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Somebody contacted me about a new pro-white forum. It’s called Occidental Enclave and here is how its founder (or one of its founders) describes it:

We’ve recently established a white interests/advocacy/issues forum with the intention of addressing the credibility hemorrhages within the broader “WN” narrative/platform, such as infantile Jew conspiracy theories and general Jew obsessionism, and/or Hitler fetishism, among other things.  Some of us felt that, for us to make any meaningful progress, that we have to distance ourselves from these elements within the community so as to make a visible distinction between our camp and theirs; mainstream whites will simply never associate themselves with such elements.  Unfortunately, most forums in the community (like stormfront, skadi, etc.) are filled with this element, and the sensible members are either shouted down or become unwelcome.  So, I had the notion to make a community with the intent to consolidate all the non kook/fringe into a community of their own.

I haven’t had enough time to explore it yet. I’ll check it out in the next few days – and nothing’s stopping the rest of y’all from beating me to it.

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  1. I just had a look and I had to get outa there. Firstly the topic list keeps scrolling and the dark background is depressing and just awful to read. I can only assume this guy is some kind of Goth or whatever.

  2. Michael says:

    I just signed up- it looks like a nice site. I can already see that there aren’t a bunch of idiotic trashy skin head types, or nutty jewish/U.S. conspiracy theorists there like there are on so many other pro white sites.

  3. countenance says:

    Sounds like needless duplication of AR.

  4. destructure says:

    If there are gentiles who are anti-semitic then it’s fine not to like them. And if there are jews who are anti-gentile then it’s fine not to like them, too. But there is a big difference between saying “no anti-semitism” and “we kiss jewish toucas”. The common cause for jews and gentiles should be that they’re both pro-white, not that they’re both pro-jewish. Most gentiles/christians are already pro-jewish but a lot of jews still don’t like them. See the problem? In my opinion, that’s the driving force behind the ‘schism’. I’m not sure where Occidental Enclave fits into all this but if it’s an explicitly philo-semitic organization that sits around bad-mouthing other groups for being anti-semites while remaining eerily silent on jews who are anti-gentile then I won’t be impressed. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. Now, give me the thumbs down.

    • SFG says:

      Naaah, you’ve got a good point. I largely sit this one out because I don’t believe any large-scale WN movement won’t be antisemitic and I’m afraid of winding up in an oven. I’m afraid there’s just too much bad blood on both sides. (This refers to anti-white actions by (liberal) Jews in the USA, NOT in Europe where Jews never had any real clout and were much more sinned against than sinning.)

      • destructure says:

        There’s an old saying, “Generals are always busy preparing to fight the last war.” I personally think you have more to fear from the left (both as a white and a jew) than you do from the right. The argument is too long for a comment and will take more time to develop than I have right now. But I already have ideas swirling around in my head. I’ll probably write an article on it at some point.

  5. Chevalier says:

    So, I’m one of the people involved with the aforementioned site and I wanted to thank JAY for making you aware of us and address a couple of observations made here.
    1) Bantu offered a few observations about the aesthetics of the site. The recent topic marquee was just something we were experimenting with and getting feedback on, he may be pleased to hear that most others shared his distaste for it and it’s now turned off. There’s simply a static display of the 10 most recent active topics. As for colors, I’m sorry he didn’t like them, but on the left hand side you’ll see a pane labeled ‘style switcher’ there are 10 different color schemes you can select among which range from ‘goth’ to bright candy looking arrangements, and everything in between. There’s also another theme which you can choose in the user control panel, which also has 10 different layouts to choose from. So, hopefully there will be something to his liking.
    2) While it’s flattering to be compared to AR, it’s not really an analogous comparison. AR is a news aggregation site, and offers some original content, and was actually a print publication until recently. Of course there are the AR conferences, which are amazing. But our community is none of those things, it’s a discussion forum. AR is not a forum, and people can only comment on articles which they have posted. People can not start their own topics and engage in debate thereof. Comments are also moderated actively there, as is the case on most blogs as well. Whereas in most forums commentary is moderated retroactively. There are other things, like being chatting in real time, or communicating with other members via private messages, as well. In short, forums are more interactive and the primary purpose is discussion, in contrast to a site like AR, or a blog where the primary purpose is to be a platform for that writer or organization’s views, with commentary or discussion being very secondary to that. So, we haven’t really duplicated AR because we aren’t facilitating the same function. Also, while perhaps most all our views on key issues are in line with AmRen, I think there might be some slight nuance in the emphasis? That’s my take at least.
    3) @destructure’s comment. No, I don’t think any of us “kiss Jewish toucas”, and in complete honesty I can think of 1-2 who are what *I* would call anti-semitic. That is, that they generally dislike Jews, and traits that they associate with Jews. However, there’s a big difference between having a dislike for Jews and signing on to the greater jewspiracy narrative with obsessive, imaginative beliefs about “international zionist cabals”, jewish plots to kill off the white race, jews kidnapping white children to kill in jewish ritual murders, “ZOG”, or any of the other ridiculous and over the top storylines which simply cause our whole purpose to hemorrhage credibility. Main stream whites are simply never going to associate themselves with those narratives, even ones which aren’t fond of Jews. Hitler fetishes and Nazi romanticism doesn’t generally get you a lot of fans either. You can make a litany of solid, factual, reasonable points which most mainstream whites will agree with, but as soon as you go into jewspiracy territory, you loose them and they promptly forget everything you had to say and want nothing to do with anything they associate with you. I’ve seen it 1000 times. It also plays directly into the other side’s hand. They relish the fact that such narratives figure so prominently in our discourse, because that’s what they showcase whenever they want to highlight us to the public: “look at the crazy nonsense racists believe! See? They’re kooks!”. They want our whole community to be associated with those beliefs, they have nothing to worry about as long as that’s the case. This is not to say that one can not critique Jews, Jewish political predilections, or whatever. JAY himself has critiqued Jewry on numerous occasions I believe, and I don’t think anyone there would object to similar points being offered on our forum. But, this is a far cry from the litany of jew conspiracy narratives which dominate most white interest forums, and many blogs too. So, I wanted to offer some context and clarification to your point. None of us intended to have a ‘jew woriship’ forum, and would be fine with rational critique of Jewry, we just don’t want to become infested with intellectually bankrupt jewspiracy theories, or any of the other silly narratives which damage credibility, like the anti-American conspiracy theories which are so prevalent in the Euro crowd, it’s not only the jew conspiracies which many of us take issue with.
    In any case, I just wanted to address these comments, and say thanks to JAY for mentioning us. I’m going to post a link to his blog soon in a links section I’m creating. When I do so I’ll make a post here, and perhaps some of you guys could come by and offer a positive review of it. Thanks again!

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