My beef with the Statesman Journal

We read in the Statesman Journal:

VENETA — Four cows were killed in separate crashes after high winds blew open a pasture gate and the cows wandered into a highway.
No one was injured in the crashes on Friday night near Veneta.

“No one was injured?”  Don’t the lives of those escaped hamburgers count for anything?

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4 Responses to My beef with the Statesman Journal

  1. ryan says:

    it be caused duh cows was black if duh cows had beenz white it’d be all over duh racis medja.

  2. Anna says:

    First of all: LOL
    Secondly, I think the right is in desperate need of a more humorous approach to issues, or perhaps just a more humorous approach in general, to bring a more youthful gall to reinvigorate the movement again.
    Well done, sir.
    PS: The lives of the escaped hamburgers mean something to me.. Let’s just be thankful that the cheese and bun warehouses are safe.

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