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College under fire for anti-anti-white cartoon

Apposing Views reports that a Texas college is under fire for publishing a cartoon, mocking the blatant anti-white bias in the media, in its newspaper: A college newspaper in Texas is under fire for a cartoon related to the Trayvon … Continue reading

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Europe's silent denizens

From lofty heights, Europe’s silent denizens gaze upon the fleeting masses. Their expressions, fixed in stone, betray the horror of those long passed. As though they knew, so long ago, that their seed would betray them. That glory, from their … Continue reading

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"Mainstream media" beginning to backtrack on Martin shooting

Two recent articles caught my eye today. Both presented a balanced view and admitted to the facts in a way previously only in the blogosphere. One, by Dylan Stableford of The Cutline (featured on Yahoo) reads, in part: “With a … Continue reading

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Olave d’Estienne has suggested there be an annual HBD Day. Here is some of what he wrote, in an email to me: I propose that race realists launch an international Human Biodiversity Day.  The idea would be to discuss HBD issues … Continue reading

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Selected photos from my Tennessee/Kentucky trip

I love visiting the South. I enjoy the history, what remains of the culture, and the dialects. For a while it was an independent country, but living relics of that country are getting harder and harder to come by. Even … Continue reading

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Previews of some of the Amren 2012 speeches

In the near future, American Renaissance will offer high-quality DVDs of the 2012 conference speeches. In order to avoid undermining their sales, I am only publishing the first few minutes of the speeches I recorded. Unfortunately, I did not have … Continue reading

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National outcry over killing of black thug by Hispanic

A Hispanic man killed a black thug in self-defense and the nation is inundated with news stories telling us how the “victim”, Trayvon Martin, was a martyr, murdered for the color of his skin. The media frenzy features photos of … Continue reading

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U.K. crackdown on freedom of speech reaches new extreme

Things are really getting out of hand in the U.K. The government’s intolerance toward “hate-speech” has reached new extremes lately. We are used to reading about native Brits having their lives ruined for speaking up about the invasion of their … Continue reading

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Photos from the 2012 American Rennaisance conference

Lighting conditions in the conference room were less than optimal for my point-and-shoot camera. But I shall post some of the photos, of the various speakers, that I took anyway. Robert Weissberg advocates implicit white enclaves Donald Templer tells us … Continue reading

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The implicit whiteness of hats

There was a time, not long ago, when ladies and gentlemen would rarely leave their homes bare-headed. Over the course of centuries, hat styles have evolved, but it is the hats of living memory that seem to hold the greatest … Continue reading

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