Liberal Douche Garofalo

Eugenicist is on a posting hiatus, but she still gives me good ideas for this blog now and then.  Here are some nice memes, of a genre called “liberal douche Garofalo”.  Enjoy!

There are many more where those came from – and you can make your own here.  If you come up with a good one, feel free to share it in a comment.

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11 Responses to Liberal Douche Garofalo

  1. lowly says:

    Beat me with a stick, but there’s something about her I like, ‘liberal douche’, or not.

  2. destructure says:

    Now THAT is funny stuff. And true, too. Garofalo reminds me of an instructor I had in college. I always avoided the liberal arts department as much as possible but I once took a class from a lesbian feminist radical. At some point during every single class the phrase “all the problems of society are the fault of white men” would come out of her mouth. She was always on about racism, social justice and all kinds of left-wing crap. But it was pretty obvious her real passion was that she simply had a stick up her butt about white men. All the rest was just sort of the baggage that came with it. And that’s what Garofalo reminds me of. She’s got this whole grab bag of social justice issues she rails about. But I suspect the one thing that’s driving it all is that she’s just an angry, man-hating bitch.

  3. There’s a liberal college student meme as well.
    Memes are actually very good things, sometimes.

  4. Kiwiguy says:

    Lol, some of those could go up around college campuses.

  5. Californian says:

    Nice stuff!

  6. Hilarious; plain and simple.

  7. Unamused says:

    eugenicist is a girl?

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