A good comment by another "Jay"

American Renaissance recently had an article about the 13 year old white student, in Kansas City, who was doused with gasoline and set alight by racist black children. The black children said “This is what you deserve.  You get what you deserve, white boy” as they assaulted him.
Here is a portion of Jay11’s comment:

I teach in an ‘urban’ high school.  Although it’s not as bad as my previous school where anti-white propaganda was the norm DAILY, still ALL the ‘English’ teachers and most of the History teachers have a ‘civil rights’ (anti-white) curriculum.  It is sickening.  Everything is Marcus Garvey this, Langston Hughes that, MLK this or white privilege that.  ALL THE TIME.
I am not joking.  EVERY selection in the English teachers’ rooms are of black writers.  One teacher tried to do an obscure Shakespeare play once, but gave it up because it was too hard — for her!  Jamaica Cincaide, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison et al.  That’s all they get.
Three years ago I was sitting in the black of a classroom grading papers while an ‘English’ teacher (who I shared the class with) was teaching her (all black and latino) students.  The anti-white things she said made me physically ill.  She was talking like a black preacher (in that tone and style) and railing against white people and how they always oppress black people.  After half an hour I couldn’t take it anymore and had to leave.  I was supposed to be teaching those same students the very next period.  How could I, a pasty-faced white dude, stand there and ask them to take me seriously after they were indoctrinated to hate me because of my race?  I did my job, but I could sense the undercurrent of defiance…
Those of us who do not depend on the “mainstream” media for our news know that similar atrocities are committed against whites, by black and Hispanics, every day. We are aware that these ongoing attacks are met with silence by all but local newspapers and television stations. We know that these attacks are typically described as “not racially-motivated” (AKA “random”) and we know that, whenever possible, the race of the perpetrators is concealed. In short, we know that the media encourages such violence.
One of the limits of freedom of speech is when the speech in question incites violence. Jay11 was fortunate that he was not physically attacked. If he were, part of the blame could certainly be laid at the feet of the “English teacher” who filled the heads of her students with anti-white animus. Though Jay11 escaped physical harm, who knows how many others have fallen victim to “random” crimes committed by those students in later years.
Though we cannot justifiably ban all anti-white speech, indoctrinating impressionable children with anti-white hate might constitute “incitement to violence”.
For sheer magnitude, and viciousness, the anti-white vitriol of the Left has no peer – except, perhaps, the anti-Jewish rants of neo-Nazis. If ever there was a case to be made for “hate-speech” laws, it would be the lives lost and ruined by speech such as that of the above “English teacher”.
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  1. His story reminds me of the excellent essay about “teaching black kids” – sadly most “teachers” seem to be leftists who either put up with this anti-white slander or even encourage it.
    I did like this hilarious freudian slip…
    “Three years ago I was sitting in the black of a classroom…”

  2. latte island says:

    I read that a few of the bullied white children in that Kansas City school have left school and are learning on the internet. This can be a solution for both students and teachers. As white parents become more aware of how some public schools are bad for their white children, there will be more demand for online schools, and white teachers who can run those programs.

  3. bob says:

    The more we can segregate these monsters the better for us. Put them all in Afro-centric and La Raza schools, and forget them.
    The beauty of the segregation is that they want it. It is voluntary. It is like women’s studies, and gender studies and black studies in colleges. The lunatics collect together and stay out of real disciplines like engineering, where White and Asian male students are educated uncontaminated by the subhumans.

    • Georgia Resident says:

      Integration has always been a project of elite whites who never have to live around typical blacks, and elite blacks who don’t want to live around other blacks.

    • One thing that would create a certain degree of segregation through cultural means is bi-lingualism or even multi-lingualism. If ethnic groups don’t have to learn english then that may result in ethnic enclaves developing that exist with a degree of separation as compared to the english speaking communities.

      • Georgia Resident says:

        True, but most black people in the US nominally speak English. Although ebonics is so unlike normal English that it might qualify as a separate language…

      • Georgia Resident says:

        I read somewhere (I think it was in AmRen) that in South Africa, Afrikaners have been somewhat insulated from integration in schools because of linguistic separation. Afrikaans schools are much whiter than average, and even some Anglo-South Africans have had their kids learn Afrikaans so they can go to these whiter public schools.
        Of course, it’s not perfect because some blacks do speak Afrikaans, as do many of the Coloured South Africans.

  4. It really seems like the schools are trying to make white people resent minorities. If white people are told they are evil constantly a portion of them are going to resent that. These schools should avoid teaching in a racial manner so that people of all races feel welcomed and included in the american identity. Right now whites are being made to feel marginalized and that has to stop. We are all Americans.

    • Georgia Resident says:

      Well, they’re trying to make minorities resent whites, and to make whites hate themselves. If whites end up resenting minorities, it’s a purely unintended consequences (although one that should have been expected, given the outrages that integration has led to).

      • Good point, it is probably not being intended by the social engineers but it does seem to be a unintended consequence among certain portions of the white population. There just seems to be a general lack of foresight by the authorities. If they were serious about creating racial harmony, assuming such harmony is possible, they wouldn’t demonize a racial group which is what they are doing to whites.

  5. Chef Boyhowdy says:

    Blacks are barbarous because they are black. The attack on Coon and the racist pedagogy of the English faculty are coincidental. Conflating them in any way is a stretch, and implying causality is a dangerous conceit.
    The perpetrators were “older” than Coon, and couldn’t have been in an “advanced” class with younger students. I would be shocked if any of them could string together three words on any aspect to their school curriculum. I’m not even buying that they used “deserve” in a sentence. I think that’s a charitable paraphrase. I’m also not buying any arguments that inflicting Maya Angelou on “advanced” students incubated a culture that may have inspired them. That these criminal alphas may have been indoctrinated second-hand by their more attentive co-minority betas in the HBCU-prep track could only be posited by someone ignorant of adolescent social dynamics (see Dowd, Maureen for a delightful primer).
    The classroom anecdotes of your correspondent boil down to his detecting “an undercurrent of defiance” from those that actually listened to his race-hustling opening act. I wonder whether this undercurrent could not be characterized more appropriately as “college-level work in their chosen field of study.”

    • jewamongyou says:

      It’s hard to tell if you’re being serious. Blacks are usually going to be more dangerous than whites, but filling their minds with excuses to hate whitey does make a bad situation worse.
      Also I’m pretty sure that even ghetto blacks have a basic idea of what “deserve” means. Reducing HBD to absurd extremes (I.E. “all blacks are retarded”) doesn’t do us any service.

  6. countenance says:

    This nonsense is going on in public schools everywhere. Bon of Babble (Southern California) and Jay11 (New York City) are on opposite ends of the country, yet their education posts read almost exactly the same.

  7. Daniel in China says:

    In many Europian countries teachers have to be payed “extra” (bribed) to teach in majority black and arab schools.

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