone less inteeligent is unintelligent themselves. People have their own ways of
    living and surviving and because some people still today live in mud huts, shacks and
    even the ghetto’s of the world does not make them unintelligent. As for Africans and
    blacks all over they have made great strides with their inventions and medical
    breakthroughs. So those that tell the world that because a black man performed the
    first successful heart transplant, that whites are in a stuper and trail behind.
    Do some research on some of the black inventors and do more research on the things
    positive that aborginies have accomplished. Stop worrying about the super-race
    because from the looks of things this world is not going to last much longer in
    it’s present condition, we should be worrying about the ozone layer, and how to
    protect people from natural disasters. But the war must go on between people
    who differ and that is one of the biggest reasons why this world will cease to
    exist because of the hatred and ignorance of God’s children.

  26. Pete says:

    Add to that “Jap”, and I’m sure there are others. I agree with you, and I agree with you’re comments in the first response too. Even N*gger just derives from negro and shouldn’t be offensive per se IMO. I know it wasn’t necessarily derogatory decades ago, for instance white sympathisers of MLK sometimes actually used the word. Here’s a half jew half aboriginal; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTxsNwxGzi4
    What a moron.
    And if you didn’t know, there have been reports of major conflicts between africans and aborigines, a few years ago aborigines and sudanese were brawling with eachother at a soccer match in the NT.

    • Leslie says:

      I am sorry I live in a world with a bunch of ignorant bigots that don’t have enough sense to know that the word N*gger and Negro have two different meanings. N*gger means just what it is… it is a disparaging term used to offend any dark skinned race of people. The term Negro literally means the color black. If anyone look at most African American people skin color… they will see many different shades. Some African American’s are just as pale as a caucasoid, some are dark to light brown complexed and anything in between. The African American person is the color of every color in this world and some have straight to curly or kinky hair. And it is not all due to race mixing.
      African American are people created by God just like everyone else, in fact research has shown that most every other race spawned from the first man and woman “Adam and Eve” who was considered to be dark skinned.
      Why such hatred for the black man… is it the fear of the angry black man syndrome. You feel because all of the atrocities whites have inflicted on black people that they are going to rise up in revenge.
      Are you made because perhaps you see black men marrying white women? there is a flipside to it all…white men marry black women. If you secretly desire to date or marry a black woman, why don’t you drop the racist attitude and open your mind and heart and maybe you will get some love. There are many good hearted beautiful black women out there who are lonely and seeking a good man. But then again a good hearted woman of any race would not want to deal with you unless she is insane.

      • Pete says:

        I’m sorry but these comments directed at me don’t make sense or have relevance to anything I’ve said. How was I expressing anger or racism? But I probably should have rather said that it shouldnt have become offensive. It’s negative connotation is firmly established now. Here is what wikipedia has to say;
        So I think I’m kind of right.

  27. deltapolis says:

    You were going quite well until you said this –
    “You feel because all of the atrocities whites have inflicted on black people that they are going to rise up in revenge.”
    Atrocities..!! What atrocities?
    No, forget about answering that – we already know your venomous spit – racism, slavery, exploitation, the same old lies and victim-entitlement mentality – rather give us some examples of some good things whites have done for blacks because we don’t hear them very often.
    Actually I have NEVER EVER heard any black advocate ever give whites an ounce of credit for anything – just moaning and bitching and demanding “gibs muh dat”. If you can’t think of any then you are obviously just another typical “perennially angry” black and there’s nothing we can do, that we haven’t already done over and again, to change your worthless opinion.
    And since I fully expect your list to be either very short or non-existent – thats if you even have the courtesy to justify your slanderous bile – how about telling us of a few good things that blacks have done for whites? And then give us some good reasons why we would need hate-filled, criminal-intentioned blacks in the advanced society that white people, and white people alone, built and gifted to ungrateful blacks such as you?

    • Leslie says:

      Deltapolis… if you have an ear…Listen. You can’t argue the fact that there are some whites out there who are afraid of angry African Americans who will someday rise up in battle because of racism. That is the reason why whites now are buying up all the guns and bullets from the shelves. Now this is only the fear some whites have. I don’t believe that would be the case unless whites try to enslave or put them in concentration camps.
      African Americans have done plenty for whites from slavery time until now. However whites does not acknowledge the great strides African American has done to make this country and world a better place.
      As for calling me ungrateful… I personally owe my parents and God gratitude for everything that I have ever gotten. From education, independence, my own business and wealth. I am grateful to any white person who understand the horrors that blacks have suffered from the hands of whites, I am grateful to whites who don’t mind befriending me and learning that I am a good godly person who would give them my last if they are good to me. I have not put out any hate filled bile as you called it. My statement was telling the white world that the fears that they have of an angry black man is imaginary, and some go as far as preaching this rhetoric at KKK and Skinhead, and neo nazi meetings. This whole blog is to paint a bad picture for blacks, saying that not one of them have contributed nor or they worth existing. This is the same brainwashing hitler did to his people so that they can kill six million innocent Jews.
      I feel sorry for African Americans who are doing their best in the world and society who runs across rhetoric such as this create blog spews out, because for one they don’t deserve to be disrespected because they were born with dark skin as if they had a choice. Why not bring races together abd teach them how to prepare for God’s Kingdom because if you want to live in hell with black folks who are evil, you are on the right path. If you want to live in Heaven with good black folks… try promoting racial harmony because there won’t be a segregated Heaven nor hell.
      Most likely you don’t believe in a loving God and you are probably athiest or agnostic.

      • jewamongyou says:

        Most of the claims of black inventions are bogus. For the last several decades it’s whites who have suffered the horrors of black violence and savagery, not the other way around. I have nothing against dark skin, nor do I have anything against good black people. Please don’t put words in my mouth.

      • APE BRAIN says:

        Who do you think invented the refrigerator truck, it was a black man called Fred Mckinley Jones. I became aware of this while watching a science documentary, and it was confirmed by a white scientists who was presenting the programme. And there are even white archaeologists who are now saying that Blacks were responsible for the pyramids in the Kingdom of Kush, the lower Nile. I do find it amusing that blacks are always referred to as stupid and not bright, yet I always get sense that there is a real fear and dred of the what if, what if they turn out to be smarter than we thought, what if…fascinating isn’t it.

  28. Leslie says:

    And as for anyone who believes that the word N*gger, Negro, Colored, Coon, Blue Gums, Monkey, Describes dark skinned people they are sadly mistaken. First and far most, African American were named by white people, They stripped Africans from their land and made them give up their identity and culture. No one went to Africa and made friends and brought them back to America on luxury cruise liners, gave them jobs and educations or good homes to live in. How would you like to wake up in the 1800’s as a black man. I bet you would rather die than to be a slave.
    I don’t deny the fact that there is black people in this world who are scumbags and evil… I’ve met some. But equally I don’t deny the fact that there isn’t white, asian or hispanic scumbags out there as well. Scumbags come in all flavors and colors of the rainbow. I have been hurt by people many races, but I don’t put everyone from that particular group in the same barrel. There people from every walk of life including blacks that would risk their lives to save me or you. These are the people worth getting to know and respect. I will never respect a kkk or skinhead member who would spit on me, throw rocks at me, call me N*gger, and tell me to go back to Africa.
    Funny thing I am half Irish, i’d go to Ireland first because I can’t stand Africa’s heat. So I can just as easily claim Ireland.

  29. Leslie says:

    Jewamongyou: I’m not concerned whether or not you like blacks or not. The truth is. God is the one in control, not the white or black man. Men do evil towards each other that is why there will be an armaggedon, end of the world because people will wage holy wars and racial wars against each other and destroy themselves in the process with these missiles and other weapons of mass destruction. No one knows what the other possesses. This world is about greed and hatred. If in fact whites have suffered such atrocities which I have never been taught. Yes, they get murdered, raped or robbed once in a while by African Amer. But they also have crimes commited against them by hispanics and other races. But do you mention this… my guess is no. Do you mention the fact that a whole school of white children was murdered in Connecticut by a WHITE MAN. hmmmm. Do you mentioned that all of those whites in that movie theater in Colorada got murdered by a WHITE MAN.
    As I have seen it, black on black crime is an epidemic. Most of their crimes are commited because of drugs and poverty, some domestic. Whites which I will say it is not much I hear about whites commiting crimes on blacks mainly because it might not be reported unless it is something the media wants to make a high profile crime for their own glory.
    I often wonder, with all the talk about space travel to discover other worlds or life on other planets, which many people believe that their is. How would whites or anyone would feel if they go to another planet to steal resources, land, kill, rape or try to enslave other life forms. They would get a surprise when they realize that other life forms most likely is far more advanced than our own. We are stone aged compared to what may be in outer space. People can’t even get along with themselves,so why try and look for other life when you still can’t understand your very own.
    Hatred is what will eventually be the end of life on earth, not intermarrying or having a black friend come over to the barbecue.
    If you hate people of another race, remember this… you can’t change them nor their ways. And why would you want to. Just move some place where you don’t see people who don’t look like you and let it be someone elses problem.
    A long time ago, I once saw a white man grab a little white girl, he trew her into the back of his van kicking and screaming. I yelled to a black man who was standing on the corner who also witnessed it to call for help on his cell phone. This black man looked to me and said it was none of his business it was white peoples business, that they would not help a black child in that predicamen. Eventually, I flagged a police car down and it was two black officers and they went after the van. Come to find out the man was the girls father and they were goofing around. I did not think about race, I thought about a child who could have been in trouble, but this black man felt no attachment to this situation. I assume the same would be if the tables were turned and a white man saw a black man throw a little black girl in the back of his van, but then again who am I to assume because they have good people in every race.

  30. Leslie says:

    As for a black invention… I will tell you this much… that someone has led you astray and told you that it is bogus. I am one that know from a couple of relatives that have invented things or had been the first black person to do something wonderful like my third cousin Jessie Brown who was the first black naval aviator. And as for my grandfather, back in the 1930’s he built the first amusement park railroads in New Orleans. He was also a successful general contractor who specialized in building railroads and repairing them and when he tried to tell white people about easier ways to do something, they would cower him down and steal his ideas or threaten to destroy his business.
    There is no way anyone with a KKK mentality want blacks to have been remembered for accomplishing anything worthwhile. I am one who don’t believe that all whites might feel this way, and welcome anything positive from blacks that would make the world a better place for them and future generations.

    • APE BRAIN says:

      There are other races who have not have a great impact on science or technology but are not singled out, what have the Hispanics invented or Native Americans in the last 100 years? the Arabs haven’t done much in the last two thousands years, they now just employ the western engineers to build Saudi Arabia , thank God for all that oil money that they are able to do so. the Asians just copy and regurgitate western knowledge nothing original, yet it is the blacks who are single out. The truth is that the black man is far too ‘other’ for whites to comprehend, they will turn a blind eye to Native American doing their rain dances etc, wearing their feathers and beating their drums,they will even romanticised it, however when it is the black man in Africa is also beating his drums, doing similar ritual dances, wearing animal skins they are deemed uncivilised. When other races go on about their so called religion they are deemed spiritual, but when the Black African talks about his gods he is deemed backwards and superstitious, funny that isn’t it.

  31. Leslie says:

    Atrocities..!! What atrocities?
    No, forget about answering that – we already know your venomous spit – racism, slavery, exploitation, the same old lies and victim-entitlement mentality – rather give us some examples of some good things whites have done for blacks because we don’t hear them very often. by deltapolis
    So, are you denying the facts that blacks were slaves? Are denying the fact that the KKK was established in the 1830’s to terrorize blacks? Are you denying that blacks were hanged by the hundreds by the hands of whites?
    What about the black man that was tied to the back of a truck and dragged. What about the recent blacks that are being hit by cars as if they were dogs in the streets by whites and the media is keeping this hush hush…hmmm!
    What about blacks who get bad service in places like Denny’s or redneck roadside dinners when they are stopping for a quick bite before they get back on to the road to travel? What about people like Rush Limbaugh who said he wanted President Obama to fail before the man even took oath?
    What about Glenn beck who always manages to make negative racist comments about blacks. What about the one drop rule? if you have a tad bit of black blood in you, it is so potent it does not matter whether you are blond hair and blues, you are a N*gger. What about Jim Crow laws?
    What about hollywood and how blacks don’t get leading roles unless they look like white people, especially if it is of a romantic nature. They only pair up actresses like Halle Berry with white leading men.
    What about when a black person goes missing the media does not feel it is newsworthy unless it is a blonde haired blue eyed man woman or child?
    Blacks are kidnapped too but their stories are rarely told.
    Just in the sixties blacks could not drink out of the same water fountain as whites, they could not try on shoes in a shoe store, when whites were the only ones allowed to try shoes on…blacks had to guess what size or how it would feel on their feet if they wanted shoes. Blacks could not ride on the front of the bus, they had to go to the back.
    My neghbor who is 71 years old, who happened to be a very light skinned black woman with green eyes. She could not walk around town with her dark skinned husband or else they would be taunted because whites thought it was a mixed marriage..many times her husband was arrested and beaten for no reason other than walking down the street with a women they thought was white. And she told me a story how if you were an atractive black woman, white men felt they could take you away from your black boyfriend or husband and do as they pleased with you. These stories can’t be made up especially
    by this woman who cries everytime she tells it.
    As for my victim mentality… I have none, but I know of plenty of people who have told me horror stories and have PTSD because of those old times.
    I do believe in living for today, but when I read blogs such as these where whites come on to bash a race of people who really is no threat to them… when they should be worrying about the North Korean dictator Kim jung whatever his name who hates America and everything it stands for or The Iranian dictator who is trying his best to get missiles to destroy this country. It seems as if those people are more of a threat to the white man than the black man. Blacks and whites fight side by side to defend this country in the military, but that deep down hatred for each other is going to make us lose the war and North Korea and all of the other countries who hates America is going to be a big problem for us.
    The biggest reason countries like North Korea and Iran is a big threat is because they love their way of ife and hate America and everything it stands for. They have no problem dying for what they believe. However, blacks are about the only race that only lash out against each other, they hate themselves and self genocide is caused because of it. Now notice I didn’t say Black Africans… It is Black Americans who have that low self esteem… wonder where that stemmed from???????????
    The things blacks went through during the sixties, if it still went on today, blacks would be the most weathies people in this country because lawsuits would be flying off the shelves left and right. Reparations for slavery…no.
    How about reparations for Jim Crow laws and segregation from Slavery time all the way up to the late 60’s early seventies.
    Since you feel that I am all about the victim mentality. I personally feel reparations should not happen but that people will give each other a freaking time out on this hatred crap.

  32. Leslie says:

    In the 1979, my dad was groomed to take over the general contracting busness from my grandfather who was getting up there in age. We used to
    live in the inner city and my parents decided to move their family into a safer neighborhood where my sisters and I would get a better education. This was a New Orleans surburban neighborhood where it was predominately white. My dad was pulling in eighty thousand dollars a year and he also bought an eighteen wheeler and put it out on
    the road so money was being earned all over the place and his family did not want for anything. The house we moved in was a beautiful victorian style home’in a white neighborhood… in fact we were the third African American family to move there. As soon as my sisters and I made friends with some of the neighborhood kids who happened to be white, there parents put up for sale signs nd moved away. One of the little girls my sister made friends with said that her mother told her that her dad did not want her around black boys because they had tails and they would give her a baby that would be a monster. My sister asked the girl, did she think she was a monster because she was black and the little white girl told her no, because you are a girl and you are pretty like me. I was enrolled into junior high where there wasn’t that many black kids. One girl, named Stephanie befriended me, she was white. I was sort of afraid and shy and
    did not know where my next class was, so she told me to follow her. When we both turn the corner to go to Gym class, her fellow white friends saw her walking with me and she told them she didn’t know who I was and ditched me without a word and never spoke to me again. I ended up finding gym class on my own.
    A few years had passed and the dynamics of this neighborhood started to change from white to black. White people were leaving one family at a time and the news media called it white flight. The blacks that was moving into the area were school teachers, doctors, attorneys, policemen, business owners and even senators.
    White business started leaving too… and slowly surburban New Orleans east became predominately black and of course luxury apartment complexes lost white families and lowered their rent to accomodate lower income blacks into the area. So of course some areas was crime ridden because the scumbags moved into the area. The nice shopping malls, some became vacant, graffiti everywhere written on abandoned business, robberies and shootings took place and it wasn’t the upper middle class or rich blacks who were doing this. Perhaps if the whites who put there homes up for sale or the whites who did not leave those apartment buildings would have remained that area wouldn’t have never gotten so bad. Those whites moved to other surburban areas outside of New Orleans where blacks were frightened to enter because they were harrassed by cops or scared they would meet up with the kkk. Blacks either remained in the heart of New Orleans or moved to New Orleans East which was where my family and I lived. A few white people remained on our block, but not for long. One of the boys I had a crush on who was white, asked me out on a date with him. I went with him and he took me somewhere to try and rape me. Luckily, I screamed out loud “NO” and he stopped.
    Years and years past and eventually blacks started branching out to live in other areas, not many but they moved in areas where whites fleed to get away from blacks. And then of course after hurricane Katrina things are different again, because now black people live everywhere whites live and whites have moved in some areas where blacks live. Strange twist. If people would learn to understand each other. maybe America can be a better place.

  33. Leslie says:

    To share how free white people are. Today I went into a predominately black neighborhood to pick up a friend for lunch. This neighborhood is fairly decent, with a few sprinkles of white people not many. The homes are cute little town homes with open front yards, big oak trees that resemble a private park. Two white young women went under one of these trees and spreaded a blanket and started to have a picnic. One of the women layed back using her purse as a pillow and started to take a nap. This was in the yard of a black family who wasn’t home at the time. Now if this would have been two black women who
    spreaded a blanket out in a white persons yard… a passing cop would have stopped and asked them questions and they would have been taken to jail. I just find some things in my town a double standard.

    • jewamongyou says:

      If you’d spend half as much time reading my posts as you do writing your comments, you might know that I did write about the white shootings; I don’t shy away from the flaws of white people (white societies or individuals). Like so many others, at the first mention of anything negative regarding blacks, a “racism” alarm goes off in your head and you make all sorts of assumptions. I don’t mind criticism, but at least learn my opinions before spilling a ton of ink on my blog.

  34. deltapolis says:

    Your paranoid rantings clearly display you as someone with an extreme persecution complex who is obsessed with race. In your imagination any white who won’t agree with you and/or doesn’t make a special effort to befriend you is a racist. Your story about the boy you fancied who “tried to rape” you but immediately relented when you screamed “No..!” is not only hilarious but almost certainly untrue and another figment of your paranoia. If not then it is extremely rare – in a recent year there were less than 10 white on black rapes and 37,000 black on white rapes. Maybe the other 37,000 black women screamed No..! ? I’m sure those 37,000 white victims would have liked to have also screamed No..!, but couldn’t because they had a knife by their throats.
    The facts have long been established that once blacks begin moving into a white area, property values plunge. If this is due to white “racism” then that racism is simply common-sense because any “non-racists” who decide to stick it out will see their property value halved, then halved again and again.
    I’ve recently been deluged with emails trying to sell me what appear to be very nice US homes (that would sell for at least $300,000 in Australia – and that in a poor area) for just $30,000..! Obviously they are all in heavily black areas although this is never explained. One Australian guy who bought a cheap block of flats was shot dead by his tenants father whom she called to “teach you a lesson”.
    It may well be that the first black families are well-behaved for a while but of course they soon want to show-off and so invite all their black friends from the hood to raucous parties which soon degenerate into drunken dope fests with shouting and hollering barely drowned-out by booming rap “music” played at mega-decibels well into the small hours. Excess noise is just one of many good reasons why whites don’t like to be around blacks.
    I’m still waiting for you to tell us anything good that whites may have ever done. Banning slavery? Too late, you can’t use that one now.

  35. jewamongyou says:

    Leslie, I’ve grown tired of your endless rantings. You make no effort to understand our positions and insist on attributing stereotypes to those who disagree with you. I will not let you fill this blog with your empty rhetoric and hoary tales. If you wish to copy and paste long accounts of white misdeeds from centuries past, there are plenty of other blogs that specialize in that. If you have something original to say, and you’re able to say it briefly, then I’ll consider allowing you to continue to post here.

  36. Canada says:

    So, are Australians racist in general, or even hostile? Or prejudice at all against blacks, jews, asians, europeans, americans, mexicans, etc? Us Canadians are very curious, as we’re already under the impression that you guys strongly dislike aborigines. Thanks!

  37. Zuma says:

    I am African and I unexpectedly fall on your post. Jewmongyou, YOU are a (edited by JAY) Jew who I thought would learn from your slave history and almost extermination in the world and not write (EBJ) post about us PROUD AFRICAN, then the poor aboriginal who have seen their peaceful world destroy, their land taken, they culture destroy and face discrimination to the point they don’t believe in themself and are giving up on life (but not all of them, I have meet aboriginal doctor and scientist in America and Europe)
    When it comes to crime, You (EBJ) Jew should go to Israel and check your (EBJ) jew brother the Abergils, the Abutbuls, the Alperons, the Dumranis, the Shirazis, the Amir Molnar … who are involve in drug trafficking, prostitution, stolen goods and more….. You are a (EBJ) Jew and you will be exterminated from this world. African men only married African Women, it’s our culture, and our African women are the most beautiful in the world and we could married an African jew woman from east africa, but never a jew women of your skin color with their big nose and hairy feet. More African men immigrate out of Africa, 10:1 in comparison to African women, so it is normal that more African men will be in relationship to non African women.
    This is the normal law of immigration and it happens everywhere. you come here in Africa, you start seeing more and more Chinese immigrant worker with African women or more European expat with African women, again, that is the law of immigration, (EBJ). DO you read BOOKS???(EBJ), I have no idea where(EBJ) you get your knowledge or statistic. (EBJ).
    Low IQ my ass, Let me and you sit down and do a functional equation problem or discuss about Brain computer Interface (BCI) used to understand communication pathways of the brain. or talk about sociology or anthropology (EBJ).
    And by the way, You find racist people everywhere, my African great parent are racist against white, they would never want a white to walk next to their home or he will be shot. My grand father Hate JEW people and call them Cockroach or monkey… Plenty plenty plenty of Racist people in Africa, but my generation is trying to give it a break only to realized that maybe staying racist is best because of JEW (EBJ) like YOU..
    (I edited out all the vulgar language, and insults, from the above post so that it would meet the guidelines of this forum. JAY)

    • jewamongyou says:

      It’s true that migrants are mostly men, but even taking that into consideration, black men do show a preference for non-black women. You may be an exception, but this doesn’t negate the fact. As for the Chinese in Africa, it’s not like they have much choice; they kill their female fetuses back home so they get what they can find. For some of them, this means African women.

      • mohamed says:

        I love how the Jew doesn’t reply back to his fake statistics and comments about African preffering non -African women. Hitler was doing the right thing eradicating these hairy freaks.

        • jewamongyou says:

          It’s “preferring,” not “preffering.” Also, your prophet Mohammad was of the same race as the Jews; he was probably more hairy than I am.
          As for black men preferring non-black women, here’s a Pew research statistic showing that about one fifth of black men in the U.S. marry out. These are the ones who were ABLE to do so. If all of the ones who wanted to do so actually could, the rate would be much higher. Asian women seem even worse, but sexual dynamics being the way they are, it’s a safe bet that all the Asian women who want to marry out are able to do so.

  38. deltapolis says:

    FYI, Mr genius-IQ level Zuma, one does not “immigrate out”, one “emigrates”.
    The reason why African illegal immigrants into white racist Europe are overwhelmingly men is that any woman foolish enough to climb aboard one of those leaky fishing boats is going to be gang-raped by 100 men, as is the highly civilised African custom.
    Your contention that Chinese men (or Europeans) commonly “go with” black women is totally without foundation, except possibly the occasional pretty mulatto. In “Dark Star Safari” the famous travel writer Paul Theroux recalled that in the late 1960’s 20,000+ Chinese men spent several years building the (now decrepit) “Tanzam” railway. On its completion the Zambian president Kaunda proudly commended the supposed chastity and purity of Zambian women by boasting that not a single half-Chinese child had been born.
    Despite what Kaunda said, I think this says more about the almost universal Chinese contention that blacks are a sub-human species.

    • Jenhi says:

      Chinese men in the Caribbeans do go with full black women, especially in Jamaica, there are plenty of Jamaicans who are part Chinese ,l like Naomi Campbell, Tyson Beckford etc, and it is the father who is nearly always Chinese and it is quite common, I who is of Jamaican descent have cousins who are part Chinese. Just because it didn’t happen in Zambia doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen else where in the world.

  39. Meh says:

    I was just trawling through your blog and seeing if there’s anything good on here. I have to say I’m not impressed. The same old whiny white nationalist crybaby BS, “like anti racist means anti white” and “black people are every negative”. In other words, nothing special.
    jewamongyou said:
    “Well folks, I think my writer’s block is starting to ease up a little. An article on Amren peaked my curiosity. Given the parallels, in criminality, between black Africans and Aborigines, to what extent will the two populations mix?”
    Meh says:
    That depends on the amount of Africans that migrate to Australia.
    jewamongyou said:
    “My guess is that, in general, they wouldn’t get along. But this doesn’t mean they won’t mix and, when they do mix, it will usually be an African father with an Aboriginal mother.”
    Meh says:
    That’s because African men are more likely to migrate than women.
    jewamongyou said:
    “I say this because the Aboriginal alcohol problem puts their men at a disadvantage. Furthermore, black African men do not like their own women very much; given the opportunity, they’ll usually take a non black-African woman.”
    Meh says:
    If that was the case then the population of Sub-Saharan Africa wouldn’t be as large. Even African American men mostly marry African American women. So cut the crap.
    jewamongyou said:
    “The offspring of such unions will tend to be low-I.Q., ugly and crime-prone.”
    Meh says:
    Ugly! The words glass, stones and houses come time mind.
    jewamongyou said:
    “They will have no culture they can call their own, their fathers will be away impregnating other women and their mothers will be on the fringes of society. This is the likely scenario and it would not bode well for Australia – or the Aborigines.”
    Meh says:
    I suppose time will tell.

  40. Meh says:

    jewamongyou said:
    “If you look at sub-Saharan Africa today, you’ll notice that it’s almost completely black. It wasn’t always this way. Much of the continent used to be inhabited by pygmies and Khoisan peoples.”
    Meh says:
    Says who? You have no proof or evidence.
    jewamongyou said:
    “Expanding Bantus killed off most of them.”
    Meh says:
    Again, where’s the evidence? This is typical of many people that think Bantu Expansion killed of the native Africans in the East, Central and Southern parts of Africa. Yet they never provide evidence of how many were killed off, the populations sizes of the native Africans like the Pygmies and Khoisan etc. Where are all the skulls, mass graves and evidence of pitched battles that took place between the “Bantu” and other native Africans. Even genetic evidence doesn’t support the evidence that Bantus killed of the native Africans.
    Either show evidence Bantu slaughtering native Africans during their expansion or it didn’t happen.
    jewamongyou said:
    “In fact, they’re still at it today. They’re killing off pygmies and whites; anybody who is not black like them. You should also study the history of Haiti. Blacks there killed off all non-blacks.”
    Meh says:
    I agree that the Bantu ethnic groups are killing of the pygmies but the white South Africans aren’t being killed of by some genocide. Neither are the Khoisan being killed off.

  41. jewamongyou says:

    Re : Meh’s first post,
    Meh says:
    That’s because African men are more likely to migrate than women.
    When demographics leave little choice, then the outcome is obvious. But I’m not talking about that scenario. I’m talking about after the gender ratio has normalized, as it has in many places – and black men STILL prefer non-black women when there is such an option.
    Meh says:
    If that was the case then the population of Sub-Saharan Africa wouldn’t be as large. Even African American men mostly marry African American women. So cut the crap.
    You take what you can get. In Africa, black men pretty much only have black women to choose from, so that’s what they take. Men will settle for almost anything in the absence of their ideal mate, even animals. It’s odd I would need to explain this.
    Re: Meh’s second post,
    Meh says:
    Says who? You have no proof or evidence.
    It’s common knowledge. Here for example:
    Or here:
    The evidence is genetic and linguistic. That black Africans displaced non-black (Khoisan and Pygmy) populations is the established consensus. If you disagree, the burden of proof is on you.
    Regarding the killing off, by Bantus, of native populations. You’re right that I have no evidence that they actually KILLED them off in the past. Although the process has been ongoing to our very day. The genocide in Rwanda, where Bantu Hutus slaughtered the more Nilotic Tutsis is but one example. You’ll find plenty of mass graves there. The expulsion of Asians from Uganda, the pogroms against the Lebanese in West Africa are less violent examples. Given the history of Africa, and the overall cheapness of human life there, I wonder how anybody could entertain the notion that the Bantu expansion was a peaceful one – though it might have been at times.
    I also wonder how you can be unaware of the ongoing slaughter, and marginalization, of whites in South Africa. Do some reading. Use google if you have to. Plenty has been written about it.

    • Meh says:

      “When demographics leave little choice, then the outcome is obvious. But I’m not talking about that scenario. I’m talking about after the gender ratio has normalized, as it has in many places – and black men STILL prefer non-black women when there is such an option.”
      Meh says:
      Yet the rate of marriage of African Americans say other wise.
      “You take what you can get. In Africa, black men pretty much only have black women to choose from, so that’s what they take. Men will settle for almost anything in the absence of their ideal mate, even animals. It’s odd I would need to explain this.”
      Meh says:
      Yet again that’s bs. How many incidents of animals and humans having sex are there? The fact that you have to bring up bestiality to defend your claim is beyond ridiculous!
      “Regarding the killing off, by Bantus, of native populations. You’re right that I have no evidence that they actually KILLED them off in the past.”
      Meh says:
      Glad you admitted it!
      “Although the process has been ongoing to our very day. The genocide in Rwanda, where Bantu Hutus slaughtered the more Nilotic Tutsis is but one example. You’ll find plenty of mass graves there.”
      Meh says:
      Hahahahahahahaha! This only shows how much you don’t know.
      First off the Tutsi are Bantu not Nilotic. Their language is a Bantu one. Also the Tutsi and Hutu are genetically closely related as well. There was also the Hutu slaughter by the Tutsi in Burundi. The fact you are using the Rwandan Genocide as an example of Bantu Expansion Genocide is simply a deflection.
      Show me the evidence that the Bantu Expansion was genocidal. Where are the mass graves, the evidence of pitched battles, the amount that was killed off, the percentages etc.
      “The expulsion of Asians from Uganda, the pogroms against the Lebanese in West Africa are less violent examples.”
      Meh says:
      West Africans aren’t Bantu! Also the Lebanese are certainly not being affected by the pogroms. However I won’t justify any attacks on anybody based on race, nationality, religion etc. That’s just wrong!
      “Given the history of Africa, and the overall cheapness of human life there,”
      Meh says:
      Life is cheap in most places of the world. It was only about 70 years ago that an event mainly took the lives of Europeans. About 75-80 million of them I believe.
      “I wonder how anybody could entertain the notion that the Bantu expansion was a peaceful one – though it might have been at times.”
      Meh says:
      I never said that it was peaceful. So you’re setting up a straw man. I said that if people want say that the bantu expansion was bloody and genocidal then they have to prove it. Simply saying that “Africans are evil and blah blah blah wah wah wah sob sob sob!” is not proof. The burden of proof is on you and anybody that says that “the bantu expansion was bloody and genocidal”. End of story!
      “I also wonder how you can be unaware of the ongoing slaughter, and marginalization, of whites in South Africa. Do some reading. Use google if you have to. Plenty has been written about it.”
      Meh says:
      Mainly because the people that mention it are bunch of dumb white nationalist idiots and they have failed to prove any genocide whether on going or other wise. However I kinda agree with the marginalisation of White South Africans. Also I don’t have to prove anything, you made the claim.
      Have you got any info about the supposed genocide of White South Africans that isn’t sourced by crybaby, delusional white nationalist liars.

  42. art says:

    Aboriginees are black because their skin adapted to the environment and temperature, also all the descendants of white Australians will become black. You can’t fool nature.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Perhaps over time. Maybe all those Africans in Europe will eventually become white too. But it would take tens of thousands of years.

    • deltapolis says:

      Will their IQ also revert to the Aboriginal average of less than 60?

      • jewamongyou says:

        I haven’t the vaguest idea. I’d like to say we’ll find out, but such research is pretty much forbidden any more.

      • deltapolis says:

        That was intended as a facetious reply to Art, who made a typical libturd response – by his implying that the only difference between Euros and Aborigines is skin colour.

      • art says:

        You’re Right. I think that white skin is a side effect of the evolution of intelligence. But why? Because the people who thousands of years ago came to Europe from Africa have to start thinking how to survive in more difficult conditions, they began to dress, construct buildings, etc. – “necessity the mother of Invention”, while many blacks in Africa are still living like thousands of years ago. That does not change the fact that blacks can be just as intelligent as other people, however, it ‘s become possible thanks to white people.

    • Lamb Swanky says:

      I do agree with this statement in the fact that all Australians could possibly become black, but the aboriginal people were already black, if you think that native African people were white then you’re an idiot, the aboriginal Australian people were the first people to leave Africa, the the native Americans, and then Europeans were last, the countless other races like; Polynesians, East Asians, middles eastern Asians/ northern east& Western Africans; are all mixed between these three extreme cases, and is why Aboriginal, Native American, African (though there are many different genetic groups of native BLACK Africans, the can for this purpose be put in a group in the sense that they all are closer in genetics then they are to the other racial groups) and Far norther European people look so different, but if you look closely, and study languages, then you start to see the real similarities…

  43. true blue native says:

    i live in Australia and i have seen many relationships between Aboriginal men and African women and some of the women were white Africans too!
    (edited for personal insults by JAY).

    • jewamongyou says:

      A typical liberal response. Typical in that it includes an insult. Also, I’ve seen that, among liberals,”many” often means one or two. As for white African women dating Aboriginal men, isn’t it the norm for such couples to include a white woman and an Abo man? So how would this be news? But hey. I might be wrong. Even so, I did say it was only a guess, and I did say “usually” – which does NOT preclude your knowing many exceptions.

  44. Virgo says:

    Another thing, Jews are more Middle Eastern than white, despite a few being mixed. The big noses and curly hair that many of them have doesn’t lie.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Exactly. I’ve been saying that for years.

      • JP says:

        Some are – but it looks that majority of today’s Jews (Ashkenazi) are descendants of Khazars (Turkish origin).

    • APE BRAIN says:

      Jews are Middle Easterners, they have the same dna it is just the religion that is different. Think of it like this an Irish or Welsh who happened to be Catholics and English or Scots man who is Protestant, same race different religion. You also have to bear in mind that they are three main category of Jews the pale skinned Ashkenazi Jew who immigrated to Europe centuries ago and have also inter marred with European hence their more European white skin tone, the Sephardic Jew who immigrated to Spain, and then there is the original pure Mizrahi Jew from the Middle East, dark skinned and hair, how we all know that is what Jesus probably look liked.

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  46. Jenhi says:

    The irony is that the Jewish guy who in the picture with those Aborigines could easily pass for a light skinned Aborigine himself.

  47. Jenhi says:

    Africans and Aborigines will not integrate because of the culture differences, after all Africans from different tribes in Africa have conflicts and don’t integrate and yet they are the same race, it is the same thing with African Americans and people of the Caribbeans they don’t really integrate with Africans either, so it is highly unlikely that Aborigines who are genetically and culturally different will integrate with Black Africans, such a stupid question. Do Jews and Arabs integrate? genetically they are closer to each other than Africans and Aborigines, in fact Jews and Arabs are technically the same race the only difference is the religion yet they do not mix. I could ask the same question regarding Jews and white Europeans, in spite of both races having light skin, they don’t really mix to a great extant because of the cultural and genetic differences. On to another question why do I see a lot of white Australian women with African Americans/Caribbean men but not with aborigine men, just asking ?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Regarding your last question, you’re not going to get a straight answer from those women – but you might get one from some women, if they’re close friends of yours. I’d guess that it’s because African men are GLOBALLY glorified. They’re put on a pedestal and worshiped. They’re held up, by all the powers that be, as the ultimate in masculinity. But this is not so with Aboriginal men.

  48. Curious to know how and why this posting has had so many responses from blacks and feminists and other assorted leftists. I don’t know of any other post of JAY’s which has received so much attention from nutcases.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I’ve noticed that too. To be honest, I was rather crude and blunt in saying what I wanted to say. I went back, a while ago, and softened the language a bit. People get more insulted when they recognize a kernel of truth in the insult.

  49. Jenhi Black Brit. says:

    I am going to throw this question out there, why are these so called ‘beautiful’ white women trying to obtain some of the African women physical traits that are considered to be ‘ugly’ by Western cultural, ie the enlargement of lips and and buttocks, and darkening of the skin, not all these white women who embark on these procedures date black men so they are not doing it to attract black men, I am also aware of a similar trend that is happening in Japan, Japanese girls know as B Stylers and Ganguros, they actually darken their skin, and copy black women hair styles etc to look more black. I am interested to know what has caused this mind shift, it simple can’t be down to rap music per se, something else is going on.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I can’t speak for them, but personally, I think the traits you mention can be attractive on a woman. Large lips, dark skin and a large buttocks can all be turn-ons for men, as long as they’re not to the point where they’re too exaggerated.

      • Jenhi Black Brit. says:

        I do agree that extreme over large lips or buttocks on any race isn’t attractive, I also find very thin lips and flat buttocks not attractive either, then it really depends on the individual person regardless of race. Here is another thought, why are black people constantly told that they look like ‘apes’? All species of monkeys and apes have straight hair, thin lips, and some even have pale faces and light eyes, pure blacks don’t have these features. Why do white people fail to recognise that they look like apes too, eg the macaque monkeys is a classic example, these animals look closer to whites than any black skinned, thick lipped wiry hair African…funny that isn’t it.

  50. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Jenhi,
    All races have some primitive features, but the ones that stand out the most, for most people, are the facial ones. Prognathism, accentuated by large lips (even though apes don’t have the lips) make many black Africans look more like apes in the eyes of many – even in the eyes of black Africans who don’t have prognathism, such as many Somalis and Ethiopians. Slopping foreheads will also do it, and I’ve seen white people with this feature as well.
    But it’s more than just outward appearance. The ghetto swagger, which so many blacks worldwide have adopted (or have they always walked this way?) also makes them seem more like apes. Then there’s the matter of violent rioting, which so many blacks in America indulge in. This behavior is often referred to as “chimp-outs.” If you watch videos of large groups of young blacks carrying on like wild animals, you’ll tend to think of them as animals. Such behavior is far less common among whites and Asians – though it may have been more common in the past.
    When most people hear “apes,” they think of the ones in Africa; they’re the most famous ones. The ignorant masses are not aware of the fact that apes are also found in Asia. There are no indigenous apes in Europe or the Americas. Since, in their minds, apes are from Africa – and so are Africans, the parallel presents itself.

    • Amongst white South Africans a common derogatory term for blacks is “floppy”. I didn’t understand it when I first heard it, but the more I observed blacks the more I recognised those “floppy” traits. It can be seen in the way they walk but also in the way they sit – for example in a car they tend to adopt a low-slung banana-like posture with the seat pitch so inclined back that you wonder how they can see over the dashboard. And in government offices which are nowadays totally staffed by (usually obese) black females they don’t sit upright, but “flopped-back”. On other occasions I’ve met black “businessmen” in a situation in which one normally expects him/her to stand up and shake your hand out of courtesy. But, all too frequently, they are lounging back in a comfy chair and its almost too much effort for them to get up so they shake your hand (assuming they do) whilst seated. This sort of behaviour would be considered rude or arrogant if a white did it, but to many blacks it seems normal behaviour. These traits I’ve mentioned may not be so obvious amongst British or American blacks who have (or had until recently) adopted many of the white mans ways.

  51. Another very noticeable “floppy” trait is when a troop of African soldiers attempt to march in step. They just cannot seem to do it in a properly synchronised manner – their legs and arms tend to “flop” and flail about and one is reminded of small boys playing at soldiers. Watch the opening sequence of “Africa Addio” for a good demonstration of this. They may have improved a bit since then but not by much in my observation.

  52. Mark says:

    The subject of reproduction between Australian aborigines and Sub-Saharans is notable for the extreme genetic distance involved. Of all human populations extant today, these two are, in fact, the ones most distant genetically. For comparison, the distance is approximately thrice the distance between Germanic Europeans and Chinese. And yet, Europeans and Chinese are themselves distant enough to experience occasional complications when mixing, e.g. Rh incompatibility. It is enticing to know, then, what occurrences of outbreeding depression are to be expected from such an extreme as multigenerational interbreeding between Australoids and Capoids.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I think you’ve got a good point. All human populations can breed with each other – however, I don’t believe that the average health of the offspring is equal for all types of couplings. It’s pretty much forbidden to conduct studies on this topic, but my hunch (based on personal experience) is that great genetic distance poses some problems, just as too small a genetic distance (incest) does. Over time, as panmixia is achieved, these problems might diminish.

      • Mark says:

        I doubt human panmixia will ever be achieved. There will always remain some mechanisms of reproductive isolation. Some societies are more endogamous than others. Any pace of hybridization has to compete against the mutation rate, as well as factors such as assortative mating. We’re already half way through to achieving the same genetic distance, between some of our populations, as existed between us and the Neanderthals. It’s only a matter of time before speciation occurs and interbreeding between taxa becomes physiologically impossible.

    • Capoids are what are now known as “Khoi-San” and formerly known as Hottentots and Bushmen, terms we are not allowed to use any longer. Anyway, my point is that you seem to be confusing “sub-saharan Africans”, ie Bantus, or Congoids (I think was the term Baker used) with Capoids, or Khoi-San, a totally different race.

      • Mark says:

        I’m aware that these populations are of distinct lineages, but
        (a) both are historically confined to Africa south of the Sahara and,
        (b) due to interbreeding, are more closely related to each other than to other, non-African human populations.
        The Australian Aborigines are slightly more removed from Khoi-San speakers than from Niger-Congo speakers (99.824% of DNA shared with the latter).
        The Andamanese are similarly removed from Africans, and, I suspect, even more so than are the Aborigines, as the Andamanese haplogroup diverged earlier than the Australian haplogroup.

  53. Sue says:

    The writer of this article speaks so eloquently that is was quite a shock to hear the level of ignorance and blatant stupidity they spouted. (1)Africans are no more likely, statistically than any other race to commit a crime. It’s just that poverty and crime are directly related..so with systematic oppression comes crime. Maybe if the colonizing whites would go back to their own disgusting roach infested continent, stop spreading horrible diseases that ravish the world’s population, and address their history of dehumanising people, including their own, this probably wouldn’t be happening. (2)Objectively black men LOVE black women. Statistically, 75% of black women get married before age 35 and 88% of black men are married to black women. (3)As far as Africans being sub-human or not being able to contribute to society……….Africans had colleges when Europeans were living with animals, refusing to bathe, and deficating in their own water supply……….What ethnic race had the audacity to question African industry or knowledge??? (4) As for the jews….according to Jewish history weren’t they the slaves, for hundreds of years, of the AFRICANS who left us the pyramids.??? Sounds like some house niggers got out the house, and now they think theyre a new race of people????

    • jewamongyou says:

      There is so much ignorance in your reply, it’s hard to know where to start. Whites, and white medicine, have vastly improved life expectancies around the globe. Or are you blaming all whites today for the UNINTENTIONAL infection of New Worlders hundreds of years ago? Did you know that Europeans died by the millions – from a plague that came from Asia? Are you going to blame Asians for that?
      If Africans are so great, then why do almost ALL black Africans dream of leaving Africa? For the most part, migration is a one-way street: OUT of Africa.
      Yes, Africans left us the Pyramids, If you’re referring to the Egyptian pyramids, those were built by Caucasian Africans – though they have some in Sudan too, which were probably built by blacks. I never wrote that blacks can’t contribute to civilization. Overall though, they’re a deficit.

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