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Martin Luther King and Adolf Hitler

I wrote the following post a long time ago – and then duly forgot about it.  But my school teacher brother called me today and asked, “How do you say ‘I have a dream’ in Hebrew?”.  I told him and … Continue reading

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The Jewish Pulaar of Senegal

On my return from Houston to Portland, I had the privilege of sitting next to a nice Jewish lady from Senegal whose native language is Pulaar.  Well… actually she’s from the Midwest, but she’s been to Senegal a few times … Continue reading

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The dangers of bungee jumping in Africa

Anybody who bungee jumps must be aware that there is a possibility the cord might snap.  I suppose the knowledge of this danger adds to the thrill.  Every now and then we hear of somebody using a cord that is … Continue reading

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Mexican media versus American media

Though I’ve written about this before, my convictions were confirmed during my stay in Mexico:  The Mexican media is extremely Eurocentric.  Generally speaking, brown people are shown on Mexican T.V. only when the program is specifically about them, if they’re … Continue reading

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Mayan being spoken

Some people claim that Mayan, in its various dialects, is still a healthy language with a rosy future.  For example, here is a tour guide in Uxmal describing the state of his language (at my request): [youtube] We dragged … Continue reading

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I'm back from vacation!

Okay dear readers.  Now I’ll let y’all in on my secret:  I wasn’t just taking a vacation from blogging; I was actually taking a vacation – to the Yucatan.  The circumstances of this vacation were a bit unusual and its … Continue reading

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