Finding the right balance

Every time a person commits to a cause, he must strike a balance.  A balance between the various layers of morality that sometimes contradict each other, a balance between violence and diplomacy, and a balance between his own personal interests and those of his community.
With the 2012 American Renaissance conference only five weeks away, we should bear in mind that none of us can accomplish much on our own.  We need like-minded people to help us attain our goals.  I am not attending the conference in order to hear the speeches, though I’m sure they’ll be interesting.  I will not regret my decision if only 50 people show up instead of the 200+ we’ve had in the past.  My primary motivation is to meet like-minded people face to face, to make new friends and to be a part of something greater than myself.
With that I’ll share a short animation I just found.  Some of you may have seen it before.  It’s called “Balance”:

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  1. Californian says:

    Good point, JAY.
    I’ll note it is easy enough for activists to get burned out without realizing it.

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