Leftist bumper-sticker politics

Here’s a comic recently posted on Facebook:

The largely leftist audience, on Facebook, reacted with predictable approval.  What is it they approve of?  It could be the stereotype of anybody who opposes immigration as an ignorant white hick.  Or perhaps it’s the assumption that opposition to immigration is based on the idea that only those whose ancestors were here first have a true claim to the land.
Considering that very few, if any, modern populations are descended from the original inhabitants of what they now call “home”, the second assumption would necessarily mean that there is no true “home” for any nationality or ethnic group.  Hence – a world without borders.  This is obviously a goal of the establishment Left.  I happen to think life is very pleasant in Samoa.  Would the Left agree that I, and millions of others like me, have every right to move to Samoa?  What would happen to the native culture if we did?  Perhaps the establishment Left would make some qualifications, for example that unlimited immigration should only be allowed into large, “concept nations” such as the U.S. or Canada.  If so, then they must surely oppose such immigration into countries like Sweden – but I have yet to hear of any leftist expressing such an objection.  All indications are that the Left is unanimous that any objection to large-scale non-white immigration into Sweden is “racist”.
No, I think what we have here is a straw-man argument.  We do not oppose large-scale non-white immigration because of any fantasy that “we were here first”.  We are well aware that Native Americans were here first.  Does the Left truly believe we are so ignorant as to be unaware of this fact?  I doubt it.
At this point in human history it is pointless, in most cases, to try to figure out “who was here first” and then give their descendants special rights.  furthermore, very few “Native Americans” today look anything like the one depicted in the comic; many of them sport blond hair and blue eyes.  They are just as much Caucasian as Native American – but it is more advantageous for them to claim their Native American heritage as their own, so that’s what they do.  But not all of them; many of the “white hicks” the Left loves making fun of happen to have Native American blood flowing through their veins.  As a matter of fact, I’d be willing to wager that “rednecks” are, on average, more Native American than leftists.  Put another way, leftists are probably more white than rednecks.
If we don’t care about who was here first, then what do we care about?  We care about whose civilization built this nation.  As it turns out, it was not Africans who built this nation, though admittedly their forced labor was helpful to some.  It was not Mexicans or mestizos who built the nation we now call “The United States of America”. It was not the Chinese, though admittedly their labor was helpful to some.  It was whites from Europe who built this nation and it is their descendants who represent a continuation of that culture.
Except in sports or entertainment, the black contribution to America was negligible.  Those who have been brainwashed, by the public school system and the media, into believing otherwise would do well to google “black invention myths” or watch this YouTube series.  Mexican immigrants are largely Native American, this is true.  But the tribes they are descended from had their homes in what is now Mexico, not the United States.
Though the Native American tribes, and their descendants, made very few contributions to what is now called “The United States”, I am not aware of anybody who denies their right to be here; after all, being here first does count for something.  It could be said that they have “squaw-ting rights”.
In short, the much-acclaimed above comic is representative of typical leftist tactics:  Stereotype the opposition, misrepresent its argument and then make fun of it.  Try to tell them otherwise and they’ll plug their ears and loudly chant, “RAA-CIST… RAAA-CIST!”

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  1. One of the mantras of the “open borders” hispanic crowd is that they say “we didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us”. That phrase makes no sense. They crossed the border not to make a political point about the border but to be here in America. If they wanted to they could have made that same political point while in whatever country they were originally from.

  2. Some of the greatest joy leftists get is the declaration that all white people should move back to Europe. Then they like to ask me pointedly if anyone had ever asked me to move back to Europe, as if the answer were “No”. I answer “Yes” and they say, “Who?” Then I tell them and they don’t believe me.
    The hilarious thing is that (A) I’ve never met a white person who dressed in overalls and no shirt and (B) I’ve never heard any white person demand “Go back to Africa” [or Mexico] out of the blue. I HAVE heard people reply to anti-white anti-Anglo anti-American hatred by saying, “Why don’t you go back to Africa then?”
    In other words, this leftist strawman is manufactured out of the exasperated reactions that non-leftists have to leftist hatred.

  3. Check out this extremely exotic-looking, definitely-not-white, member of Canada’s own downtrodden minority, always being told to “go back to wherever you’re from” by Canada’s monolithically right-wing white community.
    (He’s Innu, a group speaking a language related to Cree, inhabiting Quebec and Labrador.)

  4. We are well aware that Native Americans were here first. Does the Left truly believe we are so ignorant as to be unaware of this fact? I doubt it.
    I’m glad you brought that up. I’ve wondered a hundred times if leftists really believe that. They always bring it up as a way of suggesting that StupidRighty is stupid. Just a suggestion, you know, I wasn’t saying you didn’t know, I just thought it needed to be said, cuz most right-wingers like you (bible-thumping corporate Christian social conservatives who watch a lot of porn and hate gay people and love free markets) need to know it.
    I’m starting to think that what the right needs is to get better at insulting people. I know we’re not supposed to copy leftist methods but I nonetheless feel that leftists are basically the kids that had the grossest schoolyard putdowns, only grown older.

  5. Georgia Resident says:

    “First aboriginal from Quebec elected to the House of Commons.”
    If he’s an Innu, I’m a Cherokee.

    • The fourth doorman of the apocalypse says:

      Be careful! Andrew Bolt got into serious legal trouble in Australia for pointing out that the majority of those claiming to be Aboriginal looked as white as he does (of Dutch descent.)

  6. Me Ne Frego says:

    When leftists tell me “go back to where you came from” I always tell them I’d gladly go back to Ireland. Which gives me a great segue into talking about Irish slavery in America. Your average leftists has no idea that whites were enslaved in this country, and I’m not talking about indentured servants. George Washington owned white slaves.

  7. Californian says:

    A point to be considered is that white people’s science and engineering built the cities, industries, farms, roads, and so forth. Remove white people from the country, and how quickly would it revert to the prairies and wilderness.
    See Rhodesia-Zimbabwe for an example.

  8. Richard says:

    Actually, I would be happy to go back to Europe from the US, although my heritage spans several European countries so I’m not sure which I would choose.
    However, I will only go if, along with my relocation, all American blacks go to Africa, all Asian-Americans back to Asia, and, of course, all Turks/Arabs/Africans/etc. now in Europe go back to their ancestral homelands.
    However, blacks in particular don’t seem too happy with that option. I wonder why….

  9. Stealth says:

    Leftist criticism of white trash racism is rather ironic. While it is true that white hicks are more likely to express verbal racism, it is educated upper-middle class whites (the class from which these anti-racist hippies spring) who are the most “racist” in practice. “White trash” females are far more likely to date or be impregnated by black men than white women who grew up with money. Educated whites send their kids to private schools to be with other white kids, not to public schools full of black children. And, if they can’t quite afford private schools, they just move to areas in which public schools are primarily stocked with white or Asian kids. You also see far fewer upper-middle white teenagers dressed like blacks of the same age.

  10. CanSpeccy says:

    Re:The question, “what do we care about?”
    I should think that in most Western countries people care to some extent about the will of the majority. But on the question of immigration, it is the universal policy of the elite to deny the majority any say in the matter, which indicates that the West is dominated by a racist elite, mainly white people committed to the destruction of their own race.

  11. rjp says:

    Careful about going to Samoa …. too many Jews and it might tip over — because of all the gold shekels in your pockets.
    Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) is afraid that the U.S. Territory of Guam is going to “tip over and capsize” due to overpopulation.
    …. Sorry just a little light hearted stereotyping humor.

  12. Kiwiguy says:

    Peter Frost on the Evo and Proud site made a comment recently that he left an anti-racist organization because it was using the type of propaganda against whites that they complained about when used against minorities.
    In terms of immigration reality will hit eventually.

  13. JN says:

    One can imagine the kerfuffle if the cartoon was extended to have the redhead standing in front of a European landmark directing a muslim to ‘go home’.

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