Is miscegenation taking a new turn?

I was leafing through a recent edition of The Columbian, a local southern Washington newspaper, when an interesting advertisement caught my eye.  It actually featured a white man with a very dark black woman.  I thought to myself, “This is unusual”.  Upon further reflection, however, I realized that this sort of couple has become more prevalent over the last few months in advertising.  Just today, I was browsing through a catalog I got in the mail, and there it was again!  A little white boy playing next to a little black girl.
Could it be that the crude obviousness of their promotion of black male/ white female pairing has attracted too much attention, and too much ridicule, for the comfort of those who control the media?  Can we take credit for this development?  I don’t think so.
A more plausible explanation is that pressure from black women has prompted this shift in focus.  There is, in fact, a movement among black women to make it more socially acceptable for them to marry out.  Khadija Nassif writes in her blog*:

I’m thankful to see that the BWE movement has achieved lasting victory after only a few short years:

  • The core BWE message that Black women who are serious about marriage must expand their dating options to include nonblack men has firmly entered the mainstream. One can see this with the conversations and publicity surrounding Ralph Richard Banks’ book Is Marriage For White People?
  • A critical mass of African-American women have heard the BWE message, and have MOVED ON into enjoying abundant life in the global village. They’ve stopped restricting themselves to the dead Black community and vampiric all-Black social circles. They’ve stopped hindering their marriage options by refusing to speak or engage in the “nothing but a Black man” self-sabotage…
This quiet and growing exodus of sensible African-American women has not gone totally unnoticed. There’s a YouTube video in which a frightened Black man asks the question, “Are Black Women Becoming Like Asian Women?” (in terms of dating and marrying White men). In terms of sensible Black women, the short answer is YES. As this worried Black male has noticed, increasing numbers of quality, desirable Black women are leaving the toxic all-Black dating market and have MOVED ON.
The victory of the BWE social justice movement will prove to be a lasting one because it’s sustained and enhanced by the ripple effects created by every African-American woman who finds joyous life in the outside world.
But I’m not even sure that people like Khadija can take credit for this change.  Another possibility is that the media/corporate/government establishment has been pushing the black male/white female relationship so aggressively that it is starting to backfire on them.  Thanks to their constant barrage of propaganda, it might now be considered an act of rebellion for black women to date non-black men, or for white men to date black women.  As such, it has attained a degree of coolness.
I am against large-scale miscegenation of any sort, but not all miscegenation is equal.  It is more harmful when there is a gross imbalance, when it is almost exclusively black men dating out.  Not only does such an imbalance leave a lot of lonely and frustrated people, it is also both an expression of, and a contributor to,  a caste system.

*Thanks to commenter Robyn (#32) at Amren for the link.

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32 Responses to Is miscegenation taking a new turn?

  1. Another question we have to ask ourselves is “will the black race survive in America”? BLack people are a minority in America and with black men seeking non-black partners and with black women seeming to follow their example… could such a situation come into existence where the black race has nearly completely miscegenated with non-black races resulting in nearly no black people in America? Is the black American a potentially endangered species?

    • Well, that depends upon how one defines who is black. Traditionally, the United States has had a “one drop rule” whereby if a person of European descent had a single ancestor from another race, they were considered to belong to that race. It would actually be hard for the black community to cohere were a similar standard in place with regard to African descent, as most blacks in the U.S. (African Americans) have some European ancestry, averaging around 20%, with a wide distribution–a small minority completely of African descent and a small minority looking like Benjamin Jealous, with the vast majority somewhere in between (but clustering around 20%).

  2. sdfd says:

    The white women who have children with black men tend to be culturally weak and stupid. They have no knowledge or pride of the history of the West. They tend to be piggish ignoramuses and as a result their half-white kids grow despising white people and proclaiming themselves: Black and black only, like a certain President I could name.

  3. Larry says:

    Anti-whites push anything and everything that leads to White genocide. They might say it’s about “love” “freedom of choice” or “expanding their dating options” but nobody is flooding Africa with millions of non-Africans and pushing assimilation and intermarriage. This is only happening in White countries. It’s genocide.

  4. The Other Eugenicist says:

    Are there any desirable black women?

    • Naim Bilal says:

      Hell yeah mf’er!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The most Beautiful women on this planet, and in this dimension

  5. Time Resumes says:

    Yes. In short, there is a high IQ, traditional black elite in the US, but it has been declining for the same reason other traditional elites have in the US, and has been really exposed to Affirmative Action opening up colleges to non–high IQ blacks as dating & mating options for their youth. Even in this segment, though, there is a strong “date and marry black” push, to preserve their culture.
    I’m white, but I dated a girl from a family like this for a while in my teens, and they were far more cultured, intelligent and accomplished than most white families I’ve known from a similar socio–economic profile. (And while, as descendants of slaves, there was almost certainly white admixture, it was not phenotypically greater than normal.) There’s a right hand to every bell curve, and if HBD is serious, it should realize that the culturally assimilated right hands of every group can be a welcome addition to the mass gene pool of a group.

    • destructure says:

      @Time Resumes
      While I agree there is a right hand to every bell curve, I see no reason why HBD should encourage miscegenation in order to be “serious”. Your argument is irrational and shows a shocking ignorance of genetics, culture, history and psychology. You are a troll with an agenda.

      • Time Resumes says:

        I’m not saying it should encourage it, but there’s obviously a difference between dysgenic miscegenation and other. Unless you have some evidence that IQ becomes less heritable when one high–IQ parent is black…
        There are obvious social and cultural costs to being a phenotypic “other”, and other heritable characteristics than IQ, but when you hear the HBD argument that goes along the lines of “lolnegroes”, it doesn’t feel very serious, but rather that HBD has become a thin veneer of justification on another position.

      • eugenicist says:

        Time Resumes, I think destructure is alluding to regression to the mean. Just because you are smart doesn’t mean you can pass on your intelligence to your kids. Blacks, on average, regress to a lower mean than whites. Steve Sailer explained it very well:

        We each carry two sets of genes. You might have gotten lucky and gotten dominant genes that granted you a huge amount of some desirable trait. But your recessive genes are also a random selection from the average of your ancestors’ genes, weighted by their closeness to you on the family tree. At the moment of your child’s conception, you and your mates’ four sets of genes are completely reshuffled. Thus, the children of the highly intelligent tend to have kids who aren’t as bright as they are. That’s why royal dynasties are founded by usurpers with exceptional talents, but quickly recede to nothing-specialness. In merciful contrast, the exceptionally dim tend to have children who are a little smarter than they are.

        There may be a small number of black families whose children regress to a high enough mean that you have many generations of high-IQ achievers: doctors, lawyers, scientists, etc. That doesn’t mean they would be a “welcome addition” to the white gene pool though.

      • Time Resumes says:

        With ~50% of IQ being purely heritable, I don’t think that’s true. While there are outliers, genius–genius pairings rarely result in even normal children, much less left–handers.

      • eugenicist says:

        While there are outliers, genius–genius pairings rarely result in even normal children, much less left–handers.
        I’m not really sure what this means. I think it depends on how you define “genius” and “normal.” If two parents with 150+ IQs have children with IQs in the 110-125 range, is that odd? The kids are still far above average in intelligence, and smart enough to succeed in many occupations––but they’re not geniuses.
        Also, remember that geniuses sometimes come from unremarkable families. If you have two genius parents (however you define that) whose siblings, parents and extended families are lukewarm, the odds are more against their children than when you have, say, three or four generations of achievement already.
        I know anecdotes aren’t the same as longitudinal studies, but I can recall many children born to bright, ambitious parents who were neither bright nor ambitious, who were basically turned into nutcases because they couldn’t succeed to their parents’ standards, even if they would have been good franchise owners or something more modest. I’m not the only one who noticed this––here’s a Marin County psychologist describing this phenomenon.

  6. Anon says:

    “Are there any desirable black women?” Every distribution has a right end tail-curve, but the other side of this is the white illegitimacy rate pushing white husbands to take what is available(+decent).

    • The Other Eugenicist says:

      I find intelligent women more interesting, because they appreciate my verbal abilities and my agile tongue more than non-intelligent women do… given the differences in average IQ, I am exceedingly unlikely to find women from some groups with an IQ of 130 or more, and some groups have more sweat glands to boot.

  7. anon334 says:

    do a youtube search for black women white men
    seems like a lot of black women are pushing the idea of it on a certain websites.

  8. DFA says:

    When I was a leftist in my late teens and early twenties I slept with some non-white women and thought I was very “open-minded”, “progressive” and rebellious for doing so. Granted, I never had much luck with white women growing up and the non-white women were much more attractive than the white girls I could get, or in some cases the booze led me to believe that.
    JAY is also right about the caste aspect of it, some of these girls were only attracted to white guys or as one hispanic chick told me they had their “eyes on the prize”. It wasn’t just sleeping with a white guy they liked, but it was having other people of their race see them with a white guy.

  9. Y says:

    As a black female race realist I am concerned about the possibility that BF-WM marriages might increase. I have read comments on from white men who became racially conscious after years of being involved with black women. Some of these men even have mulatto kids!
    The evidence that genes are primarily responsible for racial disparities in intelligence will be irrefutable in less than 20 years. Also, as the U.S. white population declines and the non-white Hispanic population increases, the country will become increasingly dysfunctional and balkanized. I think there’s a strong possibility that white people will be racially aware in 20 years or less. By them white men who married black women will have some serious regrets… And their wives and children will be broken-hearted.
    I feel for single and looking black women. I am one. But now is the worst time to be dating and marrying interracially.

    • jewamongyou says:

      “A black female race realist” or “THE black female race realist”? If you haven’t already, you should start your own blog. I, for one, would be interested in what you have to say. Or you can contribute to this blog if you wish.
      I hope you’re right in your predictions. Incidentally, I don’t believe that an individual who stumbles upon HBD truths, must divorce his other-race wife or disown his other-race kids. What’s done is done, and if they get along then why should racial truth create misery?
      I’m not sure how much of this blog you’ve already read but my own kids are not white; they are half Indian and brown (their mom being an Indian Jewess). I don’t love my kids any less for that. They also know my pro-white stance and it’s not a problem between us.

      • Y says:

        I have been reading your blog for a while. I can’t remember what post it was, but I remember you saying that if you could live your life over again you would not have married an Indian Jewess.
        If interracial marriages between BFs and WMs increase I think a lot of white men will eventually have regrets. I guess it’s unlikely for that combination of interracial marriages to become more common, though. Biology has rendered the women of my race undesirable.
        Do you have any predictions for when white Americans will adopt a belief in HBD? James Watson thinks it’ll probably happen in about 5 years and Michael Levin thinks about 18.

    • @Y
      I think the association between race and IQ is overplayed, perhaps there are some tendencies but I suspect those tendencies are cultural rather than genetic.

    • bob says:

      Y said:
      The evidence that genes are primarily responsible for racial disparities in intelligence will be irrefutable in less than 20 years.
      Actually it’s pretty irrefutable now, at least that genes are a large part. BUT, it applies to racial GROUPs – and in our normal lives (as non-governmental, non-Liberal people), we deal with individuals.
      Here is an interesting fact: divorce is rarer among BF/WM marriages than other racial combinations.
      – see discussion of table 4.
      Y said:
      Biology has rendered the women of my race undesirable.
      Again, statistically that may be true, but you don’t date/marry statistics.
      Just everybody remember: Right hand end of the bell curve!

      • jewamongyou says:

        “Here is an interesting fact: divorce is rarer among BF/WM marriages than other racial combinations.”
        My take on that has always been that their actions were against social trends and contrary to all the propaganda. So it was more likely that their relationship was based on deeper foundations than satisfying social expectations. In contrast, BM/WF relationships have been forced down our throats at every turn, fanatically promoted by all the powers that be and considered a sign of enlightenment.
        It may be that all this is starting to change. If so, WM/BF relationships will start to experience higher separation rates as well.

      • Y says:

        @ bob,
        You’re right about divorce being less common for WM-BF than for BM-WF couples. Actually, from what I’ve read when you compare interracial combinations involving white guys to interracial combinations involving white woman the former combinations have lower rates of divorce. I wonder if this is an indicator that white men treat women of all races better than non-white men do. Although I do know that Asian American couples have lower divorce rates than white couples.

  10. Stealth says:

    I believe that complete acceptance of miscegenation among whites will not result in the extinction of the black race. The truth is that the vast majority of both black men AND women, as individuals, would be considered ineligible as baby-making partners by most white folks. The result: something that would benefit neither race. Whites would simply absorb the more intelligent and best looking blacks, mixing our culture with theirs. God only knows what the consequences would be for us. The remaining eighty percent of the black community, robbed of its more cultured and genetically endowed portion, would then be even more alien in appearance, intellectual capacity and culture.

    • 1111Anon says:

      There is not really enough intermarriage for that to happen, likewise the black mean won’t be irrevocably harmed by missing a generation or 2 of their best and brightest(of whom all won’t be outmarrying).
      Producing a significantly admixed group requires either a lot of intermarriage and/or significantly useful traits.

      • Skepticism says:

        I’m not sure that’s true. I just think it happens a little more slowly in environments in which people aren’t forced to do it. In Brazil, for instance, and possibly other SA locales, European men didn’t have much of a choice; there weren’t a lot of Euro women around to have babies with! However, they apparently did have their pick of women from the local subjugated peoples, blacks and native Americans. Plus, there are mixed populations all over the world.
        I guess I’m addressing a point that nobody here has made. I believe that liberals, in private, consider black social pathologies to be a major social problem and believe that miscegenation might be a solution – just an extension of the idea that more extensive exposure to white people is the fix-it for black failure. The reply I wrote above details why I think it wouldn’t work.

  11. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Time Resumes,
    Of course there are other racial differences besides average I.Q. Due to the taboo nature of the subject, we may only be aware of a small portion of such differences (in the brain). If some day, we unravel all the mysteries of race, and like (from one race) is attracted to like (from another race), then there’s probably no harm in that.
    There is a lot of bitterness toward blacks among HBDers – but this is not because there is some sort of requirement in HBD to hate blacks; it’s because blacks are the vehicle of so much of the harm that is visited upon whites, and HBDers also tend to be pro-white. There is a huge overlap between “pro-white” and HBD but they are not one in the same.

  12. Annoyed says:

    Regardless it is just as bad.
    I couldn’t care less about black IQ, I do have a particular dislike for blacks as a whole as they have greatly contributed to these problems.
    Anyway blacks are become irrelevant as mexicans are increasing in number and will take their place politically.
    And 1111anon, racial destruction is death by a thousand cuts.

    • Annoyed says:

      Hmm, another thought – if what you wrote is the case(in regards to social back lash), then there is still a possibility to correct these social problems. As said above, it’s a death by a thousand cuts.
      People will need to be forced to see the outcome if we are going to change anything. If they are forced, at least some will join us.

  13. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Y,
    “Do you have any predictions for when white Americans will adopt a belief in HBD? James Watson thinks it’ll probably happen in about 5 years and Michael Levin thinks about 18.”
    As you know, that’s a really tough question. It always seems like we’re right at the cusp of a revolution in attitude – but this has been the case for many years. It seems like a lot of young people recognize the truth in their hearts, but they quickly learn that, if they want to get anywhere in life, they must suppress it. Perhaps the next flyer I distribute will be “The Basics of HBD”; I can’t make any predictions for when the truth will be acknowledged, but at least I can do my part to hasten it. Also, it would be better for people to learn about HBD in a positive way rather than suddenly waking up one day and saying, “You know what? I’m sick and tired of ‘people of color’. I HATE them!” The path of peace and harmony is through truth. Lies bring war and discord.

  14. Robyn says:

    I was very surprised (pleasantly) to see your acknowledgement of my link on Amren to Khadija’s writings!
    I have very mixed feelings about this topic. Whilst I feel sorry for black women in America and angry at the way black men treat them, I do not like to see more race mixing and loss of white genes.
    I think you are right about the recent reversal of pairings to WM/BW. For the first time on TV last week I saw a white English man flirting and kissing a black “English” woman and I had a VISCERAL reaction of anger and disgust. I said to my partner that this must be what white men feel when the see the incessant black male/white woman sexual pairings that are so obviously propaganda that we are bombarded with. He’s still a clueless liberal though and I don’t think he understood what I meant.
    I used to be a clueless kumbaya liberal, but now even I am saying “You know what, I’m sick and tired of “people of colour”. I don’t hate them, I just wish they would stay the hell away from me and mine.
    I am glad I discovered your blog linked from HBD chick, fascinating stuff here!

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