The problematic world of the Left

Just recently, Gates of Vienna had an article about the confusion extreme leftists in Germany felt when they were attacked by Muslims.  From the article:

By Nicolai Sennels
If an anti-fascist multiculturalist is threatened, blackmailed, and attacked by Muslims, will he become schizophrenic? Reality knocking at the Left’s door — with baseball bats.
Wedding, Berlin, is a Muslim neighbourhood, and the Street Fighters is a immigrant gang consisting of predominantly Turkish members.
Translated from The South German, February 11th, 2012 “Social tensions in Berlin Wedding. Attack from the wrong direction.”:
In the Berlin district of Wedding a Leftist housing project has been attacked by immigrants of Turkish origin. The anti-fascists do not quite know how to respond: ‘They are neither Nazis nor cops, so the usual activist methods are not applicable.’ The worldview of the Left staggers…

Another clash, between the Left and reality, occurs when members of their favorite race, the Negro race, show intolerance toward their favorite sexual orientation, homosexuality.  This clash is most evident in Uganda, where locals have been agitating for the death penalty to be imposed upon homosexuals.  I have brought up this topic before, but a recent New York Times article gives us more food for thought.  Here are some excerpts:

KAMPALA, Uganda — At first, it was a fiery contempt for homosexuality that led a Ugandan lawmaker to introduce a bill in 2009 that carried the death penalty for a “serial offender” of the “offense of homosexuality.”

The bill’s failure amid a blitz of international criticism was viewed by many as evidence of power politics, a poor nation bending to the will of rich nations that feed it hundreds of millions of dollars in aid.

But this time around — the bill was reintroduced this month — it is a bitter and broad-based contempt for Western diplomacy that is also fueling its resurrection…

The Obama administration recently said it would use its foreign diplomatic tools, including aid, to promote equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people around the world. Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain has threatened to cut aid for countries that do not accept homosexuality.

But African nations have reacted bitterly to the new dictates of engagement, saying they smack of neo-colonialism. In the case of Uganda, the grudge could even help breathe new life into the anti-homosexuality bill…

Much of Africa’s anti-homosexuality movement is supported by American evangelicals, the Rev. Kapya Kaoma of Zambia wrote in 2009, who are keen to export the American “culture war” to new ground. Indeed, American evangelical Christians played a role in stirring the anti-homosexual sentiment that culminated in the initial legislation in Uganda…

Days after the bill was reintroduced, a clandestine gay rights meeting at a hotel was broken up personally by Uganda’s minister of ethics…

The few gay rights advocates in Uganda who work publicly on the issue have seen their own exposure — and support — widen, too. One received the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award last year. The organization whose conference was shut down this month receives tens of thousands of dollars from the American Jewish World Service, according to the organization’s Web site.

When I read this, I asked myself, “Why would a Jewish organization spend tens of thousands of dollars to try to influence people in Africa to accept homosexuality? In what way does this help Jews?”

If we were to ask representatives of the so-called “American Jewish World Service”, they would probably explain that just as Jews have traditionally been oppressed, so too are homosexuals. Therefore, Jews should be among those who stand up for the downtrodden.

If this were the real motivation, then we should ask them how much they are donating to help the whites of South Africa.  We should ask how much they are contributing to alleviate the plight of the pygmies, who face genocide at the hands of their black neighbors.  How much does this “Jewish World Service” donate to the countless thousands of whites, here in America, who fall victim to black crime?

Though they may not even realize it, the real reason they feel obliged to help homosexuals in Uganda is that those “Jews” have forsaken their ancestral religion (whose holy book clearly states that homosexuality is an abomination) and embraced a new religion: The religion of liberalism. Liberalism teaches that homosexuals, as a sexual minority, are worthy victims. But racial minorities, who suffer at the hands of the “holy black man”, do not deserve victim status because blacks, as a race, can do no wrong. The homophobic blacks of Uganda are simply misled – by none other than the evil white man.  Still, the situation in Uganda is confusing for them.  They cannot vilify that many blacks; it would be sacrilegious.  So they must prove that they were simply misled. Therefore, those tens of thousands of dollars are, in their eyes, an investment to defend their new faith by “educating” them.

I strongly suspect that many leftists, though they would be okay with racist (or homophobic) whites changing their ways, they would be just as happy if those whites would die. But the death of a black man, no matter how racist (or homophobic) he might be, will rarely make them happy. This is also the reason black-on-black crime bothers them so much – while they won’t even recognize black-on-white crime. It is the reason diseases that “disproportionately affect blacks” are top priority, while those that mainly affect whites must be fought on the basis of other appeals; “disproportionately affects whites” is never a phrase that is used to justify trying to find a cure for a disease.

Those who have been reading this blog for a while already know that I have nothing against homosexuals. As a matter of fact, I admit that Ugandans need to cease their gay-bashing and focus on real problems. In this post, I address homosexuality as a cause celebre for the Left. My reference to Judaism condemning homosexuality is factual; the Torah does, indeed, consider it an abomination. As for me, I consider it distasteful – but none of my business.

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  1. It’s bad to laugh at people.
    Unless they are leftists getting beaten up by blacks, in which case it is impossible not to.

  2. Gerry says:

    Comparing liberalism to a religion is very astute of you. This made me think of why people are drawn to irrational religious beliefs in the first place, and what are the essential ingredients of a successful kick ass religion. Then I thought about my own catholic upbringing in Ireland and what those beliefs meet to me. And If I am honest, religion to me was a sort of confort blanket in this cool dark world, a world in which the only thing one can be sure about is ones impending death. Add self righteousness to the mix and you have the perfect bolt hole for the cowardly.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Thanks! While I did conclude that liberalism is a religion independently, I was not the first to realize this. Ann Coulter made that observation before I did and, I’m sure, so did many others.

      • destructure says:

        The guy who created the “mantra” you wrote about a while back wrote a whole book on that called “Why Johnny Can’t Think: America’s Professor Priesthood”. The theme is that liberalism is an actual religion and professors are the priests. I’ve been meaning to read it for years but never seem to get around to it.

    • Stealth says:

      This is a conclusion that many have come to. I’ve always thought that, even if liberalism is not a religion unto itself, that it at least serves as a substitute for Christianity for many Americans who have given up on God.
      Much like Christianity, liberalism gives otherwise immoral people a means of feeling good about themselves. Going to church and being “saved” makes someone feel better about himself, especially if he committed a few immoral acts on Saturday night. “Hey, at least I’m not like those Godless atheists, right?” After all, believing in God with all your heart is the best thing one can do!
      In the same way, folks who treat others poorly can pat themselves on the back for supporting such things as gay marriage, affirmative action, amnesty for illegal aliens, etc. In both cases, the offenders are not trying to atone for bad things they’ve done, but to actually convince themselves that they really are good people.

  3. SFG says:

    Yes, the Muslims are responsible for quite a bit of antisemitic violence in France, to the point all the Jews are moving away.
    Other cases of favorite lefty groups getting into fights: Pim Fortuyn was gay, and I think it was Holland that made new immigrants watch a video about their liberal social mores so the Muslims would get grossed out and leave.
    Personally I’m with the gays. You won’t catch AIDS if you don’t have sex with them, and I never was mugged by a gay guy.

    • Stealth says:

      I wouldn’t lose any sleep if the government allowed gay people to marry. A lot of conservative politicians waste time on this issue when they should be putting their efforts into tackling much larger problems. It’s not something I approve of, but it’s not going to hurt me if Adam and Steve get married. There are certainly bigger fish to fry.
      However, it wouldn’t bother me in the least if they didn’t get the right to marry, either. Which brings me to my next point; I can’t stand liberals who think I’m obligated to not only approve of gay marriage but to crusade for it. Twenty years ago, I doubt anyone actually gave the prospect of gay marriage much thought. Even most liberals probably considered it to be a silly concept. It’s a perfect example of how liberalism becomes more extreme over time both in its concepts and in its fanaticism.
      Another great example is abortion. Even Al Gore, arch-liberal, was once pro-life. There was room for differences of opinion on so many issues, but leftists have now declared anyone who disagrees with their very strict rules as dastardly sinners.
      Even though liberalism quickly evolves, leftists behave as if their beliefs are just timeless common sense. Al Gore might have addressed his former pro-life beliefs, but most liberals simply change their minds without any explanation.
      Wow, that had nothing to do with this blog post or any of the comments!

      • Anon says:

        “A lot of conservative politicians waste time on this issue when they should be putting their efforts into tackling much larger problems.”
        They’ve relentlessly won victory after victory by being even minorly against gay marriage, so why not keep it up? Likewise they aren’t the ones who keep getting kicked in the teeth and bringing this issue back up to get more.
        The simple fact of the matter is that for whatever reason, uneasiness about homosexuals increased evolutionary fitness. We can come to an accord with them, but not if they are going to nonstop shove it in our faces.

    • Daniel in China says:

      Quite ironic is that France in the early ’80s Jewish and Arab Muslims/Black African organisations are allies when Front National started gaining notoriety.
      Post- late ’80s/early ’90s generation of French Blacks and Arabs have become a combination of the worst of the both worlds (african islamic tribal culture mixed with welfare subsidied ghetto gangsta hip-hop culture)
      Jews still have big economic and political weight in France, Strauss-Kahn could really had been elected President, jewish Jean-François Cope is the sucessor of Sarkozy (half-jew) in the UMP.

  4. One question I have is where do these rich jewish organizations get their mandate to speak for the entire jewish community. The average jew on the street does not support these agendas promoted by these organizations. Most jews are repulsed by some of the policies supported by these organizations. People got to realize that these so called jewish organizations do not represent the views of the average jew.

  5. countenance says:

    If an anti-fascist multiculturalist is threatened, blackmailed, and attacked by Muslims, will he become schizophrenic?
    No, but his brain will blue screen.

  6. author unknown says:

    What I do not understand is why the Jews” encourage” diversity in Europe. We think that if Europe Islamize, Israel will be surrounded on all sides. Just white and Christian Europe that prevents this small country is destroyed by Muslims.
    We could also consider the case of Israelis staying surrounded by black.

    • EWCZ says:

      Good question. But it seems, that they prefer Europe states balkanized among minorities of every shade and sexual orientation.
      It’s a bit of schizophrenia in France – Jews there complain about the state not protecting them sufficiently from “youths’ from the Arabized and Africanized suburbs while fighting all organizations promoting European French identity.
      I don’t get it.

      • author unknown says:

        Jews believe that they are a different race. They are Caucasians, as the Europeans. Religion or ideological doctrine does not change genetics or anthropology.
        If whites are wiped out the Jews will be left to be hated. Did not realize this?

  7. fortaleza84 says:

    I agree that Liberalism is more of a substitute for religion than an actual religion. For one thing, Jews are generally aware that they are Jewish and that being Jewish comes with a set of beliefs which you are supposed to believe in — or at least try to accept — if you are a good Jew.
    By contrast, Leftists don’t have much insight into their belief systems. They think that they believe in the global warming hoax because they are following the (actually phony) “scientific consensus.” They don’t understand that the real reason they believe that global warming is a serious problem; or that “there’s no such thing as race”; etc. is because that is what good Leftists are supposed to believe.
    The upshot is that your typical Leftist has far less tolerance for non-Leftists than your typical Jew has for non-Jews. Leftists are like the most extreme Muslims in terms of their tolerance and respect for folks who disagree with them.

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