Girl scout cookies

As I was leaving the grocery store yesterday, I was confronted with a mother and her two little girls.  They had set up a table to sell their girl scout cookies.  Well… I do have a soft spot for little girls, especially when they’re looking at me with the cutest look they can conjure up – which says “please buy some of my cookies”.
There is little doubt that, if I were to do some research, I’d discover that the Girl Scouts is a bastion of evil anti-whiteness.  That they do everything in their power to attract “girls of color” while neglecting white girls.  However, the girls in front of me were clearly white.  Looking over their cookies, almost all of them featured “people of color”.  Some had blacks, others had Asians or mestizos.  I doubt either the girls, or their mom, were even conscious of the fact that they were being marginalized.
I picked out the one box that featured a white girl.  Ironically, those cookies are called “Samoas”.

As I picked up the box, I told the girl nearest me, “I’ll take this one; it shows a girl who looks a bit like you!”
For the record, Samoan kids can be cute too.  Here’s a photo I took in Western Samoa that I’m particularly proud of:

… but they weren’t selling cookies.

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18 Responses to Girl scout cookies

  1. Ryan says:

    You made a good choice, the Samoas taste the best.

  2. Gorbachev says:

    I’d rather buy what they were selling. Water? Hand-made handcrafts?

  3. LBD says:

    When I was little, I couldn’t wait to be old enough to join the Girl Scouts. I was so excited to learn camping, knot tying, wood lore….then I joined, and 100% of the time was spent hustling those damn cookies. It was one of the first great disolutions of my life. To this day I get sad whenever I see the little girls selling them.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Well… that puts it in a new light. You’re saying these girls are being exploited?

      • LBD says:

        I don’t usually like to use a Marxist word like “exploited”, but yes. It’s bait and switch. The fundraising completely overshadows the purported core purpose of the organization, to help young girls grow into honest, knowledgable good citizens and to have fun. There’s no value in learning to be a door-to-door saleswoman, especially when it entails the parents “helping” by pressuring friends and coworkers to buy. It would even be better if the kids made the cookies, at least we would have been learning a fun and useful skill, baking.

    • I’m glad you and Latte Island wrote that.
      It’s sad that this is the case. Why should I trust the Girl Scouts when I can’t trust the public schools? I guess “home scouting” is the best option, in addition to home schooling. Make hand crafts with your kids and your friends’ kids. Take them out hiking and bird-watching.
      And of course, tying knots! Can’t leave that one out.

  4. latte island says:

    Former Brownie and Girl Scout here. Totally traumatised by having to sell the cookies. I was shy, and I didn’t like asking strangers for money. I think a social group that’s supposed to build character is wrong to put kids on the spot like that and expose their vulnerabilities. If only one could have opted out.
    As for those cookies: most of them have hydrogenated fat in them, so although they look tempting, I don’t eat them, even though my office has boxes and boxes of them.

  5. destructure says:

    If there’s anyone being exploited its the parents and their co-workers. I used to hate getting asked at work because you look like a jerk if you say, “no”. Boy Scouts sell popcorn but it’s expensive. The companies are counting on kid’s families, relatives, etc to pay that jacked up price. I can certainly understand kids not wanting to sell that crap. So I always tell my children not to worry about it. All the money goes into one pot to fund troop activities and there are enough other kids selling to cover most costs. Some of the kids sell hundreds of dollars worth of the stuff and get prizes for doing it. Personally, I’d rather just write a check to the scout troop and tell those companies to kiss my ass.

  6. WillieMaize24 says:

    According to this the Girl Scouts now have a radical feminist agenda:

  7. Gay State Girl says:

    I remember when American Girl was under fire because they supported a charity that provided abortions to poor minority teenagers.

  8. Nori Coleman says:

    Girl scouts are being used to recruit more than cookie sales these days. They are a target for the eugenics planned parenthood, black genocide organization. They so called ” educate” girls now on “reproductive health”. As a former Girl Scout many years ago, I am sorry to say I don’t buy any of their cookies. It’s a shame when PP uses innocent girls for their population control agenda.

  9. SFG says:

    Actually, I’d argue that in our free-market economy, salesmanship is the most important skill. So the Girl Scouts are actually helping the girls by making them sell cookies…ironically enough.

  10. Former Girl Scout says:

    I was a Brownie scout, and that’s as far as I went. Girl scout-hood was the worst time of my life. I hardly sold any cookies, because nobody would buy, and I was reprimanded for it, as if it was my fault people didn’t want to pay $6 for a box of cookies that are terrible for you. It made me think it was my fault that I couldn’t sell cookies, when I now realize, it was absolutely not.

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