The Stark Truth interviews jewamongyou (again)

Listen to the latest interview here.

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  1. Georgia Resident says:

    It’s interesting that the Yucatan, one of the “browner” parts of Mexico, is safer than the north where, as I understand, a lot of the whiter Mexicans live. It would seem to contradict what we see in the US, where “darker” areas (whether black or Hispanic) tend to be more crime-ridden and less safe.
    Of course, there are multiple explanations. Perhaps having more cultural continuity and more cohesive communities reduces the criminal tendencies of the people in the Yucatan. I occasionally wonder how (mestizo) Mexicans, whose ancestry comes equally from the indigenous people and the Spaniards who conquered and dominated them, reconcile the inherently conflicting sides of their heritage, assuming they think about it at length. Perhaps (and this is pure speculation) the high crime rates in the north have a racial angle, mirroring a conflict between the short, dark, more Indian-descended Mexicans and the more Spanish-descended Mexicans. Finally, maybe “white” Mexicans are just a lot more naturally aggressive than white Americans. They are, after all, largely the descendants of conquistadors, while white Americans are descended from agrarian settlers who, while they certainly fought to protect their land and families, did not have conquest and domination at the center of their existence.

    • destructure says:

      The northern areas are probably more violent because they’re closer to the US and part of the drug corridor being contested by the drug cartels. The same thing with ghetto blacks in the US. Blacks did NOT have the same crime rates and gang problems prior to the proliferation of drugs. Similarly, you’ll see that the more violent gangs associated with whites tend to be affiliated with drugs i.e. motorcycle gangs and meth.

      • Georgia Resident says:

        That actually sounds more likely. But as a descendant of the English and Dutch, who don’t have happy histories with Spain, I find it satisfying to blame things on the inherent degeneracy of Spaniards.

  2. jewamongyou says:

    I wanted to point out that “The Stark Truth” shows my photo of the Mexican on a motorcycle (moped) in the back of a truck on their article about my interview. This was a mistake and it has been fixed. That was not me!

    • Oh, I noticed that and thought it was an in-joke. I did recognize, however, that it was exactly the sort of joke that noöne would get and that might make you look silly.
      *J.A.Y. DOES NOT RIDE MOTORCYCLES. At least not when they are in the backs of trucks.*
      Is that about right?

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