HBD group nucleus formed in Portland area

Beginnings are usually small, especially when it comes to high-culture issues that reside at the right of the bell-curve – such as HBD.  Today, three of us HBDers got together and had an informal meeting.  It was very interesting and pleasant and, if you’ll pardon the expression, we were a very diverse group.  HBDers are anything but cookie-cutter people.  By nature, we’re independent thinkers and this is why such meetings will (I hope) never resemble sports rallies.
There is a lot of fear, and even paranoia, among those who believe in HBD and white advocacy.  Given the forces arrayed against us, this is to be understood – but nobody ever made a difference in history by sitting at home trembling from fear of what might happen to him if his views became known.  In my opinion, there is very little risk in going out and meeting new people who share our cause.  The rewards far outweigh the risks.
Therefore I urge any readers, who live in the Portland, Oregon/ Vancouver, Washington area to contact me (rhayat10@gmail.com)  so we can work together locally to make a difference to the best of our ability.

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  1. I think it is always good to explain the terminology.
    For the unititiated, HBD is a riddle.
    I think it is easy, somewhere in the text to add the definition of such acronyms.
    I believe that I once read it to mean Human Bio Diversity. But even that does not make too much sense for me, as I believe the groupings do not promote diversity.
    Imagine the accidental visitor. He will be totally stumped

  2. portland1realist says:

    It was a very interesting meeting indeed!
    Sports rallies usually include beer, we were drinking European moonshine(Czech I believe). Much more high brow if you ask me.

  3. Larry says:

    I’m glad it went well. Networking is essential.

  4. jewamongyou says:

    Slovenia! I knew that but I got confused.

  5. “nobody ever made a difference in history by sitting at home trembling from fear of what might happen to him if his views became known.” – love it.

  6. One day I shall quiz you all on the locations and brief histories of Slovakia, Slovenia … and Slavonia!
    If I ever blow through Portland again I’ll drop you an email.

  7. irishsavant says:

    Great idea. But be warned: Once it starts to grow the group will be infiltrated by opponents/enemies. Not in itself a disaster, but don’t say anything, even off the cuff, that could be used against you by a miked-up interloper.

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