Amren update #2

This conference is turning out to be an exceptional one. Alex Kurtagic’s talk was a spectacular one; we gave him a much deserved standing ovation. I got to meet Curt Doolittle and a slew of other notable writers and bloggers. Photos to follow…

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  1. Iforgot says:

    Thanks for the update, J.A.Y. So, no protestors anywhere? That would make me a bit nervous — like I was being snuck up on.

  2. Aussie Lady says:

    That’s great. It would be good to see a summary somewhere for those of us too far away to attend. cheers!

  3. Oh I am so envious.
    How’s it you can do all this alt-right stuff on your own name without getting fired?
    Let me guess:
    You cut a bunch of best-selling New Age albums under a cool stage name like “Chad Westwind” and now you’re living off the profits, in some big mansion near Ainsworth, traveling around the world hobnobbing with the big names….
    Guess I’ll have to go dust off my old Roland and start a-keyin’.

    • The Friendly Grizzly says:

      I guess I am showing my age when dusting off a keyboard to start working again means Remington Rand, L C Smith, Underwood, Adler…

      • My folks had a manual typewriter. I tried it after I learned to type on their electric. Talk about a workout! The electric was totally different, but it wasn’t until computers that I began to enjoy writing. My dad really does have an old Roland music keyboard that I borrow occasionally for amateurish noodling. It really does get dusty. Fun!

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