Arrows in the hand of a warrior

Like arrows in the hands of a warrior
are children born in one’s youth  (Psalms 127:4).

If children are like arrows, we would do well to make sure we’re on the right side of the bow.  As it stands, Western civilization is being subject to a hail of arrows from its enemies.  Angel Adams has 15 arrows in her quiver, and they’re being aimed at the heart of our civilization.  She says, “Someone’s gonna pay for me and my kids”.  Unfortunately, she’s right.
Humans instinctively want to protect children, even the children of other species.  Long ago, humans and wolves formed a symbiotic relationship.  Both species have benefited as a result.  Like other instincts, the love of children has been formalized and institutionalized.  Even primitive man understood that children represent the future.  This makes a lot of sense when the children are of your own kind and represent, in a genetic and cultural sense, your own future.  But when it comes to Angel Adams, we need to ask ourselves whose future her children represent.  The relationship between ghetto blacks and Western civilization is not a symbiotic one; it is a parasitic one and an abusive one.
It seems to me that this is a good example of our natural instincts being usurped for evil.  Adam’s children are unlikely to grow up to be cancer researchers; they are more likely to end up murdering cancer researchers.  They are already diverting valuable resources away from more fruitful endeavors.
If this post seems unkind and callous, it is because I am asking for clarification:  At what point does compassion cease being a virtue and, instead, become a dangerous weakness?  The ancient Jewish sages said, “He who is compassionate to the cruel will ultimately become cruel to the compassionate”.  Even animals can show compassion, but only humans have the power to temper their instincts with reason.  In Adam’s case, reason would have dictated that she be sterilized (at least temporarily) until she can support her own children.  Now that the damage has been done, let the whole family be deported to Liberia.  I am not in favor of deporting all blacks to Africa, but America does need a dumping ground for those like Adams.  If people want to show compassion toward her offspring, let them do so at a safe distance.  Let them not do so at the expense and peril of the rest of us.

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  1. At what point does compassion cease being a virtue and, instead, become a dangerous weakness?
    This is an excellent question. I would say the absolute true answer is impossible to say for sure except with reference to a very specific case.
    In general, though, I’d say the best rule of thumb is that you can’t be compassionate spending other people’s money. The compassionate thing to do with Hubert Tiberius Smurd’s money is to return it to Hubert Tiberius Smurd. Charity and generosity have no place in any legislative body with the power to spend taxpayer money. (Likewise, affirmative action and legacy admissions do not belong in any educational institution that takes taxpayer money.)
    While it’s not a perfect solution, a great first step would be to bar net taxeaters* from voting. The net taxpayers could still allow the foolish to govern them and unfairly tax the wise minority among them, but it would be less likely.
    Another step would be to formally/textually interpret the tenth amendment, abolishing of forcing the privatization at least of the Federal branch of welfare. Incidentally, this would help push the budget toward balance, and the resulting riots would provide employment for thousands of US troops to be reässigned to the National Guard after the neocon wars end. At least I’ve thought it through!
    Right now this is all a pipe dream, but it is good to have in mind a clear vision for what sort of national governments should replace the US Federal government when it collapse. Collapse here is defined as: when paychecks to the security forces start bouncing. Wall Street will not burn. The question is, when Main Street starts burning, are the National Guards going to heed the governors’ calls, or join in the looting? It will depend, on the character of whom we have made National Guardsmen. I don’t want to be in Louisiana when the empire falls.
    * A net taxeater is anyone whose government subsidies, including scholarships, welfare, unemployment compensation, civil service paychecks, and government contracts, exceed their payout in direct taxes.

  2. a.n.animus says:

    For those who don’t get the reference to murdered cancer reseachers, you should have provided a link. Here you go
    Olave, I definitely think that restricting voting is a good idea, even though it may be too late for the USA. Literacy tests, as used in the South to prevent Blacks from voting, would be a good start. I don’t mind preventing illiterate Whites from voting either, so the tests would not be directly racial.

  3. destructure says:

    Olave writes, In general, though, I’d say the best rule of thumb is that you can’t be compassionate spending other people’s money.
    The constitution originally restricted voting to those of means. This was at a time when blacks wouldn’t have voted anyway. So the motives weren’t racial. It was based on the common sense that those with less means would simply use the ballot box to enrich themselves thereby destroy the incentive for others to be productive. I have no doubt that many wealthy people would and do exploit the system. But it would still be much less if the only groups voting were the upper and middle classes. As it is, it’s the top and bottom against the middle with certain elements of the top using the bottom against the middle.

  4. anon says:

    This isn’t really about compassion, it is about absolving ones self of personal guilt/responsibility and additionally status mongering if possible. Supporting illegitimacy is nothing more than a huge net negative for everyone, though it is obviously the least troublesome for those the furthest away from it.

  5. bob sykes says:

    The original Constitution is silent on the right to vote. Control of the franchise was a purely prerogative, as was the States’ right to maintain favorite churches.
    But to the point, Angel Adams and her fifteen spawn are vermin.

  6. rjp says:

    I am in agreement with all of you that voting should be restricted. If you can’t understand the basic concepts of what you are voting for, you should not be allowed to vote. And you should be a net taxpayer too because it is your money being spent. Jim Crow was right.

  7. Anon says:

    Voting is already reasonably g-loaded, the average IQ of voters in 2008 were 103 for McCain and 102.9 for Obama. Likewise the republicans are catching on, at the state and local level, of the need to restrict easy access to the polls:
    “Republican legislators and governors are reversing decades of liberalized access to the ballot by passing laws restricting or eliminating election day registration, early voting, the broader use of absentee ballots and voting by mail.
    At least eight states have enacted legislation to curb access to the polls, including three key battlegrounds in the presidential race: Wisconsin, Florida and Ohio.”
    Future Time Orientation for the literal win.

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