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When I first saw the story of Emma West, the young mother of two who spoke her mind against third-world immigration in a British tram, my heart ached for her.  Yet my comment on the American Renaissance article was one of criticism for her vulgar language and grudging support for her sentiments.
After some reflection, I have changed my mind and I regret having taking that stance.  Other commenters had pointed out that such language is normal for working class Londoners, and that the Left is wont to use language at least as vulgar.  Besides, somebody has to publicly speak their mind and break the ice of silence over the invasion of Britain.
Whatever flaws there may have been in West’s delivery of her message, at this point she deserves the unflagging support of all of us.  A comment, by “Free Ema West” on Mangan’s blog, reads:

Britain First (britainfirst.org) seems to be the main spot for organized support for Emma West. You can send messages of support to her and messages of protest to the authorities through their site.
For those that would like send support directly to her, see this post:

For your convenience, here is her direct contact information:
Emma West
C/O HMP  Bronzefield
Woodthorpe Road
TW15 3JZ
United Kingdom
My letter of support, along with a check, is already on its way.  Along with whatever legal expenses she will incur, she will also probably have to move.  She will need money, so I urge all of you to send her some money according to your ability.  If not, at least send her a Christmas card.  Don’t forget that, if you’re sending it from outside Britain, the postal rates are higher – so don’t just affix a stamp and drop it in the mail.  Make sure there is enough postage.  Also, given the lack of freedom of speech in Britain, it might be a good idea to use only general words of encouragement; don’t rant about immigration or directly support what she did to get locked up.  The authorities might confiscate the letter and she would never see it.  If somebody knows otherwise, please correct me on this.

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30 Responses to Emma West

  1. Californian says:

    Emma West might be a “Rosa Parks Moment” for race realists.
    * A woman on a bus defying cultural and legal norms.
    * A seemingly minor incident which has much larger political ramifications.
    * A rallying point for those fighting the system.
    But we need to learn from the historic Rosa Parks. For one thing, she was a trained activist. For another, she had an organization behind her which was ready to exploit the incident. And there were also strategic alliances with the media to give it the right spin.
    Still, this is a learning experience.
    More power to Emma West and let us hope she stands firm.

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    Good for you JAY! Her language might have been appalling to those of us who are used to speaking more appropriately but it carried with it a message of truth. Some times the greatest truth is spoken in anger and frustration. In a normal functioning society she would be seen as calling for the saving of her people, not the death or hatred of others.
    I’m glad you could see the difference. Coming from you, as a Jew, is very important. It helps bring clarity to a situation.

    • countenance says:

      My only disagreement with you is that JAY’s mindset on this is somehow more “important” or “worthy” because he’s Jewish. That’s one mindset we have to get over, that Jews are somehow “special” or “the other.” And we have to stop thinking that an extra ally we get in our struggle that happens to be Jewish puts us any closer to our day of victory just because s/he is Jewish, as if being Jewish has you “plugged in” to some special outlet somewhere. When it’s not the case.
      They put their pants on one leg at a time and bleed red, just like we do.

      • jewamongyou says:

        That was my initial reaction too. But I don’t think Concerned Citizen meant that my opinion is special because I’m Jewish. Rather that, as a Jew, I might encourage other (traditionally leftist) Jews to be more open-minded. Of course being Jewish gives me no special authority, or importance, over others.

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        countenance, in no way am I saying Jews are more important or worthy, but most Jews would have some issues with white people taking an interest in their well-being. You know, those Jews would say that they are all becoming Nazis! With JAY you have a differing opinion. He sees that it isn’t about that at all. It’s about saving whites, not killing Jews or hating anyone else. That’s what I meant by “important”. He gives a balancing view point from the perspective of a Jew that would otherwise not really be there.
        Hope you now understand my response a little better. I think JAY would laugh if I really did think him “special” or “important” just because he’s a Jew.

      • countenance says:

        JAY wrote:
        Rather that, as a Jew, I might encourage other (traditionally leftist) Jews to be more open-minded.
        That’s actually concerned citizen’s mentality (or at least what I mis took for his mentality) applied to the collective. I want everyone to be open minded and eventually see the world in our way. But I don’t feel any imperative to get the “Jews” on our side in a collective sense, because I don’t “other-ize” their abilities or hold them in any special esteem a la philo-Semites.
        If a million left wing Jews all of a sudden switch to our side, it means the same thing to me as if a million leftists Swedes did, or a million leftist Germans, Irish, or whatever.

      • Reality Check says:

        “They put their pants on one leg at a time”
        Nah, both legs at the same time is easy, it’s getting that pesky tail in that’s the problem.

      • Face it: the Jew shield exists. As the most assiduously protected caste on earth, their endorsement of anything carries weight in the minds of the goyim. Maybe not JAY’s attitude, but that isn’t who matters — it’s the masses’ perception that matters here,

  3. Bay Area Guy says:

    Personally, my views on Emma West are mixed.
    While I understand where JAY’s coming from with regards to the foul language she employed, I still think that she presented herself very poorly.
    White activists and immigration restrictionists have a hard enough time with image as it is. The last thing we need is for a foul-mouthed woman who curses a blue streak in front of her toddler to be our poster child.
    I don’t approve of the way she came across, but regardless, thanks to her the message is getting out.

    • CanSpeccy says:

      I doubt if Emma West considers herself a “white activists and immigration restrictionists.” She’s just a poor, barely competent member of the British lower class reacting emotionally to being the victim of genocide.
      Astonishingly, no seems to consider the possibility that she is more or less mentally ill, which would probably be my reaction to being a member of Emma West’s social class in England today.
      But in any case, that her remarks, under the circumstances, were somewhat lacking in tact or propriety, seems rather beside the point.

      • jewamongyou says:

        My initial comment on Amren was that she was either drunk or crazy. That may be the case, but it could also be that she was simply pushed over the edge by what she saw, experienced, around her.

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        Whatever her state of mind or allegiance to white rights activists, she doesn’t deserve to be in prison for speaking her mind. I think that’s a truth most people can understand.

  4. Larry says:

    I agree that she deserves our support.
    But for me, the Emma West incident isn’t about what she said or how she said it; it’s about the fact that you can go to jail and have your child taken from you if you speak out against mass immigration. We should never fail to point out how the anti-white regimes suppress dissent.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Good point! Just to speak out about it brings jail time. True to fashion, merely to think and say your opinion is crime. Bring on the Thought Police!

  5. destructure says:

    I followed the controversy a bit. Her point was expressed crudely, but the basis for her opinions are obvious to any reasonable person. As far as I know the woman was arrested and is STILL in jail. For words.
    In the meantime, where is the outrage over these incidents?
    96 year old man punched in the face and knocked down by a youth for being “too slow” to get out of his way. The man was injured and at his age will never recover. Note the youth strut and shoulder roll at the end of the video.
    4 Somali youths attacked a British woman, The judge let them off because they were moslem and not used to drinking. They had been screaming racial abuse while making the attack but the judge let them go because they “weren’t used to drinking”.
    There was plenty of outrage over Emma’s rant. But where’s the outrage over those incidents? The same people who were saying the most vile things about her never said a word about those other incidents. They’re not anti racist. They’re just anti white.
    I suspect the causes are three fold. First, there is the business community that wants cheap labor. They promote immigration because it drives down wages. Of course, the immigrants sponge off entitlement programs so it doesn’t help the country. It’s just a case of privatizing the profits and socialising the costs. In this case, socializing the costs of labor.
    Second, there are the politicians. They know that they can stay in power by making sure these immigrants get first place at the entitlement trough. It’s a massive transfer of wealth from taxpayers to immigrants for the benefit of business and politicians. But the real people pay for it through lower wages and higher taxes.
    The third factor involves subterfuge. Intelligence agencies have a long history of fomenting ethnic conflict in others countries. Not that ethnic problems ever really need much fomenting. They’re always just under the surface. The KGB and CIA spent most of the cold war inciting insurrection against governments friendly to the other side. It resulted in a number of wars. Obviously, that sort of thing didn’t end with the cold war. Everyone does it.
    The countries doing it to us would obviously be countries who don’t like us. Most likely Iran, China and Russia. I suspect Libya was doing it as well. All four have a long history of manipulating foreign countries through proxy front groups. Iran’s proxies are well-known. Less well known was the support NOI was getting from Iran and Libya. It would also explain why most of these radical groups tend to be pro moslem and anti israel. Not that they weren’t already pro moslem and anti israel. They’re just more so now that they’re paid.
    PS- I intend to cross-post this on my site.

  6. The Other Eugenicist says:

    OT, but it seems that public-sector job cuts have hit one group of people particularly had, or maybe not compared to another group, but then, why do unemployable people deserve jobs anyway?
    Is it because they will riot of they don’t get handouts?

    • CanSpeccy says:

      They are unemployed not because they are unemployable and will riot unless they get handouts but because they do get handouts.
      Milton Friedman explains here.
      What was once a problem mainly for black Americans is now a problem for a large part of the white working class in America and Europe. And it is a problem largely created as a result of globalization, offshoring of jobs and mass migration of energetic and ambitious people who out-compete barely competent Brits, Americans, etc. for what work there is.

  7. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Countenance,
    “But I don’t feel any imperative to get the “Jews” on our side in a collective sense, because I don’t “other-ize” their abilities or hold them in any special esteem a la philo-Semites.”
    But as a Jew, I do have such an imperative. Of course I’m also interested in bringing enlightenment to non-Jews.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      JAY, neither my comment nor your original response to countenance said anything about an “imperative” to get Jews on the pro-white side. All I meant by my comment was that you have a differing view point on the matter compared to your average Jewish person and that this was “important” as it brings clarity to the situation.
      countenance, it’s JAY’s opinion as a Jew that was important to me, not his Jewishness. If you want to continue debating my comment, feel free to but I have explained what I meant by it.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      In my mind it’s imperative to get all whites on board, both Jews and non-Jewish whites, to save the white race. Seeing all view points should be important. So…from that perspective maybe countenance was right.

      • CanSpeccy says:

        Skin color is not a definitive indication of race. A race is simply a group that has been largely isolated for many generations from other groups during which time, through processes of genetic drift, selection and mutation it has acquired a unique gene pool. This uniqueness may be evident in skin color, morphology, physiology or more subtle features including emotional and intellectual characteristics. Thus, for examples, all indigenous Africans are more or less darkly pigmented, yet Africans are probably more diverse genetically, than the rest of mankind together. Conversely, Barak Obama may be “black,” but he’s actually more European than African and, I believe, as much Arab as African.
        It seems to me, therefore, that what those who are concerned about the effects of mass migration and integration of populations should be concerned with is not so much some single marker of diversity such as skin color, as diversity in general.
        Few fail to understand the value in protecting biodiversity in the non-human world. So why is human biodiversity not valuable also?
        The diversity that exists among races of mankind has taken thousands of years to evolve. To destroy it unthinkingly, by creating a global melting pot seems a policy of the wildest irresponsibility.
        And as Raphael Lemkin, author of the term “genocide” made clear, race is a correlate of culture, including religion or irreligion. so a global melting pot means the merger of all cultures into what? The culture that produces a confused and angry Emma West? To me, that looks like the road to Hell.

    • countenance says:

      I’m really a mixed ethnic mutt, ranging from German at the most to Jewish at the least, with a lot in between. I guess my Pan-Caucasianism is a personal imperative.

      • CanSpeccy says:

        There’s nothing wrong with being a mongrel. At some level, most of us are. The British author John Buchan related how, when a student at Oxford, English students decided to form an English Association as a response to the formation of a Hibernian Society by Scottish students. However, on investigation, the proponents of this scheme were unable to find any English students who were not at least in part of Scottish extraction.
        This, however, does not detract from my point (somewhere above) that whatever the merits of mongrels, and as we see in the case of Barak Obama they may be considerable, we should seek within reason to retain the original races from which distinguished mongrels will from time to time arise.
        It might be suggested that if mongrels are so fine, why not mongrelize the entire population. Certainly the apparent reality of the phenomenon sometimes referred to as “hybrid vigor” indicates that there would be a temporary benefit, in terms of the health and energy of the population. However, the effect wears off after a generation or two, and you finish up with a population with an even higher proportion of bad genes (genetic load) than you started with.

  8. She did the “question multiculturalism” cause no favours. The Left *loves* people like this as they make a very convenient strawman.

    • Sean68 says:

      Actually, she did us a great favor. The fact that her son has been taken away from her and she’s going to spend Christmas in a fucking jail cell will resonate with white Britons, even those who might otherwise consider her “vulgar”. Her treatment lays bare that England is becoming a multicultural police state.

  9. Sean68 says:

    Excellent post, JAY. Good for you! And thank you for not referring to Emma as a “prole.”

  10. Dan says:

    If Britain continues on this course, persecuting and crushing the native population, London will end up like Detroit or Johannesburg or St Louis. On a gut level people like Emma realize the problem that is unfolding in their beloved City.
    I’d take a crude rough Londoner over the Effete public school filth any day. Fishwives like Emma actually Made England a powerhouse and our people feared.

  11. unbiased says:

    I neither agree with her nor disagree. the way she presented her opinions were quite poor, especially in front of children not only of her own. Nonetheless, what she said does prove a good point. “White” people, whether in America or in Britain, are becoming the minority. While immigration is a good thing and provides equal opportunity to those who deserve it, there should be limitation. There are lazy slobs who come just to live off the benefits of the country, while the working class must pay for their luxuries. Likewise in america, there are places that won’t hire white people because they fear of being racists. It’s understandable of why she would be outraged. it would be the same if, say, white people were the majority of an Asian country. (just as an example) In Japan, they have very strict immigration laws, and nearly impossible to become a citizen there. Yet there are people who temporarily stay for business purposes only and help benefit the country themselves. (if that makes sense).

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