A "victory" for law-enforcement?

Watching the video at the top of this news story, we are given the impression that law-enforcement triangulation of the victim’s cell phone led to a victory.  The woman, whose one-week-old baby was beside her, was raped by a feral porch monkey.  She was…

beaten, choked, raped, sodomized and cut by Holmes as the infant slept nearby.

Had the victim been armed, and dispatched the intruder, that would have been more of a victory.  We would then have been reading about a happy ending to this story.  As it stands, this is not a happy ending – though we can hope for some sort of justice to be done.  And yes, it could have been worse, but it certainly could have been better too.  Here is the suspect:
There is little doubt that the victim is white.  Naturally, there are some (in the comments) who have no problem with ongoing racial attacks against whites; they get up in arms, however, when such crimes are described within this context.  In their twisted minds, it is “racist” to object to interracial crime, but not racist to actually commit them – as long as the victims are white, of course.
Tax money should not be used to buy cell-phones for “at-risk-youth”.  If anything, it should be used to buy guns for white women so that they can protect themselves from animals such as the one pictured above.
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  1. Gorbachev says:

    But I’m sure this isn’t a racially motivated crime.
    Anti-racism is suicide for people who have to work or live in areas with these people.

    • jewamongyou says:

      It can be a “racial crime” even if it is not racially motivated. Within the context of the ongoing onslaught of black-on-white rapes, all such rapes are “racial” in my opinion.

  2. lowly says:

    Seems to me that the racial disparity math could be used on black on white crime. I would think a racial disparity vis a vis rapes, murders etc could be shown. The courts seem to love that sort of mathematics.

    • Georgia Resident says:

      I think the “Color of Crime” report showed just that, using government statistics. Black-on-white rape (and murder) is far more common than the reverse.

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  4. Could not find the link to the video or other press reports.

  5. Samuel says:

    That is really sad.
    Another homo erectus on homo sapien attack. I am from the City of Dallas, sad to say I see have seen such things all of my life. Of course, white people aren’t allowed to care about their own. So it looks like it will continue. I wonder who get’s raped and possibly murdered next…it’s happening right now somewhere as I even right this, no doubt.

  6. anti-racist says:

    you need to read “The New JIm Crow” by Michelle Alexander

  7. anti-racist says:

    Well I have read books for school about “Western Civilization” and al they are are celebrations of white men.
    so quite a few actually

    • jewamongyou says:

      That’s defining “racist” quite broadly. By that token, books about Asian civilizations, or African civilization, would also be “racist”.

    • countenance says:

      Really. Books about Western Civilization celebrate white men.
      What were the odds, right? Because I would have never guessed…
      Actually, dorky dorkenstein, just about when I was ready to graduate from high school, our Western Civ teacher showed us the new texts he had to use the next school year. Luckily, our class used a mid-1980s college text that focused only on white people. I noticed the new text had a lot more about the post-ancient Middle East and north Africa and the Indian Subcontinent. I told him that these civilizations weren’t Western, and he (mostly a left-winger, I might add), agreed with me, and told me he wouldn’t be covering them in the next class.

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