Another black-on-white "non-hate crime"

Portland’s free weekly leftist rag, “Willamette Week” just published an article about the practice of “G-ing”.  It is a form of hazing practiced by high school students and, technically, it is a form of rape:

“G-ing” in the Spotlight

Grant High students speak out about the locker-room assaults.

For the past four weeks, Grant High School in Northeast Portland has been under a cloud of scrutiny and shame. Four of its students face criminal investigation for allegedly assaulting two of their junior varsity boys basketball teammates in the locker room.
One assault, police say, may have been sexual: A player is accused of trying to stick his finger in the anus of a boy held down by teammates—a practice known as G-ing…
On Jan. 12, four JV basketball players allegedly attacked two of their teammates in the Grant locker room after a game against Centennial, more than a month and a half into the season. Their coach, Jon Blumenauer, had left the locker room, and someone turned off the lights.
One player said teammates held him down while another tried to insert a finger in his anus. His compression shorts stopped them. The other player reported being beaten up by teammates as he tried to leave the locker room after the first attack.
G-ing is a widely known term among students and isn’t a play on the name of Grant High. Instead, it’s a mocking reference to stimulating a woman’s G spot.
People familiar with the case say the four boys involved in the attack are African-American; the two alleged victims are white. Three of the students involved in the attack were suspended and have returned to school; a fourth has been expelled for the school year. All four have been kicked off the JV basketball team.

I could not help but notice that the overall tone of the article, until the point where the race of the perpetrators and victims is mentioned, is ambiguous.  The author, Hannah Hoffman, can’t seem to figure out if the crime is a serious one or not.  However, from the moment the racial aspect is mentioned, the overall tone seems to change to one of “maybe it really isn’t such a big deal.”  Naturally, Hoffman needed to point out that…

Students told WW they don’t think the incident was prompted by race. Others say they feel sorry for the boys who got in trouble, believing they were caught up in locker-room clowning that got out of control.

All we know from this, assuming Willamette Week is not outright lying, is that at least two students (out of a student body of 1,577) said they don’t think the incident was prompted by race.  Did Willamette Week conduct a survey?  Did they hear other opinions – and then fail to report them?  Did they ask until they found the opinion they wanted?  We can only guess, but I’d be willing to bet that some students would disagree.
Regardless what the students may believe, we can add this incident to the long list of black-on-white crimes that were “not hate-crimes”.  I have not been able to find a single such incident, in the Portland area, where the perpetrators were white and the victims black.  If  there were to be such an incident, we can rest assured that one of the first things we would hear about it would be that “hate-crime charges are being considered.”

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  1. Georgia Resident says:

    I can just imagine how this would be spun if the perps were white and the victims black. Not only would the perps be terribly, terribly evil people who should spend the rest of their lives in prison, but it would also indicate that every white man is, deep down, a pervert who wants nothing more than to sexually blacks.

  2. Kudos for them for not describing the attackers as ‘male’ and leaving it at that.
    I wonder how long it will take before HBD goes mainstream. The left can’t hide the truth forever.

  3. destructure says:

    Tim Wise must be so proud that they took away this boy’s “privilege”.

  4. Gorbachev says:

    The truth is that black men are many times more dangerous for women in every respect than white men; it’s a fact feminists skirt but the truth is that the chance of being raped when associating with black men is many times higher than with white men.
    Feminists often know this, and some will privately admit it: That black culture in America is grotesquely misogynistic, shitty towards women and that black men are dangerous; that the bulk of anti-rape funding goes to white women in colleges who already have huge “privilege” and the black inner city women are left to their own devices, and consequently are more or less raped at a rate of thousands time what college girls experience.
    But feminism is in some sort of anti-system alliance with “organized blackness”. The truth is, at some point, after they’ve thrown their own men to the dogs but given a pass to black men for being, more or less, dangerous reactionary woman – haters, they’ll regret it.
    It truly is a cultural war. But the idea of targeting white men only in some sort of Marxist class struggle is going to backfire hard for white women. They have sons, too; you can hear the peals of anger when their white sons are denied jobs, grossly mistreated by wives but given no legal recourse, leaving paternal grandmothers cut off from their grandchildren, are beaten or attacked by black men and the crime is (ahem) whitewashed, and slowly their own concerns for the women and men around them are discarded in favor of ideology.
    It’s the young feminists and lesbian feminists who don’t care. it changes for the young ones.
    How many live in urban ghettoes and wear Slutwalk outfits down streets and among black men? Let’s have that debate.
    But no: we’re not supposed to talk about this.
    Only privately do white feminists admit that black men are many times worse in every way than white men.
    What’s funny is that black men aren’t stupid: They know this, and have complete contempt for their “allies”, white feminists; and black feminists can barely tolerate having their white sisters in their presence. Alliance between the two are short-lived and filled with vicious tension. The only way they really get along is for white women to simply shut up and stop speaking.
    Sound familiar?
    The Revered Victims are the only ones able to speak. In a room filled with white women and a few black feminists, the white women are often shamed into self-censorship. This is how Victimology works.
    You get victim points, and there’s a clear “I’m An Authentic Voice” hierarchy.

  5. countenance says:

    Something similar happens in St. Louis a couple of times a year, but it’s usually black-on-black, and the penetrative weapon is usually a pole, a pencil or ink pen, or some kind of smooth stick.

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  7. johnnyboy says:


  8. Silver2 says:

    It the local zoo’s management teams fault. They have a obligation and duty to inform the local police and media so they can send out a emergency broadcast that some primates have escaped and warn residences to stay indoors till this animals have been put down.

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