"White privilege": The power of an illusion

All informed Americans know, by now, that we live in B.R.A. – Black Run America.  If you are black, you get first dibs on almost everything.  If you are white, you get leftovers if you are lucky.  This is how the system is set up, and this is how it has been for quite some time.  I won’t list the evidence in this post; it’s readily available to anybody willing to spend a few minutes a day reading American Renaissance or any similar site.
A scientist recently lost his job for publishing the obvious:  That black women are less attractive than white women, and white women less attractive than Asian women.  Kanazawa may lack diplomacy, but it is hard to deny that black women are at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to attractiveness.
There is some dispute regarding black men though.  I have claimed that, all else being equal, black men have an advantage.  I am not alone in making this claim:

During the study, the researchers found that white people tend to choose other races when asked to rate which faces they find most attractive.

Men and women aged between 18 and 30 were shown 600 faces of the opposite sex and asked to grade them for attractiveness.
The women tended to go for black male faces, followed by white and then Asian.
Men plumped for Asian women, followed by white, then black.
The Department of Psychology at Cardiff University, which carried out the study, said that the results of their research are reflected in society.
Government figures show around one-and-a-half times more black men marrying white women than the other way around in the UK.
More white men have also been found to marry East Asian women – compared to Asian men marrying white women.
“It will come as no surprise to many that facial attractiveness makes up part of the decision of who we marry,” the Daily Mail quoted Michael Lewis, the study leader as saying.

“And it’s no coincidence that groups perceived as more attractive – black males and Asian females — feature more often in mixed-race marriages.

Given the media bias that favors black men and white women, there is some doubt as to whether the above preferences are innate or learned.  I think it’s a combination of the two.
Statistically speaking, white and Asian men have an edge due to their higher intelligence and overall more responsible behavior.  What about the myth of “white privilege”?  Might that also steer women toward white men – and isn’t this something we should want?  After all, women are attracted to men of higher social standing.  So perhaps it’s not such a good idea to try to educate the public about the second-class status of whites in the Western world; maybe a better strategy would be to allow them to go on believing in “white privilege”.  If young women were aware of the benefits of being black, even more of them would flock to black men.  Single white men need all the help they can get, so it may be in their interest to let the charade go on.

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  1. nebbish says:

    I would take this recent study with a huge grain of salt. The study population consisted of only 40 Welsh undergraduates (20 males and 20 females).
    This article is available on PLOSOne, so it is open access:

  2. Georgia Resident says:

    I don’t know. I think that while people may constantly claim that “white privilege” exists, most, including white women, don’t really believe it. White women probably take up with black men because they correctly perceive that black men actually have a higher social status, all other things being equal, than white men. The myth of white privilege makes this worse, I think, because it propagates the idea that a black man has to work harder or have more innate talent to reach the same social status as a similarly-situated white man, which only feeds into the already-inflated egos of black men and their unwarranted high status in the eyes of white women.
    If white women knew that black men tend to have poor mate qualities because they are innately lacking in important characteristics such as intelligence and future-orientation, rather than some nebulous “white privilege” that magically makes even blacks born into auspicious circumstances perform more poorly than whites, they would be less likely to view black men as worthy mates. Furthermore, if they knew that many of the “successful” black men only got where they were ’cause whitey was propping them up through affirmative action and “diversity” hiring, that would further decrease their opinion of black men.
    Leaving this aside, there is such a wide variety of ways in which the myth of white privilege harms whites, both men and women, that it must be done away with, even if I’m wrong about its effects on race-mixing.

    • Georgia Resident says:

      I should probably clarify the first sentence. What I meant to say was that while people may be constantly told that blacks have a lower social status in the US, most don’t believe it. I just realized that the way I wrote the first sentence causes it a bit contradictory with the rest of my comment.

  3. John says:

    The denigration of the white male for the past 50 years in schools, entertainment, the media, etc, has had its effects on perceptions. In virtually every commercial involving a black and a white, if one is perceived to be stupid or uncool, it is the white, while the black is portrayed as in charge, cool, or smart. Since we can no longer “judge” anyone (which is regarded as bigotry), what was once naturally deemed substandard, is not only tolerated, but is “celebrated” as vibrant, and superior despite the obvious dysfunction of such vibrancy (hidden as best they can by the media), whereas “whiteness” is portrayed as boring and ineffectual, and anything good about whites is denigrated as not being earned (white privilege). Those are learned responses that people are giving. Personally, I find white women the most attractive, with Asians second. Many hispanic women with mostly white and relatively little indio blood are quite attractive to me too. Asians, while attractive, are not quite as attractive to me. Black women are simply not very appealing to me (unless there is significant white admixture, like say, to quadroon level).

    • Stealth says:

      There aren’t that many good-looking black women, but most ethnicities do have their share of lookers. I’ve noticed plenty of Latino women (of white, Indian, or mixed descent) who were VERY attractive. I don’t find Asian women any more attractive than white women. I’ve noticed at Japanese steakhouses, for instance, that some of the waitresses are knockouts, some merely cute, and others quite plain.
      Black women tend to be large and have exaggerated proportions. It’s very rare to find one over the age of 22 who’s actually attractive in an unqualified (ie, “for a black chick”) way. You would think they would try to compensate for that by developing pleasant personalities, but there is no one in the world more difficult, impolite and ill-mannered than your average black female – and that’s putting it mildly. They’re a mess all around. No wonder so many black men seek women of other races.

      • Georgia Resident says:

        The one advantage that Asian women seem to have over white women, in the looks department, is that they are very rarely fat. I’m not sure if this is genetic, or just a result of most Asians being fairly recent immigrants who haven’t yet assimilated to American dietary and physical activity norms.

  4. Stealth says:

    I don’t think most white women view black men as more attractive. My state is famous for anti-black prejudice, but you always see at least one black/white pairing when you get out of the house to shop. Out of all of those couples, probably ninety percent consist of a thuggish looking black male and a white girl who didn’t exactly win the genetic lottery. The majority of these young women are large, poorly educated and low-class. I doubt most of them would find a worthwhile white male to form a relationship with, anyway. I pity them.
    Very seldom is the white girl attractive, well-dressed, intelligent and from a good background. I can think of one young lady who was impregnated by a black man, but she was addicted to various drugs and probably high at the time it happened; she wasn’t dating him. And she was a bad seed from a good family, herself.

  5. destructure says:

    The flaw in the theory that black men and asian women are the most attractive is that of all the interracial pairings that one is the least common. Plus, you’ll find that whites who have trouble getting dates often have better luck if they go outside their race. For example. a fat white girl with blacks or a dorky white guy with asians. There are always exceptions. But if you stop to look at who is hitting on who it’s pretty obvious.

    • Stealth says:

      Leaving black/white couples aside, you also have the phenomenon of folks who just don’t fit in with their own people. I think a lot of Hispanic/American white couples probably fit this mold. Whites are too rigidly conformist. Most of us spend a decade and a half during the first half of our lives suppressing our individuality in order to be just like everyone else. The result is a boring society filled with boring, cynical people.

    • Georgia Resident says:

      “The flaw in the theory that black men and asian women are the most attractive is that of all the interracial pairings that one is the least common.”
      That’s probably because Asian females defer more to their parents than white women, and Asian parents have less of a problem (in general) with forbidding their daughters to date blacks. Many Asian parents will tolerate (very grudgingly) a white son-in-law and Eurasian grandchildren, but would disown a daughter who married a negro. Finally, Asian women seem to have better judgment, in terms of assessing mate quality. Most Asian women married to white men typically pick successful, stable men who will support their children, while many white women who mix racially with blacks show no such discretion. Since there are far more good “husband and father” types among white men than among blacks, more Asian women are willing to date white men than black men.

      • destructure says:

        @Georgia Resident
        I’ve had quite a few asian friends (male and female) when I was younger and several told me they were more attracted to whites than asians. I thought that strange because up until then I had assumed most people were just more attracted to their own. I’ve probably dated more asians than anything else but I wouldn’t say it was my preference. They pursued me. In fact, I’ve never dated a woman who didn’t. Much like Mark Zuckerberg at the start of Social Network I have no “game”. That put white girls off but asians didn’t seem to mind.

  6. There are white women who will avoid rejecting the advances of black males because they don’t want to be seen as racist. I’m not saying all white women are like this but I have seen white women say they act that way to avoid being considered racist. Women like that are pathetic.

  7. WmarkW says:

    Steve Sailer has pointed out that blacks have the least natural body fat (emphasize NATURAL) and Asians the most, and since women have more body fat than men, that makes blacks the most masculine-looking race and Asians the most feminine, so that’s the direction interracial pairings go.
    As to black men being good-looking? It’s quite possible that black SKIN looks better than alabaster, but JAY do you still have those photoshops you did making black people white? They look, frankly, like an earlier phase of evolution.
    Have you seen the photo of Halle Barry as a teenage cheerleader? She’s a beautiful interracial woman, of course, but she sure looks better after getting a Caucasian-style nose. Like a white woman with a tan.

  8. Ciccio says:

    With every social scientist and liberal on the planet yelling in unison that there is but one race, there is no difference, just give us enough money to prove it, recent studies that prove different seem to be buried faster than they can be uncovered. I refer particularly to the recent genetic analysis of the Neanderthal genome sequence. Neanderthal arose in Europe and spread throughout the Eurasian land mass, today between 1% and 4% of the Neanderthal genes are present in all Europeans and Asians. There are no Neanderthal genes present in any African races. Neanderthal had an even larger brain than today’s man, this one critical difference would explain the vast difference between Africans and Europeans, it is scientifically beyond dispute. This should be the Eureka moment for all geneticists and students of intelligence yet it is buried in a few obscure scientific journals.

  9. anti-racist says:

    It always amazes me when white people put on the victim hat.
    As in victim of racial oppression. By any measure — health, education, economics, employment — white Americans enjoy a superior standard of living. If that’s racial oppression, sign me up
    I have four words for white Americans who feel themselves victimized.
    Cry me a river.

    • jewamongyou says:

      When a large proportion of any society makes responsible life-choices, the result will be benefits for that society. My parents stayed together for over 50 years. My brothers chose to lead productive lives and stay away from crime. Those choices, by my parents and brothers, translate into benefits for me; they give me an advantage in that I can count on them to help me in times of need.
      You may choose to call that advantage “white privilege” if you want, but its actually just a natural outcome of a working, advanced culture.
      When so many black teenaged girls choose to have “baby-daddies” instead of husbands/fathers, they deny their children the benefits that I have. If your family, or you, make bad choices, then those around you will suffer.
      If whites tend to make better life-choices, then it is whites, as a group, that DESERVE the benefits. There is nothing “unfair” about it. That society will prosper and blossom. Those who are a part of it will benefit. If blacks have a problem with that, then it is up to them to improve the choices of members of their OWN society, not to blame the other society.
      When the dysfunctional society (whose members tend to make bad choices) leaches off of the successful society, robs it, attacks it and marginalizes it, then those of the successful society have every right to cry foul.

    • John says:

      “–As in victim of racial oppression. By any measure — health, education, economics, employment — white Americans enjoy a superior standard of living. If that’s racial oppression, sign me up–“
      You have to ask yourself “Is it merited or not?” Most of us on HBD related boards think that intelligence (and lack thereof) has real life consequences, at both the individual and group levels. Plainly put, intelligent people are more successful (by and large) than unintelligent people, and disparate outcomes are the natural result of these differences. Therein lies the crux of the difference; “anti-racists” like yourself, think that groups such as blacks fare poorly in life because of nebulous “racism” against them at every turn, when realists see it as a consequence of lack of itheir own lack of intelligence. When life outcomes the world over, across space and time are the same, whether there was ever a history of slavery in a given place or not, and despite massive government outlays to try to get rid of the various “gaps”, with no success, the person not steeped in ideology or cowed by the fear of being called a “racist”, comes to obvious (but apparently painful to you) conclusions.
      NE Asians, owing to high IQs, have no difficulty at all in overcoming what you would no doubt regard “white privilege”. The only systemic (and it is explicit and overt) racism comes in the form of Affirmative Action (or as I consider it, Affirmative Racism), wherein chosen groups (most specifically blacks) are given preferential treatment over whites, and probably Asians too, based solely on their race.
      You don’t have a logical leg to stand on, anti-racist. Despite your moronic moniker, you really are a racist; you’re simply an anti-white racist who has been trained to expect that, in most circles, there is status to be gained by bashing whites and worshiping NAMs, no matter how illogical your beliefs are.

    • countenance says:

      About a dozen years ago, I tried to cash in on my white privilege. I went to a BMW dealer here in St. Louis and asked them to give me a fully loaded top of the line BMW 750iL for free because I have white skin privilege. The salesman (also someone else with white skin privilege) told me to beat it before he called the cops (themselves having white skin privilege) to throw me out.
      Back to the drawing board.

      • jewamongyou says:

        Ha! Good one. I’ve considered putting together a video of a couple of white guys going from business to business asking for discounts due to their “white privilege” benefits. The reactions would make great entertainment.

      • countenance says:

        As you can see with this “anti-racist” fool and the clod that calls himself “radical7” on AR, I’ve decided to go into full bastard mode when it comes to dealing with trolls. For that’s what trolls who are impervious to reason deserve.

    • Stealth says:

      The vast majority of problems faced by the black community in the present day are self-inflicted. Being from a majority black area and interacting with them on a daily basis, I see this first hand. I could go on for hours.
      At the very most, white privilege goes about as far as getting a minimum wage job at your dad’s friend’s hardware store. In other words, it doesn’t amount to much. There is a great deal of privilege for RICH white people – lots in fact – but it doesn’t result from having white skin, it results from having money. Since most people who call themselves “anti-racist” are upper middle class white folks, I’m assuming you live a fairly sheltered life away from “rednecks” and other less fortunate whites. Go ask them if they’re privileged in any way.
      As others have pointed out, certain non-white (East Asian and Indian) segments of the population enjoy better outcomes in every area you mentioned.

  10. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Destructure,
    I’m always okay with people publishing my posts/comments elsewhere as long as they attribute it. I’m flattered.

  11. anon445 says:

    Asian women are not more attractive than white women. Black men more attractive than white men? Figures you live in Portland..

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  13. Steve says:

    I had a NE Asian phase and I do find them beautiful but I tend to gravitate towards caucasian woman, including the darker skinned ones of west and south Asia.

  14. Isthisajoke says:

    Is this a joke?
    The number one beneficiaries of affirmative action are…..wait for it….WHITE WOMEN!
    How can a group of people who have a lower life expectancy on average, have poorer health, less net worth, higher unemployment rate(double of white men) somehow have more privilege?
    This post makes me sick. As someone who encounters racist remarks almost on a daily basis, is constantly being demeaned because of my skin color, and constantly expected to act and speak a certain way, to see such a post “reminding” me of this privilege I DON’T have just reinforces the notion of white privilege. This post is so offensive. I have to work two jobs, go to school, and constantly remind people I did NOT get into college because of affirmative action but because of my advanced IB diploma and SAT scores from high school. While I see my white peers come to class with pajamas on because they don’t have to work because mommy and daddy are footing the bill and housing expenses.
    Please stop with the foolishness. White people have way more privilege and you guys don’t even see it. You know nothing about EMPATHY. You would never know what it’s like being a black person. Just stick to being white please.

    • jewamongyou says:

      There’s a short, and a long, answer to your objections. Since I just got home from a long day at work, the short one will have to do for now (unless somebody else wants to furnish a long one).
      White people live longer, have better health, have more wealth and higher employment due to two closely related factors: 1) Whites tend to have higher I.Q.’s than blacks and 2) Whites have relatives who tend to have higher I.Q.’s than blacks. Of course there are other innate differences besides I.Q., hormones for example.
      The pajama-clad students you see at school do not benefit from “white privilege”. They benefit from wealth, which is one of the more common byproducts of an advanced society – to which they belong. Of course, with attitudes such as you describe (among them), such a society might not last long. It sounds like you attend an expensive college – so perhaps you don’t come into contact with the millions of whites who do not have wealthy parents to depend on. Most whites fall into this last category; you don’t see them because they either skipped college altogether or they attend community college.
      If “white privilege” = “wealth privilege”, as you seem to imply, then would you be in favor of scraping racial affirmative action policies and replacing them with economic affirmative action policies?
      I can sympathize with your feelings regarding affirmative action. If you got in on your own merit, then it might be frustrating to see others assume otherwise. Yet, at some point in your life, it is almost a certainty that you will benefit from affirmative action – though you might not be aware of it.
      As for “racist” statements, I’ve very much like to read which such statements you have heard over the last week. I don’t deny that people make racist statements, but there are many things that are considered “racist” which are, in fact, not racist at all.

      • Thishastobeajoke says:

        Based off studies dealing with IQ, it would be safe to say that Asians have the highest IQ correct? So, why do Chinese people in America make less money than white americans? As a matter of fact, south koreans and cambodians make less money than black people.
        A consequence of white privilege, is having more wealth. White americans own 96% of real estate assets. I would say that is due to privilege(having connections and more wealth), not a correlation to IQ.
        George Bush(most recent president) is an example of this. Its about who you know, not what you know, and white people have way more connections in our society.
        I guess getting called a nigger to my face wouldn’t be racist would it? Or being told I can’t be black because my hair texture isn’t bad like most black people. Or getting told I can’t be around someone because I’m black. Or getting called a nigger bitch(different person) by a complete stranger. Or getting told I’m a big lipped, black bitch(another stranger). I could go on, but I’d rather not. It’s been a long day.

  15. jewamongyou says:

    Re: thishastobeajoke,
    Yes, Asians do have higher I.Q.’s than whites on average – and most Asian (not Pacific islander) ethnicities make more money than whites. What’s your source that Chinese make less? I don’t think that’s right. You should have brought up the Hmong; that would be a much better question, and I have discussed this group in another post. S. Koreans and Cambodians make less money than blacks? What’s your source for this? Again, I don’t think so.
    Re: what you say about connections. I agree that this is a big factor. But 50 years of pervasive affirmative action has given blacks plenty of connections. But, obviously, there are not as many blacks in the U.S. as whites. Historically, this is a majority white nation – though this is changing (and the change will probably not benefit blacks). Do you think it would be better for American blacks if you had your own cities and countries – like Detroit or New Orleans for example? Many whites would love to have such a luxury.
    The things people said to you are, indeed, unacceptable. I’m sure it’s not news to you that whites are subject to much worse than that:
    Have you ever been attacked by a white mob – just for being black?
    Have you ever had a knife to your throat for the same reason?
    Have you had rocks thrown at you because you’re black?
    Do you live in fear, of physical attack from whites, because you’re black?
    If you suffer such verbal abuse at your school, I’d say it’s time to find a different school. If this happens at work, you’ve got a good shot at a lawsuit.
    Of course, I don’t condone unprovoked attacks (verbal or otherwise) on anybody, but I have written about possible explanations why whites sometimes do attack blacks:

  16. author unknown says:

    I’m trying to understand where you’re going:
    The B.R.A not appeared out of nowhere appeared? no, someone decided to create it and do not believe that white Americans have their own thinking about creating a them living nightmare today. (just an observation, I hope not to be blamed again for you, if you can keep this blog then it is also able to answer, especially when your opponent is using education, there is no reason to reproach me, there is no logical reasons. ..)
    If the BRA did not emerge from nothing, so why then you can not tell those responsible for it? Give name names. I honestly would not surprise me if he found out that there isn’t a person dear between nationalist pro-white, with this text would not doubt extremely dubious.
    Again, I just hope that there is no censorship by my comment.
    First, I think a guy selective, reporting on selected pseudo research conducted in the Kingdom of political correctness, surveys like those who say that the crossbreds are more beautiful, healthier, etc …
    But you preferred to pretend did not read the comments shortly after, which easily refuted the supposed scientific research.
    You says that Asian women are more attractive than the European ones (this is serious? I read it??). Or do you have difficulties in interpreting texts or did it on purpose.
    Are you living within the diversity American should know that Asian are not more attractive than the European.
    Blacks are not more attractive than whites, in fact, blacks only lose in ugly for their distant cousins ​​in Australia. Perhaps the only explanation for many white women are attracted to them is their explosive testosterone, and the brainwashed into it.
    In the text, it was said that white men tend, in an interracial relationship, dating the Asian Mongoloids. He not said they were more attractive than white women. Even if they had said, it is clearly not consistent with reality.
    Finally, the text is complete nonsense of the real art of leftist pseudo research, which are usually made in the kingdom-the-make-believe called United Kingdom.
    This research is a match with one another saying that conservatives are dumber than liberals.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Please don’t take this personally but I’m having some trouble understanding your English; obviously it’s not your first language.
      It seems you have a problem with the fact that I take seriously a study that indicates Asian women are more attractive than white women. If it were just a study, in fact I would not take it so seriously. But the fact remains that white men marry Asian women very frequently – and I’ve known many white men who are vocal about their fondness for Asian women. So anecdotal evidence supports this study. That’s why I take it seriously. But this does not mean I accept it as gospel; I do realize there are other explanations for what we see in interracial couplings.

      • author unknown says:

        Correct,” My English ” is nonexistent, I use google translator, and I think that works.
        Now, would you also do not take the negative side, but I think you could not understand the study, just for starters.
        Asian women ( mongoloid race) are more attractive than Caucasian women? (in terms of beauty)
        No, we can see it easily. No matter what the study x or y told us, interested in what our eyes are seeing. I understand that we need to compare these studies with reality.
        From what I understand, these studies showed that in an interracial relationship in the world of political correctness, multiculturalism and masochism white (which emerged as by a stroke of magic), white men, British, young people, in misterious circumstances, Asian women to chose the most beautiful. No do we know that the photographs” researchers” used as a source. Again, these” studies” are identical to other studies as” liberals are smarter than conservatives”,” mestizos” are healthier,” mestizos” are more beautiful … and now, white people prefer nonwhite faces”???
        ”Sorry, but for good listener,half word enough”
        I hope my English is more understandable now.

  17. author unknown says:

    I would have no problem admitting that Asian women are more beautiful than Caucasian women, if that were true.
    When a white man to play for an interracial relationship, he prefers the East, for a number of reasons. But most of the time, he dates a white one. In many cases, timid white men who could not date a white woman, which is generally liberal and feminist, an oriental dating for a number of conveniences. I do not think it’s an extremely bad thing, after all, they usually have a high IQ, enventualmente can be very attractive and are dovotadas her husband (it may have good sexual implications, if I understand). The fact is that this research does not prove anything, in fact, proves yes. Proof that we should not trust the majority of British scientists, because they live in the dictatorship of political correctness, and enjoy with it.

    • White boy420 says:

      Okay first of I have had plenty of white girls but when it comes to mexican woman there Attracted to mostly “White Boys” I’ve been with a 100% mexican for over a year soon to be engaged and her grandmother and family informed me that 98% of them aren’t attracted to black guys because how they act and there skin isn’t attractive and her mexican friends also said they love the way “White Boys” make love treat woman and there whole attitude but also sensitive side to it and how are motive to work is just like them work hard for what you got so really MEXICAN WOMAN/ Latinas love white guys or Latino/ mexican men another thing is the only reason some Mexicans are with black guys is because they use them for what they DO have so black guys latina woman don’t want you but that’s my statement good day people

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