Jewamongyou visits "Occupy Portland"

I visited the squalid tent city in downtown Portland yesterday hoping to gain some insight into the “Occupy Wall Street” movement here in Portland.  It’s cheaper than a trip to the zoo.  What I found seemed to be a concentration of down and out, homeless, drug-addicted wannabe hippies mixed with quite a few mentally ill people and some normal people.  I wanted to tell some of them that if they stayed away from drugs, they might be successful in the same corporate America they now hate and envy.  I brought my camera but, to my regret, I forgot to bring my sterilization gun.
While taking a video of some guy ranting, he stopped and shrieked at me to stop filming him, that he has freedom of speech and that I’d better not put his image up online.  I walked up and started to talk to him, but he retreated back to his tent.  I never considered that short clip worthy of posting anyway.  I saw a tall fellow with the largest brow-ridges I had ever seen.  As I approached him, I could hear him say, “I was talking to my P.O. (parole officer)…”.  I felt it appropriate to block out some of his face as it is not my intention to expose him to public ridicule.  He might very intelligent – but he’s still a curiosity, just from an anthropological point of view.  A throwback if there ever was one.
It is ironic that the Occupy Portland people put a lot of emphasis on diversity (as can be seen in some of the photos), yet they do not seem to notice that the cult of diversity is the biggest piece of propaganda being thrown at them by the same government-military-industrial-corporate complex they so despise.
Here are some photos:

The above photos have been reduced in size.  If anybody wants a large-format version, just let me know.

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  1. Cas says:

    I sense a degree of arrogance, but why should I be surprised. If you aren’t putting your foot on someone’s neck with speech, or conjured up theories that smell of judgment and racial superiority that have long been rehearsed and rejected, then you have no reason to beat your chest. Right Who spent their time and energy focusing on invalidating intellect and beauty of other races, it would be more beneficial to do the converse.
    I was reading USA today that stated in an article just yesterday on how interracial marriage has risen 30 -40 percent since the early 2000’s, I said to myself, my have times changed and attitudes for sure. not the reverse. I truly think you are starting to show signs of psychosis, because isn’t racism is a form of discrimination that stems from the belief that groups should be treated differently according to phenotypic difference.
    Racism has many forms; direct attack is less common than perceived discrimination in interpersonal communication, or inequity in the receipt of services or justice. It is easier to measure discriminatory acts such as racist attacks, but some believe that everyday minor incidents or slights (micro-aggressions) and the perception that society is discriminatory may have a greater impact on the individual’s health (Laveist, 1996). Measurement of perceived racism is complicated by its possible overlap with paranoid ideation and an external locus of control. However, ‘paranoia’ may represent a healthy coping strategy in a discriminatory environment (Sharpley et al, 2001).
    The impact of discrimination is influenced by individual factors (such as socio-economic status, skin colour, and coping style), context (for example, where the incident happens, the extent of integration within an area, and the history of the minority group) as well as macro-economics, political ideologies and history (King & Williams, 1995). Longitudinally, racism produces and perpetuates socio-economic difference, and so controlling for this in analyses may decrease a valid association.
    Despite this complexity there have been efforts to investigate possible links between racism and illness. Interpersonal discrimination
    Research has mainly conceptualised racism as a stressor. An individual’s perception of society as racist and the experience of everyday minor acts of discrimination are thought to constitute a chronic stressor. Individual, more overtly racist acts are considered as life events (acute stressors) that are superimposed on this chronic stress (Bhugra & Cochrane, 2001).
    In the USA, interpersonal discrimination has been associated with increased rates of hypertension, depression and stress; poorer self-rated health; and more reported days spent unwell in bed (Krieger, 2000). In the UK, both Burke (1984) and Fernando (1984) have documented relationships between depression and life events thought to be due to racism. Burke reported a 1.5-fold increased incidence of depression in a community sample of ‘West Indians’ living in Birmingham compared with Whites. However, this research has been criticised because of poor diagnostic reliability and outmoded analysis (Bhugra & Cochrane, 2001). There are case reports (but no clinical syndrome) describing the development of post-traumatic stress disorder after racist attacks.
    Gilvarry et al (1999) investigated life events in African and African—Caribbean patients with psychosis; these patients were as likely to suffer life events as Whites but more likely to attribute them to racism (Gilvarry et al, 1999). Recent qualitative work has reported that patients of Caribbean origin with psychosis were more likely to attribute their problems to racism than to their mental illness (Chakraborty et al, 2002).
    The Fourth National Survey of Ethnic Minorities provided UK evidence of a cross-sectional association between interpersonal racism and mental illness (Karlsen & Nazroo, 2002). A nationally representative sample of 5196 persons of Caribbean, African and Asian origin were asked about racial discrimination in the preceding year. Those who had experienced verbal abuse were 3 times more likely to be suffering from depression or psychosis. Those who had experienced a racist attack were nearly 3 times more likely to suffer from depression and 5 times more likely to suffer from psychosis. Those who said their employers were racist were 1.6 times more likely to suffer from a psychosis. There is no published longitudinal research that has investigated an association between racial discrimination and mental illness.
    St Ann’s Hospital, London
    + Author Affiliations
    Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences, Royal Free and University College Medical Schools, and Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust, London, UK
    Dr. Kwame McKenzie, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences, Royal Free and University College Medical Schools, Royal Free Campus, Rowland Hill Street, London NW3 2PF, UK

    • Larry says:

      Saying that “racists” are mentally ill is only your justification for genocide.
      Everyone talks about this race problem and says that this race problem will be over when the third world pours into every White country and only into White countries. Everyone says the final solution to this race problem is for every White country and only White countries to “assimilate,” that is, intermarry, with all those non-Whites. According to the UN, this is genocide. You might claim to be anti-racist, but what you are is anti-White. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

    • Georgia Resident says:

      “Recent qualitative work has reported that patients of Caribbean origin with psychosis were more likely to attribute their problems to racism than to their mental illness”
      Or, in other words, black people blame any and every one of their problems on white people? Is this supposed to be earth-shattering news?

  2. Bay Area Guy says:

    It is ironic that the Occupy Portland people put a lot of emphasis on diversity (as can be seen in some of the photos), yet they do not seem to notice that the cult of diversity is the biggest piece of propaganda being thrown at them by the same government-military-industrial-corporate complex they so despise.

    JAY, this sentence alone is worthy of being printed on a piece of paper and framed on my wall.
    You are absolutely correct that to diversity and “multiculturalism” (ie. multiracialism) are heavily promoted by the corporatocracy, msm, and other powers that be.
    Same thing with mass immigration. Leftists would be amazed if they realized just how much their pro-immigration viewpoints conformed to corporate America’s agenda.
    On another note, JAY, I’m curious as to how you can reconcile Libertarianism with white advocacy. Doesn’t Libertarianism permit mass immigration, free choice (ie. interracial marriage, multiculturalism, etc), and a lack of cohesiveness and group unity? Any thoughts on that?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Not all libertarians believe in mass immigration. Also there need be no negation of group identity. Sometimes a balance must be sought. Often, they go hand in hand. And yes, what Jehu said.

    • countenance says:

      I really feel no need to be consistent, nor to toe the line of an orthodoxy. If I want to be libertarian on some things and not-so-libertarian on other things, well, as a certain crack addict once said, that’s my prerogative. Thoreau once said that a foolish consistency is the hobglobin of little minds, and I know exactly what he means – Ideological rectitude is an example of a foolish consistency, and I would call those “little minded” people dorks.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      @ JAY
      Thanks for the clarification. I do believe that the two can go together, it just makes group cohesiveness slightly more difficult, in my opinion.
      @ Cas
      Ah yes, the time honored tactic of the left of linking “racism” and mental illness.
      Not impressive.

  3. Jehu says:

    JAY believes in Libertarianism (or more properly, more libertarianism than present, I’m pretty confident that he understands perfect solutions are not possible) in one country. Considering how little purchase libertarian ideas have outside the Anglosphere and Northern Europe, this is a prudent strategy.

  4. Libertarianism means freedom for the people in a country. Smallest government possible.
    It does not mean to give freedom to all poor downtrodden uneducated in all continents to flood your country and to take away the freedoms you have.
    If you import crime, if you get uneducated trouble makers etc., then you need to impose control and libertarianism is over.
    Did I get this right? this is not my field of expertise.

  5. countenance says:

    At the very least, Portland’s autumnal color looks great.

  6. On the topic of libertarianism and race realism, look no further than The Property and Freedom Society, which is run by Hans-Hermann Hoppe. In fact, their 2010 conference had speeches from Paul Gottfried (who I believe is a speaker every year), Richard Lynn, and Richard Spencer. Link to that year’s program is here.

  7. Californian says:

    Cas, wow, where did you learn all those big words and fancy footnotes? Sounds like something you were told in a multicul agitprop class and regurgitated lockstep for fear of being called a name, like (ooooh) “racist.” Ever stop to think about your own intolerance? Like your Soviet style assumption that racism is a form of mental illness–anyone who dissents has gotta be insane, so says the central committee.
    Keep this up and you will go nuts. You may be the one headed for a padded cell?

    • Georgia Resident says:

      I’m pretty sure Cas is black. Therefore, he cannot be racist. At least, that’s what my teacher told me, therefore it must be true. He just repeats these things because they make him feel good.

  8. Californian says:

    As for Occupy [fill in the blank]…a decade or so ago, the left was protesting globalization. Now, apparently, they are in favor of globalization via the support they give to open borders, illegal immigrants, and transferring Western wealth to the third world via various rackets, e.g., foreign aid, debt forgiveness, and Bono concerts.
    Yeah, I’d like to see a little more investigation about whomever or whatever is behind the Occupy movement. I’ve seen a number of protest movements come and go, but this one seems to be off kilter. The objectives are too nebulous, the spontaneous crowds too well rehearsed, the slogans too pat.

  9. countenance says:

    Another thing. “Occupy Portland?” Doesn’t the left already run Portland? These Occutards are already occupying the places where their mentality rules.
    Then I figured it out — The question has its own answer. Occutards are camping out in big left wing cities because the politicians in big left wing cities will let them get away with their many violations of city ordinances and health codes.

  10. IQ says:

    Re: Last picture
    Looks like we found the Neanderthal Among You.

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