In praise of little girls

Somebody (I can’t remember who) sent me a news story about an Afghan man, and his mother, who murdered his wife for having daughters instead of sons:

Kunduz, Afghanistan (CNN) — Police in the northern Afghanistan province of Kunduz are looking for a man they say strangled his wife after she bore him a third child that was not a son.
Sher Mohammed, 29, married his 22-year-old wife, Storay, four years ago, police said.
The couple had three daughters, the last of whom was born three months ago, said Khanabad district police chief Sufi Habib.
After the youngest daughter was born, Mohammed blamed his wife for not being able to deliver a boy, Habib said.
“Finally on Saturday, the man, with the help of his mother, first beat the woman and then strangled her to death,” the police chief said.

I’ll admit that I, too, wanted a son.  My own wife had borne three daughters and all I wanted was one son.  But I never considered killing my wife over this; there were plenty of legitimate reasons to be angry with her – but that’s another story.
As it turned out, the very next child was a boy.  He was a handful, very cute and full of energy.  As he grew, we spent hours playing, wrestling, and having all sorts of fun.  But there’s a special kind of love a father has for his daughters.  If there’s anything more cute than a kitten, it’s a little girl – your own little girl.  The affection I felt, and still feel, toward my daughters was so great, it was almost painful.  I enjoyed playing with their hair, teasing them and carrying them on my shoulders.  While I’m happy they grew up, I would gladly pay to have those early years back – just for a while.  When I dream about my daughters, they are always still little girls.  They will always be my little girls, even when they’re in their 60’s.
As for the Afghan individual who murdered his wife (assuming he’s guilty), he should have been grateful to her, not angry.  She brought something beautiful into the world – something that he should have valued above all else.  May all the curses of Allah be upon him and upon his mother.

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  1. Perhaps this is why we shouldn’t teach creationism in public schools.

  2. Aussie Lady says:

    Some basic biology would have told him that it is the man’s sperm which determines the sex of the baby. Nothing to do with the woman at all. So he should have beaten and strangled himself. Idiot.

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    She brought something beautiful into the world – something that he should have valued above all else.

    Are you saying that little girls are valued above little boys?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Now that you mention it, they are in a certain sense; they are the ones who determine the reproductive rate of a society when they grow up. But that’s not what I meant at all. Little girls are different from little boys. They have their own, special kind of cuteness, and they bring their own, special, type of joy. The post was about little girls. It was prompted by the crime that was committed in Afghanistan. Maybe some day, I’ll post something about little boys.

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        It’s more your statement that they should be valued about all else, which would include little boys. It’s the ‘all else’ part that I have a problem with.
        And your point that they bring some ‘special joy’ is moot as, and I’m assuming here, your son brought you a ‘special joy’ too? Unless of course he didn’t.
        I suppose mother’s should be grateful to father’s for being financially supportive?Instead we see far too many kicked out of their children’s lives all the more. And the statistics about crime and single motherhood go hand in hand.
        A society that supports women more than men because it gives them reproductive rights, doesn’t deserve the sacrifice that it demands from men.
        What do you feel about men going to jail because they can’t afford child support grants? Do you think this should also apply to woman who have children that they can’t afford? Since they have all the reproductive rights in Western Society.

      • Gay State Girl says:

        The other day I overheard a conversation between two black guys, arguing which gender they’d prefer to procreate. One said that he’d prefer to have girls because boys cause more trouble. The other quickly shot him down and said that girls are the one’s with uteri, and you’ll get stuck looking after the baby.

  4. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Concerned Citizen,
    I’m all for men’s rights. You’re over-analyzing here. This post is just as much emotional as logical. Do you have a daughter?

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      No, I don’t have children as yet. I can understand that raising a girl can bring one different feelings and a different outlook than if one was raising a boy. They both are different sexes and that’s quite apparent in how they act.
      Anyway, you can tell a lot from the title of an article. In praise of little girls. Exactly what should we be praising them for?
      It’s just interesting to me because there are quite a few countries that send young boys to die in warfare or to get blown up by mines, bullets and bombs but I don’t think anyone would be writing an article in praise of these little boys.
      I think time would be better spent praising real mothers and fathers. Then you wouldn’t have these problems to begin with.
      Most societies see men and women as both equally expendable. Women as breeders and men as cannon fodder. In other words, there really isn’t anything different to what Islamic countries do to women than what America does with its young men who are sent to fight wars in these same Islamic countries.
      In response to your other point. That of women being in control of the reproduction. Which culture is producing more children? The West or Islamic culture?

      • jewamongyou says:

        To answer your last question first, of course Islamic nations produce more children, but I was speaking from a biological standpoint. It is the number of young females that defines the reproductive capabilities of a population. What that population chooses to do with them is another matter.
        I don’t know how long you’ve been reading my blog, but I write of many things. I write about whatever strikes my fancy on that given day. On that day, it was little girls. I can praise little girls (for their cuteness, playfulness or innocence) without, in any way, detracting from the value of little boys. After all, I was once a little boy myself. Some would say I still am in some respects.
        You ask “Exactly what should we be praising them for?” Read the post I’ll be publishing later today (or tomorrow) and ask yourself the same question regarding its subject.

  5. Tank says:

    As one who had two [now grown up] little girls, this post is 100 spot on.

  6. countenance says:

    JAY’s response to Concerned Citizen needs to be understood better.
    I wish I had a dime for every time I heard someone say or hope that black gang violence would cause self-genocide. The problem is that the only way that would be possible is if girls and women of reproductive age were the victims and the only victims. But it’s almost entirely men and boys killing other men and boys.
    Let’s say there are 10 people on Earth, all reproductive age. All births are singles. 9 women, 1 man. In 9 months, the population will be 19. In 18 months, the population will be 28. Every 9 months you get 9 new people.
    Reverse the gender count, 9 men and 1 woman. There, you only get 1 new person every 9 months.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      I come from a family with one mother and one father. That’s my morale outlook of the ‘family’. Therefore, it should logically follow at least for those with a similar outlook to mine, that for this family model to work you would have to encourage both men and women to respect each other for what they bring to the table. You cannot place one above the other merely because you would be discouraging the one party from committing to the arrangement. No one ever really thinks about it but one of the reasons white people are not having as many children is because they are not encouraged enough to enter into these arrangements anymore. Simply put, with all the changes in law with respect to Domestic Violence, no fault divorce, rape, alimony, child support and custody after divorce and of course, not to forget, the young youth culture of hook-ups, not many young people look forward to it at all. It’s a legal minefield, not encouraging to say the least.

      Let’s say there are 10 people on Earth, all reproductive age. All births are singles. 9 women, 1 man. In 9 months, the population will be 19. In 18 months, the population will be 28. Every 9 months you get 9 new people.
      Reverse the gender count, 9 men and 1 woman. There, you only get 1 new person every 9 months.

      Yes, that counts in the situation where the human race is close to extinction. However, if that’s the measure you’re going to use to determine male and female hierarchy then every women who is infertile should be at the bottom of the totem pole and if she isn’t producing what is required, she is worthless. That sort of thinking, where a women is valued simply because she has a womb, creates the exact thinking that caused the problem in this article. Her womb was seen as the problem and hence she became worthless and was killed. It doesn’t create a working society. It creates the exact problem that Western Society suffers from currently, where men are merely sperm donors. The worst part is that the children suffer greatly for society’s egotism and short sightedness.
      The other problem with using the many women to one man argument is that you would have course also have to agree with a certain form of polygyny. Else it just wouldn’t work. Unless you agree with multitudes of fatherless children running around. That brings us to the point about blacks.
      With respect to blacks, you’re dealing with an entirely different problem. They lack the general responsibility to plan a family and the financial well being to both educate and provide food and shelter for their children. If blacks were forced to take care of their own, their population explosion would take care of itself.
      I would also like to add that I in no way agree with this man and his mothers actions, they are disgusting.

  7. anti-racist says:

    Does JAY have kids.
    If he does that would surprise me for some reason

  8. Gay State Girl says:

    Didn’t you say your wife was an Indian jew?

  9. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Gay State Girl,
    There are all sorts of Jews in Israel. Some hail from India. I met her in Israel. Her family was from Cochin, which is not really a “sect”, just a place where Jews lived. They spoke Malayalam.

  10. news says:

    How come you do not have your website viewable in wap format? Can not view anything in my phone.

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