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Taking my bloggers' vacation

Those of you who are not bloggers might not be aware of the fact that bloggers get two weeks vacation per year.  HBD bloggers get a bit more since our work is so demanding.  Anyway,  I’m taking some of that … Continue reading

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Two vicious black interracial crimes

Thanks to Robert Lindsay, we learned about the the attack, by two sorry-excuses-for-humanity, on one diminutive mentally retarded non-black woman.  Here is the YouTube video of that attack, if you can stomach it: [youtube] … and then there was … Continue reading

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"Anchor baby" is now a "derogatory" term

American Heritage Dictionary recently amended its definition of the term “anchor baby” to describe it as being “offensive” and “derogatory”: Steven Kleinedler, executive director of the American Heritage Dictionary, took note when Immigration Policy Center criticized its definition of “anchor baby.” … Continue reading

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The Oregonian admits possible correlation between brain size and intelligence

The Left has argued for years that there is no meaningful correlation between brain size and intelligence.  Though science, and common sense, say otherwise, there has been an ongoing campaign to misinform and confuse the public in this matter. Nobody … Continue reading

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Two recent "enrichment" incidents in Europe

A career criminal by the name of Nordine Amrani, probably not a native European, tossed grenades off a building in Belgium.  Four are dead (including two teenagers) and dozens are wounded.   Meanwhile, a charity carol event in Britain, was … Continue reading

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Century of Blood blog is gone

I just noticed that the blog “Century of Blood” has been removed.  If anybody has information about it, please share it with us.

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Emma West

When I first saw the story of Emma West, the young mother of two who spoke her mind against third-world immigration in a British tram, my heart ached for her.  Yet my comment on the American Renaissance article was one … Continue reading

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Urban League of Portland president resigns amid corruption charges

A recent Oregonian article tells us: After years of looking into spending by the president of the Urban League of Portland, county officials said the nonprofit has until next week to present an acceptable plan of dealing with fiscal concerns if … Continue reading

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Affirmative action and law students

Somebody requested that I post the following article – and I agreed to do so.  Being a man of my word, here it is: 5 Ways Affirmative Action has Lowered the Standards for Law Students No matter what law school … Continue reading

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Diversity in mourning

Thanks to HBDchick for linking to this article about the various ways South American cultures deal with the death of a loved one. One of the commenters, by the name of EMoom, wrote: This ignorance of diversity in grief reactions becomes … Continue reading

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