"No longer colorblind"

Did you hear the latest?  President Obama has announced he will “no longer be thrifty with tax money”.  Kind of reminds me of when the Nazis announced, late in 1944, that they would “no longer coddle the Jews”, or when al-Qaida recently announced that they will “cease being so tolerant of those who burn the Quran.”
But back to reality.  None of the above would be so ignorant of their own past attitudes and policies.  The establishment Left, on the other hand, excels in displaying total ignorance of their own attitudes and policies.  Portland Realist brought one such example to my attention:

No longer colorblind

Schools’ new approach turns racial issues into cultural lessons

The Portland Tribune, Jan 19, 2012
A black teacher at a North Portland’s Open Meadow School sent an email to fellow teachers and staff last week with the subject line of “Whiteness,” asking for “articles or anything that helps explain what ‘Whiteness’ is and the impact it has.”
At nearby Jefferson High School, the white principal is working with her majority-white teaching staff to be more culturally responsive to the largely black student body.
Across town at mostly white Mt. Tabor Middle School, the black principal is encouraging open discussions in the classroom about the recent black-on-white assault of a 14-year-old girl on a MAX train.
At Marshall Campus library last week, 70 Portland Public School teachers — all but 10 of them white — ranked themselves in order of their self-assessed “White Privilege,” then candidly shared their feelings and experiences with racism.
Why all the talk about race in the schools, if we live in a nation where children “will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character?” to cite Martin Luther King Jr. on the anniversary of his birth this week?
For decades, it seemed that the right thing to do was foster a “colorblind” society, where race doesn’t matter — a la Stephen Colbert’s “I don’t see color” shtick.
Now education and government leaders here and nationally have adopted the opposite thinking, that we must focus on race at all times — because not doing so is actually setting the cause of racial equality back even further…

The “Mainstream Media” acts much like “Big Brother” in Orwell’s 1984.  “Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia”.  Never mind that everything you’ve seen, read, hear and know tells you otherwise.  Never mind that, for the last several decades, race and racial disparities have been in the headlines in newspapers across the country.  Never mind that schools have been indoctrinating black students to be proud of their racial heritage while, at the same time, doing everything in their power to cause white students to be ashamed of their own.  Never mind that, even as early as the 1970’s, when I was in high school, schools were keeping inventory of their students by race.  We must ignore long-standing government programs such as “No Child Left Behind”, forced integration and the anti-white violence it has engendered.    We must pretend that we never saw the multitude of studies that showed how black students were disciplined more than white students – and how teachers must therefore be held accountable for their “racism”.
All of that is in the past, and we must now make believe that it never happened.  Now we are told that, in the past, schools were “colorblind”.  It is as if we were told today, in the year 2012, that “American society has been ignoring Martin Luther King too much, that the time has come to start naming streets after him and maybe even recognizing him with a holiday”.  It makes us want to scream at the newspaper (or television, if you numb your mind with that device), “HELLO!!  Where have you been the last 50 years?”

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  1. By bringing up racial issues constantly and by attacking whites constantly they are leaving whites with no choice but to be racially conscious.
    I would ideally like to lead a colorblind existence but unfortunately I am forced to be a little bit racially conscious due to all the talk of race in the media and academia.
    America needs to adopt a policy like that of France. The French government does not collect racial statistics and considers everyone who is a French citizen to be of French nationality under the law. As a result it is impossible to implement affirmative action in France.
    Here is a website that talks about a racially privacy initiative some are fighting for in America
    The racial privacy initiative is spear-headed by Ward Connerly who is a mixed race man(tri-racial I think).

    • Georgia Resident says:

      That didn’t stop the blacks and North Africans from rioting, and I’m pretty sure they still commit a disproportionate share of the crime. Even if they don’t receive affirmative action privileges, they still disproportionately use welfare, and they are degrading the indigenous French culture.
      The truth is that races differ biologically, and the differences in culture that arise from these differences in biology amplify these differences. Applying the same policies to different races has dramatically different effects. Sweden has had a far more generous welfare state for single mothers than the US for decades, and yet it hasn’t caused the problems there which it has caused among blacks in the US (of course, as Sweden imports the third world, they’ll start seeing more problems like those seen in American ghettos).
      And genuine colorblindness in everyday life is not merely hopelessly idealistic, but also dangerous. Failure to avoid a group of young negro males on the street can lead to deadly consequences. Ditto for a failure to be wary of black neighborhoods. And even if one has no concern for preserving the white race, one would still be well-advised to keep his daughter from dating negro men, since even the “good” negro men often behave badly (an an example, Barack Obama’s less-than-stellar father came from a fairly well-off family and was thought at the time to have excellent prospects and yet still acted, if you’ll excuse the term, like a nigger).
      The only society in which race doesn’t matter, on a day-to-day basis, is one in which everyone is of the same race. While being aware of race doesn’t mean that one has to be rude or unpleasant to those not in his own racial group as a matter of course, being properly aware of race is necessary if one is to survive in a society where more than one race is present.

      • anon says:

        Excellent comment. One thing I like to point out to “white privilege” fanatics is that, if a society is made by white people, it’s going to be made for white people too. They cannot make it otherwise. Same with Chinese society, Indian society etc. Nobody except an idiot says “Hey, I’m going to make this society optimal for some nebulous future hybrid race,” in fact they don’t think about race at all unless they have to.

    • Anonymous says:

      >America needs to adopt a policy like that of France. The French government does not collect racial statistics and considers everyone who is a French citizen to be of French nationality under the law. As a result it is impossible to implement affirmative action in France.
      Those same statistics can be turned around and used against affirmative action (i.e., NAMs not succeeding even under perfect conditions).

  2. bob says:

    A majority black school in Portland? I thought the black population of Portland was very small, which is why SWPL types like it. Have they rigorously segregated all the blacks in a single neighborhood?

  3. Jefferson High School is hilarious. It’s a citywide magnet school specializing in performing arts that also happens to be located a largely black neighborhood. They send their dance team around Globetrotter-style to all the inferior white schools full of stupid lame dumb bigoted smelly evil white people.
    If someone notes that the Jefferson dance team is a bunch of good dancers, the speaker is a racist, and if he doesn’t, he’s a philistine (and probably a racist too).
    Seriously, not kidding, it’s one of the funniest aspects of Portland-style leftism. Go go! Occupy Portland! Hate your disgusting white skin! Don’t let them throw you into the cannibal’s pot, hop in of your own free will.
    I’m sorry I ever set foot in that city.

  4. Californian says:

    To put it crudely, “When is this sh*t gonna stop?!”

  5. Bay Area Guy says:

    As SOJ rightly pointed out, all of these “white privilege” and anti-racism (ie. anti-white) lectures, conferences, etc, are only going to make whites more resentful and racially conscious in the long run.
    That’s how I became racially conscious.
    White activists just need to get their sh*t together, start devising practical strategies, and capitalize on this growing white resentment. The gap between white activists and average whites isn’t as large as some may think. Average whites in many ways share our fundamental resentments.

  6. Someperspectivehere says:

    What specific examples do any of you have that blacks taking pride in their heritage is somehow an affront to white people? Or that anyone is actively working to make white people ashamed of being white? Ridiculous.The only reason whites get upset when it’s pointed out to them that they indeed enjoy privileges at the expense of people of color is because power does not concede without a struggle. In other words, you understand your privilege quite well and you are loathe to give it up. It makes you uncomfortable. You feel “attacked” your whiteness, which is synonymous with your privilege, is in peril. Maybe it’s time to divest yourselves from your white privilege and whiteness predicated on the oppression of others. Maybe that’s the real problem.

    • White privilege is being born with a higher IQ, more discipline, more creativity then Blacks. On average (see the bell curve and the average IQ of 100 White, 115 Jews, 85 Black).
      Now what can you do if you are born more intelligent? It is possible to try to dumb Whites down and has been tried with some success. Increasing Black school performance, unfortunately, has not worked too well
      That genetic privilege is not politically correct, but genes obey the laws of genetics and statistics, not the law of man.
      Add to that that White parents tend to save money and invest in their children’s education. Should they be prohibited from doing so?
      Nobody oppresses black parents, except they themselves.
      US Blacks have the privilege to have been born into a rich society created by Whites, with welfare benefits paid by white taxes. That is white privilege. They could have been born in Somalia, or Uganda, instead, without privilege created by Whites.

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