Thank you Gay State Girl

After I was attacked on Robert Linday’s blog, Gay State Girl came to my defense.  This is some of what she wrote:

If you delve deeper into JAY’s blog, you’ll find out that he is quite sympathetic to the Palestinians-and he reserves his biting rhetoric for Blacks and Latinos, (which is contradictory in itself as he also claims their behaviors are inate) my emphasis

Thank you Gay State Girl.  Now let me address the “contradiction” in my approach.
Yes, I believe genetics has a role in behavior, and that the responsible genes/alleles are not evenly distributed among human populations.  This much should not even be controversial.  It would take an act of God to see to it that humanity was uniform in this respect.  It also would not make any sense, given the huge variation in environments that humans have adapted to.
But I do not believe that humans are automatons with no free will, or that they lack responsibility for their own actions.  For example, my own genetics cause me to be attracted to that beautiful woman I see walking down the street.  Yet I do not pounce on her and have my way with her.  This is because I am intelligent enough to understand both morality and consequences.  Even if my I.Q. were 85, I would still be able to restrain myself.  This is why even the not-so-bright are punished for their crimes.  People who are truly mentally retarded are not held responsible for their crimes; they are held to the same moral standard as animals.
Most blacks and Hispanics are not mentally retarded.  They have the ability to make choices.  We understand that, since they tend to be less intelligent than whites and Asians, on average they will make poorer choices than the latter.  But this does not absolve individuals from responsibility. Our genes help define who we are.  They give us strengths and challenges.  It is up to each of us to make the best of our lot.  Therefore, we have the right to praise, or condemn, others based on their choices.
Furthermore, there are enough bright people within the black and Hispanic communities to serve as leaders.  These leaders should take the weaknesses of their respective groups into consideration.  A true leader understands his people and keeps their best interest in mind.  Black leaders should be encouraging blacks to pursue livelihoods that fit their skills and aptitudes.  Instead, they tell their flock that every single one of them is Ivy League material.
Hispanic leaders should be looking at what makes white societies so successful and such a pleasure to live in.  Then they should urge Hispanics to be more like whites in those respects.  Instead, they tell their flock that the U.S. should be a part of Mexico.  If Mexicans come here for “a better life”, then this is the exact opposite of what they should be advocating.
But our grievance is also against the powerful people who deny us the right to live among our own.  Even if nature has condemned black and Hispanic societies to be less desirable than white ones, whites would not end up suffering from them if not for the forced integration policies that have been put in place.  We need to place the blame, for these policies, where it belongs and work to change them.  So, when I direct my “biting rhetoric” at blacks and Hispanics, it’s not that I care about how they run their own societies.  It’s because I resent the fact that we are not allowed to separate from them and enjoy our own.

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  1. Gay State Girl says:

    Tanks. Glad I could be of help. Dota really is a clown.
    I would be willing to forgive genetically weak people if they committed petty crimes if it were necessary to provide for themselves and their families, because in theory, their limited intelligence does not allow them to earn the money legitimiately. If they committed a crime purely for recreational purposes, that’s when I’d hold them responsible, but someone with an IQ of 85 should not be held to the same standard as someone with an IQ of 115.

  2. Gay State Girl says:

    People with low IQs can not earn money for necessary expenses legitimately, so they’re bound to commit crimes, and if we take into account their limited intellectual ability, we also have to me more generous and forgiving.

  3. destructure says:

    I don’t care for Lindsay. Never have.

  4. Gay State Girl says:

    I have to retract. I would not justify the behaviors in question, but petty crimes are more understandable when they are perpetrated by someone who does not have the means to earn a decent standard of life. I do draw the line when it comes to purely recreational crimes or targeting innocent bystanders.
    While it is true that there are a number of intelligent minorities and many who are wealthy through their role sports or entertainment, FMP they choose not to use their fortune to improve the standard of life, and poorer minorities should not be held accountable for bad decisions of their self styled leaders or for the behavior of celebrities in their group.

  5. Californian says:

    JAY, what would you say Robert Lindsay’s politics are? Scouting around on his website, he seems to take a scientific view of things, but he has to use the label “racist” here and there. He claims to be on the left, but I wonder if other leftists are going to make the fine distinction between racism and race realism?

    • Hi, I have founded a movement called Liberal Race Realism. The tenets of it have been described this way:
      a dash of race realism
      positive white racial identity
      the leftist view of American history
      a base of liberalism
      Of course I am on the Left. I am a socialist, and the Left is mostly about economics to me. And I am still a liberal of course. We came out of the great Liberation movements of the 1960′,s and we still believe in all those things. But PC has gone too far, and it’s become more of an evil than racism itself. We are still down on real racism, because we are liberals and we just don’t like that sort of thing (racial hate). Yes, I am widely hated on the Left, especially the Far Left. But lately, conservatives bash me as “sexist, racist, homophobic, antisemitic” almost as much as the Left does. I think a lot of modern conservatives are about as PC as liberals. Sad.
      The choice we have now is between insane PC and immoral racism. If you hate racism, you have to be PC. If you hate PC, you go to racism. I hate both of them, and I think it’s a lousy choice.
      Bottom line though is we are not that interested in race, or at least it’s secondary. It’s not the most important thing. Economics is. That’s why I’m a socialist. Homo economicus. Anyway, as a race realist, I figure a lot o race issues are pretty much intractable anyway, so, one, why hate people for what they can’t help, and two, why rail about what you can’t change.
      What my movement is all about is trying to figure out some sort of a liberal response to the reality of race. Liberalism has to adopt to race realism. How will we do that? This is the discussion.
      I voted for Obama, and I still support him. His people send me emails and I participate in their campaigns.

      • jewamongyou says:

        Thanks for the explanation Robert. You and I differ in important ways – yet we respect each other, and that’s a very important thing for me. Our views do converge quite a bit when it comes to race.

  6. TheRambam says:

    I’ve always wanted to ask you this: in your utopian white-only county, how long will it take until the Jews start getting persecuted? Surely you realize that a large fraction of whites who want their own nation have a big problem with the Jews. Don’t you realize that half or more of the people you meet at amren conferences wish you’d go away?

    • jewamongyou says:

      I’m not sure which “white-only utopia” you are talking about. I never claimed such a country would be a utopia. As for many of the people at Amren conferences wanting me to go away, they are the ones who should go away; Amren is an explicitly Jewish-friendly organization. Anti-semites may either attend and keep their anti-Jewish sentiments to themselves, or not attend.

  7. Georgia Resident says:

    It’s nice to know that leftists will use the “Dirty Zionist Jew” line whenever a Jew disagrees with them.
    As to the topic involved in the insult: How “brutal” was the apartheid regime, towards blacks, compared to the numerous African dictators to rule over other their own countries, or even the “democratic” African countries? Eritrea, which grew relatively prosperous under Italian rule, was ruined by Ethiopia, and yet I do not hear people claiming that Ethiopians should feel eternally guilty over their treatment of the Eritreans. We’ll leave out that the slave trade that Africans constantly complain about was enabled by African middlemen, and certain kingdoms in West Africa grew wealthy off the trade and were dismayed when the British moved to end it.
    Given that material indicators of well-being for blacks consistently improved under apartheid, I’m going to say that the worst brutalities of the apartheid government pale in comparison to the brutalities that Africans have practiced on each other (and will probably start on in South Africa once all the white people have been killed or have fled, and they need to find someone else to blame their problems on).

    • Gay State Girl says:

      Usually, leftists within Palestinian Solidarity Movement will go out of its way not to be accused of antisemitism. They will even pretend that they are in the corner of Sephardic jews or Orthodox women who are though to be oppressed. Lindsay does it as a joke.
      However, I do find the Palestinian Solidarity Movement to be quite childish and militant in their manner (the jewish supporters are especially guilty.)

    • Hi Georgia, Dota is not exactly a Leftist. He is a Muslim from India,a nd that is where his anti-Zionism comes from.

  8. panjoomby says:

    I second everything you wrote in this column. I admire your well-thought out stands (which would be pretty much all your stands:) You typically have the most level-headed & mature views in the HBD world (aka the real world). Thank you for being a voice of reason. That said, don’t feel pressured into being reasonable all the time – that might make some of us feel inadequate!:)

  9. The question remains: exactly how important are genes? Is our outcome in life determined primarily by a chain of nucleotides, or is it free will?
    I would argue that genetics determines one’s will, as well as his IQ, which pretty much sums up the two most important things in American meritocracy.

  10. Scotty says:

    I was orphaned at 9 years old. for a short time I was in the loving care of the state. I was placed in a group home with other “kids”. During my time there I was ummm “assaulted” many many times. Invariably my attackers were older and bigger than me, they were all black. The only other kid singles out for the treatment was a very light skinned black kid. I will spare you guys the details. I mention this because what happens in prison follows the same pattern. I suspect that it the same dynamics in this case as well. I feel this is long overdue for social dialog. I won’t hold my breath though.

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