Reporting live from the 2012 Amren conference

I am sitting here among friends at the conference in Tennessee. We have a lot of people here, even though the location is rather remote. Lots of new faces and some old ones. The accommodations are very nice and the weather is fine. There are no protesters and the atmosphere is very friendly.
There are quite a few women attending and young people as well. Furthermore, There are even other Jews.
I’ll keep y’all posted

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5 Responses to Reporting live from the 2012 Amren conference

  1. billios says:

    I am sorry, but looking at the comments on Amren, their readers seems to change. Former they were sane person, who believed in everybodies rights and were against violence. Furthermore, they saw their main interest in informing people, no matter which race.
    But reading their comments now, they more seem like Jew hating, people who want the government to interfere with the personal life like marriages and even more and more aren’t against violence.
    I hope your views from the conference are different from what I read on their homepage.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yes. So far I haven’t seen a hint of anti-semitism. There is a total lack of the “Stormfront crowd” at this conference. I suspect this is not by accident. As stated, it’s a very friendly crowd.

    • destructure says:

      Previously, every comment was vetted by a moderator before being published. Now, anyone with a facebook, disqus, etc account can comment immediately. I’d prefer a little more quality control.

      • The reason for that is for users registered in some sort or fashion to have their posts appear instantly. It doesn’t mean that their posts aren’t later read then deleted for cause if they need to be deleted. Jared Taylor knows that this was a big leap of faith. However, with the retirement of the paper AR, JT thinks that AR’s regulars need a more personal connection with AR’s only regular interface with the outside world. He thinks (and I agree) that we’re willing to trade a little bit on comment quality for instant appearance.
        Non-registered users’ comments still queue up. We moderators are as strict as ever on those comments.

  2. RandyB says:

    Thanks for the report from the field. Glad to know all is well.
    Is anyone tweeting regular updates?

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