Are we living in the Golden Age of HBD?

Looking back at the various “golden ages” recognized by historians, we can see that it takes only a few motivated, and talented, people to bestow the title “Golden Age” upon an era.  Out of all the Greeks who lived during the Golden Age of Greek Philosophy, only a handful were great philosophers.  Most ancient Greeks eked out their lives in ignorance and manual labor. We look back at that time and take note of their great men; in our eyes, they were the ones who defined the era.  Similarly, there will come a time when people will look back at our generation and recognize it as the “Golden Age of HBD”, even though it exists mainly in the blogosphere.
If we were not living in an age of ignorance and superstition, regarding human biodiversity, then there would be nothing remarkable about those who recognize it and explore it.  The early Christian saints were recognized for their sacrifices (real or imagined).  Oppression against their faith provided fertile ground for sainthood.  When Christians, in turn, became the oppressors other paths to sainthood would have to be taken.
Those of us who take human biodiversity (HBD) seriously are like the ancient Christians.  Though our enemies do not feed us to the lions, they would if they could get away with it.  But they usually can’t, so they threaten us, disrupt us, call us names, ostracize us, and pass anti-heresy laws against us.  Unfortunately, people like James Watson do not compare favorably with people like Socrates when it comes to living up to their convictions.
But this climate of persecution has given us a sense of community, even as we are spread out over the globe.  As part of that community, I am honored – and humbled by the presence of others who far exceed me in intelligence and education.  I hope, as ignorance gives way to knowledge and darkness yields to light, that the loss of our persecuted status does not end our camaraderie.

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5 Responses to Are we living in the Golden Age of HBD?

  1. MrMandible says:

    I don’t know if it’s my drive to seek status as a rebel, or the fact that I value the truth that has led to me to such a status, but I feel proud to oppose the rotten status quo that exists right now.
    (although I find it kind of funny to imagine myself a rebel when I have air conditioner and convenient microwavable dinners to fill me up. Then again, Martin Luther himself was often an obnoxious lazy shitbag).

  2. premiseblog says:

    Exactly! This lack of understanding the races (VOOOM) has been our problem. Too many cars in the ditch.
    Everyone says there is this RACE problem
    The problem is we don’t understand the CARS.

  3. Kiwiguy says:

    As science progresses, particularly in China, I expect that HBD will become more widely accepted in a benign form.* At that point maybe there will be greater appreciation for the current group of bloggers who speak the truth in the face of politically correct orthodoxy. That would also apply to much harrassed researchers like Jensen, Eysenck, Hernstein, Rushton, Gottfredson, Lynn and co.

  4. Kiwiguy says:

    OTOH, maybe there will be even greater efforts to suppress un-pc research and to spread Lewontin/Gould type propaganda. So that day is probably still some way off 🙂

  5. M.G. says:

    It may well seem like a Golden Age in retrospect, and today it also seems like a Great Re-Discovery. Like Western Christian scholars who re-discovered ancient pagan authors during the Renaissance, some of what we’re doing is re-discovering those ‘heretical’ race scientists from the 19th / early 20th centuries. The fact that race science was utterly mainstream and eugenics was ‘progressive’ a hundred years ago seems totally lost on today’s ‘progressives.’
    The new element today, as Kiwiguy says, is the science, which is advancing in leaps and bounds. What I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for is the laboratory-level discovery/ies that will force even the most passionate blank-slatist to ‘see the light’, and push (re-push?) HBD into the mainstream. That, it seems, is what will truly make today HBD’s Golden Age. But when can we expect it? Can we expect it?

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