Hatred; where the far left meets the far right

People usually assume that extreme leftists, Tim Wise and his ilk, are the polar opposites of rabid neo-Nazi anti-semites.  In reality, I don’t think there’s much difference.  Both groups are motivated by uncontrollable hatred and both groups see nothing wrong with lying to “prove” their point.
Many of you have probably read my previous post, the one about Roman busts.  Believe it or not, somebody on an anti-semitic site actually quoted that post in an effort to show that I am anti-Germanic.  Here is what he wrote (and I will not dignify it with a link):

Typical ghetto-jew at work:
A while ago I posted a series of what I considered exceptional Roman busts. I photographed them while visited Rome and Vienna. There has been ongoing interest in them from around the web. So I’ve decided to post a followup. Number III appears to depict a barbarian of some sort, probably a German

Conveniently, he left out the rest of the sentence: “… or a Gaul.”  He also seems to be ignorant of the ancient meaning of “barbarian”.  Talk about grasping at straws!
As far as I can tell, the far left and the neo-nazis differ mainly in the target of their hatred; the former hates the white race while the latter hates Jews.  The former lavishes affection upon blacks because blacks are perceived as the opposite of the hated whites.  The latter lavishes affection upon Nordics because Nordics are perceived as the opposite of the hated Jews.  It seems to me that neither the love of the Left , nor the love of the neo-Nazis, is as potent as their hatred.  Of course I may be wrong, but it looks like both camps have a lot more hatred, than love, in their hearts – based on their writings of course.  I think the Left would be far more honest about its hatred toward whites if it felt it could get away with it.  It is still problematic to openly wish for the extinction/ genocide of the white race.  Since the far left has a vast audience, it tends to be more careful about what it openly admits.  As for neo-Nazis, their audience is much more limited, so they spew their venom without much restraint.  Objectivity and reason are foreign to both camps.
Perhaps we can compare the two to Democrats and Republicans.  They are far more alike than either would care to admit.  Only their rivalry gives the illusion of a meaningful distinction between them.

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  1. Bantu Education says:

    I think the Left would be far more honest about its hatred toward whites if it felt it could get away with it. It is still problematic to openly wish for the extinction/ genocide of the white race.
    Hollywood has made several apocalyptic movies which reveal their subliminal desire for the extinction of the white race. In “Children of Men” a black prostitute bears the first child born for 17 years and everyone, even white racists, are supposed to be in awe of the miraculous event. Ludicrously, even the “right-wing” troops take a break from machine-gunning a camp of illegal immigrants when they see the wonder of a pregnant woman. My opinion of Michael Caine, who played a role in this sick movie, sunk to the depths.
    In “2012” every white nation is destroyed but, miraculously, Africa survives..! The part I found most ironic was right at the end when the giant arks, loaded with assorted millionaires, chinese construction workers, and the obligatory black humanitarian hero (who, disobeying the evil white capatains orders, opened the gates for thousands of doomed chinese workers) – set sail, uninvited, for Cape Town..!! I’m still waiting for the sequel where these latter-day colonists fight their way ashore against the opposition of the black ANC government..!
    Perhaps Sir Francis Galton’s suggestion (“Africa for the Chinese”) will come true after all, although in ways he never imagined.

  2. Jostein says:

    The funny thing is that Tim Wise is white. How many Jewish Nazis are there? Is this just a function of modern progressivism being vastly more popular than national socialism? So popular that it bestows enough status upon its minions that even whites will pour their hearts and souls into it? Overall I agree with your observation though.

  3. I have noticed the same thing many times. I am a little annoyed from time to time that any criticism of the Nazis always seems to bring the same style of drive-by anonymous replies from person(s) who claim to know that the critic is wrong, but apparently not worth responding to in detail.
    Historically speaking this is mild misbehavior as Nazis go, to be sure. It’s just funny that there are a few people running around mucking up the alt-right by constantly defending an objectively anti-white (several million milky-white Slavs and Jews killed, how many Africans??) socialist.
    In reference to “barbarian”, two things came to mind. One is that very droll scene in that mediocre film version of the Shadow in which Alec Baldwin tells the villain (descended from Genghis Khan) he’s a barbarian. The reply: “Thank you.” Top of the movie.
    The other is an essay I read on education of teenage boys in ancient Rome. In grammar and rhetoric, they had special terms for each sort of error someone could make. “A barbarism” was the misuse of a single word (there was another term for a poorly-written phrase).
    But in general you are exactly right. Barbarian is hardly a valid put-down nowadays. Even the ancient Romans (or Tacitus at least) had a certain respect for the barbarians to their north.

  4. noachideous says:

    Would the Sannhedrin be able to impose Noachide Law out of Jerusalem on strongly nationalistic and mutually respectful racial nations ? Probably not……
    Hence multiculturalism…. so as to ease the dupes into their new role as noachide bond slaves.
    The jewish ‘left’ are zionists tasked with the diasporisation of gentile nations. The jewish ‘right’ are zionists tasked with the birth of eretz israel.
    Rejection of the noachide imperative and its required idolatory of the ‘jews’ is natural and inevitable and perfectly healthy.. When lied to, is it healthy to remain silent so as to appease the liar so as to ameliorate the ‘pain’ he feigns to feel at having been so accused ?

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